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For new parents, the logistics of getting their new baby out and about can be a challenge to say the…

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The Best Car Seat Stroller Combos (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Car Seat Stroller Combos (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Car Seat Stroller Combo Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Car Seat Stroller Combo
Premium Pick BOB Rambler Car Seat Stroller Combo BOB Rambler Car Seat Stroller Combo
Best Value Evenflo Vive Car Seat Stroller Combo with Embrace Evenflo Vive Car Seat Stroller Combo with Embrace

For new parents, the logistics of getting their new baby out and about can be a challenge to say the least. When you’re tired, stressed or just plain old busy, all parents want is to find a way to make their lives easier. Which is why the car seat and stroller combo is proving so popular.

Baby travel systems are becoming the go-to purchase for new parents and it’s easy to see why – a compatible system that will take baby from car to stroller without having to unseat or disturb your child. And, with a range of styles available, you can match your travel system with your lifestyle – from urban baby ‘chariots’ to all-terrain strollers that are perfect for the keep fit fan as you can run with your child as you push.

Plus, unlike separate car seats and stroller frames, your infant won’t outgrow your stroller if they get too large for the car seat. Now that sounds great value for money to us. But which baby travel system should you opt for? Check out our best car seat stroller combo review and let us help you to decide.

The Best Car Seat Stroller Combo

We kick off this best car seat stroller combo review with this urban cool-looking baby travel system that can toughen up for outdoor exercise sessions in the park or on the trail.

With its three wheels you get stability as well as maneuverability which also makes it a great buy for everyday use.  And, when it comes to your daily jog, you can simply lock the front wheel for extra balance as you and your baby pick up the pace! At the end of your jog and you need to pack up, the innovative ‘one second/one hand’ folding mechanism makes packing the stroller away in the car trunk a doddle.

Key Features
  • Three-wheel, all-terrain car seat stroller
  • Lock off front wheel for extra stability while jogging
  • One hand/one click folding system
  • Convertible 3 or 5-point harness
  • Car seat – 4-30lbs; stroller -up to 50lbs
  • Brand Graco
  • Model 1934761
  • Weight 38 pounds

If you’re looking for an infant car seat and stroller combo that gives a smooth ride in and out of the car, check out the Expedition Jogger Travel System from Baby Trend. With three super-sized, all-terrain bicycle tires, you get less bumping as you travel over rough terrain. Lock off the front wheel for control while jogging for extra stability as you pick up your running pace. When driving or walking, your tot is safe and secure in the locked in baby seat, with its five-point safety harness and tether strap, as well as reflectors for when you are strolling or jogging in low light.

The car seat is easy to fit into both your car and the stroller frame, thanks to its one hand adjustment and push button release system and the superior padding using EPS energy absorbing foam will keep your precious little one safe.  Add in some extra features, including cup trays, covered storage, storage basket and extra-large adjustable canopy with ‘sun roof’ and you have a lot of baby strolling (and jogging) for your money!

Key Features
  • Large bicycle tires for an effortless roll
  • Convenient parent tray with 2 cupholders
  • Front swivel wheel for easy maneuvering, locks for jogging
  • Reclining Padded Seat with 5-point harness
  • Car seat – 5-30lbs; stroller up to 50lbs
  • Brand Baby Trend
  • Model TJ94312
  • Weight 41 pounds

Go sleek and stylish with this handsome baby travel system that’s also super practical and a breeze to use. With a host of safety features, including its own SafeZone fixed base for your car, this infant car seat and stroller combo is all about your baby’s comfort, whether in the car or out for a stroll. It has six modes, including a reversible carriage mode so your little one can face in or out and each position is easily adjusted. It’s also pretty light, and the clever slimline design makes it easier to get about without losing any internal space or comfort for your child. However, this does mean you do lose some carrying space underneath but that’s just a minor quibble. For mom or dad, the ergonomic, padded handles are great when pushing and the four Cruiser tires give a nice ride over smoother terrain. All in all, a good mid-priced car seat and stroller that will last well into toddler-hood.


Key Features
  • SafeMax infant car seat comes with stay-in car base
  • Pivot modular system in tires for a smooth ride
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Ergonomically designed stroller handle
  • Car seat – 4-35lbs; stroller – up to 50lbs
  • Brand Evenflo
  • Model 56011993
  • Weight 38.5 pounds

When traveling with your baby, safety is the main concern and with the Britax B-Safe you can travel knowing your little one is more than adequately protected. There’s an extra layer of side impact protection, a tough steel frame and an impact-absorbing in car seat base. There’s also a V-shaped tether to minimize seat rotation and staged-release stitches that slow and reduce forward movement in the event of a crash.

