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Moving around with relatively large gear can be quite a hassle when taking into consideration the object’s height, weight, and…

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The Best Bike Travel Cases (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Bike Travel Cases (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Evoc Bike Travel Case Evoc Bike Travel Case
Premium Pick Thule Round Trip Bike Case Thule Round Trip Bike Case
Best Value The Best Bike Travel Cases (Review) in 2022 RockBros Folding Bike Travel Case

Moving around with relatively large gear can be quite a hassle when taking into consideration the object’s height, weight, and length. The mere idea of it can be discouraging as most people prefer to move around, commute, and travel lightly. When it comes to gear such as bicycles, the narrative is the same. The good news is that bike travel cases provide a portable solution. They are also safe and sturdy. Researching the numerous bike travel cases available can be quite a task. We compiled a helpful list and narrowed down the search of the top travel cases in our buying guide below.

The Best Bike Travel Case

The Evoc Bike Travel Bag has some amazing features. Enjoy the benefits of storing your bike in a functional, durable bag that doesn’t weigh too much. Compared to hard cases that may generously contribute to  overall weight, this bag is a lighter option. Reinforced with a monocoque base and aluminum slide rails that rest firmly on the ground, it fairs better under heavier loads. The Evoc bag has a balanced form that makes it easier to pull along using the aluminum handle that has a comfortable grip. The rotor’s safety is assured with protection in the wheel compartment and enough padding to cushion smaller and more fragile parts. Not much tool work is required as the bike fits with just the handlebar, wheels and pedals removed. It has a sturdy belt system that keeps all the parts securely in place throughout the journey. Overall, it’s a convenient option for practically all bikers.

Key Features
  • Clip-on swivel wheel
  • Road bike adapter
  • Ergonomic aluminum handle
  • Monocoque base with aluminum slide rails
  • Brand Evoc
  • Model Evoc
  • Weight 28 pounds

Light and portable form for easy storage

Well-designed system with pockets and straps in the right places

Easy maneuverability


Cloth bag alone may not protect bike from damage

With the SciCon Aero Comfort Plus 2.0 TSA Travel Case, you can conveniently hit the road with your favorite companion. A bicycle may not be the most convenient gear to travel with, especially if it’s big. But this travel case features an excellent design for easier transport. Made with durable nylon fabric and a well-padded interior, the bag properly cushions the bicycle against inevitable bumps. The interior is designed to mimic the shape and contour of an actual bicycle, making it the perfect fit for a wide range of bicycles. Plus, all that needs to be detached are the wheels; the frame can be fixed on the internal stabilizing system. Have a blast traveling with this bike bag that saves time, money and energy.

Key Features
  • TSA approved locks
  • 118 x 25 x 90 cm dimensions
  • Durable Nylon material
  • 840 padded
  • Brand Sci Con
  • Model TP053004813
  • Weight 19.62 pounds

Compatible with integrated seat mast bikes

Only have to disassemble the wheels

Rolls with ease


Users report substandard parts

Wheels don’t last

Can’t guarantee bike won’t get damaged

Are you traveling across the state or making a big move across the country? It may be hard moving a bike without good protective gear. The Topnaca MTB Soft Mountain Road Bike Travel Case is portable and lightweight. Regardless of the distance, you can be confident that this bag will carry the weight and be lighter on your shoulders too. With padded ergonomic shoulder straps, it’s easy on the body and guarantees convenient mobility. The nylon material also makes the bag much lighter, contributing less to the overall weight. This is a great advantage whether it’s being transported via road or train. It has a 420D waterproof cover and is resistant to water and dust. Hikers and mountain climbers that love to cycle enjoy this case as it allows them to safely store gadgets and other personal effects. It comes with a bag that keeps the wheels securely in place once the bicycle is disassembled. The bag does not accommodate geometric bicycles but will fit a good range of full-size bikes.

