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If you’re tired of driving your car a long distance, emerging wearily at your destination, glancing back at your trusty…

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The Best Bug and Tar Removers (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Bug and Tar Removers (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice ProSol Bugs N All Bug-And Tar Remover ProSol Bugs N All Bug-And Tar Remover
Premium Pick 3D Bug Remover Removes Insects & Bugs 3D Bug Remover Concentrate
Best Value Rain-X Bug and Tar Defense Rain-X Bug and Tar Defense

If you’re tired of driving your car a long distance, emerging wearily at your destination, glancing back at your trusty steed only to see her plastered in bug bodies, and feeling a part of you die inside – you’re not alone. Depending on where you live, this might be limited to certain times of the year, or it could be like this all the time (we’re looking at you, Florida…) Add to that a few hot and sunny days, and before you know it, those bugs are baked on and looking more and more like part of the paintwork. And it’s not just bugs – tar splashes, tree sap, dirt and grime can quickly make your car look a mess, and often can’t be removed by regular car soap, despite your best scrubbing efforts. So, what can be done? Will you just have to accept that squashed insect carcasses are part of your car’s decal now?

Well, no, never fear; there are products out there that are so tough they can dissolve bug guts and turn tar to butter in a matter of seconds – and as luck would have it, we’ve collected some of the best bug and tar removers in this handy buying guide. So now those bugs (and tar) will never bug you again!

Best Bug and Tar Remover

Topping our list of the best bug and tar removers is the Bugs N’ All Multi-Use Vehicle Cleaner. As the name suggests, this cleaner effectively tackles bugs and ‘all’, including dirt, grease, black marks and bird droppings. It breaks down bugs by neutralizing and releasing their organic acids in just 60 seconds (less for other types of dirt), allowing you to wipe your car clean quickly and with almost no effort.

One of the best things about this bug and tar remover is that the gentle formula is suitable for use on the exterior and interior of your car and can be used on paint, leather, carpet, plastic, vinyl and upholstery, so it’s highly versatile. The bio-degradable formula contains no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients, so it’s more environmentally friendly than many similar products. There is a lot of satisfaction with this product with users describing it as ‘magic’ and ‘phenomenal’ and gushing over its effectiveness at removing bugs almost instantly.

Key Features
  • Multi-use vehicle cleaner for exterior and interior use
  • Breaks down bug splatter in 60 seconds or less
  • Can be used on paint, leather, carpet, vinyl, plastic and upholstery
  • Eco-friendlier, bio-degradable formula
  • Brand ProSol
  • Model brg4oz8003-kit
  • Weight 9 ounces

The next cleaning spray on our list is the Griot’s Garage 10982 Bug and Smudge Remover. This one is also designed to remove bugs as well as oil, road grime and scuffs, such as those acquired during track days. It works by breaking down the exoskeletons of bugs before they have a chance to damage your paint.

You can either use this as a pre-treatment prior to washing your car by spraying it on and leaving it for several minutes before washing as normal, or you can use it to spot treat specific marks and bug bodies. Simply spray it on, leave it for 30 seconds, and then wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. It’s suitable for use on exterior surfaces but cannot be used on interiors. At least one user warns against getting it on plastic, saying it etched their headlights. It does the job though, and it’s another product that people describe as ‘magic in a bottle’.

Key Features
  • Bug and grime remover for exterior use only
  • Works in 30 seconds
  • Use on its own or as a pre-treatment
  • Also removes rubber scuff marks
  • Brand Griot's Garage
  • Model 10982
  • Weight 1.45 pounds

This Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover not only removes bugs and tar from your car but also tree sap. The formula is suitable for exterior use and clings to vertical surfaces for a more effective cleaning. There’s no elbow grease required; just spray it on and wipe it off. Once removed, it leaves behind a protective barrier on your car to protect against future stains.

Reaction to the effectiveness of this spray at removing bugs and tar seem overwhelmingly positive, but feedback on removing tree sap is mixed. Some say it works, and others noticed no difference, even after several attempts. It’s also worth noting that, unlike our top pick this formula contains petroleum distillates, which makes it flammable and toxic. It can even be fatal if consumed, so make sure to exercise caution and keep well out of reach of children.

