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Battle belts are used to carry storage pouches, extra packs, and essential gear. They are more versatile than a normal…

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The Best Battle Belt (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Battle Belt (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Condor LCS Cobra Battle Belt Condor LCS Cobra Battle Belt
Premium Pick High Speed Gear Slim Grip Padded Belt High Speed Gear Slim Grip Padded Belt
Best Value Condor Outdoor Slim Battle Belt Condor Outdoor Slim Battle Belt

Battle belts are used to carry storage pouches, extra packs, and essential gear. They are more versatile than a normal belt and allow you to store ammunition, tactical gear, and anything else you need in case of a firefight. They are mainly used in the military but can also be useful for paintball, sports, competitions, and law enforcement. We’ve put together a list of the best battle belts to check out if you’re in need of an upgrade.

The Best Battle Belts

Condor understands how to make a high-quality battle belt and its LCS Cobra Battle Belt sets an example. It’s constructed out of heavy-duty webbing and is reinforced with several layers of scuba webbing. This makes it capable of handling heavier loads. Although, it could use more hook and loop velcro straps in the back.

The exterior material features non-traditional MOLLE slots that offer extra stability on the attached pouches. It works great by itself but when used with an inner belt, it functions even better. Plus, you can remove the anti-slip pad if you so desire. The Cobra buckle is firm, reliable, and strong as well. However, the sizing chart may be deceiving, and belts tend to run on the large size.

Key Features
  • Non-traditional MOLLE slots
  • Anti-slip padding
  • Scuba webbing
  • Brand Condor
  • Model LCS Cobra
  • Weight 8 ounces

Strong belt

Soft padding

Sleek and reliable


Velcro isn’t the strongest

Could use hook and loop velcro in the back

Sizing may run large

This is Condor’s popular olive drab style battle belt. It’s more robust and rugged looking, if not a bit cumbersome, than other models and comes in a unique and low-profile color. Although the color isn’t the most flattering. The belt includes side panels with hook and loop closures. This allows for an easier time attaching pouches and dump pouches as well as threading the belt.

The belt also offers three removable anti-slip pads and two leg rig attachment openings. The material is developed out of two rows of webbing and a 3D mesh lining for additional strength and support. Plus, D-ring attachments act as points for a harness if you ever require one. You will, however, need to purchase an inner belt for this battle belt.

Key Features
  • Three removable anti-slip pads
  • Four D-rings
  • MOLLE webbing
  • Brand Condor
  • Model Outdoor Slim
  • Weight 8 ounces

Unique style

Rugged and robust

Strong and sturdy


Innerbelt not included

Ugly color

A bit cumbersome looking

A lightweight and padded belt system developed out of a comfortable material. It’s designed with neoprene padding that acts as a gel-type substance for increased comfort and stability on your body. It’s grippy around your waist and on the pouches and attachments connected to it. One downside is it does not come with an inner belt.

The belt offers two easy-to-access ports for storage pockets, taco MOLLE pouches, and other gear. You can also remove the HDPE stiffener for additional support. It also looks great and features a camouflage design to help blend in. It could benefit from one more row of PALS, but its two rows don’t take away from its overall design.

Key Features
  • Gel-like comfort
  • Neoprene padding
  • Two access ports
  • Brand High Speed Gear
  • Model Slim Grip
  • Weight 12 ounces

Rubberized interior

Grippy and stable

Removable stiffener


Two rows of PALS

Does not include inner belt

Runs small

This strong and flexible battle belt is capable of holding plenty of pouches and gear. It’s developed out of 100-percent nylon that can take a beating. It features two continuous rows of PALS/MOLLE material for additional support and stability on your hips. However, an inner rigger or duty belt is required to use this as an outer belt, and it does not come with one.

The belt is comfortable and includes a non-slip backing, so it won’t slide around on you when you’re running or in the field. The belt itself offers exceptional gripping power on pouches and other storage pockets for your gear. One downside is it is pricey.

Key Features
  • 100% nylon
  • Two rows of PALS/MOLLE
  • Rubber backing
  • Brand High Speed Gear
  • Model Slim Grip Modular
  • Weight 13 ounces



Soft and comfortable padding


Will not function without inner rigger or duty belt


This belt is constructed out of premium and weather-resistant 500D nylon. Double that with its aerospace mesh interior and you get a high-quality battle belt capable of carrying plenty of gear. The belt also integrates high-density polymer inserts and features an ergonomic and flexible shape. However, it tends to run on the smaller size.

