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If you’re all about that bass, you will definitely see the value of picking high-quality speakers. Music is about more…

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The Best Car Speakers for Bass (Review and Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Car Speakers for Bass (Review and Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice The Best Car Speakers for Bass (Review and Buying Guide) in 2022 Sound System Laboratories Amplified Car Speakers
Best Value The Best Car Speakers for Bass (Review and Buying Guide) in 2022 Boss Car Speakers Audio System
Premium Pick The Best Car Speakers for Bass (Review and Buying Guide) in 2022 Pyramid Store Dual Speaker System

If you’re all about that bass, you will definitely see the value of picking high-quality speakers. Music is about more than sound; it’s a feeling. And nothing emulates this better than hard-pumping bass. Whether you listen to modern music or the oldies, having car speakers that highlight the bass line can completely change your riding experience. Some speakers focus on balance, running a treble line that’s vibrationally equal to the power of the bass. These, on the other hand, focus on the deeper notes and enhance their intensity. Everything from drum solos to the beat of EDM changes with good speakers. Of course, you don’t want the scratchiness and hollow resonance of a low-quality option. You want something that works reliably and is made to last. We’ve curated a list of the best car speakers for bass along with some tips on finding the right set.

The Best Car Speakers for Bass

When getting a crisp, consistent sound is the top priority, Sound System Laboratories Amplified Car Speakers are a popular solution. They use a low input level (called RCA input) to connect to the source in a way that protects the wiring. Through careful application of this widespread technology, the speakers enhance the bass without sacrificing the sound quality. For older vehicles that are outfitted with high input designs, you can link this speaker set in as well. The versatility of its features sets it apart from the crowd. You can switch volume without static or signal encumbrances. It is structured to resist damage from the surrounding vibrations, as well as from heat and cold. 

Despite its tough construct, this speaker system wears down fairly quickly if used at high volumes over long periods. Let the system rest and focus on moderate volumes to extend its lifespan.

Key Features
  • High- and low-level input structure
  • Powered by 600 watts
  • 8-inch speakers 
  • RCA connectivity settings
  • Brand Sound Storm
  • Model LOPR08
  • Weight 11.5 pounds

Large size and powerful sound

Compatible with modern systems

Powerful subs for max bass


Can wear down if played too loud

Vulnerable to impact damage

Can be hard to install

If you are looking for a set of speakers that won’t break the bank but will amp up your bass, the Boss Car Speakers Audio System is a good way to go. Each of the two speakers run on 150 watts and wires directly into the vehicle. The speakers are over half a foot across and have a sleek design to help them integrate into the car’s look. They are made out of high-grade materials that are meant to withstand the continual vibrations coming from the audio. The speaker is encased in rubber, making it better at avoiding damage from heat. This buffer works to prevent damage from vibration and keep the speakers working for longer. Given the affordable price-point and aesthetic design, these speakers offer excellent value. 

Keep in mind that these speakers can be a bit difficult to install on your own. In many cases, professional installation is necessary. However, once in place, they offer great quality.

Key Features
  • Frequency of 100 Hz to 18 kHz
  • Sensitivity rating of 90 decibels
  • Mounts over 2 inches deep
  • Needs more than 6 feet of space
  • Brand BOSS
  • Model CH6530
  • Weight 2.5 pounds

Sturdy design resists vibrations

Enhances quality of audio

High level of airflow to prevent overheating


Difficult to mount in vehicle

Takes up a lot of space

Will wear prematurely if voltage is exceeded

Those focused on quality will see a lot of benefit from the Pyramid Store Dual Speaker System. It has a boxy, unique design that can fit in almost any vehicle. It is powered by 1,000 watts, giving it intense power. The design of the speakers are crafted to enhance the quality of the base. It comes in a rigid case, meant to limit the damage from vibration without compromising sound quality. Because it is meant to resist high temperatures, it is safe to use in vehicles. The subwoofer system is meant to deepen the base, and since it is so strong the entire car can feel it. Incorporating rubber in the structure, it buffers the circuitry against damage (and adds a lot of overall fortitude). Premium in design and quality, this is a popular speaker set. 

It’s worth noting that, despite the high functionality of this system, it does come at a proportionately higher price point. It requires a bit of work during installation but is a worthy investment.

