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Getting your vehicle cleaned to perfection (or nearly so) is a great source of pride for many car owners, and…

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The Best Car Wash Brush: Keep Your Car Clean | Autance © The Best Car Wash Brush: Keep Your Car Clean | Autance
Best Choice Mothers Long Handled Brush Mothers Long Handled Brush
Premium Pick DOCAZOO Car Wash Brush Extension Pole DOCAZOO Car Wash Brush Extension Pole
Best Value Chemical Guys Short Handle Car Brush Chemical Guys Short Handle Car Brush

Getting your vehicle cleaned to perfection (or nearly so) is a great source of pride for many car owners, and doing it right can keep your ride in good condition for years to come. However, finding the right car wash brush for each area can be tough. Each area has different needs, so finding a good one can make all the difference in the finish you get, but there are also some basic features you’ll want to look for no matter what kind of brush you need. Whether you’re looking for a brush to get the grime out of your wheels, or you need a longer brush to reach the roof without straining your back and neck, we’ve got you covered. Below, we list the best car brushes on the market as well as provide a complete guide that tells you everything you need to know about your new purchase.

The Best Car Wash Brush

Hitting the top spot on our list is this soft car wash brush from Mothers. This brush is designed for wells and wheels but, with a longer handle than most similar brushes, it can be used almost anywhere on your vehicle. The soft bristles mean that you can use this without fear of scratches or scrapes, and the rubber bumper helps you focus on getting your car clean, not avoiding any accidental scrapes and marks.
This is a long-handled car wash brush that should be comfortable to use because the handle allows you to reach into almost any tight space with the brush’s compact head, and it also comes with an ergonomic, non-slip grip to help you get the leverage you need to wipe away those stubborn bits of dirt.

Key Features
  • Non-slip grip
  • Extra-long handle
  • Soft bristled
  • Protective bumper
  • Brand Mothers
  • Model 155800
  • Weight 12 ounces

Perfect for getting into tight spaces

Soft bristles ensure no scratches

Bumper around the bristles protect your car


Longer handle can make it awkward to reach some spaces

Best Short-Handled Brush

This little brush might not reach as far as the others on this list, but its compact size and shape, as well as its feathered bristles, make it a great option for making wheels and brightwork shine, especially in tight spots. We’re particularly enthused by how dense the bristles appear to be, and as customers have reported, which helps suds and lather where they’re needed to get dirt off of.
Carcarez’s low price point also makes this brush an excellent value pick if you can only justify one brush in your garage.

Key Features
  • Compact Composite Handle
  • Soft, feathered bristles
  • 9 inches long
  • Brand Carcarez
  • Model BR_1200_GRY
  • Weight 6 ounces

Compact and easy to maneuver around wheels and trim pieces

Soft, feathered bristles hold soap well

Excellent value


Short handle means cleaning difficult-to-reach spots could be a challenge

Most Versatile Choice

Another great car wash broom with flow-through capabilities, this option from Carrand features a three-sided brush head that can access tighter spaces than some of the other flow-through options we’ve seen. With an aluminum extension pole and harder bristles, this brush gives you the scrubbing power you need.
This option will make short work of your initial cleaning but take care when using it on the more delicate parts of your vehicle. The stiff bristles are designed for removing tough stains but can damage delicate paint finishes if you scrub too vigorously. To avoid scratches and scrapes, try to keep a light hand during use and you’ll find that this is one of the best car wash brush options for larger vehicles.

Key Features
  • Telescopic pole
  • 3-sided bristles
  • Flow-through pole
  • Brand Carrand
  • Model 93072
  • Weight 1.6 ounces

Three-sided bristles cleans at all angles

Can be used to clean taller, wider vehicles


Bristles can be too harsh for some finishes

Hose connector reportedly leaks

Best Budget Flow-Through

Another option that features a flow-through pole is the Extend-A-Flo from Ettore. Amazon customers rate the brush very highly thanks to its ergonomic grip and integrated shut-off valve for greater water flow control.
The soft-bristled head is perfect for working all over your vehicle, but be aware that the bristles may be considered too soft for those tougher spots and the 10-inch head may be too bulky for some hard-to-reach spots. Still, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable flow-through car wash brush that can make short work of even the largest vehicles.

Key Features
  • Telescopic, flow-through pole
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Integrated shut-off valve
  • Brand Ettore
  • Model 59072
  • Weight 1.5 pounds

Built-in valve allows for easy water control

Soft bristles are suitable for work across the vehicle

More reasonable than other flow-through choices


Bristles may be too soft for heavier dirt and debris

1o-inch brush head may be too large for some tight quarters

Another great choice that has proven popular with buyers is this soft brush with an extension pole from DocaPole. With a colossal 12-foot reach, this is a great choice for those with very large vehicles like trucks, vans, and RVs. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee and customers speak highly of the brand’s customer service, for added peace of mind.
The soft bristles are designed to work well over paintwork without fear of scratching and many buyers have even found use for it cleaning their home siding and other hard-to-reach places around their homes as well. You should be aware, however, that the head of this item is fairly small, meaning that you’re likely to be taking a much longer time to get your car sparkling clean.

Key Features
  • Soft bristles
  • Telescopic pole
  • Lifetime guarantee included
  • Brand DocaPole
  • Model 5-12 Foot Pole
  • Weight 3.2 pounds

Excellent customer service is quick to respond to queries and complaints

The soft bristles won’t scratch or damage your vehicle

Small head can get into narrow, hard-to-reach areas

Brush head can be replaced with other larger models.


