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Your brakes are a critical system within your vehicle. Without properly functioning brakes, you could lose your ability to come…

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The Best Brake Line Flaring Tools (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Brake Line Flaring Tools (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Titan 316-Inch Double Flaring Tool Titan 3/16-Inch Double Flaring Tool
Best Value ABN Auto Double Flaring Brake Line Tool Kit ABN Auto Double Flaring Brake Line Tool Kit
Premium Pick TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool Set TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool Set

Your brakes are a critical system within your vehicle. Without properly functioning brakes, you could lose your ability to come to a stop. Without good brake maintenance, you might miss potential repairs and problems — like a brake line leak. The best way to prevent a brake line leak is by creating a flare in the brake line, which is something you can easily do with a brake line flaring tool. There are plenty of different options and flaring tools, but you need one that’ll deliver effective results and make easy work out of working with a brake line. So, how do you know you’re choosing the right brake line flaring tool for your needs? You can start by checking out our picks for the best brake line flaring tools here.

The Best Brake Line Flaring Tools

The Titan 3/16-Inch Double Flaring Tool is a versatile, effective, and reliable brake line flaring tool, and that’s why it’s our top choice. You could call this tool the essential brake line flaring tool — it includes everything you need to work with brake lines and create flares. It’s more than a single tool. It comes with a 3/16-inch double flaring tool with a removable handle, a positioning bolt, a double-ended OP1/OP2 punch, and a die lubricant. When you use this tool, you’ll get a perfect inverted 45-degree SAE double flare. You’ll get great results when you put this brake line flaring tool to work on steel and nickel-copper tubing, but keep in mind that it isn’t recommended for use with stainless steel brake lines. Even better, you can use this tool and its accessories to repair brake lines that are already in place on your vehicle.

Key Features
  • Comes with all of the tools and accessories you need
  • Creates an inverted 45-degree SAE double flare on brake lines
  • Suits 3/16 inch brake lines found on most cars and trucks
  • Includes die lubricant
  • Brand Titan
  • Model 51535
  • Weight 14.2 ounces

Can be used in a bench vise or on brake lines already on your vehicle

Flaring tool is compact for working in small, tight spaces

Can be used on nickel-copper or steel brake line tubing


Doesn’t work on hard brake lines or brake lines coated in PVC or poly armor

Instructions can be lacking

Some brake line work may require additional tools

If you’re looking for a brake line flaring tool that’ll make your work easier, you’ll love the ABN Auto Double Flaring Brake Line Tool Kit. This complete tool kit helps you make both single and double flares in brake lines made out of copper, aluminum, brass, magnesium, and soft steel. And it includes a wealth of tools for one affordable, budget-friendly price. Youl get a brake line flare tool with adapters in sizes of 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2 inch as well as flaring tools in these same sizes. The tools are forged out of heat-treated steel, and they offer long-term durability and sturdiness. It’s all packaged in a lightweight plastic storage case for organization. This brake line flaring tool kit also prevents excess friction and stress on both your tools and the brake line tubing, which ensures no damage happens while you’re creating flares.

Key Features
  • Includes brake line flare tools for sizes from 3/16 inch to 1/2 inch
  • Includes SAE adapters in sizes from 3/16 to 1/2 inch
  • Blow-molded plastic storage case for organization
  • Tools are made from heat-treated steel
  • Brand ABN
  • Model 2604
  • Weight 2.4 pounds

Offers wide versatility with different sizes for different tubing

Tools can create both double and single flares

Can work on a variety of different metals and materials


Lower-quality construction

Vise is difficult to use

Can scar brake lines

The TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool Set is a complete, comprehensive kit for creating brake line flares, and it can deliver impressive results thanks to its high-quality components. You’ll be able to do it all with this set — it gives you the tools you need to create single, bubble, and double flares in brake lines. And these tools will also work on transmission cooler lines and fuel lines. In this premium set, you get dies for 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8-inch tubing and a T-handle screw clamp that’ll hold both the die and tube. All of the tools are pre-tested at the factory, and they can work on steel, stainless steel, and soft metal tubing. These brake flaring tools are easy to use and can help any car owner achieve professional-level results with their very own set of tools.