Key Features
  • Two 10-inch speakers
  • 4-ohm subwoofer 
  • Encased in tough polypropylene
  • Handles up to 1,000 watts
  • Brand Pyramid
  • Model BNPS102
  • Weight 1 pound

Enhances the bass line drastically

Works between 35 and 1,0000 Hz

Sturdy and long-lasting design


Comes at a higher price point

Can be tough to install

Won’t always access full wattage

When you want a sound system that is easy to connect and creates a powerful bass line, the Doss SoundBox XL Bluetooth Speaker is a great way to go. It comes in a box design, letting you place it in the vehicle without a heavy installation. Powered by a 20-watt system, it connects wirelessly to the soundwaves. The system creates a base-heavy environment through the use of a 12-watt subwoofer system. The entire structure of the speaker is there to enhance the sound instead of muffling the bass vibrations. You can use it as a single or in a set of two for larger vehicles. The included rechargeable battery works for up to ten hours before needing to be switched out. It comes with everything you need, so you can spend less time in setup and more time listening. 

Bear in mind that the speaker does not hardwire into your vehicle. It is convenient in that you can place it pretty much anywhere, but it will be an accessory not a feature of the vehicle.

Key Features
  • Operates on max 20 watts
  • Mounts directly into vehicle
  • Uses Bluetooth technology
  • Powered using a 12-watt subwoofer
  • Brand Doss
  • Model SoundBox XL
  • Weight 1.32 pounds

Focuses sound on bass line

Buffered against vibration

Encased in durable material


Vulnerable to the extreme cold

Buttons can freeze or stick

Circuitry can be damaged with impact

Looking for a set of speakers that is large enough to remain tough against natural wear and tear? Consider the JBL Premium Co-Axial Speaker set. It comes with two speakers, each over half a foot across. With a sleek design, it integrates into the appearance of any vehicle. It uses carbon-heavy cones to enable improved airflow. Since this is necessary to the function of the bass, it makes it a great way to go. Plus, the improved ventilation means that it won’t get damaged by overheating. The three-ohm speakers use fine-tuned wiring to ensure a precise and crisp sound. Since it is meant to work regardless of how loud the music is, the dedicated 12-decibel component helps reduce hollowness and static at louder settings. 

It’s worth a mention that, though it is technically able to work over a range of volumes, frequent and drastic switches will cause damage to the system. Adjust the volume carefully to avoid this issue.

Key Features
  • Powered by 180 watts
  • Comes in a set of two speakers
  • Coaxial speaker type
  • Crisp audio at 53 Hz
  • Brand JBL
  • Model GTO629
  • Weight 5.77 pounds

Sleek and simple design

Creates a crisp and clean sound

Built to last for long periods


Can blow a speaker if playing music too loud

Subwoofer will wear down first

Frequent volume changes cause damage

When you’re looking for a straightforward approach to your audio needs, the Skar Audio Mid-Range Loudspeakers are a good way to go. They are inherently simplistic, in both design and function. Despite the low-key style, these speakers are powerful. They are capable of handling frequencies between 100 and 8,000 Hertz. This wide range optimizes the sound quality and gives you the nuanced benefits of treble along with the strong bass line. The internal circuitry is controlled through copper coiling that is sensitive to heat without being vulnerable to damage. The speakers run off a cumulative 300 watts, giving a solid balance between tactile vibration and audible noise. 

The audio system is of reasonable quality, though is technically classed as a mid-range setup. If you are looking for intense power, these aren’t the best way to go. However, if you want something basic yet effective, this set is a solid choice.

Key Features
  • Comes in set of two speakers
  • Each speaker is 6.5 inches across
  • Runs on four-ohm system
  • Meant to achieve loud volumes
  • Brand Skar
  • Model (2) FSX 65-4
  • Weight 8.35 pounds

Can consistently work at loud volumes

Creates a clean sound 

Powerful bass subwoofers


Subject to damage from warping

Time-consuming to install

Metal is temperature sensitive

Do you want an audio setup that will work regardless of what kind of car you drive?  The Pyle Store Piezo Speaker System is a worthy candidate. It comes with two speakers that hardwire directly into your vehicle. At five inches on the interior, they fit in pretty much any vehicle. The set runs off 360 watts cumulatively, mainly due to the substantial magnet on the interior. Using a triaxial system, the woofer technology enhances vibrations. It doesn’t impede the wave flow and lets the four ohms move unencumbered. The set comes with everything you need to install it in the vehicle. Playing off the strength of your existing electrical system, it results in an even flow of sound for both bass and treble. 

