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It’s a matter of fact that every car owner loves to maintain their vehicles in their best condition. Washing your car once in a while will not only keep it clean but also avoid certain damages to its exteriors. Car wash soap is something that every car owner should have.  You may always have a…

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Best Car Wash Soaps – Buying Guide and Reviews | Autance © Best Car Wash Soaps – Buying Guide and Reviews | Autance

It’s a matter of fact that every car owner loves to maintain their vehicles in their best condition. Washing your car once in a while will not only keep it clean but also avoid certain damages to its exteriors. Car wash soap is something that every car owner should have.  You may always have a choice to take your car to a car wash, but if you love your car then you may rather want to take care of it yourself. Also, not everyone can always afford the expenses of car wash services. Above all, cleaning your car manually with soap comes with many benefits that the machines at car wash shops can’t possibly deliver.

In this article, we provide a lot of information related to car wash soaps. If you are new to car wash soaps, we suggest you read from the beginning to the end but if you already have some knowledge, feel free to use the below navigation menu. We also prepare a comparison table to give you the clear and informative comparison between each type of car wash soaps.



Further information

- Brand: Aero Cosmetics
- Weight: 10.65 pounds
- Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 11 inches
- Best waterless car wash
- Highly performance
- Eco-Friendly
- Brand: Chemical Guys
- Weight: 4.5 pounds
- Dimension: 9 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches
- High lubricity
- Color brightening formula
- Brand: Turtle Wax
- Weight: 13 pounds
- Dimension: 6 x 3 x 11 inches
- No white residue or streak left
- Eco-friendly and safe
- Affordable
- Brand: Chemical Guys
- Weight: 1.1 pounds
- Dimension: 3.9 x 2.4 x 15.8 inches
- Safe for all surface
- Sweet candy scent
- Brand: Griot's Garage
- Weight: 4.5 pounds
- Product dimension: 6.5 x 2.8 x 8.8 inches
- Streak-free outcomes
- Safe on all types of paint finishes
- Brand: MEGUIAR'S
- Weight: 12.3 ounces
- Dimension: 10.2 x 5.5 x 3.4 inches
- Premium formula
- Safe and biodegradable ingredients.
- Brand: Mothers
- Weight: 2.35 pounds
- Dimension: 2.3 x 5.2 x 7.5 inches
- Super-sudsy formula
- Long-lasting benefit
- Brand: Chemical Guys
- Weight: 9.1 pounds
- Dimension: 11.8 x 4.9 x 7.9 inches
- Highly concentrated formula.
- Fresh and natural honeydew scent
- Brand: Adam's Polishes
- Weight: 8.8 pounds
- Dimension: 9.6 x 7 x 4.8 inches
- Concentrated formula
- Gentle and safe for all surface

Benefits of Using Car Wash Soaps

Save Money

Manually washing your car with car wash soap can save you a lot of money.  You can get a gallon of conventional car wash shampoo at the cost of a single car wash. Car wash soaps are generally concentrated and only one or two caps of soap are needed in 2 to 5 gallons of water. One bottle or gallon of car wash soap can last for months.

Keep Car Clean

Washing your car is more effective when you do it yourself as you can see the dirtiest spots and focus more on cleaning those parts, which is not possible in a car wash service.

Retain Resale value

Many high-end car wash shampoos available on the market are formulated to enhance the finish of your car, and make it look as new as always, hence maintaining its value if in case you are planning on selling it.

As car soaps and shampoos play a vital role in maintaining your car’s paint, you must purchase the right product. With numerous car cleaning products available on the market, most people find it difficult to decide which car soap will be best for their vehicle. But you need not worry because we are here to help you. By considering some significant aspects and analyzing the demands of various customers we have prepared a complete buying guide for car wash soaps and also reviewed the 10 best car cleaning products available right now.

Important Features to Consider While Buying Car Wash Soaps

Given below are some of the most essential factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a car wash product.

Types of Car Wash Soaps

Generally, there are four types of car wash soaps. You can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

  • Car Wash Soap and Conditioner

It’s a mixture of car cleansing chemicals and conditioner. While the soap helps in removing dirt, the conditioner gives shine to the paintwork.

  • Car Wash Soap and Wax

With wax included in it, you don’t have to spend extra time in waxing your car. The wax will give an additional layer of protection to the paint. If you reside in a region with an extremely hot climate then it’s a great option. However, polishing your car is mandatory after waxing.

