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Most car owners will have heard of the benefits of brake bleeding and may have even had their brakes bled…

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The 10 Best Brake Bleeder Kits (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The 10 Best Brake Bleeder Kits (Review) in 2023 | Autance
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Most car owners will have heard of the benefits of brake bleeding and may have even had their brakes bled professionally, but how many automobile owners out there know how to bleed their own brakes?

Once you know how to bleed your own brakes the process becomes pretty straightforward but choosing a brake bleeder kit can be a minefield – how to know which is the best one to buy? In this guide we will looking at the best brake bleeder kits and cover models such as a vacuum bleeder, manual pump brake bleeder and a reverse brake bleeder. We’ll we show you the best 10 brake bleeding kits on the market and by the end of the guide reveal our absolute favorite.

Read on to discover the best brake bleeders on the market.

The Best Brake Bleeder Kit

This brake bleeder kit has been designed to fit all cars that feature a 45mm threaded hydraulic reservoir cap. One of the main benefits of this particular brake bleeder is that it’s really heavy-duty which means you’re going to get good use out of this year after year. It’s been made from corrosion-proof materials and designed to last long.

This portable hand-pump is easy to use by one person due to its pressurized system and can be used anywhere…shop, home or garage.

This power bleeder is a good size, holding enough fluid to flush out a complete system. In the kit you will find everything you need to perform a full brake flush. Inside you’ll find a pressure tank, hand pump, gauge, 1100 adapter, gasket and hose.

Key Features
  • Fits All Cars With 45mm Threaded Cap
  • Super Portable – Can Be Used Anywhere!
  • Good Size – Tank Holds Enough Fluid For Full System Flush
  • Heavy-Duty – Made To Last
  • Brand Motive Products
  • Model 100
  • Weight 2.49 pounds

This Mityvac brake bleeder is a powerful piece of kit that every car owner should consider when looking to buy a brake bleeding kit. It’s operates with compressed air and can bleed up to 2 quarts per minute. The body capacity isn’t bad either as it can contain 1.8 liters of fluid in the collection reservoir and also includes an automatic master cylinder refill kit with a 40 oz reservoir.

What makes this vacuum brake bleeder even more impressive is that it contains a variable thumb throttle to maintain a desired flow rate.The kit also comes with a 6 foot long bleed hose, master cylinder evacuation hose, hanging hook and bleed adapters.

Key Features
  • Can Bleed Up To 2 Quarts Per Minute
  • 6 Feet Bleed Hose Included
  • Maintains Desired Flow Rate With A Variable Thumb Throttle
  • Brand Mityvac
  • Model MV6835
  • Weight 5 pounds

This vacuum brake bleeder is a versatile bit of kit and has been designed to be used with most standard and ABS brake systems and the set includes a 40 inch silicone hose with a universal rubber adapter.

Many people change their cars throughout the years, so it’s worth investing in a brake bleeder such as this to get value for money over the years. This product bleeds and flushes hydraulic brakes and clutches with a vacuum and is simple to use. What sets this apart from many of the other vacuum bleeder kits on the list is its silencer feature which has been built-in for quieter work.    

Key Features
  • Integrated Silencer – Allows For Quieter Work
  • Designed To Fit Most Vehicle Rake Oil Bleeder Fittings
  • Built-In Venturi System – Produces Vacuum To Bleed And Flush Brakes & Clutches
  • Brand Capri Tools
  • Model CP21029
  • Weight 3 pounds

Those that own classic cars know the importance of excellent maintenance. To keep your vintage motor in tip-top condition you need to invest in good quality products such as this. The Motive Products Power Bleeder has been specifically designed for late model GM cars.

The good news is that the adapter that comes with the motive brake bleeder kit also fits Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn. No pressure source is needed with this power bleeder as its operated by hand and it features a precision pressure gauge to ensure safe and effective operation.

