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A car bumper guard can be an easy way to protect your car from damage that may be incurred while…

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The Best Bumper Guards to Protect Your Car (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Bumper Guards to Protect Your Car (Review) in 2023 | Autance
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A car bumper guard can be an easy way to protect your car from damage that may be incurred while you are away from your vehicle when it is parked in the street. It is also a good way of ensuring that your bumper remains scuff free when you have to park it in a tight space. There are numerous bumper guard products out there that work to protect cars in various ways. We look at the best bumper guards for cars as well as a couple of bumper guard examples that are fit for use on truck bumpers.

The Best Bumper Guard

BumpShox has created a simplistic design and one of the best front bumper guards available on the market. It is strong and tough to provide the best protection against low-impact parking bumps that may occur in everyday life. The pack includes screws so that users do not have to worry about installation when they purchase this pack. The company designed the car bumper protector with looks in mind so it will compliment all cars.

Key Features
  • Sleek design and finish
  • Recessed screws design
  • Non corrosive steel
  • Brand BumpShox
  • Model BS-436
  • Weight 1 lb

Made with a strong steel

Extra wide and height to fit all license plates


Will only fit US license plates

While bumper-wide protectors may not be for everyone because of their conspicuous nature, they certainly do the job of a bumper guard, especially if you are looking for a rear bumper guard or a bumper guard for an SUV. We like the stabilizer bars, which add much-needed stability that does not come standard in every single car bumper protector available.

Key Features
  • Covers the width of a bumper
  • Made from PVC free rubber
  • Patented stabilizer bars
  • Brand EuroBumperGuard
  • Model BB-213XEX
  • Weight 4 lbs

Deters theft through reinforced security straps

Includes reflectors to aid parking


Only available in black

This simple to use car bumper guard is one of the best front bumper guards out there as it protects maximum protector from any scrapes that may occur during parking. The stainless steel material makes it strong whilst also being suitable to use in any climate as it will never rust.

Key Features
  • Designed for US license plates
  • Extra wide viewing angle
  • Flexible frame
  • Brand Luv-Tap
  • Model Bumper Thumper
  • Weight 1.1 lbs

Suitable in all weathers

Made from strong stainless steel


Heavy duty look may not be for everyone

FH group believes that they have produced the best bumper guards for cars with this product that they have patented their clever design. They have made it out of long-lasting rubber that is also durable and will last a lifetime. Additionally, it will fit almost all sedan vehicles while it is very easy to install too.

Key Features
  • Easy to install with adjustable straps
  • Measures 43 by 11 inches
  • Will fit most sedan vehicles
  • Brand FH Group
  • Model F16408
  • Weight 2.95 lbs

Comes in a variety of colors

Includes safety reflectors


Strong rubber smell initially

Just looking at this bumper guard makes even novice users realize that it is going to do the job of protecting their car from knocks and bangs. BumperBadger uses raised ribs to ensure that cars are provided with even more protection so that users can be confident in their car bumper protectors.

Key Features
  • 46 X 12 inches wide to fit most bumpers
  • Easy to install
  • Raised ribs in impact absorption zones
  • Brand Bumper Badger
  • Model BDG-HD
  • Weight 4 lbs

Protects in all weathers

Triple-stitched straps result in durability


Inclusion of logo may not be a design feature for everyone

For those that want their bumper protector to look sleek and professional, this is the car bumper guard for them. It does not detract from the overlook of any vehicle owing to the manufacturer’s clever design. The bumper guard locks into place with an in built mechanism making the final product perfect to use to save a car from any scrapes.

Key Features
  • 2” thick
  • Made from engineering grade foam
  • Comes with a 4 mph impact rating for US testing labs
  • Brand BumperGuard™
  • Model 5533-Charcoal/Black
  • Weight 1 lb

Highly durable ABS molded housing

Weighs only 1lb


Locking mechanism is complicated at times

The bumper guard that Plate Pocket has created here is close to indestructible due to the use of an all-weather rubber that is thick enough to withstand some of the worst scrapes caused by parking collisions. The installation is straightforward as customers only have to slide their license plate into place to make use of the protection that this car bumper protector provides.

Key Features
  • Weighs only 1.95 lbs
  • No protruding screws
  • Can work with either 2 or 4 screw attachment
  • Brand BumpTEK
  • Model BTK-Extreme
  • Weight 1.95 lbs

Easy installation

Flexible yet strong rubber


Slightly more expensive than comparable products

We like this rear bumper guard thanks to the thick straps that allow not only for easy installation but also result in a bumper protector that prevents theft. The manufacturer has designed this car bumper protector with anti-skid foam pads so that the whole car bumper guard stays in place at all times.

Key Features
  • Can be hidden in the trunk
  • 2-inch thick foam core
  • Ultra brite silver safety strip
  • Brand Parking Armor
  • Model 4.8 Edition
  • Weight 4 lbs

Waterproof safety straps

Flexible to surround any bumper


Design may not suit the most car conscious

For those that want a bumper protector that works yet is so quick to install it only takes moments, this car bumper guard from Pacer Performance is perhaps the best bumper guard for cars that money can buy. Plus it is inexpensive too. The black PVC finish comes in an attractive UV protected gloss so it looks sleek and sophisticated regardless of the car it is installed on.