Keep in mind that the speaker is easy to install on your own; however, if done improperly, the system won’t work properly. If you don’t have much experience with speakers, a professional installation may be better.

Key Features
  • Comes in set of two 6.5 inch speakers
  • Surround sound technology
  • Powered by 360 watts
  • Triaxial speaker design
  • Brand Pyle
  • Model PL63BL
  • Weight 0.67 KG

Powerful yet highly durable

Meant to intensify the bass line

Large enough for big vehicles


Sound quality issues if improperly installed

Vulnerable to extreme temperature

Precise installation can be challenging

To enhance the flow of bass waves in the vehicle, you need something with a properly curved structure. The Cerwin Vega Coaxial Speaker Set features a unique design whose structure enhances the flow of the air (and the bass waves it carries). Its optimal sensitivity is 94 decibels. The polymer cone is made with innovative curves that control the spread of the sound waves. It comes in a set of two speakers that are powered by a single 12-volt battery. The speakers are relatively compact, enabling you to fit them into pretty much any vehicle. The coaxial speaker system lends a level of balance to the treble in the sound. Despite their small size, these powerful speakers showcase the full 350 watts by which they’re powered. 

It’s helpful to keep in mind that, though these speakers are powerful, 350 watts isn’t as intense as it gets. Resultantly, these are better suited to smaller vehicles where the bass will be the most appreciated.

Key Features
  • Size 69 car speaker set
  • Powered by 350 watts
  • Comes in set of two
  • Coaxial sound system
  • Brand Cerwin-Vega
  • Model XED693
  • Weight 7 pounds

Sturdy speaker structure

Incorporates good ventilation

Design optimizes bass


Requires batteries to function

Doesn’t wire in directly

Can be tricky to mount in car

Need something that you can install quickly in your car that is also bass-forward? Take a look at the Pyle Custom Component Speaker. It features two speakers, each with a sleek and lightweight design that is high-powered. It has a frequency range of between 35 and 800 hertz and the ability to run on up to 400 watts. The internal components feature a complex array of magnetic and electrical components, customized to enhance the overall quality. It has resistance as low as four ohms, there to compensate for the weaker wiring common to older vehicles. Popular given the durability and innovative design, if used properly, this speaker can last for long periods. 

While this speaker is really useful, it is also kind of difficult to install. As a result, many opt to get a professional installation. However, since they are reasonably priced, this is a viable option.

Key Features
  • Made of high-grade polypropylene and aluminum materials
  • Runs off 400 watts 
  • Only four Ohms of resistance
  • Large size for maximum effect
  • Brand Pyle
  • Model PLG6C
  • Weight 5.19 pounds

Broad frequency range 

Able to withstand loud volumes

Balances bass with treble well


Sound quality can degrade over time

May struggle after quick volume changes

Filters out a fair amount of bass

Best Car Speakers For Bass Buying Guide & FAQ

When you go to purchase new bass speakers for your vehicle, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. One relies on the quality of the amplifier in your vehicle. Consider chat it is capable of in terms of power and find a set of bass speakers to match those specifications. This will prevent you from needing to outfit the whole system. 

To find the best car speakers for bass, you need to figure out what you want out of the speakers. Chances are that it isn’t exclusively the bass performance that you are after. It needs to balance against the other sounds in the music. This makes the music experience more enjoyable by enhancing the bass flow, instead of using it to overshadow the other sounds. To get the right set, it helps to be fully informed about the different types of speakers and what benefits you can expect. 

Why Do You Need Car Speakers for Bass?

Whether you enjoy feeling the vibrations of the bass or appreciate how it contributes to sound, the key reason to get these speakers is the improved sound quality. Music is structured out of different frequency ranges, each carrying a unique pitch. While some parts of the sound system are designed to account for the high pitch noises, it takes an entirely different struggle to lean into the bass. 

Without a viable bass system, sometimes referred to as a subwoofer, the bass won’t properly come through. This can result in music sounding a little bit off. Plus, when you listen to spoken words like those on the radio, it becomes very apparent when your bass is sub-par. Instead of staying tuned into the flaws in how your sound comes through, switching out the speakers for something with a better base can make a huge difference. 

  • Bass speakers let you enjoy the sound in your car better through improved audio quality. 
  • Enhances low-pitched tones so they don’t get drowned out by other noises. 
  • Mitigates the impacts of the vibrations while you drive down the road. 
  • Improves the clarity of sub-bass lines as well as the actual bass. 
  • Balance between treble and bass improves the depth of the music. 
  • Modern bass speakers are designed to compensate for older vehicle wiring
  • New speaker sets last longer and are more powerful than off-the-line models, especially with older vehicles. 

