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You’re planning a beach day and loading your car with everything you need. It turns out you need a lot….

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The Best Beach Wagons (Review and Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Beach Wagons (Review and Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice The Best Beach Wagons (Review and Buying Guide) in 2022 Timber Ridge Folding Wagon
Best Value The Best Beach Wagons (Review and Buying Guide) in 2022 Mac Sports Mac Wagon
Premium Pick The Best Beach Wagons (Review and Buying Guide) in 2022 MacSports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Beach Wagon

You’re planning a beach day and loading your car with everything you need. It turns out you need a lot. There are towels, chairs, an umbrella, a cooler, and beach bags. By the time you’re done, the car is full. You know that when you get to the beach, everyone will run off, and you’ll have to make several trips from the vehicle to your chosen spot on the sand. 

A beach wagon could save the day and make life much easier. The large wheels make it easier to roll over the sand. The deep capacity allows you to load all of your belongings. Grasp the long handle and roll it behind you. Arrive at your prime spot and start relaxing sooner. This guide will help you choose the perfect wagon for your hauling needs.

The Best Beach Wagons

This folding all-terrain wagon comes in three colors, blue, green, and red. It has an alloy steel frame and measures 35.5 x 18.4 x 12 inches. Pull your wagon by the 31-inch extendable handle. The two front 8-inch wheels can rotate 360 degrees for easy movement in any direction. There are two cup holders on the front of the wagon for carrying your drinks and keeping your hands free. There’s also a zippered storage bag to keep your smaller belongings organized. The three-fold pad on the bottom of the wagon provides increased support. 

Unfortunately, this wagon can get stuck in soft, deep sand. The front wheels are also wide-set, which makes this wagon hard to steer. The rubber strip around the middle of the wheels isn’t durable. 

Key Features
  • Alloy steel frame
  • Two front cup holders
  • 8-inch wheels
  • 35.5 x 18.4 x 12 inches
  • Brand Timber Ridge
  • Model TRTR217271BEB
  • Weight 24.9 pounds

Flexible wheels

31-inch retractable handle

Two front wheels can rotate 360 degrees


Doesn’t roll in soft, deep sand

The rubber on wheels not durable

Hard to steer

Choose from seven color options for your wagon. It’s constructed of a steel frame with durable 600D fabric and plastic. The wagon weighs 24.5 pounds and measures 35 x 20 x 23 inches. This wagon comes fully assembled and can fold down to an 8-inch thick pack, and comes with a carrying case. The fabric is UV and mildew resistant for durability. There are two convenient mesh cup holders on the front of the wagon. You can haul up to 150 pounds in your wagon. The wheels are designed to have a smooth glide functionality to give you a pleasant rolling experience on various surfaces.

One drawback of this wagon is that it feels wobbly. The wheels aren’t durable, and they lack a lock for stability.

Key Features
  • Two mesh cup holders
  • Durable 600D fabric
  • Weighs 24.5 pounds
  • 35 x 20 x 23 inches
  • Brand Mac Sports
  • Model B0079P1KH6
  • Weight 24.5 pounds

No assembly required

Folds to only 8 inches thick

UV and mildew resistant


Feels wobbly

Wheels not durable

No lock on wheels

This collapsible wagon comes in five color options. It’s constructed of durable 600D fabric with a steel frame and can carry a load weighing up to 150 pounds. There are two mesh cup holders on the front. The fabric is anti-mildew for durability and easy maintenance. When not using your wagon, it folds down to ten inches thick for compact storage. The handle extends out during use and telescopes back down when putting it away. A cell phone holder gives you a smaller pocket for keeping your devices safe. This wagon measures approximately 31.48 x 21.4 x 9.64 inches. 

The downside of this wagon is that it doesn’t roll well in the sand. You may also find the dimensions to be slightly off. It’s also heavy at 28.9 pounds. 

Key Features
  • Durable 600D fabric
  • Loads up to 150 pounds
  • Two built-in cup holders
  • Five color options
  • Brand Mac Sports
  • Model B07RCBCRXH
  • Weight 28.9 pounds

Perfect for hauling gear

Folds to only 10 inches thick

Cell phone holder


Doesn’t roll in the sand

Inaccurate dimensions

Fabric not durable

Take this wagon over all kinds of terrain with this heavy-duty wagon. It’s constructed of a durable yet lightweight powder-coated aluminum frame with 600D polyester fabric. The wagon measures 42.5 x 21 x 40 inches. There are four colors to choose from, including blue, gray, red, and black. You can carry up to 150 pounds. The wheels are heavy-duty, durable, and can rotate 360 degrees, making them easy to maneuver. They have a 7-inch diameter and 4-inch width.