Ok that’s your baby wrapped up safely inside the car, but how does the system perform as a day-to-day stroller? Despite all the safety tech, the B-Safe is surprisingly light – 30 pounds – when clipped altogether and is easy to fold and transport.  It looks smart and the wheel configuration, with two small parallel wheels at the front give the maneuverability of a three-wheeler. With plenty of pockets and storage space, this is a great car seat and stroller combo for city living and while the handle is not adjustable, there’s a lot to like about the B-Safe.

Key Features
  • Secure safety system to keep your baby protected
  • Lightweight design for smooth use about town
  • One hand quick fold for easy transporting
  • All-wheel suspension system
  • Car seat – 4-35lbs; stroller up to 55lbs
  • Brand Britax
  • Model S05588500
  • Weight 30 pounds

For a quality car seat and stroller combo at a budget price, then check out our best value travel system from Evenflo. For less than $115, you get a lot of spec for your money, making the Vive of the best car seat and stroller combos in our review. First up, the styling – this is a pretty looking baby travel system, with a clean looking grey and mint colorway and the design makes it remarkably lightweight, coming in at under 30 pounds.

As a car seat it is also pretty impressive; there’s a stay-in car base and the seat is easy to attach or release. Nicely padded and with a 3-5 point harness, you can customize the recline position of the car seat and the sleeping space is suitable for a newborn. Pop the car seat into the stroller and you also have a pretty robust transporter for your tot around town. All in all, for the money this is a great value car seat and stroller combo and while it’s not so tough on bumpy terrain, it is more than adequate for domestic use.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • 13" thick EVA wheels and front wheel shock adsorbing system
  • Multiple reclining positions and 3-5 point harness
  • Large canopy, sun visor and peek a boo window
  • Car seat – 4-35lbs; stroller up to 50lbs
  • Brand Evenflo
  • Model 55411894
  • Weight 29.8 pounds

A car seat and stroller combo that thinks for you, now that would be amazing! But while this baby travel system from Chicco is not quite a mind reader it can remember the last position you had the seat before folding. With its multiple position, fully reclining seat and adjustable leg support, your baby is cradled in comfort, while the ‘Memory Recline’ feature means it remembers the last position you had it in. This means you can pop down the stroller for transport, then be back in the same comfy position for your baby when you’re ready to go for a stroll.

The general spec of this car seat and stroller combo is impressive too – one hand holding, eight reclining positions, height adjustable handle, large storage basket, removable canopy and a key fit base for the car seat. Pretty much everything you would expect from a mid-priced car seat and stroller but at a value price.

Key Features
  • Key Fit car seat clicks easily and securely into Cortina CX stroller
  • Fully-reclining seat with 8 positions and Memory Recline
  • One-hand fold and parent tray with cup holder
  • Can be adapted to accommodate newborns
  • Car seat – 4 – 30lbs; with insert – 4 – 11lbs; stroller up to 50lbs
  • Brand Chicco
  • Model 00079748720070
  • Weight 47 pounds

If you’re looking for a straightforward car seat and stroller combo for everyday life without breaking the bank, then check out the Nexton Travel System from Baby Trend. Lightweight, nicely styled and with a quality build that feels more expensive than its less than $160 price tag, the Nexton is a good value baby travel system that can stand up to daily use. The three-wheel design makes it sturdy but easily maneuverable, and the quick one hand fold on the stroller means it is ideal for transporting around.

Your baby has a lovely ride in the car seat, with multi-positioning, padding and soft head support. And it transfers from car to stroller with ease, feeling reassuringly solid when the seat is clicked into place. The car seat isn’t the tallest in our review so larger babies may grow too tall for it, but the stroller seat takes up to 50 pounds, so you should get plenty of use out of this nice travel system.