Key Features
  • 420D waterproof Shiny silk
  • Accommodates 28 inch max bikes
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Two Velcro and buckle straps for easy attachment
  • Brand Topnaca
  • Weight 1 pounds

Folds up easily


Good, functional tires


Substandard zippers

No good quick release option

The B&W International Bike Case is a reliable intercountry solution to safely transporting a bike. With a great design and functional system, it is sure to turn eyes. Hard cases are an advantage when traveling internationally. It’s reinforced with a hard core aluminum casing that can take the blows and handle the perils airport baggage is accustomed to. Your bike is more likely to reach its destination without bends or dents.  The case is quite portable. Its size is also an advantage since it weighs relatively less than bigger cases, saving you some travel fees. The durable interior protective system ensures all the bike parts stay securely in place throughout the journey. This allows you to have a chilled, worry-free flight from take-off to the final arrival.

Key Features
  • aluminum case
  • Two lockable clips
  • Ergonomic pull-out handle
  • Portable hard core case
  • Brand B&W International
  • Model 96006/N
  • Weight 19 pounds

Brilliant and innovative design

sturdy and portable

Easy to manoeuvre


Design is a bit complicated

Not TSA compliant

Some users reported damage to the case

Traveling with the Kisshome Folding Carry Bike Bag is one of the smartest ways to travel. It has the length and the size that ensures a convenient and hassle-free experience. Sturdy enough to accommodate regular 26-inch bikes, it can even push to 27.5-inch bikes without tears or closure issues. It is definitely a time saver; users just need to take off the wheels and handlebars. The full length of the bike can fit into this large foldable bike bag, making it an ideal choice for people who don’t know how to disassemble a bike. The wheels can be taken out and deflated, while the whole frame sits securely zipped and enclosed in the bike. Made with 1680D polyester, it is tough enough to withstand rough surfaces and pointy objects. Shoulder straps allow the bag to conveniently hang across the shoulders. This bag can be used when commuting around the city, traveling via road, trains or subways.

Key Features
  • 180D polyester
  • Shoulder straps
  • Accessory pockets to place small bicycle parts
  • Foldable bike bag
  • Brand Kisshome
  • Weight 3.3 pounds

Easy disassembly

Sturdy and durable

Lightweight and easy to carry


Inadequate frame protection

The Thule RoundTrip Pro XT Bike Case provides all-round protection for your treasured bike. The exterior is made with a soft and shiny nylon rip-stop material that’s sure to last. The material spans the length and breadth of the bag, including the aluminum click-rail that provides form and protection. Setting this product apart from other brands is the included bike assembly stand. It holds up the bicycle so users can dissemble and assemble the parts as needed. The sturdy handles and wheels incorporated in the design make it easy to transport. Pull out the handle and wheel it down with ease, taking the weight off your back and shoulders. This travel box is suitable for a wide range of road, mountain and cyclo-cross bikes with a maximum wheelbase of 46 inches.

Key Features
  • Durable nylon shell
  • Thru axle adapters
  • Oversize wheel bags
  • Integrated bike stand for assembly and disassembly
  • Brand Thule
  • Model 100505
  • Weight 23.1 pounds

Enough space to add other accessories and wears

Ergonomic well-padded, lightweight design

Easy and quick set up


Some users reported the tripod was not so durable

The B&W International Bike Case offers extra protection against the unavoidable hits it may take while being loaded and unloaded. It takes  the impact that would probably damage a bicycle if it were wrapped in regular packaging like cardboard. It also withstands abrasion and rough surfaces, making it a durable product. It’s made with sturdy materials and has a classy and polished look. It’s accompanied by four rolling wheels at each corner; two are rotatable for easy maneuverability and two are fixed for stability. The bag also comes with multiple handles that make lifting easier; lift, lower and pull it around conveniently.