  • Traditional Car Wash Soap

The traditional soap has no extras in it. With some foaming and cleansing agents, it’s generally used in cleaning the car surface. The soap might be colored or scented though.

  • Rinse-free Car Wash Soap.

With the waterless car wash soap, you don’t have to rinse the car’s surface with water after application. All you need to do is spray the soap and buff it to dry it off. This type of soap is ideal for areas with water restrictions.


Another crucial factor to consider is the concentration of the car wash shampoo. Always keep in mind that a gallon of concentrated wash soap is more effective than a gallon of its diluted version.

Since it’s merely possible to estimate the concentration of each product, you can check the manufacturer’s dilution guidelines. The more water it can be diluted with, the more concentrated is the soap and the longer will it last.  One ounce of soap per gallon of water is a good ratio.

Foam Type

Car wash soaps may either produce heavy or light foam. We would recommend soaps that produce thick lather because they are more effective in releasing dirt and other contaminants on the car paintwork.

Once the soap is applied, the dirt will lose its contact with the surface and the foam will automatically capture it. You won’t have to scrub it off, hence risking no damage to the surface.

However, if your soap is unable to produce thick foam, the dirt won’t be released from the surface as efficiently and you may have to scrub it vigorously, which could leave scratches behind.


Depending on what delights you most, you can choose a car wash shampoo that gives your car any of the two effects.

  • Glossy Finish

If you wish to retain the glossy effect on your car, make sure the soap comprises synthetic gloss enhancers. Car wash soap with a conditioner is particularly formulated to bring out the gloss by enhancing its shine and making the surface of your vehicle look sleek and radiant.

  • Matte Finish

Cars with matte paint reflect lesser light, making them better at hiding surface blemishes.  The matte effect is ideal for car owners who plan on keeping the same vehicle for years. In this case, you can go for a dedicated matte car wash shampoo.

Some Specs of the Best Car Wash Soaps

Given below are some of the basic features of the top-selling car wash soaps.

PH Balanced

PH level refers to the alkalinity and acidity level of the soap. A slightly alkaline formula might be better as it breaks up the dirt more effectively.  However, a shampoo with a very low or high pH level could erode your vehicle’s paintwork, wax, and coat. To be at the safe side, we would suggest a car wash soap that has a neutral formula with slight alkalinity.


Car wash soaps should be eco-friendly. It will not make any difference to your vehicle, but as it’s intended to end up in the trench, in the long run, it might have a great impact on the environment. Make sure that the chemicals in the soap you use are biodegradable. Also, ensure that the shampoo doesn’t cause any health hazards.


Some soap leave behind water spots, swirls or streaks on the surface. This can be disastrous for the paintwork as the streaks will make your car appear dirty even after a good wash. Look for those soaps that claim to be spot and streak resistant. They are quick-drying and won’t leave unwanted swirls or water spots.

Odorless or sweet-Scented

Some car wash shampoos may have pungent odors that most buyers don’t prefer. Especially if you suffer from any respiratory condition or allergies you may not want to use something you are uncomfortable with. You can either buy an odorless soap or the one with berry, candy or lemon scent might be pleasant for you.

Value for Money and Extras

Make sure that the product you buy is worth its price. The amount you are paying for the car wash shampoo should be comparable to the quantity you are getting. Also, the soap should do exactly what it’s intended for. Some manufacturers even offer additional towels or wipes with their products. You can look for such brands if you wish to save some bucks.

Top Best Soaps to Wash a Car

1. Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All Car Wash Kit

Wash your car anytime anywhere with the Wash Wax All waterless car wash shampoo. It’s a high-quality, biodegradable, aircraft-grade two in one car wash product. Not only it cleans, but it also protects the surface of your car. Simply spray it on the dirty spot and wipe dry for water-free washing. The Wash Wax All works great on Motorcycle, RV, Car, and Boat. With its unique waterless formula, it’s also the best car interior cleaner available on the market right now.

Features and Benefits

  • It can either be used as a waterless wash or you can spray it after wet washing, for protection.
  • The soap gently cleans and leaves behind a nonstick UV defensive layer.
  • It includes 16oz formula in a gallon, a spray bottle and 4 Aero Microfiber towel for convenience. With one full gallon, you can wash your car around 37 times and 57 times for waxing after a wet wash.
  • Eco-Friendly, water-based biodegradable formula with no alcohol or ammonia.