Key Features
  • Gloss black PVC finish
  • UV protected
  • 5 inches long by 3 ¾ inches wide
  • Brand Pacer Performance
  • Model 25-535
  • Weight 7.2 oz

Easy installation with 3M strips

Sold as a pair


When removed, adhesive can leave residue

This is another example of an easy-to-install bumper guard that is suitable for use as a bumper guard for SUVs or as a rear bumper guard. That being said, it is also one of the best front bumper guards around and is perhaps the most inconspicuous bumper protector on this list.

Key Features
  • Made from stainless steel and rubber
  • Strong attachment from the double-sided adhesive tape
  • Highly effective way to prevent accident or injury
  • Brand ATMOMO
  • Model 4-ST-T041-AM
  • Weight 5 oz


Will suit most cars


Slightly fiddly to install

This extra wide bumper guard offers maximum protection as a rear bumper guard owing to the width of the product itself but also the fact that it has raised impact ribs that help absorb impacts from parking collisions. Additionally, it is durable thanks to the triple-stitched straps that lock the rear bumper guard into place in the trunk.

Key Features
  • Extra wide bumper protector
  • Made from soft foam rubber
  • Raised ribs help absorb impact
  • Brand MetroBumper
  • Model X-1
  • Weight 4 lbs

Extra wide bumper protector

Suitable in all weathers and seasons


Not always suitable for light paint finishes

BumperX has produced one of the best bumper guards for cars with this example of a bumper protector. It is installed by peeling back the adhesive backing from the bumper protector itself and stuck in place. It is wide but can be cut to size. However, the bumper needs to be completely flat to be used.

Key Features
  • Peel and stick adhesion
  • Good alternative to a bumper repaint
  • 6 inches by 62 inches long
  • Brand BumperX
  • Model 18881
  • Weight 1.1 lbs

Inconspicuous design

Not suitable if your bumper is not completely flat


Can be tricky to install

These heavy-duty bumper guard kits are suitable for truck bumpers that need protection too from those all too common parking scrapes that have happened to even the best of drivers. We like this particular bumper guard owing to its satin black finish that will suit and look great on most cars, even for the most discerning of car owners.

Key Features
  • Sold as a pair
  • Measures 28 ½ inches long by 2 ⅜ inches wide
  • Serrated bumper guard
  • Brand Pacer Performance
  • Model 25-500
  • Weight 14.4 oz


Stain black finish


Not suitable for small cars

It’s easy to see why this car bumper protector works so well given how solid the steel frame is that it is made with. Additionally, the frame protrudes from the front of the car by two inches so that while it is fairly unnoticeable as far as the best front bumper guards go, it still provides the ultimate protection.

Key Features
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Made from solid steel
  • Only requires a one time installation
  • Brand 4Bumpers®
  • Model Duo-Silver
  • Weight 2.3 lbs

Ensures that parked cars are at least two inches from your vehicle



Only suitable for cars where the license plate is on the bumper

The last on our list of best front bumper guards for cars is also inexpensive and comes as part of a four piece set. It is quick to install owing to the 3M self-stick tape it comes already prepped with. Plus, it looks great too as it has a gloss black finish that is UV protected so is built to last.

Key Features
  • Gloss black finish
  • Comes as part of a four piece set
  • UV protected finish
  • Brand Pacer Performance
  • Model 25-502
  • Weight 1.88 lbs

Easy 3M Self stick adhesive installation

No drilling required


3M self adhesive sticks can be difficult to remove cleanly

Best Bumper Guards Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying a Car Bumper Guard

There are a handful of things that everyone should consider when buying a car bumper guard. For starters, each individual needs to take on board the look of their car and therefore what type of bumper protector is best for them. Some cars simply won’t be able to have certain car bumper protectors installed while for others, the look of some bumper guard products will look unsightly on their vehicle. There is a type to suit everyone however and make the most of the benefits that the best bumper guards for cars offer.

Secondly, you also need to look at where exactly your car needs protection. Some cars will need a car wide bumper guard whereas others will only need a license plate protector which will complete the job of protecting your car from nicks and scrapes very easily.

Bumper Protector Benefits

Buying a car bumper guard or a car bumper protector is well worth the investment for a number of reasons, but in the main, they are imperative for those that don’t have the option to park their car in a garage consistently. This is because the best bumper guards for cars can extend the life and look of your bumper by protecting them from those minor scuffs and scratches that we all pick up when we park in the street or a car park. These scuffs are so common to pick up due to the screws that are used to attach license plates to cars. For this reason, it is best to have both a rear bumper guard as well as a car bumper guard at the front of your vehicle.