Key Features
  • Interlocking case
  • Accommodates road bikes, mountain and triathlon bikes
  • Multiple wheels and handles
  • Tough and durable build
  • Brand B&W International
  • Model 96015
  • Weight 24 pounds

Phenomenal and attractive design

Easy to manoeuver

Enough space for other personal items


Not TSA compliant

Users reported some damaged box parts after air travel

The Callaway Odyssey BMX Bike Black Bag is a durable and sustainable option for traveling short or long distances. Its cool, black, and stealthy look gives off a classy and lush appearance. Without making you look like you’re carrying a heavy burden, this lightweight bag adequately contains bicycle parts. It is designed specifically for BMX bicycles and has leftover space for personal items. The bicycle is held down with multiple sturdy straps securing the frame and accessories in place. It also comes with tie down units that hold down the parts in case of vigorous handling or rides. There are riveted handles that make this bag quite a convenient travel companion. It’s easy to life and lower, while the sturdy wheels allow users to pull it hassle-free.

Key Features
  • Lightweight travel bag
  • Interior tool pouch
  • Multiple straps and tie downs
  • Multiple handles
  • Brand ODYSSEY
  • Weight 10.24 pounds

Straps securely hold parts in place

Leaves extra space for other personal items

Good and functional build


Only accommodates BMX bikes

This is the soft copy of the viable B&W travel case and is made with nylon material to eliminate tearing or ripping. It doesn’t have a hard shell case but will adequately take your bicycle across the country. It’s large enough to accommodate a large range of bicycles but portable enough to get through check-in gates. Although it is more convenient to transport this bag via car and train, it will still make a viable air travel bag. The wheel aid in rolling the bag  around. For even more comfort and ease while traveling, the design incorporates a detachable shoulder strap that lets you bear the weight on your shoulders.

Key Features
  • Made with Nylon material
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Great for road and train travels
  • Incorporated wheel bags
  • Brand B&W International
  • Model 96250/N
  • Weight 2.2 pounds

Wide internal storage capacity

Can be carried on shoulders

Great design with perfect angles


May not fare well on airplane rides

The RockBros Folding Bike Carry Bag ensures users can transport their bikes through the use of a sturdy and reliable travel case. Your purchase comes with a 33.2 by 13 by 26.5-inch carry big as well as a backpack. It’s padded with extra foam to ensure the bicycle’s frame is well cushioned during the journey. This bag is also foldable, so the extra padding keeps the parts unaffected when it’s folded into a more compact form. The bag can be folded into a case, carried across your shoulders, or attached to the handlebar. With hands-free movement, your hands are free to carry out other important tasks before, during and after the journey.

Key Features
  • Includes carry bag and backpack
  • Anti-fouling fabric
  • Extra padding for better cushioning
  • Accommodates 16-20 inch folding bicycles
  • Brand Rock Bros
  • Weight 5 pounds

The fabric makes it easy to clean

Comfortable and lightweight

Water proof


No wheels included for rolling

The bag is quite large to carry around

Shoulder strap is not included

The Easton Cycling Double Wheel Bag is a wise and affordable way to contain your wheels safely while traveling. Once the wheels are detached they can be stored in this durable bag to safeguard them during the trip. Reinforced with padding, it protects the wheels from any external force or blows. It also cushions hard hits or falls, preventing any damage to your wheels. The choice of deflating the wheels is totally up to you. The wheels sit safely with lush padding securing them all around. Reinforced with a cordura shell, it is designed for long term use and road and air travel. A sturdy zippered system secures your bike until the destination is reached.

Key Features
  • Made from tough nylon and canvas material
  • Durable Cordura shell
  • High density padding
  • Zippered closure system
  • Brand Easton
  • Model 2037242
  • Weight 7.15 pounds

Made with high quality materials

Great, well-sewn handles

Doubles as a unicycle bag


No protective gear in between the wheels

Whether you’re commuting in a bus or car, the CamGo Rhinowalk 20 inch Folding Bike Travel Bag has got you covered. It is large enough to accommodate a wide range of bikes with an internal security system. Reinforced with thickened and reliable fabric, this bag is set to weather and withstand harsh environments. The design includes webbing that ensures the bag can be used and carried for long time periods while carrying large weight. It also incorporates a good handle system; one shoulder strap for an easier carry and one that can be attached to the handlebar when the bike is unpacked. To add to its versatility, it doubles as a picnic bag when it’s full unfolded. For those regular rest breaks, stop and have a snack or two before hitting the road again.