Key Features
  • Includes Flex-Loc infant car seat and base
  • Multi-position, reclining, padded seat
  • Large soft head support for the car seat or the stroller
  • Covered parent tray with two deep cup holders
  • Car seat – 5 – 30lbs; stroller – up to 50lbs
  • Brand Baby Trend
  • Model TS41227C
  • Weight 35 pounds

Right at the top end of our best car seat and stroller combo review budget comes this lux baby travel system from outdoor specialists, BOB Gear.  Pulling together all their mountain bike know-how, BOB have produced an awesome rough terrain travel system that’s perfect for the outdoor lover and family. The Rambler Jogging Stroller uses mountain-bike style suspension system with the stroller’s three wheels to deliver a super smooth ride and keep baby comfortable and safe during all the family’s adventures.

The car seat uses Britax safety features to protect and support and the materials used in both seat and stroller are tough, durable and easy to install and use. Yes, it does come in at just shy of $600 and that’s a lot to invest but if the outdoor life is part of your family then the Rambler is the ideal way to include baby from the get-go.


Key Features
  • Includes jogging stroller and B-Safe 35 infant car seat
  • Use BOB adapter for easy car installation
  • Bike-style suspension for a smooth ride
  • Front wheel locks for stability when off-road
  • Car seat – 4 – 35 lbs; stroller: two positions – 1. 0-40lbs; 2. 41-75lbs
  • Brand BOB Gear
  • Model S09708800
  • Weight 35.2 pounds

At 22 pounds, the Graco Aire3 is the lightest car seat and stroller combo in our review but is tough enough to take on the heavyweights when it comes to performance. The light design means this is a baby travel system that’s super easy to use and carry around, making it ideal for busy families. Its three-wheel system means it’s easy to steer in small spaces and there’s also a carry strap for extra portability. Take this on holiday, out on your travels or just around town and you’ll really appreciate its size and design.

When it comes to overall comfort, your baby will appreciate it too – multi-positional and nicely padded, they’ll feel safe and secure, both in the car and out in the stroller. Not the cheapest in our review but for sheer portability and performance alone, the Aire3 car seat and stroller combo is worth looking in to.


Key Features
  • Three-wheel lightweight travel system
  • Folds easily in one second and with one hand
  • Automatically locks and is self-standing for storage
  • Multi-position, flat-reclining seat
  • Car seat – 4-35lbs; stroller – up to 50lbs
  • Brand Graco
  • Model 1926844
  • Weight 29 pounds

Keep step with your baby as they grow with this stylish and adaptable baby travel system from Chicco. Compatible with Chicco’s most popular car seat, the KeyFit 30, the Bravo makes the most of the Chicco engineering to create a smart system for everyday use.

Styled in an eye-catching grey and silver, the Bravo is also really easy and efficient to use. One-hand fold, auto-positioning wheels and self-standing when folded, the Bravo aims to make the car to sidewalk life of busy parents a breeze. The car seat is solid and robust, with a quality fit into the base and comfort padding for extra security while the four wheels on the stroller work together to make it smooth to steer, even in tight spaces. For just under $400 you get a quality baby travel system that has been designed to last and take your tiny baby right into their toddler-hood.

Key Features
  • Includes Bravo Stroller, Key Fit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base
  • One-hand fold and auto-positioning wheels
  • Stroller includes parent tray with storage and cup holders
  • Self-standing for easy storage
  • Car seat – 4-30lbs; stroller – up to 50lbs
  • Brand Chicco
  • Model 07079095190070
  • Weight 46.3 pounds

Best Car Seat Stroller Combos Buying Guide

Things to Look for in a Car Seat Stroller Combo

Baby travel systems can make the life of a busy new parent so much easier and are worth the investment. But before you hand over your payment card, it’s important to ensure the car seat and stroller system you choose fits your needs and lifestyle. To get the best travel system stroller for you, you should consider the following:

  • Ease of use

When picking a baby travel system, look at how easy it is to use, in the ways you intend to use it. Things to consider include how easily the stroller section opens and closes (being a new parent often means you need to do things one-handed!) as well as how compact it is when folded. Also look at how easy it is to maintain and keep clean – washable seat covers are a blessing!

  • Size and weight

No matter how amazing an infant car seat and stroller combo may look, if it’s too heavy or bulky, you’ll soon be can comfortably maneuver them, particularly if stairs or elevators are part of your daily routine. Also ensure the folded down stroller fits into the trunk of your car or on any public transport you use.

  • Safety features

As with any products for your child, safety is the foremost consideration when it comes to choosing a new car seat and stroller. Always check the system you are looking to buy has the highest safety rating and passes all the relevant federal safety standards. Also check the installation and get help if needed to ensure the seat is fitted correctly into your vehicle.

