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The bottle jack is made for situations where a standard floor jack just can’t cut it. Heavy weight, tight surroundings,…

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The Best Bottle Jacks: Let Them Do the Heavy Lifting For You | Autance © The Best Bottle Jacks: Let Them Do the Heavy Lifting For You | Autance
Best Choice Alltrade Black 3 Ton All-in-One Bottle Jack Alltrade Black 3 Ton All-in-One Bottle Jack

Jack combines lift and stand in one

  • Wide, flat base
  • Integrated with jack stand
  • Portable and compact design
  • Some complaints of oil seeping
  • Too tall for smaller vehicles
Most Innovative The Best Bottle Jacks: Let Them Do the Heavy Lifting For You Baoshishan 3-Ton Double-Ram Bottle Jack

A bottle jack that can fit small and lift tall.

  • Double-ram for more height
  • Extendable top screw
  • 3-ton capacity
  • Small base plate
  • May not offer enough height for lifted trucks
  • Double-ram means higher price
Best for Heavy Work Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack

An air and hydraulic option for lifting seriously heavy loads.

  • Lifts buses, trailers, and large loads
  • Lifts up to 20 1/8 inches
  • Easy on air compressors
  • Heavy weight
  • Needs 100 psi minimum

The bottle jack is made for situations where a standard floor jack just can’t cut it. Heavy weight, tight surroundings, even tall vehicles like trucks and SUVs. The bottle jack needs less space and can lift to greater heights, all while handling impressive amounts of weight. For changing the brakes on your pickup or taking a tire off of a tractor, the bottle jack is your best bet for when things get big. That versatility means there are a wide variety of bottle jacks offering loads of features. We’re here to show you the best bottle jacks on the market and help you to choose which one is right for your needs.

The Best Bottle Jack

This jack from Alltrade lets you lift up to three tons, and it will do it from a height as low as 11 inches. You can lift that load to 17.25 inches off the ground or make an adjustment and go as high as 21 inches. That means it can lift nearly double its own height, impressive for any bottle jack, and enough to lift your pickup’s wheels off of the pavement.
The jack comes with a wide base to help keep it stable. It also helps make sure it doesn’t punch through your concrete floor, cut into your asphalt, or sink into softer materials if you’re making an emergency repair. This jack’s real trick, though, is that it also includes a built-in jack stand.
Even with the best jacks, you should always use a stand for safety. This jack puts the lift and the stand together along with a safety lock, and that means that your truck or SUV won’t go anywhere even if the hydraulics fail. Integrating the two also means no fighting over where the jack goes and where the stand goes.

  • Brand Alltrade
  • Model 640912
  • Weight 22.4 pounds

Wide flat base

Integrated with jack stand

Portable and compact design


Some users reported hydraulic oil leaking

Might be too tall for lower SUVs and crossovers

The Torin Big Red Air Hydraulic 20 Ton Capacity Bottle Jack really offers up on power. When talking about the top heavy-duty bottle jacks, the 20 Ton Torin is definitely up there. It is built for heavyweights that other regular jacks may not have the capacity to lift. The heavy-duty steel construction ensures users enjoy the convenience of lifting heavyweight vehicles in a breeze. The 20 ton bottle jack gives users the option of operating this jack manually or pneumatically.

Operating a bottle jack pneumatically entails making use of gas or pressurized air to power the unit. This suggests a more hands-free and effective operation. So, regardless of what this bottle jack is needed for, it will definitely perform. Bottle jacks are mostly used to lift cars, trucks and trailers. However not all bottle jacks have the capacity to lift the varying weights. This bottle jack has the capacity to lift vehicles of up to 40,000 lbs. This definitely provides versatility of use; lifting other heavyweight items without stress. It’s safe to say that this would be more suitably used for commercial purposes.

  • Brand Torin
  • Model TA92006
  • Weight 32 pounds

Can be used to lift buses and trailers

Lifts up to 20-1/8 inches

Goes easy on compressors


Heavy weight to move

Requires minimum 100 psi air pressure

The downside for most bottle jacks is that they can only lift to double their original height. It’s because that’s the longest lifting bar you can fit into the body of the jack. This 3-ton jack from Baoshishan has two hydraulic rams, one inside the other, and that lets it go even higher. When the jack isn’t in use, it’s only 6.5 inches tall. That’s enough to fit under even the lowest crossovers and most sedans.
Raise this jack to its full height with both rams extended and you add more than 7.5 inches of lift. Combine the double-ram height with the adjustable extension screw top and you get a total of 10 inches of lifting, bringing your vehicle just over 16.5 inches off of the ground. The range of motion is perfect for low vehicles that have long-travel suspension but is strong and versatile enough to lift pickup trucks as well.