It also comes with fully customizable web and loop platforms on the exterior. The belt is designed to not bend or twist on you and is reinforced with durable material for added strength. That helps it evenly distribute the weight across your body. However, while this is called a belt, it is just the outer casing where you attach pouches. You will need an inner belt to loop through it for it to work. It could also use a bit more padding.

Key Features
  • Weather-resistance 500D nylon
  • High-density polymer inserts
  • Aerospace mesh interior
  • Brand 5.11
  • Model VTAC
  • Weight 12 ounces

Designed not to bend or twist

Soft mesh interior

Strong and reliable


You will need an inner belt

May run a bit small

Could use more padding

The younger sibling to our pick for the best choice, the Condor Gen II Battle Belt is newer and includes a few different components. It’s made out of 100-percent nylon and features a contoured shape for improved mobility while kneeling, running, standing, or bending. The belt is also 50-percent thinner than previous models, so it isn’t as bulky.

It includes side panels with hook and loop closures. It also comes with two rows of reliable and strong webbing. Plus, its padded mesh lining is comfortable on your body. It offers plenty of utility room for MOLLE pouches. You may find it runs a bit large, however, and you might need a stiffer inner belt to make up for its thinness.

Key Features
  • Contoured shape
  • 100-percent nylon
  • Two rows of webbing
  • Brand Condor
  • Model Gen II
  • Weight 12.8 ounces



Extra mobility


Moving around pouches can be a hassle

May run large

You may need a stiff inner belt

This is one of the only battle belts to include an inner belt and outer belt, although the inner belt may not be the most reliable or the strongest. The Grey Ghost Gear UGF belt contains multiple attachment points for a fully customized war belt. It includes a sturdy and rigid hook and loop strips to keep pouches and gear secure and in place.

It’s lightweight and designed with extra soft and padded material to be more comfortable. The belt buckle system is large and simple to connect. However, the strap may not be particularly sturdy. The belt itself is camouflaged to blend in with your body armor and the environment, and it looks sleek and nice as well.

Key Features
  • Inner and outer belt system
  • Multiple attachment points
  • 1.5-inch inner belt and a 2-inch outer belt
  • Brand Grey Ghost Gear
  • Model UGF
  • Weight 15 ounces

Includes inner belt

Durable belt buckle



Inner belt feels flimsy

Weak strap

Here’s a high-quality performance war belt that’s equipped with a quick-release belt buckle. It’s sewn out of a durable and strong material. The belt features a strong interior loop fastener that is designed to work with any type of inner belt. It includes two layers of type 13 webbing for a more stable and secure hold.

It’s sewn together with five rows of bonded 138 nylon thread. This helps to increase its overall stiffness and strength. Plus, it’s also held together by a strong adhesive. However, it can be a bit difficult to get pouches and storage compartments in place due to its thickness. It also does not come with D-rings.

Key Features
  • Strong interior loop fastener 
  • Two layers of type 13 webbing
  • 138 nylon thread
  • Brand High Speed Gear
  • Model Cobra 1.75 Rigger
  • Weight 12 ounces


Quick-release belt buckle

Strong material


Does not include D-rings

May be difficult to attach pouches

Best Battle Belt Buying Guide & FAQ

Battle belts are used to carry ammo, gear, and other equipment used by the military. They ensure you have everything you need if you end up in a firefight. They are also useful for sports such as paintball or shooting competitions.

To help you choose the best battle belt, we’ve put together a list of the most important factors you should consider. Think of battle belts as robust and rugged fanny packs. While a fanny pack holds everything you need in a convenient space, a war belt offers you several spaces to store gear. 

The Advantages of Owning a Battle Belt

Battle belts offer a wide variety of benefits that you should be aware of. Whether you’re in the military, the marines, or need one to carry your paintball gear, we’ve listed some of the most beneficial factors of a battle belt.

Also referred to as war belts, this accessory needs to be comfortable, offer you quick and convenient access, and have plenty of space for storage pouches.