Key Features
  • Can work with tubing from 3/16 to 3/8 inch in diameter
  • Creates three types of brake line flares
  • Tools are pre-tested before they ship
  • Easy to use
  • Brand TGR
  • Model HT-1600
  • Weight 8.31 pounds

Brake line doesn’t slip or move while you’re working

Gives you flexibility and versatility

Allows you to work on your brake system and beyond


Shorter handles require more muscle strength when working with the tools

If you want a brake line flaring tool that’s tough, check out the Neiko Auto Double Flaring Brake Line Tool Kit. Designed to be used on a variety of materials, including copper, aluminum, brass, magnesium, and soft steel, you can put this tool kit to use on almost all types of brake line tubing. It includes tools and parts that have a heavy-duty design; they’re forged from heat-treated steel to offer you long-term durability and strength no matter what kind of tubing you’re working with. The swivel is made with alloy steel and chrome plating to help reduce friction too. You’ll get five adapters that can suit tubing that’s 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2 inch in size. And all of the parts are packaged in a travel-ready hard plastic storage case.

Key Features
  • Includes adapters for five different tubing sizes
  • Tools are made with steel and alloy steel
  • Chrome plating reduces friction and stress
  • Carrying case is portable and conveniently organized
  • Brand Neiko
  • Model RIDGE20656A
  • Weight 2.35 pounds

Versatile tools and adaptors work with various brake line tubing

Suitable for different types of metal

Allows you to make both single and double flares


Doesn’t come with instructions

Tools aren’t machined precisely and lopsided flares can result

Threads on butterfly nuts can strip easily

Your tools shouldn’t hold you back — and the OTC Stinger Double Flaring Tool Kit will provide you with everything you’ll need to make multiple types of flares. This kit will equip you to make both single and double flares, and it works with brake lines made out of copper, aluminum, brass, and soft steel. You’ll get a complete set with five adapters in 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2 inch sizes as well as a chrome-plated alloy steel swivel and a forged, heat-treated steel yoke. These tools are built to reduce friction for smooth results and last you throughout many uses. Packaged inside a tough blow-molded plastic case, you’ll have these tools neatly stored for any use case. You’ll get the right tools for any brake line flaring job, and they’ll offer you great value as you use them over and over again.

Key Features
  • Suitable for various types of tubing, including soft metals
  • Tools are made out of alloy steel and heat-treated steel
  • Includes five different adapters
  • Works with various tubing sizes
  • Brand OTC
  • Model 4503
  • Weight 0.041 ounces

Includes comprehensive tools and accessories for versatile uses

Creates single and double flares

Won’t cause damage to your brake line


Requires extremely tight clamping to produce good results

3/16 hole is egg-shaped instead of round, which can create ridges

Forming head wiggles while in use

The Ares Double Flaring Tool Set With Extra Adapters is a set of high-quality brake line flaring tools and adapters to make your work repairing or maintaining your car’s brake line easy. This complete kit comes with adapters in 1/4, 5/16, 1/2, 3/16, and 3/8 inch sizes, a mini tubing cutter with 1/8 to 5/8 inch capacity, and convenient storage and carrying case. Together, these seven pieces give you what you need to create double flares in brake line tubing with copper, aluminum, brass, magnesium, or soft steel. The forged yoke is made with premium heat-treated steel, and the swivel is made from alloy steel with chrome plating. These tools offer durability for repeated use over many years, and they can help you achieve smooth, perfect flares in almost all types of brake lines.