  • Brand Baoshishan
  • Model ZKN255a
  • Weight 5.5 pounds


Extendable top screw

3-ton weight


Small base plate

Total height may not be enough for lifted trucks

Double-ram means higher price

This 4-ton jack is simple and to the point, just like the trucks that it will probably spend its life lifting. With a base height of 8 inches, it’s too tall for most sedans and smaller crossovers, but it’s perfect for larger SUVs and pickups. Able to lift up to 15 3/8 inches, the jack also has an adjustable extension screw that can save you some pumps on the jack handle or give you just that little bit of extra lift height you need.
The jack comes with a built-in bypass so you don’t need to worry about over-extending it when you lift. It also uses heat-treated steel in its critical stress areas to help increase strength and durability to give you years of service.

  • Brand Pro-LifT
  • Model B-004D
  • Weight 7.85 pounds

4-ton capacity

Nearly 8-inch lift height

Adjustable extension screw


Small base means more ground pressure

Some owners complained that lift saddle was too small

Torin leans into safety and ease of use with this bottle jack. It’s just a 2-ton jack, so it may not be enough for the heaviest trucks and SUVs, but Torin has included a built-in overload valve just in case. That means that it won’t try and lift a weight that’s too heavy and then fail when your truck is off the ground. It also comes with a bypass to make sure you don’t overextend past its max lift height.
This jack is 7 1/8 inches unextended and it goes to 13 5/8 inches at full extension. It also has an adjustable extension screw on the top for a bit more lift. Torin says this jack has a glide-action pump that is meant to take less effort from you to lift your vehicle. It also has high-quality hydraulic oil to reduce corrosion and help the jack work better at both high and low extreme temperatures. That means it is ready to work whenever you are.

  • Brand Torin
  • Model T90203B
  • Weight 5.42 pounds

Premium quality oil that prevents corrosion

Piston ram uses a Y-style polyurethane sealing ring to prevent slipping

Meets ASME safety standards


Low lift height

Only 2-ton capacity

Small lift saddle

This is the kind of jack you’d use if you were planning to lift a tractor (either the farm or highway variety), a heavy trailer, or even a bulldozer or maybe your house. It has a massive 40,000-pound capacity to get almost anything off of the ground. Despite that massive capacity, it is just 9 ½-inches tall when retracted, letting it fit under your heavy equipment but also letting it fit under your pickup if you don’t have another jack around.
Once in place, this jack can lift to a total of 17 3/4 inches, getting your heavy loads off of the ground. The jack has a patented bypass device to make sure you don’t try and lift too high. It is also designed to meet or exceed the ASME standard for jacks to give you more safety and peace of mind. This jack is also offered in “shorty” for lower-height applications as well as in 30 and 50-ton capacities.

  • Brand Performance Tool
  • Model W1633
  • Weight 22.1 pounds

Carry handle for transport

Easy-access release screw

Overheight bypass


Small base

Small lift saddle

Poor paint finish

The advantage bottle jacks have over regular oversized jacks are their small, versatile form. They are not only used for lifting up heavy loads and vehicles. They can also be of help moving heavy objects around and this next product on our list, the Tooluxe 31010L Low Profile Air Hydraulic Manual Bottle Jack, has been designed for prolonged durability. It features a heavy-duty steel construction with the capacity to handle up to 40,000 lbs. Its functional stout form measures 10.2×8.3×9.4 inches. This is short enough to reach under most vehicles especially cars with low bases. If you need to lift other types of machinery, equipment or heavy loads in tight places, the Tooluxe has it covered.

Users can connect the heavy-duty jack to the vehicle’s air compressor. They can achieve this by using a ¼-inch air nipple and a 48- inch rubber hose. In a case where there is no compressor, a two-piece jack handle has been provided for manual lifting. This ingenious design enables a lift of 10-1/4 inches to a maximum reach of 20 inches. It can suitably lift motorcycles, off-road vehicles and trucks when repairs or necessary changes need to be made.

  • Brand Tooluxe
  • Model 31010L
  • Weight 1.11 pounds

Safely lifts a wide range of vehicles

Lifts heavy loads with ease

Easily connects to an air compressor


Reported oil leaks

Unreliable pump valve

How We Selected The Products 

We looked at more than a dozen bottle jacks to find the best ones to feature in this guide. When choosing the best bottle jack, weight capacity is one of the biggest issues. That’s why we chose the heaviest-duty options. We also looked at lifting range, since you don’t want a jack that won’t lift your car high enough. 

