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When you own a vehicle, you can upgrade its look, make it sound more aggressive, or buy a much-needed phone…

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Best Car Accessories (Review) in 2023 | Autance © Best Car Accessories (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Best Car Accessories (Review) in 2021 COMFIER Heated Seat Cushion
Best Value AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
Premium Pick Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

When you own a vehicle, you can upgrade its look, make it sound more aggressive, or buy a much-needed phone charger or practical jumper cables for convenience. Improving the ride of your car can make it more powerful and durable, while accessories like chargers, seat warmers, and seat protectors can make it more comfortable. Check out some high-quality accessories to consider if you want to add value and style to your vehicle.

The Best Car Accessories

Sitting on a cold leather seat is not fun, so you may want to consider using a heated seat cushion in your vehicle. The COMFIER Heated Seat Cushion provides heat for your back and bottom as well as your hips and thighs. It warms up within one to three minutes and provides two heating levels that reach 114-degrees Fahrenheit (low) and 131-degrees Fahrenheit (high). In addition, you can control the heat for the back and bottom separately.

For safety purposes, the product has overheat protection, and the thermostat controller is UL listed. There is also an automatic shut off and a 60-minute default timer. This 12V/24V seat cushion is made of comfortable faux suede and ultra-soft plush as well as high-density foam. It has adjustable straps to secure it to your vehicle’s seat and a non-slip rubber bottom to hold it securely in place. It includes an adapter, so you can use it at home and in the office as well as in your car or truck.

Key Features
  • Low and high heating levels
  • Overheat protection
  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • One to three minutes to warm up
  • Brand COMFIER
  • Model 5559032797
  • Weight 2.46 pounds

Heats back and bottom separately





Straps may be tight on some vehicle seats

Seat section may get quite hot

One car gadget you should always consider having inside your vehicle is a tire pressure gauge. While most new vehicles feature their own digital sensor, it’s always nice to have one you can carry in your pocket. The AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is compact and includes an easy-to-read LCD screen. It features four settings with a range of 0-150 PSI.

Its aerodynamic design and non-slip grip allows it to fit comfortably in your hand. The little device also comes with a powerful light, so you can see the tire nozzle at night. This tool will make sure your tires have the correct tire pressure so they last longer. However, the lifespan of the 3V lithium-ion battery is short, and changing the battery can be a hassle.

Key Features
  • 0-150 PSI range
  • 3V lithium-ion battery
  • Operates between 23-122 degrees F
  • Brand AstroAI
  • Model ATG150
  • Weight 1.6 ounces


Compact and easy to store

Digital tire pressure sensor


Low battery life

May be difficult to change the battery

Weak construction

It’s always useful to have more space to store gear, luggage, and groceries in your vehicle, especially if you have a compact car with a tiny trunk compartment. The Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier adds up to 16 cubic feet of extra and convenient packing space to your car.

It’s designed to be more aerodynamic and efficient for anyone who needs more storage space. It’s easy to set up with a quick-mount system that clicks and locks into place. Plus, its dual-side opening doors allow you quick and easy access from either side of the car. However, the cargo carrier is on the heavy side and can be a pain to lift onto the roof of your car.

Key Features
  • 165 pounds maximum load capacity
  • Dual-side access doors
  • 16 cubic feet of space
  • Brand Thule
  • Model Motion XT
  • Weight 42 pounds

Additional storage space

Convenient and easy to use

Leaves room to open the trunk




May be awkward to get in place

While the majority of new cars, trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps come with their own backup or reverse camera, many older models do not. TOGUARD’s backup camera is easy to install and connects directly to your vehicle’s rear view mirror. One of the best features is it includes a large seven-inch touch screen with 1080p resolution that functions in real time. Although, the response time is a bit slow and the buttons could be larger.

The HD quality screen allows you to record footage as well. As another bonus, it features a front-view camera, so you can capture video of your drive. The wide-angle lens captures clear and crisp video that you can play back at any time. You also get a parking monitor and G-Sensor that automatically turns on when you park.

Key Features
  • Five view modes
  • 1080P resolution
  • 7-inch touch screen
  • Brand TOGUARD
  • Model CE35
  • Weight 10.6 ounces

Clear and crisp video quality

Front and rear view camera

Records video


Small touch screen buttons

Limited camera functions

Slow response time

Cleaning your car can be a hassle and cost you a bit of cash if you use car washes. For a fast and convenient way to get rid of crumbs or dirt, consider the Hotor Car Vacuum. It may be small, but it features a powerful 12-volt stainless steel filter that gets rid of messes quickly. It also has a quick-detach dust cup head and a grippy handle with easy-to-access buttons. It uses a lot of power, so you may need to leave the car running to get more juice.

The vacuum is versatile and can be used at night or if your car doesn’t have an interior light. The vacuum includes a bright LED light, three different nozzles, portable, and comes with a convenient carrying case. However, its small size means you will have to empty the receptacle often and make more trips to the trash can.