Key Features
  • Water-proof
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Small storage bag that accommodates the bike bag.
  • 600D thickened fabric
  • Brand CamGo
  • Weight 2.6 pounds

Multipurpose bag

Made with durable materials

Works great


Maybe too small for some bikes

Navigating the never-ending maze of public transit has never been easier. With this all-weather folding bike bag, users are assured that their bikes are safe and sound. As long as the bike ranges between sizes 14 to 20 inches, the StillCool Folding Bike Bag is a suitable fit. This sturdy bike travel bag is made of hard-wearing waterproof nylon, making it the ultimate all-weather option for bikers.

Though it has no logo attached, its overall design is incredibly functional. It is extremely flexible and can easily accommodate your bike without putting too much stress on itself. Additionally, this bike bag is lightweight with a favorable texture. For further convenience and effectiveness, this bag is acid resistant and tear resistant, making it one of the sturdiest options on the market.

Key Features
  • It is waterproof with a stronger drape
  • It has good acid and tear resistance
  • Made of hard wearing waterproof nylon
  • It is easily foldable
  • Brand StillCool
  • Model ST-677101
  • Weight 2.4 pounds

It is sturdy and fitted

Good value for money

Has a snug fit


The zipper is flimsy

It is not durable and long lasting

There is very little padding present in the bag

Anyone in the market for a sharp and simple yet functional bike bag is in luck. With its soft and flexible shell, the B&W International Bike Bag is the solution to all your transit problem. It may have a soft shell, but there is no doubt that it is as sturdy as they come. If being made of tear-proof nylon material is not a clear indicator of this, then its handy aluminum frame should convince you. The frame is a great addition because it gives the actual frame of the bike ample support. As a result, the casing absorbs most of the shock incurred during the journey. Additionally, the pressure that the fabric puts on the saddle, as well as the steering tube, ensures that the bike is nice and snug while it is inside the travel bag. This bag is completely compatible with Brompton bikes, but other models can fit inside just as well.

Key Features
  • Made of sturdy and tear-proof nylon material
  • Fitted with a handy shoulder strap
  • Suited for Brompton bikes and other designs
  • Comes with an aluminum frame
  • Brand B&W International
  • Model 96007/N
  • Weight 13.1 ounces

Good value for money

It is shock absorbent

Has a snug fit


It does not come with axle adapters or spacers

The handle is flimsy

Not suitable for train and bus travel

This design is not for the minimalist, seeing as there is more than enough room in this bag to accommodate more than just a bike. With the Weanas Bicycle Travel Case, users are sure to get what they pay for and a little extra on the top. Not only does it feature a simple and functional design, but it also gives users the ability to carry bike accessories and add-ons. Additionally, it is fitted with large side pockets that can easily accommodate the wheels. This bag stands out thanks to the sturdy SBS zipper.

There are also a pair of strap loops on the bag that make allowance for extra bindings, which will guard the bike against damage.

Key Features
  • It is fitted with side pockets on both sides
  • Comes with an accompanying fork protector
  • Suited for multiple forms of transportation
  • Has a sturdy zipper design
  • Brand Weanas
  • Weight 1.06 pounds

Contains space for the bike and all its accessories

Good value for money

It is strong


It does not come with any padding

Durability may raise some concerns

Best Bike Travel Case Buying Guide

Probably up until now you have relied on cardboard boxes to package valuable gear such as a bicycle. When it’s really thought out, bicycles don’t come cheap, they require reliable and protective gear that’ll transport them without damage. This informative guide will provide more knowledge and helpful tips to go over before purchasing a bike travel box.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bike Travel Case

  • The type of bicycle

Certain travel bags have compartments that would accommodate most bikes, while others are pretty specific. The type of bike including the size and weight will ascertain the kind of travel bag that’s required. Some bags are actually shaped to suit one or more types of bicycles. While others lice the Evoc travel bag can accommodate all shapes and types of bikes. Ensure you verify which bike bag or box can properly secure the bicycle.

