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Make your clean car dreams come true with a trunk organizer.

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Best Car Trunk Organizers: Put Everything in its Place | Autance © Best Car Trunk Organizers: Put Everything in its Place | Autance
Best Overall High Road Large Trunk Organizer for Cars High Road Large Trunk Organizer for Cars

This oversized trunk organizer is lightweight and foldable. The heavy-duty 500 denier polyester construction helps it to withstand heavy use.

  • Plenty of compartment type and size variety 
  • Zippered pockets 
  • Lightweight
  • Hard to move when full 
  • No tie-down loops or straps 
  • Folds on itself
Best Value Fortem Car Trunk Organizer Fortem Car Trunk Organizer

This affordable organizer has a solid construction that makes it durable. It comes with plenty of pockets and interlocking buckles for connectivity.

  • Exterior pockets with lids 
  • 600 denier nylon 
  • Non-slip strips on the bottom
  • Heavy 
  • Unstable sides 
  • Handles are far apart
Premium Pick Trunkcratepro Collapsible Portable Multi Compartments Trunk Organizer Trunkcratepro Collapsible Portable Multi Compartments Trunk Organizer

Customize your trunk storage with this adjustable organizer. It can open full, fold to half size, and then fold flat.

  • Oxford polyester 
  • Removable dividers 
  • Six color options
  • Sides not sturdy 
  • Stitching can give out 
  • Securing straps don’t stay taught

You love that your trunk has plenty of cargo space, but you hate using it. Every time you try to put something back there, it gets thrown around and is a mess by the time you get to your destination. No amount of careful driving can prevent it. What’s the point of having a trunk if you never use it?  What you need is a car trunk organizer. These handy bins sit in your trunk and give you a stable and safe place to hold anything and everything. No more throwing everything in your back seat or cleaning up spilled items in your trunk. Our guide to finding the best car trunk organizer will have you using your trunk more often.

Best Car Trunk Organizer Reviews & Recommendations

This oversized car trunk organizer comes with 11 compartments, four mesh pockets, and three zippered pockets. Its rugged durability is thanks to the heavy-duty 500 denier polyester. The fabric also makes it lightweight, weighing under two pounds. You can fold the organizer down to a small size and buckle it to keep it folded for convenient storage. On the bottom are grip tabs to keep the organizer securely in place.

A nice feature of this organizer is the internal support panel that keeps the organizer open and upright when empty. However, the single panel is in the middle and doesn’t stop the ends from folding in. There are no tie-down loops or straps, so you’re dependent on the two Velcro strips on the bottom to keep it from sliding. The soft sides make this organizer difficult to move when it’s full.

  • Brand High Road
  • Model HR-3519
  • Size 25 in W x 10 in H x 15 in D

11 compartments

Three zippered pockets

Lightweight and foldable

Heavy-duty 500D polyester


Folds in on itself when empty

No tie-down loops

Not easy to move when full

This affordable trunk organizer won’t let you down with its solid construction and 600 denier nylon. The outer sidewalls and internal dividers are solid and strong, helping to keep it standing upright. There are outside mesh pockets and pockets with lids for secure and fast access. On the bottom, there are grip feet and non-slip strips to keep the organizer securely in place. To make the organizer even more stable, two adjustable straps hold the organizer in place. You can even use the straps and interlocking buckles to connect more than one organizer together.

One potential issue with this organizer is that the handles aren’t as durable as the rest of the organizer. The whole organizer is also quite heavy for its size at 4.1 pounds, making it awkward to carry and move.

  • Brand Fortem
  • Model N/A
  • Size 21 in L x 16 in W x 10 in H

600 denier nylon

Non-slip strips on the bottom

Outer pockets with lids


Handles too far apart


Sides are not sturdy

Customize your storage solution with this trunk organizer that has two adjustable internal dividers. The construction is durable thanks to the use of the highest great Oxford polyester material. You can fold the organizer down to half its full size and secure it with buckles for a smaller compartment if needed, fold it flat, and secure with a second set of buckles when not in use for compact storage. There are six colors to choose from, black, blue, cyan, pink, and red. On the bottom are hook and loop strips to prevent movement.