2. Chemical Guys Extreme Bodywash and Wax

The Extreme Bodywash with wax car wash shampoo was precisely formulated to bring out the shine and brightness on the surface of an old car similar to that of the new cars sitting at the showroom. The sleek car wash shampoo with color brightening technology gently removes grime, dirt, road film, dust, and grease from the surface, while the synthetic wax blended in the soap leaves behind a thin layer of protection.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum foam expansion technology delivers heavy foam for precise but gentle cleaning without scratching or damaging the existing wax.
  • High lubricity compound for easy cleaning.
  • Ultra concentrate shampoo ensures value for money with high performance.
  • Color brightening formula with two different waxes offers a showroom shine. The Carnauba wax acts as nature’s sunscreen and protects against UV rays, while the synthetic man-made wax enhances durability

3. Turtle Wax ICE Wash and Wax

Turtle Wax ICE Wash and Wax with a smart shield technology features the most advanced polymer engineering to maximize and improve car care outcomes. Layers of interlocking man-made polymers create an invisible barrier to deliver exceptional weatherproof protection and shine. The soap is formulated with carnauba wax, making it the best car shampoo and wax at the most affordable rate. This car exterior cleaner is ideal for routine cleaning whenever your vehicle needs a wash.

Features and Benefits

  • Smart Shield Technology and carnauba wax offer better protection and deep reflective shine to the surface.
  • No white residue or streak is left behind after wash.
  • Buffing isn’t necessary as the soap produces heavy foam when mixed with water.
  • A biodegradable formula that is eco-friendly and safe.
  • Most affordable car wash shampoo with wax.

4. Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Car Wash Shampoo

Mr. Pink by Chemical Guys is the fan-favorite maintenance car wash soap that is hard on dirt, yet precisely gentle on wax and sealant coatings. It creates tons of sudsy bubbles that gently lift and lubricate grime and dirt off the surface of your car for a scratch-free and smooth wash. It’s an ideal option if you are looking for a reliable detailing shampoo for your car. Due to its high-level foam producing formula, Mr. Pink is perfect for foam guns and foam cannons.

Features and Benefits

  • The pH-balanced formula is safe for all types of paint finishes and other exterior automobile parts like glass, polished metals, and even rubber, and vinyl trim.
  • Super suds shampoo features an advanced foaming technology that provides heavy foam for an extra-slick wash.
  • It won’t leave behind spots.
  • The soap delivers a clean surface every time.
  • Sweet candy scent for user comfort.

5. Griot’s Garage Brilliant Finish Car Wash

 As its name implies, the Brilliant Finish Car Wash has unbeatable brightness enhancers in its formula to provide a super glossy finish. The car wash shampoo not only effectively cleans your car, but also positively impacts its finish by preventing streaks while drying and adding a pop to the finish. Its pH balanced formula retains the existing sealant and wax coat on your vehicle’s paint, making it ideal for routine washing.

Features and Benefits

  • PH-balanced formula to smoothly lift dirt & grime off the surface without scratching.
  • Streak-free outcomes with every wash.
  • Special brighteners enrich the paint of your car.
  • Only 1oz of Brilliant Finish Car Wash per gallon of water produces a concentrated solution to generate a heavy and slick lather.
  • It’s safe on all types of paint finishes.

6. MEGUIAR’S Gold Car Wash Shampoo

Designed for both cleaning and conditioning car exterior in one easy step, Meguiar’s Gold Class car wash is the most vibrant and luxurious car wash shampoo with conditioner available on the market. The premium formula gently glides away bugs, road grime, tough dirt, and dust without compromising the wax coating. Its ultra-rich conditioner clears debris on the paint to reveal its initial color, leaving your car looking radiant as new.

Features and Benefits

  • Two applications in one product. It cleans the car and conditions its surface.
  • Premium formula delivers rich suds that gently foams away tough debris without affecting the paint job.
  • The advanced formula ensures clean results without affecting wax protection.
  • Ultra-rich conditioner offers a glossy effect on the surface.
  • Safe and biodegradable ingredients.