Key Features
  • Includes five adapters in different sizes for different brake lines
  • Covers SAE as well as metric sizing
  • Works on a variety of different soft metals
  • Packaged in an organized carrying case
  • Brand Ares
  • Model 18012 18019 18020
  • Weight 2.44 pounds

Perfectly portable and organized in its case

Equips you with everything you need for the most common brake lines

Results are smooth, not ragged or ridged


3/16 flaring tool can be problematic

Doesn’t come with instructions

May not work on hard brake lines

One of the most frustrating aspects of brake line flaring tools is that they often can’t securely hold onto the brake line. However, the Cal-Van Tools Master Inline Flaring Kit can solve this common issue — it’ll keep your brake line in place and prevent slipping while you work. It includes the tools and adapters you need to create both double and single flares. It comes with 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 inch double and single flare adapters, all of which are specially designed to reduce slippage. You can even create bubble flares with this tool kit, and it covers sizes 4.75, 6, and 8 millimeters for these types of flares. There’s a unique benefit to this tool kit too: it has a specialized design that locks the adapter cone and tube in a symmetrical line to prevent breakage and achieve more perfect results.

Key Features
  • Tools and adapters are made out of tough steel for durability
  • Patented flaring tool design allows for single or double flares
  • Can also create bubble flares
  • Symmetrical line locking offers reduced breakage
  • Brand Cal-Van Tools
  • Model 165
  • Weight 2.7 pounds

Securely clamps brake line tubing for an easier flaring process

Simplifies the flare process by locking in place

Can make multiple types of flares


Friction can cause marks

Tight clamping may damage the outside of the tube

May not work effectively on steel lines

If you’ve flared a few brake lines, you’re already well-versed in the tools used for the job — and you’ll love the OTC Master Brake Flaring Tool Kit. This set of brake line flaring tools gives you everything you need to create single, double, and bubbles flares in your garage. It includes adapters for single flare standard lines from 3/16 to 5/8 inch and metric lines from 4 to 14 millimeters, adapters for double flare standard lines from 3/16 to 1/2 inch and metric lines from 4 to 10 millimeters, and bubble flare standard lines from 3/16 to 1/2 inch and metric lines from 4.75 to 10 millimeters. You’ll also get a flaring bar, an arbor press, adapters, tube cutter, and debarring tool, all of which are packaged with the adapters in a hard carrying case.

Key Features
  • Includes adapters for both inch and millimeter measurements
  • Can work on different soft metals and materials
  • Packaged in a convenient storage case
  • Includes additional tools and accessories
  • Brand OTC
  • Model 6502
  • Weight 0.078 ounces

Professional-level quality tools to achieve flawless results

Covers three different types of flares and many types of brake line tubing

Designed to be an all-inclusive kit with everything you need


Tools are finicky and require practice to get perfect results

Can destroy or damage harder lines made of steel

If you’d like a brake line flaring tool that can offer great versatility, the Wostore Auto Double Flaring Tool Kit is a fantastic option. This tool kit is for more than just your basic brake line flaring — it’ll give you a wide range of different applications. You’ll get a flaring cone, a flaring yoke, and five adapters covering sizes from 3/16 to 1/2 inch (or 4.8 to 12.7 millimeters). The tools are made out of heavy-duty steel to give you long-term durability, and they have a chrome-plated finish to protect against wear, tear, and corrosion. That finish also helps to reduce friction. These tools will work to create single or double flares on copper, aluminum, magnesium, brass, and soft steel tubing. And you can take them beyond your brake lines; they can be used for HVAC systems and other automotive needs.