Types of Car Speakers For Bass

The different types of speakers depend on the internal components used to relay the sound. While all speakers carry a certain amount of bass, some are better equipped for those low pitches than others. To get the most benefit out of your bass speakers, it helps to identify the type that you need. By gaining a full understanding of each type’s characteristics, you can make an informed choice. 


This type of speaker stands out from the rest because it consists of separate structures for the tweeters and woofers. With different parts of the system individually dedicated to different pitches, it is easier to get precise sounds and balance the two tones. There are two drivers, encased and wired separately to one another. 

The wiring crosses them together so that the sound moves fluidly, without impacting the function of each. It’s worth noting that, despite the high quality of this type of speaker, it is more technologically complex. As a result, installation can be drastically more challenging and time-consuming. In most cases, users opt for a professional install if they don’t have experience dealing with sound systems. 


A very common type of speaker, coaxial designs set themselves apart through a unique structure. This kind of speaker mounts two-way speakers on a single axis. All of the parts are held together in the same assembly. As a result, it is fairly simple to install these systems in vehicles. The quality of coaxial speakers varies, as does the wattage rating and sensitivity. 

Many coaxial models incorporate separate woofers and tweeters to lend better quality to both tones. The crossover combines the two. When the sounds combine, it results in improved balance. While these are more common, some speakers have a single-cone design. These work, though they tend to result in a less pleasant sound.


This kind of speaker is aptly named. It consists of three separate speaker units, usually of a low-range type at the top and ascending in range as the speakers get lower on the structure. The sound is more precise and able to achieve better treble than other bass-focused speakers. Despite consisting of multiple parts, the speakers are all held together in a single unit. 

Relatively simple to install in your vehicle, triaxial models look similar to their coaxial counterparts. The increased fidelity sets them apart in terms of quality. If you have a sensitive ear, this is a good way to go. Keep in mind that the high-performance value usually comes with a proportionately higher price tag. 

Car Speakers For Bass

What to Look for When Buying Car Speakers for Bass

When it comes time to choose your car speakers, there are a couple of critical things to keep an eye on. The first is the sensitivity of the system. This refers to the interaction between the power input and the sound yield. If you have a high-powered system that runs on over 16 watts, you will need something with lower ratings for overall sensitivity. The opposite is true for low-powered systems. Familiarize yourself with the existing sound system in your vehicle before proceeding. 

Next, you will want to look into the ability to handle power. The wattage the speaker is capable of dealing with relates to everything from the output to the volume capacity. Identify the power rating of your vehicle’s stereo system. If you have a model with lower power, you won’t need speakers with a higher wattage. However, a high-powered system needs speakers with equal capacity. There are a few other things to keep in mind as well. 

  • Materials. The quality of the materials used in construction relates directly to the system’s ability to withstand wear and tear. It speaks to how well the system will deal with high volumes, and enable the vibrations you want from the bass. For a bass-forward system, you want a rigid yet lightweight setup. Many speakers use polypropylene balanced with other synthetic materials to create the right sound. 
  • Durability. When there is a component to buffer the system, it is less likely to get damaged when you run it on high volumes. Especially if the tones are bass-heavy (and therefore intense) it helps to have some protections on the stereo itself. 
  • Compatibility. As with anything you’re planning on putting in your vehicle, check the compatibility beforehand. It comes down to two aspects. The first is the speaker size. Look at the exterior of the speaker and the interior hole in which it will fit. Finally, check the depth of the install to make sure it can fit. The other side of this is the wiring. Be sure that the wattage is appropriate for your needs. 
  • Installation Needs. If you plan to use a professional to install the system, this is less important. However, if you plan to install the speakers on your own, it helps to look for something that is straightforward. Component stereos tend to be the most challenging to put into place, while axial models are simpler and more suited to beginners. 
  • Special Features. An extra step you can take is to check if there are any special features. Some stereos have a pivot structure to direct the flow of sound. It can be used to balance treble against the bass. Others include detachable parts that let you reuse the system on multiple vehicles. Most models are fairly straightforward, though some come with these helpful amenities. 
Car Speakers For Bass

Most Important Features of Car Speakers for Bass

As with any audio equipment, car speakers for bass have to meet a few essential criteria to function properly. To get the most value out of your speaker system, it helps to look at each of these features independently. A properly working speaker set will include all these components and ensure that they are combined in a way to create crisp audio that is bass-heavy. 