Key Features
  • Bug, tar and tree sap remover
  • Spray on, wipe off
  • Leaves behind a protective barrier
  • Contains harmful substances
  • Brand Turtle Wax
  • Model T-520A
  • Weight 1.15 pounds

The concentrated formula of McKee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Remover is  suitable for exterior use only, but it is safe to use on all exterior surfaces, including paint, chrome, glass and plastic trim. It’s made with clear-coat safe surfactants, which break down bug carcasses before they have a chance to damage your paint.

You spray it directly onto the bugs, tar or grime marks, leaving it to work for a minute or two. Then wash your car with a sponge or the McKee’s 37 Bug Scrubber (purchased separately) and rinse with water. If you prefer, the concentrated formula can be diluted with water or just added to your regular car washing solution to give it an extra bug-dissolving boost. McKee’s 37 bug remover for cars is said to be ideal for removing those pesky love bugs, and many users agree that it rises to the challenge.

Key Features
  • Clear coat safe cleaner
  • Spray on, wipe off
  • Safe to use on paint, glass, metal, rubber or plastic
  • Can be diluted 1:1 with water

If you’re worried about using a bug and tar remover that contains toxic ingredients, this 3D Bug Remover Concentrate Cleaner has an enzyme-based formula that naturally dissolves bugs without the need for harmful chemicals. It works on paint, plastic, windows and grills to rapidly remove protein-based stains. To use, make sure your car is cool, wet the surface, spray on the remover, and leave it on for 1 – 2 minutes. Then wash your car as normal or take it through a car wash.

The bright orange formula is concentrated and can be diluted with water at a ratio of anywhere between 1:1 and 1:20, depending on how baked on your bugs are. Some users comment that it takes a bit of experimenting to get the dilution just right, and if you’re not seeing good results it might be worth trying a stronger concentration. It’s also worth noting that, unlike similar products, this cleaner doesn’t claim to remove tar and grime. But if it’s just bugs and insects that are your problem, you can’t go wrong with this formula, especially at such a competitive price.

Key Features
  • Enzyme based bug remover
  • Works on glass, paint, plastic and metal
  • Can be diluted up to 1:20 with water
  • Natural, non-harmful formula
  • Brand 3D Auto Detailing Products
  • Model 8523699601
  • Weight 9.55 pounds

This B.E.S.T Bug-Off Spray claims to instantly remove all types of bugs, including love bugs, as well as road grime and tree sap from your car’s exterior. The manufacturer recommends it for use on all types of automobiles, including RVs, trucks and boats. Simply spray it onto the affected area, wait no more than 30 seconds, wipe away the dissolved bug bodies with a cloth, and rinse with water.

The formula is biodegradable and more eco-friendly than some rivals, and it contains no acids or caustics, which means it won’t harm your paint or decals. There are plenty of users that attest to its effectiveness, with many saying that this worked even on bugs that had been baked onto their car by the sun over many months. Some  say the remover is so strong it will strip the wax off your car, so you should be careful not to exceed the recommended 30-second processing time.

Key Features
  • Removes bugs, grime and tree sap
  • Spray on, wipe off
  • Works in less than 30 seconds
  • Contains no acids or caustics
  • Brand B.E.S.T
  • Model 45032
  • Weight 2 pounds

Meguiar’s is a highly-respected name in the world of automobiles with quality assured, and its Bug & Tar Remover is no exception. This foaming formula features clear coat safe surfactants, so you can use it on all paint and exterior surfaces. Unlike some of the other bug-focused formulas on this list, this one is designed to remove both bugs and tar.

You can apply this bug and tar remover before washing your car, or use it alone as needed. Simply spray it on, leave for 5 minutes, and wipe it off. The 5-minute development time is comparatively long, and some users mention that it dries too quickly and doesn’t stick properly to vertical surfaces despite the Xtreme Cling foaming technology that is designed to prevent it from sliding off. There are many happy customers, however, who say this cleaner does a good job and is a typical high-quality Meguiar’s product.

Key Features
  • Clear coat safe formula
  • Powerful foaming action
  • Works on bugs and tar
  • Safe to use on paint and all exterior surfaces
  • Brand Meguiar's
  • Model G180515
  • Weight 15 ounces

Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Car Wash Shampoo is a concentrated formula designed to be mixed with water (1 capful of shampoo to 1 gallon of water) and used as your regular car wash to help remove bugs, tar and tree sap. If you want to use it to spot clean, you can increase the concentration to 1:6 and spray it on instead. The water-based formula is safe for clear coat and single-stage paint finishes, and it can be used to clean all the exterior surfaces of your car, including plastic, chrome, glass and aluminum.

