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When the snow starts falling hard, you know that you are going to have to go through the effort of…

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The Best ATV Snow Plows (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best ATV Snow Plows (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice warn 78950 provantage atv snow plow WARN 78950 ProVantage ATV Snow Plow
Premium Pick DENALI UTV ATV Snow Plow Kit DENALI UTV ATV Snow Plow Kit
Best Value KFI Products ATV Snow Plow KFI Products ATV Snow Plow

When the snow starts falling hard, you know that you are going to have to go through the effort of clearing it off your driveway, sidewalk, or anywhere else that you need to access. But rather than turning to your trusty shovel, another solution is to get an ATV snow plow for your all-terrain vehicle. This way, you will be able to finish the job in no time at all – and it will be a lot more fun too!

But when you are investing in a high-end piece of equipment such as this, you need to make sure that you are making the right choice. We have created this product guide to help you out in the task of choosing, so let’s get started.

The Best ATV Snow Plow

The sturdy boxed design, along with the chunky 12-gauge steel with reinforcing ribs makes this ATV snow plow a force to be reckoned with. The large diameter pivot assemblies work to rotate the blade smoothly and reliably to ensure that you get years of faithful service out of it.

When it encounters a high curve, it is designed to lift up high to clear it. If it strikes an immovable object, it is specially designed to trip forward to protect the plow assembly from getting damaged. You can optimize the blade depending on the conditions that you are facing. There is also a powder-coated finish, which is specially designed to keep material off the blade.

Key Features
  • Made from thick 12-gauge steel
  • Boxed design for added support
  • Optimizable blade
  • Long-lasting, large diameter pivot assemblies
  • Brand Warn
  • Model 78950
  • Weight 56.2 pounds

This complete ATV snow plow kit gives you everything you need to attach a plow on your vehicle. It is designed to mount to the ATV frame behind the wheels, rather than the front or middle, which transfers the force to the frame for effectiveness. When you come to install it, you can do so via the push tube which is designed for simplicity.

All the individual components are finished with a durable black powder-coat, while the skid pads are heavy-duty to ensure that it moves through the snow easily and powerfully. It is made in the USA and there is a one-year warranty included in case anything goes wrong during this time.

Key Features
  • Contains everything you need to install a plow on your ATV
  • Universal mount system fits with most vehicles
  • Push tube assembly
  • Finished with durable black powder-coat
  • Brand Extreme Max
  • Model 5500.5010
  • Weight 92.1 pounds

This 50-inch plow blade features a heavy-duty swivel with dual engagements. You can also fit it at multiple different angles to ensure that it plows through the snow with maximum effectiveness. The cutting edge also helps you complete the task with ease.

Once you have installed the plow, you can attach and remove it without the need of tools, which allows you to drive your ATV as normal whenever you would like. As well as snow, its heavy-duty construction makes it suitable to deal with gravel, dirt, and sand.

Key Features
  • Powerful in shoveling and leveling
  • Multiple angle adjustments
  • Reversible and replaceable cutting edge for longer life
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Brand Swisher
  • Model 2645R
  • Weight 107 pounds

This package deal features the whole kit including the mount, base, and blade. The plow mounts comfortably to the front of your ATV, which makes installation much more straightforward. When the season changes and the weather gets warmer, there is no need to remove the mount. But if you feel the need to do so, installation and removal is easy. Ultimately, this is a durable piece of equipment, which does the job well.

Key Features
  • Full kit of components
  • No need to crawl under ATV to install the mount
  • Easy installation and removal
  • No reduction in ground clearance
  • Brand Warn
  • Model 79403
  • Weight 5 pounds

If you want a larger piece of equipment, this snow plow measures at a whopping 72-inches. As such, it is suitable for larger than average vehicle and more rugged conditions. Everything that you require to connect the system up with your ATV is included. Bear in mind that it is made for UTVs with a 2-inch receiver, so you should ensure that your vehicle is compatible.

The plow features four 7-gauge ribs which rise up to the full height of the blade. Plus, there are three extra horizontal stabilizers which are designed to support the deepest point of the blade.