Key Features
  • Suitable for use on a variety of brake line tubing materials
  • Creates single or double flares
  • Includes five adapters in a range of common sizes
  • Tools are made out of steel and chrome-plated finish
  • Brand Wostore
  • Model 1002
  • Weight 2.4 pounds

All tools are packaged in a hard plastic storage case

Tools can reduce friction to prevent damage to brake line tubing

Can be used for brake line flaring as well as other types of flaring for tubing


Tubing holes may be undersized

Tubing can slip out of place

Wingnuts can become stripped

The ABN Bubble Flare Tool & Double Flaring Kit is a great option if you want brake line flaring tools that are easy to use even for first-time repairs. If you’re just getting familiar with brake line flaring, this kit can offer everything you need. It equips you to make both double and bubble flares, bending both brake and fuel lines as well as pipes and more. With a fixed head and several adapters, you can create clean, precise flares. The kit comes with flaring bar assembly clamps with 10 SAE and metric tubing sizes from 3/16 to 1/2 inch, flaring tool adapter dies, a yoke assembly reamer, a tube cutter, and a convenient carrying case. Every tool, from the tube cutter to the adaptors, offers precision so you know you’re doing the job right. With practice, you’ll perfect your double and bubble flares in no time.

Key Features
  • Tools and parts are made out of heat-treated steel alloy
  • Chrome plating reduces friction and prevents corrosion
  • Covers tubing from 3/16 to 1/2 inch (4 to 10 millimeter)
  • Works on a variety of soft metal tubing
  • Brand ABN
  • Model 3179
  • Weight 4.6 pounds

Tools are built for long-term strength and durability

Pipe cutter offers extra versatility and functionality

Can be used for brake line flaring as well as other purposes and pipes or lines


Practice is needed to achieve perfect results

Clamping can be weak and subpar

Consistency of results may be lacking

Best Brake Line Flaring Tools Buying Guide & FAQ

Brake line flaring is important work whether you’re repairing a current line or installing a new one, and you have to have the right tools for the job. But trying to decide which brake line flaring tool is the right choice for your needs can be complicated. There are a lot of tools with a lot of different accessories, features, and benefits. And quality can vary between tools by quite a lot. From versatile flaring tools that can do it all to simple, straightforward tools that do one job very well, you have quite a few choices and options.

Don’t know where to start? Follow our brake line flaring tool buying guide to make sure you pick out the perfect set of tools.

The Advantages of Owning a Brake Line Flaring Tool

Do you need a brake line flaring tool? Well, if you’re someone who prefers to do your own vehicle maintenance, it’s a very handy tool to have. Your vehicle’s braking system — and brake lines — are critically important in keeping your car running smoothly and safely. When problems arise, you must diagnose them and fix them before they cause dangerous problems on the road. With a brake line flaring tool in your tool kit, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle common issues like leaks in the brake line. 

Additionally, a brake line flaring tool can be quite versatile. You can find tools and tool kits that can create different types of flares, which means you’ll never have to worry about trying to find different tools for single, double, or bubble flares. A single tool or toolset can streamline everything, making it quite easy to learn how to repair or flare your brake line even if you’ve never done so before. With an array of different tool choices for beginners to professionals, there’s a brake line flaring tool for every auto repair pro of any experience level.

  • Able to work with a wide variety of brake line tubing, particularly soft metals.
  • Versatile for uses beyond repairing brake lines, such as flaring pipes and other types of tubing.
  • Gives you the power to repair brake lines on or off your vehicle.
  • Available with adaptors to suit the most common brake line sizes.
Brake Line Flaring Tool

Types of Brake Line Flaring Tools

As you consider the many different brake line flaring tools available, you’ll want to look at type above all else. The type of tool determines what kinds of flairs it can create. You can choose a tool that offers just one type of flare, or you can opt for one that does double duty with multiple types of flares possible. It’s entirely up to you and your needs. The following are the most common types of brake line flaring tools you’ll come across. 


A single brake line flaring tool is the simplest tool — and it’s typically also the cheapest option you’ll find. These tools allow you to make quick flares, and they tend to be ideal if you need a simple single flare on your line.

However, keep in mind that single flares aren’t the most common type of flare used for brake lines. A single flare tool may not fully meet your needs, and it can come with limitations if you need to create a different kind of flare. These types of brake line flaring tools are also often made to work solely on specific materials, like brass or soft steel.