  • They offer better protection if you find yourself in a firefight on the battlefield by giving you quick and easy access to a knife, new ammo pack, or medical supplies.
  • A battle belt is more convenient than a backpack as all the gear you need is within your grasp.
  • A war belt has a place for your most important gear. 
  • They are thicker and more reliable than normal belts and can have several pockets and pouches to store items such as ammunition, medical supplies, and rations.

The Most Important Features with Battle Belts

You need to know what you will be carrying before buying your battle belt. If you have a number of smaller items, you need to consider a war belt with more pouches or pockets. If you focus on larger items, you should find a belt with space specifically for those items.

  • Storage

Since they are used to hold and carry items, ammo, and gear, look for a battle belt that offers plenty of storage space. Most of the gear you add to your war belt will be everything you need for a fight. These items can range from extra rifle or pistol magazines to grenades or flashlights.

Smaller pouches are great for holding individual things, but you may also need to carry larger and heavier things. For medical items, it may be best to mount or attach the first-aid kit to the back of the belt for easy access.

  • Size

Size is all about how it fits on your body both before and after the belt set up is attached to it. While it may fit great without anything on it, you should keep in mind how additional gear will impact its comfort.

The inclusion of magazines, medical supplies, and other tactical gear will weigh down the belt. This can cause it to sit awkwardly on your body or to not fit right at all. You should be able to adjust the belt once it’s on so it fits more comfortably.

  • Accessibility

Once the battle belt is in place, everything should be easy to grab within a moment’s notice. Take stock of where you place certain items so you know where they are when you need them.

The most important gear should be easy to access. For instance, pistol ammunition should be upfront, and you may want to consider carrying two or four extra mags.

  • Material

Perhaps one of the most important factors and benefits of a battle belt is its design. It needs to be strong, sturdy, and able to take a beating. You will be running and sweating in them, so make sure to find one that is made out of reliable material.

The belt will be made out of either a rubber non-slip lining, mesh-style breathable fabric, or hard padding. Non-slip is best for keeping the belt in place, while a mesh-style belt is made out of more breathable fabric. Hard padding is the least comfortable but might be the most reliable and toughest. 

Tips for Buying and Using a Battle Belt

Battle belts may seem straightforward and easy to use, but they can actually be a bit complicated. There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to storing what’s inside your belt.

There is a proper way to prepare your war belt, and knowing how and where to place pouches is important. You shouldn’t just put items away without a thought; each one needs to be put in its proper place to better serve you and your squad.

  • Battle belts with pouches on the back are great, but they can make sitting uncomfortable. If you ride in a vehicle or sit for long periods of time on duty, you may want to forgo belts with pouches in the back.
  • You can move pouches around to improve their arrangement if you like. Avoid placing pouches in front of your legs. They can get in the way when you walk or kneel.
  • Avoid placing hard or sharp objects on the back of your battle belt. If you fall backward on top of them, you may get hurt.
  • Make sure the weight of all your gear is evenly distributed throughout the battle belt.

Best Battle Belt FAQs:

Q: How do I choose the right battle belt?

Picking the perfect tactical belt will all come down to what you need to store. This can include extra magazines or clips, knives, a canteen, medical supplies, and a tactical flashlight. If you have extra lightweight gear that you need to take with you, find a belt that has plenty of extra pouches. It’s meant to carry the gear you don’t keep in your plate carrier.

Q: What is the purpose of a war belt?

The aim of a battle belt is to provide you with an easy and convenient way to carry all your necessary gear. It acts as a lightweight fighting kit and gives you access to lifesaving and essential tactical gear. It is also designed to be load-bearing to evenly distribute the weight of your gear.

Q: Does my battle belt need suspenders?

It never hurts to add suspenders to your war belt. Although not required for every belt, suspenders are best for a belt that is too heavy. They help to better distribute weight evenly and keep the belt in place. Suspenders also give you access to more pouches, but the extra weight can slow you down in a fight.

Our Top Pick

For one of the most comfortable and best battle belt picks, consider the Condor LCS Cobra Battle Belt. It is developed out of a durable and long-lasting webbing that is reinforced with several layers of scuba webbing. It’s a tough battle belt that can handle heavy loads with ease. It also comes with non-traditional MOLLE slots for added stability.

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