Key Features
  • 12V stainless steel filter 
  • LED light
  • Brand Hotor
  • Model B07FXRRHWT
  • Weight 2.44 pounds

Compact style


Includes multiple nozzles


Uses a lot of power

Small receptacle

May drain car battery

One thing that you should strongly consider having in your vehicle is an emergency first aid kit. This Swiss Safe 2-in-1 kit includes 120 medical grade items to help clean cuts, scrapes, or bruises. Included in the bundle are bandaids, alcohol prep pads, first aid tape, safety pins, an ice pack, and much more useful gear. It’s FDA-approved and features the highest quality safety standards.

You’ll also get a bonus mini-first aid kit with 32 additional medical items to help in emergencies. Plus, it’s also lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you to the office, a sporting event, and your home. One minor issue is the bag is densely packed, so reaching or finding certain items can be a hassle. Also, the bag is on the small side.

Key Features
  • Includes more than 120 medical items
  • FDA-approved
  • Bright red color
  • Brand Swiss
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 1.2 lbs.

Easy to see

Lightweight and portable

High-quality design


Densely packed items


If you have kids or need a place to organize documents, snacks, and other gear, consider the Legogner Car Seat Protector. The protective material covers all types of seats to keep them safe and free of scuff marks or rips. This is excellent at protecting your premium seats from children’s dirty shoes and hands. The fabric is slip-resistant and grips seats tightly.

The organizer measures 19 inches wide and 27 inches long to cover the full seat. It includes five storage pockets and a cup holder that can hold toys, drinks, food, books, and any other accessory you may need. One thing to note is the protector may not be compatible in all vehicles. Some cars, SUVS, and trucks have longer and wider seats. They may also scratch leather seats, so be careful when putting them on.

Key Features
  • Slip-resistant fabric
  • 19 inches wide and 27 inches long
  • Brand Lebogner
  • Model LOR-A-1049
  • Weight 1.65 lbs.

Includes five storage pockets

Covers the entire seat

Protects seats from scratches and scuffs


May not fit certain sized tablets

Can scratch leather seats

Compatibility issues

Perhaps one of the most beneficial and useful car gadgets missing from every car is a proper phone mount. This powerful magnetic car mount attaches directly to the car’s air vents and uses a strong magnet to hold your smartphone in place. One of its best features is it can swivel and rotate around to any angle, so you can easily view your phone.

It holds tightly to the vent and doesn’t bounce or wobble around during the drive. It comes in two pieces, one for your phone and the other for the vent. By simply attaching the mount to the back of your phone, you can instantly connect it with the vent mounted piece. It’s also compatible with several phones, including Android and Apple. However, it can interfere or block certain charging cables or wireless chargers.

Key Features
  • Swivel feature
  • Easily attaches to vents
  • Magnetic holding system holds phones firmly
  • Brand WizGear
  • Model UG-Air-vent-Magnetic-mount
  • Weight 1.6 ounces


Compatible with several phones


Can interfere with charging

May not be compatible with some phone cases

The grip on a steering wheel is okay, but if you want to have a firmer grasp when driving, you should consider a steering wheel cover. The SEG Direct Black Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover is made of smooth microfiber leather that provides you with a soft and comfortable grip. The leather on this cover is reliable and strong. 

The cover is also skid proof, stable, and heat resistant, so you won’t have to worry about it being too hot in the summer. Another benefit of the cover is it better protects your steering wheel. However, the standard rubber material isn’t the strongest and can rip or tear with time. Another thing to note is that it may not be compatible with all steering wheel sizes. You can find the size of your steering wheel in the owner’s manual.

Key Features
  • Made of microfiber leather 
  • Suitable for middle-size steering wheels
  • Fits 14 ½-inch to 15-inch diameter wheels
  • Brand SEG Direct
  • Model FBA_AU38WILSWC0020
  • Weight 11.2 ounces

Soft and comfortable

Increases grip

Protects steering wheel


Is not universal

Installation can be a hassle

This powerful little USB car charger features dual USB connections. Both inserts include fast 2.4A charging power with a combined power of 4.8A. This means they are reliable and are capable of fully charging a dead phone or other electronic devices in about two hours. While it may be quick, seeing it in the cigarette lighter can be a slight issue as the lights aren’t bright.

As far as the construction and design go, it is made out of a sleek and durable metal body. The material is highly scratch-resistant, modern-looking, and designed not to overheat. It charges quickly, and it holds the charging cables tightly so they are not in your way. However, it may sit loosely inside of the socket, and it may stick out just a bit.

Key Features
  • Dual USB connections
  • 2.4A charging power with a combined power of 4.8A
  • Brand AINOPE
  • Model V801
  • Weight 0.96 ounces

Versatile dual charging

Quick charging capabilities

Lightweight and easy to use


It may not fit snuggly.