Unfortunately, the handle is short when fully extended. This can make it awkward to pull for taller users. The wheels aren’t rubber, but rather a rubberized plastic, which makes them less durable. The tie-down strap that secures the wagon when folded isn’t very durable.

Key Features
  • 600D polyester fabric
  • Black powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Dimensions: 42.5 x 21 x 40 inches
  • Four color options
  • Brand Patio Watcher
  • Model B083HQHM38
  • Weight 28.8 pounds

Supports up to 150 pounds

7-inch diameter and 4-inch wide wheels

Front wheels can rotate 360 degrees


Short handle

Hard "rubberized" plastic wheels

Tie-down strap not secure

This collapsible wagon comes in three colors: blue, camp, and red. It has a strong alloy steel frame, oxford fabric construction, and measures 31 x 20 x 33 inches. The overhead cover is perfect for providing sun and rain protection. The handle is adjustable. There are two cup holders on the front to make it easy to carry your drink. The wagon weighs 24 pounds and can carry a load that weighs up to 250 pounds.

One drawback of this wagon is that it can be hard to steer when you load more than 75 pounds in it. The covered portion has plastic support poles, making it less durable than the rest of the wagon. The handle is also low on the wagon, making it harder to pull for taller users.

Key Features
  • 7-inch all-terrain wheels
  • Alloy steel
  • 31 x 20 x 33 inches
  • Three colors
  • Brand Snan
  • Model B085FVMK4G
  • Weight 24 pounds

Adjustable handles

Overhead cover

Two cup holders and front pocket


Hard to steer with more than 75 pounds in it

Support poles are plastic

Handle sits low

Load this wagon with confidence thanks to its heavy-duty metal frame, 600D oxford fabric and PVC material. It has a maximum load capacity of 176 pounds. Your wagon comes with a cart, storage bag, and removable bottom board. Steering the wagon is easy thanks to the front wheels that rotate 360 degrees. You’ll appreciate that the wagon is waterproof to make it durable and protective of your belongings. The wagon measures 36.22 x 21.65 x 14.96 inches. The storage cover is useful to keep your wagon protected when not in use.

One issue with this wagon is that the wheels are skinnier than others. This can make it harder to roll them over softer terrain. The plastic components may not be as durable as the rest of the wagon.

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • 600D oxford fabric and PVC material
  • 360-degree rotating front wheels
  • Dimensions: 36.22 x 21.65 x 14.96 inches
  • Brand Vivosun
  • Model B07SBZ2ZJ9
  • Weight 23.4 pounds


Adjustable rotating handle

Compact folded size


Skinny wheels

Plastic parts not durable

Wheels rotate in different directions

This beach wagon stands out because its wheels are wide, have a rugged construction, and an aggressive tread pattern. This gives you the most durability and traction. They measure seven inches in diameter and are made from durable PU material. It also has a large loading area with the body constructed from 600D Oxford fabric. The adjustable handle makes it easy to pull and steer the wagon. Choose from seven color options. It has a decent maximum weight capacity of 176 pounds, measures 41.7 x 21.65 x 40.5 inches, and is lightweight at 23 pounds.

Unfortunately, this wagon struggles to roll on soft sand. The wheels are also close together and get caught on each other. This can make it unstable to maneuver.

Key Features
  • 600D double-layered durable polyester fabric
  • 7-inch PU wheels
  • 41.7 x 21.65 x 40.5 inches
  • 176-pound maximum weight capacity
  • Brand Gorilla Carts
  • Model GOR400-COM
  • Weight 36.6 pounds

Seven color options

Adjustable handle

Weighs 23 pounds



Wheels too close together

Doesn’t roll on soft sand

This wagon is ready for your next beach trip with its solid steel frame and 110-liter load interior capacity. The wagon weighs 19 pounds and can carry a maximum weight of 170 pounds. The sizable eight-inch diameter wheels measure four inches in width. This makes them ideal for rolling over softer sand. Extend the handle up to 31 inches for a comfortable pulling experience. There are three color options to choose from, including blue, green, and red. What makes this wagon stand out is how easy it is to fold up; it only takes three seconds.

One issue with this wagon is that the wheels are close together. This creates a narrow wheelbase and can cause the wagon to easily tip if not loaded correctly.