Key Features
  • Built-In Hand Pump – No Pressure Source Needed
  • Designed To Fit Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn & GM Cars
  • Comes With Everything You Need To Bleed Your Brake Or Clutch System
  • Brand Motive Products
  • Model 108
  • Weight 2.5 pounds

Another versatile product, this universal vacuum pump can be used as a brake bleeding testing kit or to can food with an airtight seal. Talk about two-in-one! This is a fast piece of machinery that’s easy to use too. Just simply attach the tube to the bleeder valve, pump the vacuum, crank the bleeder valve and watch it flow!

The ABN Brake Bleeder Pump contains a universal fit, which means that it fits all makes and models of vehicles. It’s a sturdy piece of kit too with a solid brass cylinder, cylinder head and piston with an anodized steel handle frame. Not only that, but the designers have thought about the small features that make a difference too. The pump has been designed for comfort and features a cushioned pistol grip handle on the vacuum pump for comfort and to stop the user from getting tired arms and hands.

Key Features
  • Two-in-One Brake Bleeder Vacuum Pump & Airtight Food Canning
  • Easy To Use
  • Heavy-Duty – Solid Brass Cylinder/Cylinder Head and Piston
  • Multi-Use Adapters For Use With Any Vehicle
  • Brand ABN
  • Model ABN 7300
  • Weight 1.65 pounds

If you’re serious about vehicle maintenance then this kit is a worthy investment. If it’s good enough for professionals then it’s good enough for you. The Power Probe Master Brake Bleeder kit features 12 adapters that can fit many different makes and models of cars. The kit also comes with a standard 90 degree male hose coupling which fits most brake bleeders. The aluminium and cast iron bodies are all color coded for easy identification and the expandable O-rings ensure a leak-proof seal every time.         

Key Features
  • 12 Color Coded Adapters Which Fit Most Makes & Models
  • 90 Degree Male Hose Coupling
  • Heavy-Duty – Aluminium & Cast Iron Bodies
  • Brand Power Probe
  • Model BAKIT01
  • Weight 11.65 pounds

The HFS Vacuum Brake Bleeder is super easy to use and works on all vehicle makes and models. Those that are looking for a good value one man brake bleeder kit should consider this kit as it provides everything you need to bleed your brakes without needing extra help. The kit includes a pump with a vacuum gauge, two 2 foot tubes, vacuum and brake bleeder adapters and a brake fluid reservoir. The only potential fault that we could see was that the product isn’t able to achieve a full vacuum of – 30Hg despite the gauge showing this as the maximum level. Fear not though, brake bleeding does not require that deep of a vacuum.

Key Features
  • Easy To Use
  • Works With All Universal Makes And Models
  • Two 2 Foot Tubes Included
  • Brand HFS
  • Model 11896
  • Weight 2.4 pounds

Another super handy piece of equipment for vehicle owners who are looking for an automotive test kit and one person brake bleeding kit all-in-one. The hand vacuum tool is able to test a variety of different parts and common systems on any vehicle and the kit contains accessories for a complete brake bleeding and automotive diagnosis.

This is a clever little kit which enables you to test ignition timing, chokes and mechanical fuel pumps. This is a new design too which has additional features and an improved structural design. The pump can manage 1 cubic inch per stroke so it’s fast too.

Key Features
  • Test Kit & Brake Bleeder Kit
  • Can Test Variety Of Different Parts & Systems
  • New Design
  • Easy To Use
  • Fast
  • Brand Performance Tool
  • Model W87030
  • Weight 13.6 ounces

Could this possibly the easiest reverse brake bleeder on our list? This tool is actually pretty lightweight and ideal for intermittent use. It’s compatible with DOT 3, 4 and 5.1 brake fluid and uses a patented reverse bleeding design that claims to remove more trapped air than any other brake bleeder. Reverse bleeding pushing brake fluid from the bottom up and it’s the only method capable of bleeding difficult ABS units without having to use a scan tool.

The tool is pretty versatile and did we mention how easy it is to use? The Phoenix V-5 Light Duty DIY Reverse Brake Bleeder promises to actually change the way you look at brake bleeding! The product claims to be able to allow one man to bleed his brakes in just 10 minutes – are you ready to take on this challenge?