Key Features
  • All in one kit to install 72-inch snow plow
  • Large, heavy-duty straight blade
  • Easy connect system
  • Made from durable 11-gauge steel
  • Brand MotoAlliance
  • Model BL72STBK-PTProUT-MA11770
  • Weight 82 pounds

Powder coated in tough metallic silver, the blade height rises up to 16 inches. The heavy-duty skid pads are fully adjustable depending on your requirements. Previous customers have been impressed by the level of durability which this blade offers, as well as how easy it is to install on their vehicle. Plus, it is the kind of product which has been built to last.

Key Features
  • Powder coated in tough metallic silver
  • Entirely adjustable with heavy-duty skid pads
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Brand KFI Products
  • Model 105048
  • Weight 4.1 pounds

The final product in our guide is another one from WARN. This one features a highly curved profile and tapered designed which moves snow away from the surface which you need to clear. As for the finish, it is both low-friction and powder coated to ensure that nothing sticks to the surface. At the bottom is a tough wear bar, which scrapes the surface and picks up anything which has gathered there. It is made to fit with the WARN ProVantage system.

Key Features
  • 54 inches in width
  • Aggressively curved profile
  • Crafted from thick 11-gauge steel with extra-heavy ribbing for extra sturdiness
  • Low-friction powder coated finish
  • Brand Warn
  • Model 80954
  • Weight 80 pounds

Best ATV Snow Plow Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for When Buying an ATV Snow Plow

Before you spend any money buying an ATV snow plow, you should take the time to consider the individual features which will help you to make your mind up.

  • Blade Width

You need to choose the width of the blade which is going to fit on your ATV or UTV. This will help you to narrow down your options. If you own a standard size ATV, which is around 50” in width, a regular 50 to 55-inch snow plow is likely to do the job just fine. However, if you own a larger vehicle with a width of 60 inches or more across, you are likely to need a larger plow measuring between 60 and 70 inches.

  • Blade Height

The other key measurement is the height of the blade. Most of them are between 16 to 24 inches. Since short blades have less surface area, they don’t need so much power to push through the snow. If you have a more powerful ATV, it will be able to cope with the increased snow build-up which you get from a larger blade, whereas smaller vehicles will not.

  • Reach

The reach of your ATV snow plow should also play a role in your decision making, and your choice will be determined by the tasks which are you are aiming to accomplish. A longer reach helps to improve efficiency in certain situations, but it also reduces the ability to move the plow around in tighter spaces.

  • Weight

Weight specifications are another factor to take into account. Again, the weight of the plow needs to be matched to the size and power of the vehicle. If your ATV is less powerful, it will struggle to deal with an especially heavy plow. You don’t want to put any unnecessary strain on the motor or suspension of your vehicle.

  • Durability

It is important that you choose a snow plow which is going to stand the test of time. Double check the reliability of the brand and how well built it is. High-quality steel and multiple support levels are worth looking out for. You could also look at the country of manufacture. If they are US-made, this is often an indication of high manufacturing standards and quality materials.

  • Look

While it may not be your number one consideration, the design can also play a role in making your mind up. After all, you want something which is going to look good on your vehicle. Check for low-friction coating on the blade, which helps to reduce scratches and dents, as well as ensuring that snow does not stick to it.

  • Ease of Installation

The three main steps which you need to follow are mounting the plate, installing the plow tube and inserting the plow blade. If the plow is easy to install, this makes your job so much easier, and ensures that you don’t have to waste a lot of time. There are times when you want to clear your driveway at a moment’s notice, and quick installation is highly important.

Different Types of Snow Plows

There are a couple of important factors to consider when it comes to the design of the snow plow. Here is some more information on the different types you can buy.

  • Straight or V-Plow

The two most common designs which you can get on your ATV snow plow are straight and v-shaped. Straight plows are the more common choice as they are more affordable and lightweight. However, v-plows have the benefit of an arrow-like design, which helps to get through frozen solid snow. Bear in mind that these are the more expensive option and they are best-suited to larger vehicles.