Key Features
  • Steel frame
  • 8-inch diameter and 4-inch wide wheels
  • Max weight capacity is 170 pounds
  • Wagon weighs 19 pounds
  • Brand Snan
  • Model B083NZPFFK
  • Weight 22 pounds

Extendable handle up to 31 inches

Folds in three seconds

Three color options


Can tip over

Plastic joints

Not durable

Choose from blue, green, or red for your folding wagon. It comes fully assembled and ready for use. The body of the wagon is made from durable 600D polyester canvas wrapped around a black steel frame. The rugged wheels measure 4 inches wide and 7 inches in diameter, making them perfect for use on sand. The adjustable handle is ergonomic to make it more comfortable to grasp while pulling your wagon. This wagon’s dimensions are 34.3 x 20 x 26.4 inches, with a handle that extends up to 38.6 inches from the ground.

Unfortunately, this wagon has a low maximum weight capacity. This can make it limiting what you load into it. The handle doesn’t stay up, so you’ll constantly have to pick it up off the ground.

Key Features
  • Fabric material 600D Polyester
  • Steel frame
  • Dimensions: 34.3 x 20 x 26.4 inches
  • Four-inch wide and seven-inch diameter wheels
  • Brand Beau Jardin
  • Model WG123
  • Weight 28.5 pounds

No assembly required

Ergonomic handle

Canvas material


Low maximum weight capacity 

Handle falls down 

Doesn’t stay folded

This folding wagon comes in either red or camo and has three cover options. You can buy it without a cover, a fitted beach cover, or a canopy cover with an awning shape. The wagon measures 47.24 x 41.34 x 24.41 inches. For easy steering in the sand, it has a linked steering mechanism. It’s constructed of 100 percent recycled fabric to be environmentally friendly. What makes this wagon stand out is the convertible inside configuration. It can be open for hauling, two-rider, and bench seating. It also passes the ASTM-F963-13 toy safety standard and can support a maximum weight of 150 pounds.

Unfortunately, the wheels on the wagon are skinny compared to other foldable wagons. It also requires assembly upon arrival.

Key Features
  • Extra-wide wheels
  • Linked steering mechanism
  • 100 percent recycled fabric
  • 47.24 x 41.34 x 24.41 inches
  • Brand Radio Flyer
  • Model 3958Z
  • Weight 36.7 pounds

Passes the ASTM-F963-13 toy safety standard

Maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds

Rear storage bar


Skinny wheels compared to other wagons

Assembly required

Unsupported material construction

A collapsible wagon with a decent depth, width, and weight capacity makes it easier to haul all of your belongings. The four large wheels create a stable base while also making it easier to steer your wagon. With the wide variety of possible uses, you need to know what features to look for. That way, you don’t buy a wagon meant for the pavement when you want to take it to the beach.  This will help you narrow down your possible options to the best performing wagon for your needs. This buying guide will help you understand how a folding wagon can make your life easier and what to look for when buying one. 

Do You Need a Beach Wagon?

You need a foldable beach wagon because it will make your life easier. You’ll be able to carry significantly more items with you. Not only can you bring what fits in your arms, but you’ll have the entire wagon to fill. 

Loading the wagon reduces the number of trips you’ll have to make. It’ll also reduce the weight you have to carry. Both of these reduce the stress on your body. Now you have more stamina and energy to participate in your planned activity. 

You can use a beach wagon for various events where you need to carry several items and don’t want to have them in your arms

With a wagon helping you, you can go further. You’ll be able to hunt down the prime spot on the beach. Or you’ll be able to garden in the furthest reaches of your property. You could even use your wagon for various events where you need to carry several items and don’t want to have them in your arms. 

  • Carry more items with you. 
  • Reduce the stress on your body. 
  • Travel further with all of your gear. 

The Most Common Types of Beach Wagons

There are three basic types of wagons that you can use when heading to the beach. The body shape defines the type and the number of wheels it has. Each one is designed for carrying a particular kind of cargo. Consider the usability and maneuverability of each style when choosing your ideal wagon. 


These carts look more like a dolly that you would use to aid in the movement of heavy objects. They only have two wheels that are located on the side closest to you. To use, you’ll grasp the handle on the top and lean the cart towards you so that it balances on the wheels. Then drag it behind you. These carts are tall and deep, making them ideal for rolled-up mats, umbrellas, and surfboards. They aren’t suitable for towing your children, pets, or wider objects like a cooler. You may also find them harder to maneuver and change direction. 


These carts look like wagons. They have four wheels and a long handle to pull them. They are constructed from a metal frame and have fabric creating the body of the cart. This shape is low, long, and wide. You can use them to carry your children, pets, or various belongings. Wagons of this type vary in style from refined buggies with a canopy and wheels meant for paved roads to rugged carts with a heavy-duty build and tires that have an aggressive tread pattern. Most fold up flat and have either a carrying bag or strap to stow away neatly when not in use. 


This style of cart is a combination of the other two types. The body of the cart is similar to the dolly style with a narrow upright body. The wheels are similar to the wagon-style with four wheels. One unique feature of these carts is that the wheels are of different sizes. One pair is larger than the other to make moving it easier. 