7. Mothers California Gold Car Wash

Mothers California Gold Car Wash shampoo is a cost-effective package with a highly concentrated formula that is powerful enough to remove the toughest road film, dirt, bugs, bird droppings, and airborne pollutants.  It’s pH-balanced and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that may damage your car’s wax protection or make the paint dull. If you are planning on buying a high-quality but affordable conventional car wash soap for routine cleaning then this is just the right product for you.

Features and Benefits

  • Carefully balanced pH for powerful cleaning and maintenance to avoid dulling paint. It won’t harm the paint even when used continuously.
  • The soap has a super-sudsy formula that ensures spotless wash without scratches or streaks on your car.
  • Designed to improve the shine without eliminating wax coating.
  • Regular use gives a long-lasting advantage to your car.
  • It works great on all paint finishes.

8. Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam

If you are looking for the maximum foam producing shampoo for your foam gun or foam cannon to take your car washing experience to the next level by executing a touch-less car wash then the Honeydew Snow Foam by Chemical Guys is the ultimate car wash shampoo for you. The bright green shampoo is designed to produce thick suds that stick to the surface and pull out the dirt from the vehicle without scratching the surface.

Features and Benefits

  • Snow foam removes the toughest grime, dirt and other environmental contaminants with an immense amount of super-slick suds.
  • Safe on all automobile surfaces including car paint, rubber, metal, glass, vinyl, and plastics.
  • Can be used on all type of automobiles including cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, SUVs, and more
  • It’s a highly concentrated formula. 5 gallons of water need only one cap of the liquid soap to generate billions of microscopic bubbles.
  • PH balanced shampoo won’t damage sealants or waxes on your automobile and is safe for weekly routine washes.
  • Fresh and natural honeydew scent for enjoyable washing.
  • Perfect for two bucket method, foam cannon or touch-less wash.

9. Adam’s Auto detailing  Car Wash Shampoo

Adam’s car shampoo is another car cleaning product with a highly concentrated formula that produces a huge amount of ultra-slick suds in only a few drops and rinses clean every time for a streak-free finish without leaving any scratches or water spots behind.  It’s a pH neutral formula, featuring a blend of high-quality lubricants and surfactants to safely and effectively remove debris, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants from your car.

Features and Benefits

  • Concentrated formula that creates more suds for touch-less washing. It won’t strip the existing sealants or wax coats.
  • PH neutral formula is gentle and safe on all paint finishes and vehicle surfaces including metal, glass, vinyl, and rubber.
  • Deep blue shade and wild berry fragrance make car washing more delightful.
  • Ultra-slick formula eliminates the chances of streaks or swirls.

FAQs about Car Wash Soaps

Q. Can I use dish soap or detergent to wash my car?

A. No, we would never recommend washing your car with dish soap or detergent. The chemicals in traditional dish soap and detergents can scrape the polymers of your car’s paintwork.

Q. How often should I wash my car with soap?

A. It depends on some factors like driving routine, location, parking area, and weather. In ideal conditions, we would suggest you wash your car once or twice a month. However, in other adverse conditions that include frequent driving routine, rainy weather, or polluted location, you should consider washing your car at least once a week.

Q. What is the difference between a car wash shampoo and soap?

A. There is no difference. These are only two different terms used to describe car wash products.

Q. Can I wash my car with a pressure washer?

A. Yes, you can use a pressure washer to wash your car. However, too much pressure can cause damage to the paint. Make sure the pressure washer you use is suitable for car washing.

Q. What other accessories do I need while washing my car with soap?

A. Some of the basic things that you will need for washing your vehicle are car wash soap, water, buckets, hose, and foam gun, washing mitt or sponges, and drying towels.

Q. Can I use normal bath towels for drying my car?

A. No. Bath towels might leave lint on the surface that can scratch the paint job. Use only chenille or microfiber towels.

Q. Can car wash soap be toxic?

A. Most car wash soaps are safe. However, look out for ingredients such as quaternary ammonium compounds, perchloroethylene, ammonia, and phosphate or triclosan surfactants. These compounds are toxic.


We hope now you have much more idea about car wash soaps than when you first visited here and you are ready to buy your first car wash soap. We want to make it clear that all the car wash products that we have reviewed have been picked only after careful analysis and research. All of them are loved and trusted by thousands of customers. Each shampoo has a unique set of specs so you can choose the one that best suits your conditions.

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