While the fabric construction is durable, the stitching is less so. Don’t try to move this organizer while it’s full, or the seams could rip. A pair of securing straps with buckles and hooks are included. However, they don’t stay taught, which can make them less effective at securing your organizer.

  • Brand Trunkcratepro
  • Model FBA_TC_pro
  • Size 12.5 in H x 14.6 in W x 23.6 in L

Highest grade polyester oxford material

Removable sub-dividers

Buckled securing straps


Less sturdy sides

Less durable stitching

Securing straps don’t stay taught

Have an organizer you can take anywhere with this collapsible cargo box. The sides fold inward so that the box becomes flat when not in use. The snap-on lid protects your cargo, is lockable, and can hold the weight of a box stacked on top. A nice feature of this box is the waterproof bag liner that prevents leaks. The manufacturer claims you can transport everything from ice to live fish in the liner, although we haven’t tested either of these claims. The box is made of plastic and has a non-slip design molded into the bottom.

One drawback of this box is that there are no pockets or dividers inside; it’s just a large open space that small items can get easily lost in. The large hard box design of this organizer can make it feel cumbersome and clunky in your trunk.

  • Brand ‎Kingcav
  • Model N/A
  • Size 16.54 x 11.22 x 9.25 inches

Waterproof bag inside

Snap-on lid

Folds flat


No small compartments

No securing straps

It feels bulky in your trunk

Best Versatile Compartments

Keep even the oddly shaped items in your trunk secured with this versatile trunk organizer. The design stands out with the three external rod loops that are perfect for holding anything long and skinny, like a fishing pole, baseball bat, or umbrella. Then there are 10 mesh pockets around the outside and three internal compartments. The construction uses durable Oxford polyester fabric. Two nicely sized securing straps help to keep the organizer in place.

The mesh pockets are plentiful, except that some of them are on the same side as the rod loops. Once you put something through the loops, it blocks the pockets, making them unusable. This organizer’s setup and fold-down process are lengthy and tedious, almost making it not worth doing.

  • Brand ‎Jiami Home
  • Model N/A
  • Size 22.4 in L x 17.3 in W x 10.2 in H

Three-rod wrap straps

Three compartments and ten mesh pockets

Durable oxford polyester fabric

Two securing straps


Mesh pockets behind rod straps

No lid

Tedious to collapse

How We Selected The Products 

When choosing the best car trunk organizers, we considered the amount of space available. Each organizer needed to fit in your car trunk when opened up. Construction quality and durability were number one on our list because it’s important that the organizer withstands heavy use and is built to last. Finally, we looked for features that would make using the organizer easier. These features included compartments, securing straps, lockable lids, and non-skid bottoms. 

Our product selections, rankings, and awards for this story are based on research. While we haven’t conducted real-world testing on all of these products yet, we’ve looked at consumer testimonials and data, tutorials, and general discussions on social media and in forums. We also consider price and specification in the context of the segment. And, of course, we rely on our institutional knowledge of the automotive landscape to weed out weak products.

Buying Guide/What to Look For 

The cheapest car trunk organizer isn’t always the best solution. Instead, look for one that has structure and internal support. It should have plenty of compartments to keep you organized while also having enough large space for versatility. Durable construction is key for long useful life and functional performance. Choose an organizer that fits the size of your trunk and the types of items that you want to put in it. 

What to Consider When Buying Car Trunk Organizers

Types of Car Trunk Organizers


This is the most popular type of trunk organizer because it’s easily portable and convenient. They come in both soft and hard-sided versions. When comparing collapsible organizers, look at how easy it is to fold down and how small it becomes. High-quality organizers have straps or buckles that secure them in the folded position. They also have an option to partially open the organizer so you can set it up as you need it. The biggest challenge with this type is that some low-quality organizers lack the necessary support for them to stand up on their own when not loaded. 


These organizers are durable and protective, looking more like a trunk or chest. The majority of hard-shell organizers have a lid, making them stackable. Some are collapsible, which is nice because you can tuck them away when not using them. Look for one with handles so you can easily carry the box to and from your trunk. The downfall of this type of organizer is that they tend to lack securing straps or a non-slip bottom. Look for one with a rubberized bottom or one with Velcro strips. A unique feature of this type is that you can lock them, making it possible to protect the items in your trunk. 