Our product selections, rankings, and awards for this story are based on research. While we haven’t conducted real-world testing yet on all of these products yet, we’ve looked at consumer testimonials and data, tutorials, and general discussions on social media and in forums. We also consider price and specification in the context of the segment. And, of course, we rely on our institutional knowledge of the automotive landscape to weed out weak products.

Buying Guide/What to Look For


Bottle jacks come in a wide range of weight capacity ratings. You don’t need to buy a 20-ton jack to lift your midsize SUV, but you should also be careful not to use a jack with a max rating less than your vehicle’s weight. A 2-ton jack is plenty for most sedans and compact crossovers, but bigger vehicles get heavy in a hurry. Check in your vehicle’s door frame (or sometimes the trunk) for a sticker that shows “GVWR”. That’s the maximum weight your vehicle is safe to be, including cargo and passengers, and rounding that up to the next ton is a safe way to pick the right jack.

Lifting Range

Lift range is crucial, because the jack is useless if it won’t fit under your vehicle and it is equally useless if it can’t get your vehicle off of the ground. Measure from the ground to your lifting point to find the height you need to fit under your vehicle. Finding the maximum you need is tougher, but most trucks will need a 6-8-inch lifting capability and crossovers and cars need less.

Base Size

If you’re planning to lift with a bottle jack, you’ll be putting a lot of weight on a very small spot in your garage or driveway. A wider base spreads the weight out, making the jack more stable and reducing the pressure on the ground. This is especially important when lifting on hot asphalt or dirt or gravel. If your base plate is too small, a large piece of 1-inch plywood or 1/2-inch (or thicker) steel plate can spread the load.

Hydraulic or Pneumatic

Bottle jacks are either hydraulic, pneumatic or both. Hydraulic means pumping by hand, and lots of it. Pneumatic requires a shop-grade air compressor but means you don’t need to hand-pump and that means less work. If you’ll have shop air some of the time but not all, some jacks on this list can use either, meaning one less tool on the shelf.

Floor Jacks vs. Bottle Jacks

Yes, floor jacks and bottle jacks both sit on the floor, and they both lift, but aside from those two things they are very different. A floor jack normally sits on four wheels, or two wheels and a roller or sliding bar, and it lifts by raising an arm. The arm sits flat when the jack is collapsed, and raises around a pivot. That means the entire jack needs to move as it lifts. These jacks also take a great deal of lifting effort, which is why the larger sizes come with a bar that can be six feet long. While great on concrete, their four small points of contact can dig into pavement and soft surfaces, while needing to roll means they are nearly impossible to use on any broken concrete or gravel.

Bottle jacks look like a bottle when they are collapsed, and that’s where they got their name. Instead of lifting an arm around a pivot, they push a hydraulic ram straight up and down. That makes them smaller and lighter. More importantly, you can use them on almost any surface since the jack doesn’t need to move. Bottle jacks fit into tighter spaces, and are offered in much higher lift capacities than floor jacks. They’re also cheaper because they use fewer (and lighter) parts.


Q: What are bottle jacks and how do they work?

Bottle Jacks are tools that use pressure to exert force and lift heavy loads. When the lever is pulled up, it draws oil up into the pump cylinder. When it is pushed down it pumps liquid into another cylinder. These movements make the piston rise with that pressure. Keep pumping and the piston gradually rises causing the load to lift.

Q: Are bottle jacks safe?

When bottle jacks are used according to their specifications and maintained well, they are safe. Despite that, jack stands should always be used when keeping a lifted load in the air, and never go under a lifted load without stands or a mechanical lock. This applies to all types of lifting devices.

Q: How do I add oil?

The oil filler hole which is usually close to the top of the reservoir. Remove the plug and set aside, then fill the reservoir with oil. Make sure you don’t overfill or it can lock up the unit. Place the plug back in and you should be ready for work. Check the directions for bleeding instructions if there is air trapped in the jack. If fluid is leaking from any of the jack’s seals, stop using the jack until you get them fixed, otherwise the jack could fail suddenly at any time.

Our Top Pick

Our top recommendation is the Alltrade Black 3 Ton All-in-One Bottle Jack. It functions as both a jack stand and a bottle jack. It features safety bar locks at adjustable heights and has a wide steel bottom for more stability on different surfaces

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