  • Lift Systems

The majority of ATV snow plows currently available on the market come with a choice of one of three lift system designs. The most common are either the manual approach or an on-board ATV winch. Either one is perfectly fine for home use, but for those who need to clear snow or other debris on a larger scale, a direct lift system may be needed. This has the inbuilt capacity to lift the plow up and down as required, so you can remain seated on the ATV while it does its job.

ATV Snow Plow vs Snow Blower

When it comes to the task of clearing snow, ATV snow plows and snow blowers are two tools which can help you out immeasurably. You may be wondering which one is more effective. Well, it depends on the individual circumstances you find yourself in.

ATV plows tend to work best in larger areas which do not require so much space to move around and store the snow. One of the main advantages they offer is effectiveness. ATVs will clear the snow away much faster than a snow blower ever could. Also, snow blowers only tend to work well if the snow is light and fluffy. If it is heavy and wet, an ATV will do the job much better. If you live in the countryside and want to clear the roads, your all-terrain vehicle with a snow plow will make short work of this task. And it is also better if you plan on clearing snow on a more commercial basis.

As for snow blowers, they work better in smaller areas. They will fit in places where it would be impossible to get an ATV snow plow. You can wield one easily without having to make big adjustments to the correct angle. If you are clearing an area like a lawn, an ATV plow can be damaging, but this is not the kind of issue you have with a snow blower. On the downside, they are slower to clear big quantities of snow, and you will need an especially powerful one if you need to clear large amounts of ice which has frozen over.

How to Plow Snow with Your ATV

Plowing snow with your ATV is a simple and effective way to clear snow from your driveway and other similar surfaces. If you have never undertaken this task before, it can feel slightly daunting. To help you out, here are a few simple tips to follow.

  • Prepare Your ATV

Before you purchased the snow plow, you should have already checked that it fits the correct manufacturer specifications. You don’t want to risk overloading your vehicle. At best, it will have trouble plowing through the snow. At worst, you will seriously damage your ATV, and you are even putting your own safety at risk. Working in cold temperatures can be tough, so you need to ensure that you have completed all essential maintenance work to keep it in good working order. Check the oil, tire pressures, the electrical wiring, and anything else which may affect the vehicle performance.

  • Attach and Adjust the Plow

All plows have different attachment procedures, so consult with the manufacturer’s instructions closely to determine how to fit it to your vehicle. You need to set the depth to the ideal spot where it will clear the snow without overloading the vehicle or damaging the surface underneath. You may have to alter the depth depending on the surface and the amount of the snow that you are plowing. Consider where you want the snow to end up when adjusting the angle. Getting this correct will ensure that you don’t have to put in as much effort.

  • Plow with Caution

You need to be cautious with your vehicle, even if you own a powerful ATV. Trying to plow snow which is too deep and heavy will risk overloading it. Instead, these areas need to be plowed a little at a time, going back over the area as needed. Also, you need to be wary of anything which is hiding underneath the snow. Curbs, garden equipment, and landscaping features are just three examples of what could be waiting for you. If possible, you should remove as much as you can before snowfall. For the things that you can’t move, you could put some poles or other markers in place.

  • Follow the Contours of the Surface

You should follow the natural slopes of the driveway or any other surfaces which you are plowing to make the task more straightforward. This will also help to ensure the blade with not hit the ground on uneven surfaces. Start your first pass straight down the middle with the blade angled in the plowing direction. The snow will get deeper as you pile it up, so you should make your passes using less of the blade.

  • Clean the ATV Before Storage

After the plowing is finished, it is important to perform a final clean-up job to keep you’re ATV in the best condition. Otherwise, any remaining snow can end up freezing and getting stuck to your vehicle and it will be a major headache to remove next time you come to use it.

Best ATV Snow Plow FAQ:

Q: What is an ATV Snow Plow?