Any car speaker system needs to have a reasonably sensitive input system. This feature has to do with both the sensitivity and the power-handling. It is where the speakers take in signals. The input levels vary between high and low-level. The best-fitting option depends on the existing stereo system in the vehicle. 

This feature will impact the quality of the bass when you hear the resulting sound. Many options come with both types of input systems. The RCA (or low-level) setup is ideal for aftermarket setups. Higher-level inputs are geared towards older vehicles that may not yet be equipped with the technology necessary to be compatible. In either case, the speakers need to be able to take in information to convert into sound, making input one of the most important features. 


The speaker in itself is essentially an output system. To measure its overall efficacy, you can look at the wattage. Some are heavy-duty and range in the hundreds of watts. Others are lower-key and pump only a few dozen watts. The range of this feature depends on the type of vehicle and the existing electrical setup. 

Keep in mind that, if you want heavy-duty performance, you are going to need a higher output wattage. It will give you access to louder volumes for longer. Other parts to look at are the frequency range and the point at which it is stable (measured in decibels). By determining what volume you can expect, you can avoid any surprises. 


This speaks to the design of the sound system. Some speakers are entirely detached, ideal for portability, and backseat placement. However, most are hardwired directly into the vehicle. To determine what speaker will work best, figure out how much you plan to invest in installation (whether time or money). Larger structures are bigger and heavier, though much less demanding in terms of install. 

The most common structure is a set of two speakers that you wire directly into the vehicle itself. This buffers the most vibration possible and takes up a lot less space. When it comes to this feature, an important consideration is how much space you can dedicate to the speakers. Look at the dimensions of the structure before making your pick. 

Care and Maintenance

To get the most use out of your speakers (and to prevent them from breaking early) make sure to practice routine maintenance. There are a few simple steps you can take, both during installation and when using them, to make sure the speakers last longer. The key is to keep them clean. Speakers that have built-in dust and debris will have a lot more interference. 

Improper cleaning can result in damage to the circuitry as well. Dust may seem more of a nuisance or an aesthetic concern. However, it can result in a whole host of problems. The best treatment is prevention. Keep your speakers clean and use them carefully and you can easily avoid the most common kinds of damage. There are some other steps you can take, too. 

  • Try to keep the speakers in the shade to prevent damage from overheating. 
  • Be sure that the wattage of your vehicle is compatible with the speakers. 
  • During installation, ensure that the speaker goes in a sufficiently ventilated space. 
  • Avoid static electricity and magnetic exposure to avoid damage to the internal parts. 
  • Keep the speakers dry, meaning you should close your car windows every time. 
  • If in doubt about setup, have a professional install the speakers in your car. 
  • Try to avoid overpowering the volume since continuous use at high decibel levels causes wear and tear. 

The Best Car Speakers For Bass FAQ:

When it comes to car accessories and audio equipment, every make and model is unique. Finding the right fit is a matter of the type of vehicle and personal preference. Some things, however, remain true across the board. We’ve addressed the main inquiries about bass speakers to help you stay as informed as possible.

Q: Which car speaker is best for bass?

The ideal speaker is durable, compatible, and enhances both the bass and overall sound quality. A good option is the Sound System Laboratories Amplified Car Speakers.

Q: How can I increase the bass of my car speakers?

Getting a good set of speakers is the first step. From there, you can adjust the treble and bass settings to get the desired balance. If there is a bass booster on the system, use it. 

Q: How much does a car speaker for bass cost?

You can get speakers for anywhere from under $50 to over $150. Most fall in the middle of that range. For complex systems, be sure to factor in installation costs. 

Our Top Pick

After careful consideration, we’ve named the Sound System Laboratories Amplified Car Speakers as our top option. Not only is it compatible with most vehicles, but the compact design and high wattage capacity also make it desirable. It works with both high and low-level inputs and incorporates a bass boost that can further enhance sound quality. Durable and relatively straightforward to install, this system is a good way to go. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re fluent in the nuances of car speakers for bass enhancement, you can make your pick. It could be the convenience of the Sound System Laboratories Amplified Car Speakers or the budget-friendliness of the Boss Car Speakers Audio System. There’s an option for every vehicle to keep the tunes flowing and the bass pumping.


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