  • Packing

Some travel bags require proper disassembly of the bicycle parts so they adequately fit in. Others require as little as the handlebars and pedals. Depending on your technical-know-how and knowledge of bikes, put the ease of disassembly and assembly into consideration. This will determine just how much work and time that would be put into packing and unpacking the bicycle.

  • Durability and sturdiness

It is important to check the quality of materials used to make the different bicycle parts. This will ascertain how sturdy they will be and how they’ll fare in the long run. Sturdy parts will also ensure they outlive the ruggedness of road, train or air travel.

  • Airport weight allowance

If the bicycle is being transported via air travel, it is important to know how much weight both the bicycle and travel bag or box weighs. This will help determine how much weight allowance will be used up all together. Bicycles bags weigh from 8-12kg, while travel boxes weigh from 12-18kg due to their hard and sturdy materials. Adding this to the bicycles weight will help give you a general idea about just how much you’ll have to pay for the baggage.

Benefits of a Bike Travel Bag

  • Portability

Travel bags are more compact than other options such as cardboard packaging. With some disassembly required, the bicycle will be securely latched in the interior with security systems to hold it in place. This makes transporting it quite easier, hand the bag across your shoulders, roll it on the floor or easily carry it with the handle. A lot of transfer cases come with multiple handles for easier carrying.

  • Size

Its size makes it easier to fit in smaller places; the car trunk, transit gates and even large crowds. This undoubtedly makes it much simpler to transport. Travel bags can even be folded multiple times depending on the type, this makes it much more compact without the danger of damaging bicycle parts.

  • Versatility

Most travel bags and boxes have extra space to pack and store gadgets, clothes and other accessories. Fill up any empty spaces with soft clothing and personal items to make more use of a travel bag.

  • Protection

Travel bags and cases provide enough padding and structure to get your bicycle to their destination without damage. They are designed to withstand the vigorous handling by airport attendants.

Bike Bags vs Bike Boxes: What is the Difference?

Bike travel bags: These are made of hard core materials meant to provide more protection against rough rides or handling from airport attendants. They are generally made from durable materials such as thermoplastics, this ensures they take can take more hits and live to tell the tale.


Bike travel bags: These are made of softer materials and prove to be more lightweight. When looking at saving the extra kg of weight, this should be the perfect choice. They have adequate structures to hold up the frame and keep the frame and disassembled parts securely in place. Materials such as polyester and nylon are used to ensure the bags are tear proof overtime.

How to Pack Your Bike Box

Bicycles differ in shape, size and geometry; this makes a step-by-step procedure a lot more complicated. While some are fairly simpler to pack, others may be more tasking. We have provided a general guide that includes taking out more of the parts to give a broader explanation.

  • Open the bag/box and set it up
  • Remove the pedals and store them in the provided accessory bag.
  • Next remove the wheels and place them in the wheel bag side by side. ( the option of deflating the tires is solely up to you)
  • Remove the rotors in each wheel and store them in an accessory bag
  • Remove bottle cages, the GPS, fenders and pumps if the bike has all these and place them in an accessory bag.
  • Disconnect the handlebars from the stem, but keep the stem in place
  • Take out the seat next then tighten the seat post collar
  • Take out the rear derailleur
  • You can place foam tubing on the frame and the rest of the parts to ensure it doesn’t get damaged during the travel
  • Put everything in place according to how the bag systems are designed
  • Make use of the straps, fasteners and other protective components provided
  • Close the bag or box and secure it by strapping it round

Our Top Pick

All the products mentioned above are functional and durable. However we recommend the Evoc Bike Travel bag, which accommodates practically all bicycle types. It’s extremely lightweight and made with durable tear-resistant and water-repellent material. Reinforced with aluminum rail wheel it provides optimal load protection and convenient traveling.


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