Types of Bumper Guards

Bumper guards can protect cars in a number of ways. Firstly, one of the easiest and most unobtrusive ways of protecting your bumper is to buy a license plate protector. These will often then protrude enough from a car’s front or rear that the car is stopped from colliding with other bumpers in any other place than the license plate.

Secondly, vehicle owners can purchase protection that will curve around a car bumper’s corners so that any small parking collisions do not affect a car’s paintwork. These types can be fairly inconspicuous if applied correctly and inopportune places.

Lastly, the most comprehensive approach to protecting your bumper is to use a bumper protector that covers the entire front or rear bumper on your car. Car wide rear bumper protectors are fairly common and popular as a means of protecting a car from being damaged when left parked in the street. They can be made from a variety of materials but they mainly cover the width of a car’s bumper and stop other cars being able to hit the one to which they are attached.

Ways To Protect Your Bumper

There are several ways to protect your bumper. Here we list some of the best bumper protector methods available at the moment.

  • Bumper corner protectors

This type of bumper protector is great as they are designed to look like they are part of your car. They are made of a flexible plastic that can be molded to your bumper, whatever the shape or color. They work by stopping your bumpers picking up the slight scuffs that you would incur in a car park or similar.

  • Rear bumper protectors

As a car bumper protector goes, a rear bumper guard helps to protect your bumper by sitting on top of the rear bumper itself. It means it stops any damage that can be easily caused when getting items in and out of the trunk. They’re quick and easy to install with self-adhesive tape on the back or straightforward bolt fittings.

  • Rear bumper flap guards

This form of the rear bumper guard does exactly what it says on the tin and works as a car bumper protector by shielding the very top of the bumper you have at your car’s rear. However, unlike a rear bumper protector, they are actually attached to your car from the inside of your trunk. They then fold out when you want to use them. They are often made of a rubber type material or neoprene fabric.

  • Bumper protector film

Another self-explanatory form of car bumper guard, bumper protector film is more often than not a clear piece of plastic that is stretched across the surface of your car’s bumper to protect it from minor scratches.

Best Bumper Guards FAQ:

Q:  What is the purpose of a bumper on a car?

A:  A bumper is a piece of hardware attached to both ends of a vehicle that are designed to absorb as much energy caused by an impact in the unfortunate event of a collision. They help drivers protect the car as well as themselves, pedestrians and other passengers. In terms of protecting the car, it also means that they reduce repair costs that may have transpired from the car itself having to absorb all the impact from a collision.

Q:  How do bumpers work?

  Bumpers are a crucial part of a car. While they do not make the car itself run any better, they offer car protection, as well as pedestrians and passengers as they absorb energy from any collisions and impact. This makes cars far safer to drive as well as roads far safer in general. More specifically, bumpers offer protection by spreading the energy caused by an impact elsewhere. This can be translated into an equation to work out the physics behind any impacts. This is because the energy created by an impact or collision is directly related to the mass of the vehicle and then also the speed the car was driving at, squared. When the two amounts are multiplied, they then need to be halved to get the kinetic energy that is created from an impact. The necessary strength of a bumper can then be calculated from this during manufacture.

Q:  Is it against the law to drive without a rear bumper?

  Not only does the legality of driving with a bumper vary from country to country, but it also varies from state to state. There are twenty-one states that specifically make a point that cars need to have bumpers mandatory to be deemed road safe and legal. Otherwise, a handful of states stipulate that a car’s bumpers need to be replaced as soon as they are broken to be road worthy. Confusingly, a large number of states do not directly detail the need for bumpers on cars to be safe to use on the road. However, a large number of states have police that can issue a ticket for using a vehicle they deem unsafe.

Q:  What plastic is used in car bumpers?

  Plastic was used in car bumpers from the 1980s onwards. The types of plastic used vary from car to car, but there tends to be a mix throughout them. Plastic bumpers were introduced over the old style metal designs as they were lighter and therefore better for the rest of the car, not to mention improving fuel economy. Plus, plastic is simply far better at absorbing the energy created from a collision with no permanent damage actually caused.

Q:  Do bull bars protect your car?

  Bull bars are a specific type of bumper and are often used in rural settings where the chance of colliding with a large animal that can seriously damage a car is much higher. They should not really be used in an urban setting as they have been known to cause death to human pedestrians owing to their strength and rigidity which transmits all the energy of a collision onto the person, thus causing them harm. In some countries, their use is even banned, though they are commonly seen in the outback of Australia, for instance.

Our Top Pick

BumpShox Front Car Bumper Protection

This is simplicity at its bests. The license plate frame that BumpShox have created is a leader when it comes to the best front bumper guards available. We like it because of the car bumper protector’s strength and durability that provides users with the assurance that their bumper protector will guard against any parking collisions that occur when away from their vehicle. The sleek design and finish should suit most cars while it is made of non-corrosive steel that ensures longevity. The wide fit of the plate frame makes it suitable for truck bumpers as well as a bumper guard for SUV models so no one should be disappointed when they buy this car bumper guard.

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