Key Features
  • Patented Reverse Brake Bleeding System
  • Easiest Brake Bleeder On The Market
  • Allows You To Refill & Bleed A Completely Dry Brake Or Clutch System
  • Lightweight Tool
  • Brand Phoenix Systems
  • Model 2104-B
  • Weight 7.2 ounces

Could this possibly be the smallest brake bleeder you’ve ever seen? Small but useful, the ABN One Man Brake Bleeder Kit promises to quickly remove air from your brake system. In this kit you will find everything you need to remove air from your brakes fast and without creating a mess. It can work in as little time as a few minutes too.

This little kit is fairly durable and also super portable with the main bottle made from lightweight plastic and the hose made from a flexible rubber. The kit comes with three adapters which allow you to work with different sizes of brake fittings. There’s also a magnet plate included which holds the brake bleeder bottle upright so you have both hands free.

Key Features
  • Small & Portable
  • Super Easy To Use
  • Lightweight & Durable Materials
  • Works Fast
  • Brand ABN
  • Model ABN 9197
  • Weight 1.6 ounces

Best Brake Bleeder Kit Buying Guide & FAQ

When you’ve always relied on a mechanic to fix your car and work their magic on your brakes it can be an intimidating task to then take on the challenge yourself. We believe that with the right tools, bleeding your brakes needn’t be a difficult task. It can be difficult to know where to start when confronted with so many different choices, so read on to discover what you need to think about  before making your purchase.

Things to Consider When Buying A Brake Bleeder Kit

As with any purchase, there are always numerous considerations to be made before you consider which option is the best for you. Firstly, it maye sound obvious but take note of the exact make and model of your car. Most brake bleeder kits come with universal adapters that work with most makes and models but you’ll want to check this beforehand just in case. This is especially important if you have an unusual model of car or a classic car.

Are you looking for a budget option or an investment? There are plenty of budget brake bleeders out there and whilst they will save you a few dollars, will they be a good option economically in the long run? Consider your budget and always opt for something with good reviews. If you’re looking for a good investment then you might want to consider buying a brake bleeder that has versatile features. For example some brake bleeders can also be used to can food, or test other parts of your automobile. Take a look at the list of accessories it offers and weigh up whether or not this is something that could be useful for you.

Some brake bleeding kits are lightweight and portable, whereas others can be pretty cumbersome and heavy. Where will you be using the tool? Is this for your home garage or will you be using it professionally?

Are you using this alone? If you are then look at one man brake bleeder kits and vacuum bleeders as they will be easier to use without assistance. Reverse bleeder kits are said to be easy to use too as they use minimal effort.

Why You Should Bleed Your Brakes

Bleeding your brakes may not have been something you have previously considered, but trust us, after reading this guide you’ll want to fix that immediately. How do your brakes feel now? If you’ve noticed recently that when your foot hits the pedal it feels a little spongy and just…wrong. If you’ve had your brake pads replaced and your foot is still a little close to the ground then chances are you need to bleed your brakes asap.

You know how your heating at home stops to work properly when air is trapped inside the radiators? Well it’s a little like that with vehicles too. Trapped air in your brake system can cause serious issues and by performing a brake bleed you can stop this in its tracks immediately.

The general rule of thumb is this: when the cap comes off and the brake fluid reservoir is exposed then technically that’s when you should bleed your brakes as that’s when it’s likely to take in air. When the cap is removed then air enters the hydraulic fluid and can cause havoc with your vehicle’s system. The brake system needs good quality brake fluid and no air or bubbles. If you don’t bleed your brakes then you can cause corrosion to occur inside the system from microscopic particles of rust. Mechanics recommend fully flushing the system at least once a year.

How To Bleed Your Brakes

There are many different ways to bleed your brakes. Some people choose to get a friend to help and do them manually, whilst others buy a one man brake bleeding kit and take on the job themselves. We will look at how to bleed your brakes using a brake bleeding kit.