These organizers have a shallow depth of a few inches. They are typically made of a hard material like plastic. Around the outside of the tray is a raised edge, and most have raised dividers to create compartments in the tray. These shallow organizers are nice when you just want to keep things from sliding. They work best for bottles, boxes, and anything that has its own support to stay upright. If you transport liquid or anything wet, then these trays will protect your car trunk and keep any spilled liquids contained. The drawback of tray organizers is that they are bulky and don’t fold down, so you are stuck with them taking up the floor space of your trunk. 

Car Trunk Organizer Key Features


The most durable and reliable trunk organizers are made from rugged and tough materials. Ballistic, oxford, and a high denier number are all good signs that you chose an organizer with a durable fabric. These fabrics have a tight weave and are abrasion-resistant and high-quality. Look for reinforced stitching at the stress points. This prevents the organizer from bursting at the seams when you fill it. Hard PVC or plastic reinforcements are also good because they provide additional support and protection. The hardware should be ABS plastic or even metal. This helps to keep the organizer secured in place. Finishing touches are also nice, like durable elastic straps, webbing, and strong Velcro. 

Stability and Security 

The whole point of having a trunk organizer is to keep your trunk free of clutter. Your efforts are pointless if the organizer doesn’t stay upright and in place. The organizer you choose should at least have a non-skid bottom to keep it from sliding around while you’re driving. A step up from this would be one with Velcro or another material that “grips” the carpet in your trunk to keep it from moving. The best solution is an organizer with hooks or straps that secure the organizer in place. Once secured, it won’t slide or tip over. For maximum security, it can also have a lid. This keeps things from falling out and prevents people from looking at what you have in your trunk when you open the trunk lid. 

Compartment Versatility 

Having large open compartments is nice because it makes the organizer more versatile. You can fill the compartments with anything. They should have a wide opening at the top that makes it easy to load the compartments. Your organizer should also have a variety of compartment sizes. This makes it easier to store small and large items separately. That way, the small items don’t get lost in the bottom of the big compartments. Mesh compartments, bungees, and Velcro straps on the outside give you a place to keep items you regularly use and need to grab quickly.  


The trunk organizer that you buy needs to be large enough to hold everything you need. The overall size and the individual compartments should comfortably hold everything without overflowing or bursting at the seams. It also needs to be small enough to fit in your trunk comfortably. If you plan to have a portable organizer, it needs to be small and light enough for you to lift and carry it. Additionally, consider the size of the organizer when it’s folded down. Some can become an almost flat square that you can easily tuck in a compartment or under your seat. 

Car Trunk Organizer Tips and Tricks

As with something you do for decades upon decades, you pick up a few tips and tricks along the way in terms of selecting the right product, and/or using it. That’s the case with us and car trunk organizers. To help you bridge the information gap, here’s a selection of what we’ve learned along the way.

  • If you carry liquids, look for an organizer with a waterproof liner. This will contain any leaks and prevent your trunk from becoming a mess. 
  • Consider having more than one organizer for your car trunk. You could have one for emergency items and another for groceries, shopping, or hobby equipment. 
  • Categorize the items in your trunk organizer by type and use. This helps to keep your organizer tidy and lets you make the most of your available space. 


Q: Are trunk organizers worth it?

Having a trunk organizer is definitely worth it. There are plenty of options that will fit perfectly into your trunk while providing plenty of storage. Look for one with compartments and pockets to stay organized.

Q: What should I keep in my trunk organizer?

In addition to whatever you’re carrying in your trunk, you should also keep emergency tools in your organizer. These include jumper cables, duct tape, 72-hour kit, first aid kit, flashlight, multi-tool, and tire pressure gauge.

Q: How do you keep your trunk organizer from sliding?

Look for an organizer that comes with a non-skid bottom or has straps that you can attach to your car’s trunk. Some high-quality organizers have Velcro on the bottom, securing the organizer to the rug lining in the trunk.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best car trunk organizer is the High Road Large Trunk Organizer for Cars, with its compartment versatility, zippered pockets, and durable construction. 

For an affordable alternative, the Fortem Car Trunk Organizer is impressive with its removable dividers, folding ability, and six color options.

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