Seeing it in the cigarette lighter can be a slight issue.

The lights aren’t bright.

Best Car Accessories Buying Guide & FAQ

Car accessories can change how your vehicle looks, sounds, and drives. They can also help you navigate your way around, provide power to your electronics, keep your vehicle clean, and help you stay organized on road trips. If you need some of the best accessories, check out our buying guide so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Why Do You Need Car Accessories

There are several car accessories to choose from, and they all will make your driving experience more pleasurable. If you need some reasons why you should purchase certain car accessories, see our list below.


  • Accessories are a great way to show your own personal style by adding fun colors or changing how the interior of your vehicle looks.
  • The best accessory can reduce or even prevent damage to your vehicle’s exterior and interior.
  • A car accessory can help you get around unfamiliar roads and aid you in long-distance travel.
  • Accessories like emergency bags and packs can help keep you safer on the road by giving you access to supplies and medicine.

Types of Car Accessories

As far as the types of car accessories, we will focus on interior and exterior car accessories. Both can make your car stand out from the rest in the way they look and sound. Interior accessories, in particular, are designed to help you navigate around a city, charge your phone, or keep you warm or cool you down.

  • Interior

Interior car accessories are placed inside your vehicle. They can range from small USB chargers to larger seat cushions and pads. You can also change how your vehicle sounds by adding more speakers or enhancing its audio system. Things like heating pads help warm your body when it’s cold and also protect your seats from spills and damage.

  • Exterior

An exterior car accessory can drastically change how your vehicle looks on the outside. These range from sticker decals you can place on your windows to fun and informative bumper stickers. Or you can add new lights to brighten up your drive or add an LED strip to your chassis.

What to Look for When Buying Car Accessories

Picking and choosing the perfect car accessory for your vehicle can be a challenge, but you shouldn’t stress about it. Accessories can add to your vehicle’s look, help you get around town, or make things easier for you on the drive.

  • Material Quality

One of the most important things you should concern yourself with is the build quality of the accessory. Buy a quality car accessory that will last you several years and thousands of miles. This is particularly relevant if you do a lot of driving, high-performance racing, or heavy towing. It’s never good for an item to fail when you need it the most. To ensure you get the best-rated gear, look for reputable brands, excellent craftsmanship, and sturdy materials.

  • Vehicle Compatibility

Make sure the car accessory is compatible with your vehicle. Not all accessories may be equipped to fit in or on your car. You can check your vehicle’s make and model to determine if the specific accessory is designed to fit it properly. While many may work in a truck, SUV, or Jeep, others may only function in cars or compact vehicles.

  • Price

Price is also a major factor in deciding on a high-quality car accessory. While lower prices may indicate poor design and construction, that isn’t always the case. However, higher-priced but comparable items are often built to last longer and are generally more durable. You will also find larger items can be more expensive, while more compact items can be priced in the low range.

Tips for Buying and Using Car Accessories

Since there is a wide variety of car accessories, it is nearly impossible to provide tips for them all. We’ve outlined a few of the most important things you should know about car accessories below.

  • If you have any car accessories that plug into the cigarette lighter or USB ports on your vehicle, you may want to unplug them to conserve battery power.
  • Many accessories, such as shock absorbers or engine components, can be installed yourself. However, consider having a professional to install them to ensure they run properly and efficiently.
  • Covers are a great accessory if you don’t have access to a garage to park your car. They offer protection against thieves and debris while you’re away.
  • Car vacuums aren’t necessarily loud, but you may want to wear headphones or earplugs when using them in your car. The tight and compact space might increase the noise they put out.
  • When you aren’t in the car, you should always take with you or hide any valuable car accessories that may be noticeable from the outside.

Best Car Accessories FAQ:

Q: What car accessories should I invest in?

This depends on your personal style and choice. If you want to focus on changing the exterior look and style of your car, consider wrapping your vehicle. If you want to upgrade the sound or interior, you may want to invest in various components for the engine, such as new air intake, exhaust manifolds, or seat covers.

Q: Are there packs or kits for car accessories?

Some simple car accessory kits include a phone charger, first aid kit, and a flashlight. However, you should consider buying accessories separately. That way, you can choose the exact accessories you want and need.

Q: How can I find out if an accessory is right for my car?

Consider ones that fit your specific model car. There may be some that are only equipped to fit trucks, Jeeps, or SUVs. Check with the manufacturer to see if it has a list of vehicles its accessories are compatible with.

Our Top Pick

If you want to ride in comfort and massage and soothe your aching muscles, consider the 3D Cooling and Heating Seat Cushion, which is our top pick. It’s a versatile seat cushion that features both a heating function and cooling mode for you body. Its 11 vents provide a concentrated amount of airflow. Plus, you can take it with you to your home or office as it’s lightweight and portable.

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