  • Type of terrain 

How and where you plan to use your car seat and stroller will influence your final choice. Check out the type of surfaces and terrains it can easily handle, particularly if you enjoy time in the great outdoors or plan to incorporate exercise and jogging as you push your baby around.

  • Added extras 

Look at what extras you can get such as adjustable handlebars, storage basket or additional space, a sun canopy, even cup holders. However, remember you’ll most likely be paying a little extra for certain features so make sure you will actually use them and that they will make your baby strolling life easier.

  • Price 

This could well be the deal-breaker so know your budget before you go into the department store. The best car seat stroller combo may well cost a little more than buying the items separately, but you are getting the convenience of an integrated system.

Why You Should Use Car Seat Stroller Combo?

For any new parent, a car seat and stroller are two of the most useful pieces of baby equipment they will buy. They are essential for travel and getting out and about – the car seat will keep your baby safe while on the road and the stroller will keep them comfortable and protected when you get to your destination.  It’s always a good idea to buy both items at the same time, as many baby strollers (but not all) can take a car seat. And, by buying the two as a ‘bundle’ means you’re getting a system that works together from the get-go. A car seat and stroller combo is not just about convenience and ease of use, it can help your baby too – with minimal disruption you can take a sleeping little one from the car to the stroller without disturbing their precious slumber time.

Types of Baby Strollers with Car Seats

There are two main types of baby strollers with car seats, a stroller which can take a car seat and a specifically-designed stroller and car seat combo.

A single stroller frame enables you to snap your infant car seat on to create a conventional stroller, whereas a travel system stroller is sold as a package, to include a car seat as well as other extras and accessories. A stroller frame can be lighter and more compact as well as cheaper but once your baby outgrows the car seat, you’ll need to buy a replacement stroller frame. With a baby travel system, you don’t need to worry about outgrowing the frame as they are typically more robust and can take a heavier load. Plus, you get the peace of mind as well as convenience of knowing the system has been specifically designed to work together.

The style and design of your car seat and stroller can then be decided upon, depending on your specific needs – three wheels or four, full-sized or lightweight, as well as double-seated and even a stroller designed specifically for jogging or outdoor bumpy terrain.

Best Car Seat Stroller Combos FAQ:

Q: What are travel system strollers?

Travel system prams gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to getting out and about with your baby – they are basically a full-sized stroller which comes with a matching baby car seat that you take out of the car and clip straight onto the frame. Not only does a baby travel system mean you are getting a compatible set, but it also means you no longer have to disturb your slumbering baby when getting them out of the car. In fact, you simply transfer them to the stroller with no need to take them out of their car seat. Plus, the car seat and stroller combo is going to see your tiny baby into toddlerhood as, when they eventually outgrow their baby seat, you simply use the stroller on its own.

Q: Is the infant car seat stroller combo an all-terrain stroller?

No, not all baby travel systems can cope with a wide variety of terrain so you will need to check the manufacturer’s user guidance if you are looking for a tougher car seat and stroller combo. The more lightweight models are typically built for urban use, whereas if you are wanting to go off the beaten track or go running with your car seat stroller, you will need to buy a system that is tough enough and has the right suspension for a range of terrains.

Q: Does the combo stroller comes with an extra car seat base?

Most baby travel systems come with a stay-in-the-car seat base for safe and easy installation and use. Check the packaging and ask in-store if you are in any doubt and always use the recommended fixtures and fittings for your car seat. Some models can also be fitted without the base, for easy switching to other vehicles so again, double check in-store.

Q: Can I get car seat stroller combos for twins or triplets?

Yes, you can find car seat and stroller combos for twins or triplets and for the stressed-out mum, they can be a lifesaver when managing two or three little ones in and out of the car. However, they are bulky and heavy, as well as more expensive so do shop around. Some models position the seat onto the stroller side by side, whereas others place the seats behind each other in a line. Work out the system that is best for you and remember, you can also create a custom system by buying the seats and stroller separately to fit your young multiple family!

Our Top Pick

As our best choice, the graco fastaction fold jogger is a versatile baby travel system that is not averse to getting a sweat on when you pick up the exercise pace!

With three wheels and a stabilizing wheel lock to switch from urban to jogging mode, your little one will stay safe and secure. Add in a nice set of accessories for you and your baby, classy styling and a quick and easy folding system, this is a great buy and one that will last the toddler distance.


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