Small brush size can increase cleaning time

Not a flow-through design like many other telescopic options

Best Replacement Brush Head

If you’re looking for a replacement car wash brush head, you can’t go wrong with this brush head from Weiler. The replacement head is highly rated from customers on Amazon and compatible with all screw-top poles, ensuring you don’t have extra poles lying around your garage. And given it can detach from a pole, you could use it as a hand-held brush for when you need to give your car some closer attention.
Weiler designed the bristles to be soft, allowing you to use the brush over almost every surface on your car, but they can also do good work on tough grime on tires and rubber trim as well. The bristles aren’t spaced as close together as on other models, meaning you won’t get as big of a lather going, which some buyers noted. Still, even though the bristles are spaced farther apart, they should last longer than others.

Key Features
  • Brush head only
  • Polystyrene bristles
  • Brand Weiler Corporation
  • Model 73146
  • Weight 1 Pound

Foam block and rubber bumper limit risk of damage to your vehicle

Bristles last longer than most other brands


Bristled are placed a little farther apart than others

Cannot be used with flow-through booms

If you need a tough car wash brush to handle the heavy-duty work, this is the brush you should be looking at. Featuring an aircraft-grade aluminum handle and medium hardness bristles, Star Brite’s brush is aimed at really displacing those tough stains and dirt spots on your vehicle. The brush also floats, which makes it excellent if you’re looking for a tool that’ll serve double-duty in the garage and on the dock.
While most customers were impressed with this brush’s cleaning power, some users have noticed that the brush and handle can separate after heavy use. But if you’re looking for the kind of brush that will really sort out stains and grime, this is the brush for you.

Key Features
  • Medium stiffness/hardness
  • Telescopic handle
  • High density bristles
  • Brand Star Brite
  • Model 040192
  • Weight 2.3 Pounds

Ideal for shifting tougher dirt and debris

Soft enough to avoid the risk of scratches to your vehicle

Entire brush floats


Push-in handle and brush combination can separate at times

How We Selected the Products

After finding the brushes that buyers rate the highest, we applied our know-how and experience from washing our own cars to find the very best choices. We know that a well-maintained car is a clean car and that washing your car properly is more than a chore, it is an act of love and appreciation. When selecting brushes, we worked to find the ones that made washing your car both easier, more enjoyable, and from the brands we trust, because that’s what we’re after, too.

What to Look for in a Car Wash Brush


The first factor that you should consider when looking at car wash brushes is size. A smaller brush head is good for getting into wheels, wheel wells, and other narrow and awkward spaces, but it will make washing the whole car an all-day affair.

But brush head size isn’t everything. Short-handled brushes give you control and leverage for the tougher stains. Longer handles and telescopic options are better for larger vehicles like trucks and RVs, and can even make all the difference for shorter individuals washing normal-sized cars as well.


Before purchasing your wash brush, check the images and reviews, as well as the descriptions for the ideal bristles. Too soft, and you’ll find yourself working harder to remove tough stains, too hard and they may damage your vehicle’s paintwork.

Where they’re placed will matter, too. A multi-sided brush head can be a great help in tight spots like around the wing mirrors and between wheel spokes. Denser, softer bristles can be good for soaking up suds, while a less dense brush might make your work a little more difficult.


The two major features that can turn a car wash brush from simply a tool to an indefensible part of your car wash routine are flow-through, telescopic, and ergonomic handles. Some brushes come with just one or two of these features while others come with all three, so shop carefully to find the brush that has all the features you’re looking for.

 A flow-through handle brings the water to the brush with a hose hook-up at the end and nozzles integrated into the brush. This keeps the freshwater coming, meaning that you won’t have to keep reaching into a bucket of dirty water.

And a telescopic handle gives you the flexibility of a shorter brush for when you need to get up close and a much longer one for cleaning hard-to-reach spots like the center of the roof. An ergonomic handle is designed to keep you comfortable while you wash, so wrist or hand strain doesn’t get in the way when you’re spending all day washing your car. If you wash cars for a living, a handle that protects your hands and arms from injury or fatigue can be make-or-break.

Best Car Wash Brush FAQ:

Q: Can car brushes scratch paint?

A: Most specialist car brushes are designed to minimize the risk of scratches and damage to your vehicle. However, if you don’t take care to rinse off the worst dirt and mud before you get brushing, or you find yourself with tough, stiff bristles, then there still is a chance you can end up with some scratches.
Instead, opt for soft or medium bristles – and try to give your car a good rinse first – to avoid the risk of abrasive bits of road debris being scratched across your vehicle.

Q: How do I choose the correct wash brush size?

A: The correct size depends entirely on what area of the car you’re looking to clean. If you need a good all-rounder, then it may be best to opt for a medium-sized brush head that can work over larger areas without any extra effort from yourself but can also fit into tighter spaces. Of course, smaller brushes will be more effective at getting into those tougher spots, while larger brush sizes will cause your cleaning to be done within minutes. Think about the size of your vehicle and the time you’re willing to spend on cleaning your car before buying your brush, and you’ll be sure to choose the correct size for your needs.

Q: Why should I go with a wash brush over a regular sponge?

A: While a sponge is perfect for giving your car a general wipe down after cleaning, it’s the wash brush that will help to remove more stubborn stains and patches of dirt. A sponge-down is no replacement for a repetitive scrubbing with a good wash brush, which will leave your car in shape for a less thorough wipe-down later on.

Our Top Pick

We love Mothers’ Long Handled Brush because it really helps you to get into the tightest spaces and toughest spots – without any risk of damaging your vehicle. The extra soft bristles still do an amazing job of shifting the worst dirt and debris without too much hassle, and the ergonomic grip means you can work on those stubborn areas without feeling the strain.

This is easily the best car wash brush on the market because it can be used almost anywhere on your car. Meanwhile, the rubber bumper ensures that there is no risk of scratching your paintwork while you clean. It comes at an affordable price and offers great value for money, too.

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