Overall, people like this product, although some that question its effectiveness. Such users say that the recommended dilution is too weak, and the wash needs to be more concentrated to work. Others say it cleans okay but no more so than regular car soap, and it isn’t effective at removing tar. The gentle formula purposely doesn’t contain any harsh cleaners or solvents to minimize risk to your surfaces, so this might explain why it’s a little less effective than some other bug and tar removers.

Key Features
  • Water-based formula safe for clear coat finishes
  • Removes bugs, tar, tree sap, bird droppings and grime
  • Works on all exterior surfaces
  • Mix 1 capful with 1 gallon of water
  • Brand Chemical Guys
  • Model CWS_104_16
  • Weight 5.35 pounds

One of the most affordable bug sprays for cars on our list is this Bug & Tar Pre-Wash Gel by Rain-X. This clear coat safe formula can be used on all the exterior surfaces of your car, including metal, plastic and glass. It’s designed as a pre-wash, so you apply the gel, allow it to soak, and then wash your car as normal, removing bugs, tar and bird droppings in the process.

The gel formula is popular with users with one claiming ‘its thickness makes it hold and work’. However, others complain that it’s ‘not a spray’ (not that it claims to be), and it might be a little more difficult to apply than some other cleaners. The formula is corrosive and carries a warning that it is harmful or fatal if swallowed, so you must be careful with it like  all cleaning products and be sure it’s not in reach of children.

Key Features
  • Pre-wash gel to remove bugs, tar and bird droppings
  • Clear coat safe
  • Spray on, wipe off
  • Safe for use on metal, plastic and glass
  • Brand Rain-X
  • Model 620107
  • Weight 1.04 pounds

Carpro’s Tar X Tar and Adhesives Remover is a professional-grade, glow-in-the-dark formula that uses natural solvents from orange peel to gently and effectively remove bugs, tar, asphalt and adhesives from your vehicle. It might not sound convincing, but many users believe that it’s a miracle-worker that dissolves thick, caked-on tar and adhesives even when other formulas have failed.

Not only is Tar X great for removing tar and adhesive, it also helps prolong your car’s paintwork and protects it from rust by neutralizing harmful chemicals. Unlike some of the other formulas on this list that specialize in removing bugs but fall short when it comes to tar, this sleek and sophisticated cleaner is the real deal and is one of the best ways to remove tar from car exteriors.

Key Features
  • Professional grade formula
  • Removes bugs, tar, asphalt and adhesives
  • Made with natural solvents from orange peel
  • Helps protect against rust
  • Brand CarPro
  • Model 8523861791
  • Weight 1.1 pounds

Best Bug and Tar Remover Buying Guide

Is the sheer amount of bug and tar removers on the market still bugging you? Hopefully our buying guide and FAQ will help clear things up for you – like a good tar remover should.

What to Consider When Buying a Tar Remover

  • Is it safe for your surfaces?

Not all bug and tar removers are safe to use on all surfaces – for example, some contain harsh chemicals that should not be used on clear coat paint finishes. Make sure the tar remover you’re buying is suitable for use on all the exterior surfaces of your car (and the interior, if you need to use it inside).

  • Does it contain harmful ingredients?

Following on from the above, consider whether your chosen formula contains harmful or toxic ingredients. Often, the ones that do are considered more effective – but you must exercise caution, as they could damage your paintwork if left on for too long, and can be fatal if consumed. Water or enzyme based formulas that contain no toxic ingredients are safer, but might not work as well on tough tar stains.

  • Does it work?

By this we mean – is it intended to remove the stains that you want it to? Are bugs your main problem? If so, choose an enzyme-based bug remover that is designed to break down organic matter whilst preserving your paint. If tar is the issue, select a specialized tar remover that contains stronger solvents. Tree sap is always difficult to remove, so if you’re looking for a cleaner to help, make sure it is designed for this purpose. Check reviews to see how successful other people have been at using this product to tackle your issue.

  • How long will it last?

Consider how much product you are getting for your money, and how long it is likely last. A bigger bottle doesn’t always mean longer-lasting – some concentrated formulas need to be heavily diluted with water before use, and a little goes a long way.

  • How much does it cost?

Lastly, when purchasing a bug and tar remover, factor in price and value for money. Think about whether you are happy to invest a little more for a higher quality product, or whether you would prefer to start out with a less expensive formula, which may just do the trick. 