Let’s first look at the manual pump method…

You’ll want to follow the instructions on your brake bleeding kit before you attempt this as all systems work differently.

But at a glance this is the method you will use:

  • Remove all liquid from the master cylinder reservoir to suck away the old fluid and air. Top off the reservoir with fresh fluid after you’ve removed the old fluid and bubbles.
  • Loosen the bleeder valves using a wrench.
  • Attach one piece of tubing over the bleeder bolt and the other in a bottle of fresh brake fluid.
  • Put something underneath the brake pedal so it doesn’t go too far down.
  • Get a helper to press the brake pedal while you slightly turn the bleeder bolt.
  • Repeat until you see fresh brake fluid coming from the bleeder bolt.
  • This method removes air via bleeder bolt.
  • Close the bleeder and repeat at each wheel, making sure you don’t forget to top off the master cylinder.

And now the vacuum method

This faster method doesn’t require a partner and looks like a squirt gun which essentially sucks in air or fluid. Working in a similar way to the previous method the vacuum pump sucks out fluid and air into the bleeder bottle without the need for the brake pedal being pumped. Once everything has been removed, the master cylinder needs to be filled up and the bleeder closed, before moving onto the next wheel etc

This, by far, is the easiest method of brake bleeding as it has been designed for use for one person. It may be a more expensive option but the fact that it’s fast and easy makes it the most popular option too.

Best Brake Bleeder Kit FAQ:

Q: What is a brake bleeding kit?

A brake bleeding kit takes the hard work out of brake bleeding! They have been designed so you can bleed your brakes at home without having to pay for a mechanic to fix them. Many kits have also been designed so you don’t need another person helping you (normally the other person would have to pump the pedal). The kit normally contains a pump, tube and container and the pump draws air from the brake system either using a hand-pump method or vacuum – which is easier, faster but more expensive. Most kits come with a universal fitting, so work with all cars.

Q: How can I tell if my brakes need bleeding?

Firstly, you’ll need to be confident that it’s not your brake pads that need replacing. If you’ve recently heard any grinding sounds whilst the brakes are in use then the first thing you will need to do is to replace the pads. If the pads have been replaced but the brakes feel a bit spongy or vague when you pump them, then this is a sign that there is air in the system and you need to bleed the brakes. Another sign to look out for is if the pedal goes lower than it does normally. When you start to notice any of these signs you know it’s time…

Q: How often should I bleed my brakes?

This is debatable, but most professionals believe that you should fully flush your system once a year. Other mechanics say that every time you open the cap on the brake fluid valve, you’re letting in tiny amounts of air. Then would be a good time to bleed your brakes. Get to know the inner workings of your car and soon you’ll be able to tell how often this needs to be done.

Q: Are kits listed above vehicle specific?

Most of the kits above work with all makes and models of cars. If you have a look at the specifications you will see that they usually come with a universal adapter. Please check with the manufacturers first though, if in doubt.

Our Top Pick for Best Brake Bleeder Kit

After looking a wide selection of brake bleeder kits we decided that the Motive Products Power Brake Bleeder was the best brake bleeder kit on our list. The product has been designed to use with any type of car that features a 45mm threaded hydraulic reservoir cap and we liked the fact that it was very heavy duty. Possibly not the most portable products on our list, we felt that this would offer good value for money and make a great investment for any home or garage. The main body has been designed from corrosion-proof materials which have been built to last.You don’t need two people to operate this brake bleeder kit either, due to the pressurized system it’s easy to use for one person. No helpers pumping the pedal required! The kit holds enough liquid to flush out an entire system and also carries a one year warranty.

With all of these products, it’s important to do your research first. Take a look at your car and look to see which brake bleeder kits are compatible and if you’ll feel comfortable using it. Those that aren’t so comfortable with mechanics should opt for a simple to use basic bleeder. The product above is suitable for most cars.

Have fun getting to know your car!

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