You’ll find them easy to move and steer with a high degree of stability. You can also push or pull this cart, making it adaptable to your preferences or situation. However, they don’t tilt like the dolly style, so be mindful of the height when buying yours. Too tall will be hard to control. 

What to Consider When Buying Beach Wagon

What do you plan to carry in your beach wagon? Think about the size, shape, and weight of the items. Then consider where you plan to take your wagon. Consider the environment and terrain. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to choose a wagon that’s the right shape with a high enough weight capacity. Look at the wheels and choose a wagon with wheels designed for the terrain so that they can gain traction and roll smoothly. 

Some wagons come with extra features; decide if any of these are essential to you. Cup holders are a popular add-on. Other wagons have zippered compartments. Some have a cover that acts as a protective roof to shade the interior of your wagon from the sun. 

The Most Important Features of Beach Wagons

Look at the construction, material, wheels, and total weight capacity of your chosen wagon. This will tell you if the wagon will meet your needs. It needs to be strong enough to carry everything. It also needs to have durable wheels that can handle the type of terrain you plan to use it on. 


The material your wagon is made out of will determine how durable it is. The most sturdy and durable wagons are the ones made of metal. However, metal can be susceptible to corrosion when exposed to saltwater. An aluminum frame gives your wagon corrosion resistance, strength, and reduced weight. 

Durable fabric for the body of the wagon keeps the wagon light. It also can make it foldable for compact storage and transport. The seams should have reinforcement for additional strength for a higher weight capacity. If your wagon has a cover, then its material should have UV resistance to provide sun protection. 


The wheels on your wagon need to work on the terrain you plan on rolling your wagon over. A smooth, flat, paved surface is gentle on wheels, so they can be any material, size, and width. Rougher terrain requires durable wheels made of tough rubber. Soft terrain calls for wider wheels with treads that are less likely to sink. This will give them more traction and prevent the wheels from spinning in place. 

Look at how the wheels turn. Wheels on castors are the best because they can spin 360 degrees. This makes it easier to turn your wagon with a smaller turn radius. 

Weight Capacity 

What do you plan to carry in your wagon? The total weight capacity is how much you can safely load into your wagon and still be able to use it. Some wagons have a high weight capacity because they’re designed to carry small children. Others have a lower weight capacity because they’re meant for carrying belongings. 

Wagons with higher weight capacities tend to have more durable builds with stronger materials. Instead of an aluminum frame, it may be made of steel. The seams will be reinforced to support the extra stress. These features will also make the wagon heavier, which adds to the overall weight you’ll have to pull. 

Care and Maintenance for Beach Wagons

Properly maintaining your beach wagon ensures that it stays in top condition and ready for use whenever you need it. Since these wagons are meant for use at the beach, you’ll want to clean yours after each use. Open up the wagon and rinse it with fresh water to remove sand and salt. This prevents corrosion and abrasion wear. 

Periodically check the hardware. Tighten any of the fasteners that have come loose. This prevents the wagon from failing during use. 

Finally, replace the worn-out parts. Most often, this is the wheels. They take a beating as they roll over rough and uneven terrain. 

  • Rinse and dry it after use. 
  • Tighten loose hardware. 
  • Replace worn out wheels. 
A beach wagon could save the day and make life much easier

Best Beach Wagons FAQ:

Since most people plan to use their wagon at the beach, the most sought after wagons are those that can easily roll over-sand. This can be a challenging question to answer since not all beaches have the same type of sand. Some are hard-packed, and others have soft sugar sand that you quickly sink into. 

Q: What is the best wagon for the beach?

The best wagon for the beach is one that can roll easily on sand, be large enough to carry everything, and durable enough not to corrode. 

Q: What is the best beach wagon for sand?

The best beach wagons for sand have larger tires with wide paddle-like treads to avoid sinking and gain traction for rolling. 

Q: What is the best collapsible wagon?

The best collapsible wagons can fold down to a compact size while also have the necessary support to have a higher weight capacity. 

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best beach cruiser is the Timber Ridge Folding Wagon. It has large eight-inch wheels, a strong steel frame, and an extendable 31-inch retractable handle. You’ll find maneuvering this wagon easy as the two front wheels can rotate 360 degrees. The two front mesh cup holders make it easy to carry your drinks while keeping your hands free. 

Final Thoughts

The Timber Ridge Folding Wagon is a smart choice with its strong frame, convenient compartments, and long handle. The more affordable Mac Sports Mac Wagon is a great option thanks to its durable 600D fabric that’s UV and mildew resistant. 

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