A double flare brake tool is a step up from a single tool, and it equips you to create double flares in brake lines. They can work with common brake line sizes and materials, and they create a more durable kind of flare that isn’t so prone to cracks. Though you’ll only be able to make double flares, that may be exactly what you need.

Because double flares are the most common type of flare used in brake lines, a double flare tool can be a particularly beneficial type to choose. You’ll likely get a lot of use out of this very common option. 


A bubble flare tool is one of the most specialized options you can choose — and that also makes it one of the most costly. This type of brake line flaring tool creates a screw-style opening at the end or opening of your line, and it allows for attaching accessories or compatible attachments.

You’ll want to consider whether you need to make bubble flares in your brake line. If you don’t see yourself doing that, this kind of tool might be too specialized and a bit too fancy for your needs. It could save you money if you opt for something simpler.

Complete or Combination

Lastly, you can choose a brake line flaring tool that can create multiple types of flares. These tools are typically called complete or combination flare tools. They can create two types of flares, like single and double or double and bubble. Or they might be able to create every type of flare. 

Complete or combination flare tools can give you the ultimate level of versatility. You’ll be equipped for anything, and that can be very valuable when you’re trying to decide what your brake line needs. Attachments, adapters, and accessories can add even more versatility, with features like measurements in SAE and metric, sizing for various brake lines, and more.

Brake Line Flaring Tool

What to Consider When Buying a Brake Line Flaring Tool

Once you’ve settled on the type of brake line flaring tool that’s best for your needs, you’ll want to consider different features to make sure you’re choosing a product that’s worth your investment. A quality brake line flaring tool will offer the types of flares you need to perform. But you’ll also want to consider the material — or what the tool itself is made out of. Brake line flaring tools can be made out of everything from plastic to metal. For long-term durability, it’s best to opt for a tool that’s made out of metal. Steel, particularly heat-treated steel, for example, offers great strength.

You’ll want to also consider the convenience and portability of the tool or toolset. Does it come with adaptors to suit different brake line sizes? Does it include any other items that offer more versatility or extra convenience, like a line cutter? If the tools are packaged for extra portability, that can offer additional perks. You can keep the tool and its parts organized, and you can bring it with you wherever it’s needed. 

Best Brake Line Flaring Tools FAQ:

As you consider and compare different brake line flaring tools, you’ll likely come across some questions. These might seem like pretty simple tools, but choosing which one, in particular, is best for you and your car’s brake system can be tricky. Fortunately, we’re here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about choosing and using a brake line flaring tool.

Q: Do brake lines need to be double flared?

Double flares are the most common way brake lines are flared. Single flares are an option, but they tend to be a less durable and lasting choice than a double flare.

Q: Can you use compression fitting on a brake line?

You can opt to use a compression fitting, but it isn’t recommended. A compression fitting won’t be a reliable choice, meaning you’ll likely find yourself needing to stop another leak soon.

Q: How long does it take to replace a brake line?

This can vary quite a bit. The replacement process will depend on your vehicle and the complexity of your vehicle’s braking system. It could take an hour or two, or it could take longer if it’s your first time performing these repairs.

Our Top Pick

The Titan 3/16-Inch Double Flaring Tool is our top choice when it comes to brake line flaring tools. It’s an all-around great tool kit, with everything you need to perform brake line repairs and create flares in one convenient set. It might only create double flares, but that’s exactly what you need. And this kit will get it done right the first time. Suitable for use on steel and nickel-copper brake line tubing, you can put this tool to work and achieve perfect 45-degree double flares that’ll stop leaks and restore reliability to your vehicle’s braking system.

Final Thoughts

With high-quality tools and high-quality results, the Titan 3/16-Inch Double Flaring Tool is a fantastic option if you need a brake line flaring tool. It’ll equip you with the tools and accessories you need to perform essential brake line repairs. The ABN Auto Double Flaring Brake Line Tool Kit is another strong contender, and it offers a budget-friendly price alongside excellent versatility to meet every one of your needs.


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