An ATV snow plow is a wedge-shaped tool which is designed to be mounted onto an ATV or UTV. Its central purpose is to clear snow and ice from outdoor surfaces, but many can be used to remove sand, dirt, and other debris. Often, these are for personal use in climates which attract high snowfalls, but they are also commonly used for commercial purposes as well. These attachments can be bought as individual components or an entire kit with all the parts that you need. The key piece of equipment is the front-mounted scraping blade, which comes in various designs including a straight blade, V-shape, and tapered design. There are also a range of mounting and support components.

Q: How should I maintain my ATV snow plow?

Maintaining your ATV snow plow is important in ensuring that it stands the test of time. You should wash the plow down after every single use. At the very least, you need to complete this task after you use it on a heavily-salted surface. If rust spots start to accumulate, you may need to sand these off and paint the plow. If the blade has removable parts, you need to ensure that these are kept well-oiled. When you put the plow away for storage, you should choose a place which is cool and dry. Air should be able to reach it continually. If you cover it up too tightly, it is more likely that condensation is going to gather.

Q: Are ATV snow plows universal?

Some ATV snow plows promise universal installation, but not all of them, so you should check the individual model and your vehicle. The vehicle needs to be big enough to accommodate the size of the plow. Check the seller’s information for information on compatibility. If you are still unsure, it is worth getting in contact with the company directly. After all, this is an expensive piece of equipment, and you want to get it right time first time.

Q: What are the basic components of an ATV snow plow?

The first basic component is the blade, which comes in different sizes ranging between 42 and 78 inches. It can be made from aluminum, steel or polyurethane, and is also available in straight blade, v-shape, and tapered designs. There is also a mounting kit which will fit at the front, mid, or rear of the vehicle. Also, you have the push tubes, which attach to the mounting bracket and extend to the front of the vehicle. Their purpose is to allow the blade to be attached to the ATV. Some allow for multiple mounting angles, or a mechanism which allows it to be reset. Finally, you have the skid plates or feet, which keep the blade slightly above the surface to reduce the damage which it can cause. These stop dirt and gravel from the ground being scooped up along with the snow. There are also many optional components which may come with your ATV snow plow. A few of these items include a manual lift, winch, power lift, power blade rotator, wear bar, blade markers, rubber plow flaps, plow wings, and plow weight bars.

Q: How do I install an ATV snow plow?

The three main components needed to install an ATV snow plow are the mounting plate, the plow tube, and the plow blade. The manufacturer should provide detailed instructions on how to install the snow plow, so read these carefully before starting any work. Before you do anything, you are going to need a jack to raise up the ATV. You can then maneuver it under the vehicle to install the mounting plate in a forward mount or mid-mount style. Whichever you choose, you should attach it with U-bolts. These are designed to wrap around the frame of the ATV to keep the snow plow securely in place. This process should only take a couple of minutes. Many people choose to keep the mounting plate on permanently as it makes it easier to attach and detach the snow plow as needed. Next comes with plow tube. You should have a set of pins and latches which attached the tube to the front of your vehicle. If you don’t need to raise up the plow too high, a straight push tube should be fine. These are not designed to elevate high and are likely to be stopped at the bottom of the frame. If you need extra elevation, your other main option is an articulating push tube. When the tube hits the bottom of the frame, the blade will keep rising as the tube has an extra hinge to give it more height. The final step is to screw in the snow plow blade. These come is a variety of sizes and are usually made from steel or polyurethane. This should be relatively straightforward as long as you have done the first two parts well and have chosen the right size of blade for your ATV or UTV.

Our Top Pick

Out of all the ATV snow plows which we have discussed in this blog post, our pick of the bunch is this one from WARN. Made from thick 12-gauge steel, its 50” size should fit most standard ATV vehicles. It features a boxed design which makes it ideal to plow through snow, as well as dirt and other materials.

The operation is smooth, and the blade is powder coated to stop snow from getting stuck to it. It is easy to install, and the pivot assembly allows you to remove it for inspection and cleaning as required. As for the mounting kit, it is made to be compatible with most ATV designs, but you should always double check that it will fit your vehicle before purchase.

For us, it ticks all the boxes and does everything that you would want in an ATV snow plow. So, before winter rolls around once again, it is worth having one ready to go, so you don’t have to worry about snow on your driveway being an issue!


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