Benefits of Using Bug and Tar Remover

  • Remove baked on bugs

One of the primary benefits of using a bug and tar remover is that it can enable you to get rid of dried on bugs and insects from your car’s windshield, paint and grill. This is particularly beneficial if you live in a hot climate where bugs are a common occurrence. Bugs that have been baked on to your car’s surface are notoriously hard to get rid of, and need to be dissolved in order to be removed safely.

  • Remove tar, tree sap and grime

Bug and tar removers can also be used to treat a variety of other tough stains, including tar, tree sap, bird droppings and rubber marks. These can often be very difficult to remove using regular car soap and water.

  • Avoid damaging your paintwork

As well as improving the aesthetic of your car (no one likes bug carcass decals), one of the most important reasons to remove bugs and tar is to avoid damaging your paintwork. Many bugs contain corrosive acids that will damage your paint if allowed to remain. Scrubbing to remove bugs and tar can also scratch your paint – the best way to remove them safely is to use a specially formulated bug and tar remover that can break down and dissolve bugs, allowing you to wipe them off effortlessly.

  • Better visibility

Removing splattered bugs and grime from your windshield will also improve your visibility of the road, making your driving experience safer.

  • Easier than scrubbing

Last, but by no means least, using a bug and tar remover makes your life easier! Why spend your entire Sunday scrubbing your car, only to remove half of the dried on bugs and grime, when you could spray on one of these specially formulated products, wait a couple of minutes, and then wipe them away with ease?

How to Remove Tar From Your Car’s Paint

To remove tar from your car’s paint, first invest in a good tar remover – like the ones we’ve listed above. Then, follow the instructions on the label as to how to use it. The exact process will vary slightly, but generally goes something like:

  1. Wet the surface of your car
  2. Spray on the tar remover
  3. Leave to work for 30 seconds – 5 minutes (according to the instructions for your chosen product)
  4. Wipe off with a microfiber cloth, rubbing to remove any stubborn stains
  5. Rinse your car with water
  6. Enjoy your new, tar-free car!

Best Bug and Tar Remover FAQ:

Q: What is tar?

Tar is a viscous, flammable liquid made by distilling coal or wood, and consisting of a mixture of compounds, including resins, hydrocarbons and alcohol. It is commonly used on roads, where it creates a solid and durable surface. When a road has been newly tarred or re-tarred, it is common for small specks of tar to fling up when a vehicle drives over it, resulting in tar marks on the car.

Q: What does a tar remover do?

A tar remover contains chemicals or solvents which dissolve tar stains and marks on your car, making it easy for you to wipe them away. To use, you simply spray the tar remover on the stain, wait a few minutes for it to break down, and then wash your car as normal. Tar removers make it possible for you to quickly and easily remove tar, without having to scrub and risk damaging your paintwork.

Q: Can bug and tar removers harm my paint?

A good quality bug and tar remover will be specially formulated not to harm your paint, providing it is used correctly. To make sure your paint remains unscathed, first choose a formula that is suitable for your surface – for example, if you have a clear coat, choose one that is clear coat safe. Next, make sure to follow the instructions for use, particularly regarding the concentration of the cleaner and the amount of time it should be left to work. Be careful not to exceed the recommended time. Finally, make sure to thoroughly rinse your surface after using a bug and tar remover to remove any traces of the product from your paintwork.

Q: Can I use WD40 to remove tar?

Yes, you can use WD-40 to remove tar – but it isn’t as safe or effective as the specialized formulas we’ve listed here. These tar removers are solvent-based formulas specifically designed to remove tar from cars, whereas WD-40 is a multi-purpose lubricant that just so happens to work reasonably well for this purpose. Bug and tar removers are formulated to be gentle, easy to remove and not damaging to your paintwork – WD-40 on the other hand is not water soluble, so can be difficult to fully remove from your car’s surface.

Our Top Pick

There are some fabulous formulas on this list, but our pick of the best bug and tar removers has to be the Bug N All Multi-Use Vehicle Cleaner. This multi-purpose formula effectively removes bugs, dirt, grease, black marks and bird droppings from your vehicle, by breaking down bug bodies and organic material in less than 60 seconds. Not only does it take all the effort out of cleaning your car, but best of all, the gentle bio-degradable formula can be used on the interior as well as exterior of your car, so it’s great if those pesky bugs have managed to find their way inside as well. After all, as the saying goes, love (bugs) know no bounds!


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