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Picture the scene. You’re cutting logs like any other day, when, without even having time to think, you look down…

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The Best Chainsaw Chaps (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Chainsaw Chaps (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Husqvarna Technical Apron-Wrap Chainsaw Chaps Husqvarna Technical Apron-Wrap Chainsaw Chaps
Premium Pick STIHL 36-Inch Protective Apron Chainsaw Chaps STIHL 36-Inch Protective Apron Chainsaw Chaps
Best Value The Best Chainsaw Chaps (Review) in 2022 Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Picture the scene. You’re cutting logs like any other day, when, without even having time to think, you look down to see your leg gushing with blood. At that moment, your next few days are decided for you – an expensive trip to the emergency room for stitches followed by several days of moping and lying around. And that’s if you’re lucky. Whether you’ve started reading this buying guide as you’re looking for a chainsaw chap upgrade, are keen to avoid getting hurt again, or have heard enough horror stories that they’ve scared you into shopping around, well done – you’re taking your safety seriously.

Now that you’ve taken the bold first step of deciding to invest in your safety, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve done the rest of the work for you. In this buying guide we’ve compiled together the top chainsaw chaps available. In this diverse selection with products suited for every weather and taste, you’re bound to find the one for you. Yet even if none of the products below tickle your fancy, be sure to keep looking. Otherwise, it could be you stuck in an emergency room for hours on end.

The Best Chainsaw Chaps

Husqvarna has been producing gear buyers can count on for 300 years, and its Technical Apron Wrap Chap is no exception. These chaps are made from tough 1000 denier polyester with PVC coating. And this protection is enhanced by the Tek Wrap protective layers that follow suit. Their toughness is confirmed by being UL certified – they meet specific, defined requirements nationally recognized by UL’s Standards for Safety catalog.  

As far as comfort is concerned, eight straps in total – three on the lower leg and one higher up for each leg – won’t bother the worker in the slightest. In fact, most users admit that they forget the straps are even there! Plus, these 40 to 42-inch chaps are full length, so they’ll also protect your ankles.

Key Features
  • Made from 1000 Denier Polyester with PVC coating
  • Tek Warp Protective layers will keep you safe on the job
  • Product is UL Certified
  • Waist Size can be adjusted to 42 inches
  • Durable construction looks brand new even after lots of use
  • Brand Husqvarna
  • Model 587160705
  • Weight 2 pounds

Want to blend in with the trees? Forester’s Chainsaw Safety Chaps have all the features. With their cool camo-colored design, the manufacturers have thought long and hard about how to make their product best suited for the average worker. And these chaps are even designed to accommodate the not-so-average worker too – guys over six-foot can enjoy the chaps thanks to the flip adjustment belt.

There’s nothing worse than walking around in wet clothes all day, and Forester knows it all too well. That’s why it designed these chaps to successfully withstand oil and water damage. And if you want some breathing space when on the job, then the adjustable straps are incredibly easy to take on and off.

Key Features
  • Apron style safety chaps include large side pocket and flip adjustment belt for secure fit
  • Product is durable and lightweight to facilitate flexibility
  • Chaps suitable for all heights
  • Inexpensive chainsaw chaps meet ASTM F1897-2014 39JY requirements
  • Brand Forester
  • Weight 2.14 pounds

Having confidence is essential to do your job well, and STIHL’s 36-Inch Protective Apron Chain Saw Chaps will provide it in spades. Six layers of resilient cut retardant material will stop any chainsaw in its tracks. Grateful users have shared horror stories about their close calls with chainsaw blades and how the chaps stopped the chain every time.

Due to STIHL’s prestigious reputation these chaps are a little pricier than most. But what you’ll receive for your money is quality. This quality is displayed through the chaps’ lightweight construction, their skintight fit, and the open back design.

Key Features
  • Includes deep cargo pocket for extra storage
  • Made from six layers of protective cut retardant material
  • Lightweight chaps make working easier in hot weather
  • Bright orange color suited for nighttime work
  • Brand Stihl
  • Model 0000 886 3202
  • Weight 2.6 pounds

Forester’s Trimmer Safety Chaps are simply excellent for weed trimming in shorts. Disclaimer: these safety chaps are not intended for chainsaw protection, so if you’re looking for solid protection against serious cuts then read about the other products in this buying guide. Instead, Forester’s Trimmer Safety Chaps aim to reduce cuts and green legs caused by flying debris.

The trousers come in a florescent ‘safety green’, so from dawn to dusk you’ll be visible to your buddies. Plus, this color will make the grass stains less visible. And if the color isn’t enough to hide the grassy stains, when you finish for the day simply fling your trusty chaps in the washer. Don’t worry, the chaps won’t lose any of their ruggedness in the process. Lightweight and durable, trimming will be so much more enjoyable with its heavy-duty zippers at hand.

Key Features
  • Fluorescent safety green chaps ideal for working at dusk
  • Heavy-duty zipper closures guard items and protect user
  • Designed for use with trimmers
  • Product is washable without losing properties
  • Trimmer chaps allow for plenty of room in back of legs to breathe
  • Brand Forester
  • Weight 1.65 pounds

Husqvarna are back and better than ever. This time around, their Chain Saw Apron Chaps are the product to beat. Meeting all ANSI, ASTM, and OSHA regulations, these ‘apron chaps’ have a 600 Denier outer shell to save your lower legs from nasty cuts. What’s more, the chaps contain five layers of Kevmalimot yellow line protective material. This way, if the chainsaw makes it past the outer layer, it shouldn’t make it past the other five!

Available in both grey, blue, and black, customers affirm that these apron chaps are reasonably comfortable to wear all day and can be adjusted depending on your weight and height. If you’re going to buy something that could potentially be life-threatening, Husqvarna always delivers.

Key Features
  • Product meets ASTM F1897 and ANSI Z133. 1 specifications as well as being UL Certified
  • Available in Blue, Black and Grey
  • Chaps are a lot less money than an ER visit!
  • Can be hand washed without losing any durability
  • Five layers of durable fabric make for great protection
  • Brand Husqvarna
  • Model 531309565
  • Weight 3.06 pounds

Labonville may not be the most hip-happening town in the USA, but the company Labonville have a lot going for it. Initially founded in 1953 by a Canadian couple who crossed the border during the Great Depression, the company started from humble beginnings. Now, this American-based brand are giving back to the people through their durable chaps.

These trousers are made from 1000 Denier Nylon Cordura with Xtra H.D. coating splurged over the outer layer. Underneath, five strong layers of polyester fabric should stop any sprocket from making progress. This cut resistance will ultimately slow and stop the chain. Plus, the pad material will pull into the drive sprocket, jamming it in the process. All Labonville’s products are tested in the harsh north-east – if these chaps can survive the severe weather conditions up there then they can survive any saw that comes their way!

Key Features
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Cut resistance slows down and stops chain entirely
  • Meets OSHA regulation and ANSI Z133.1 specification
  • Made from a durable blend of Kevlar and Polyester fabric
  • Coated with Urethane to prolong lifespan
  • Model 850KPR
  • Weight 2.07 pounds

Eager to get kitted out whilst saving some money at the same time? When buying Forester’s Chain Saw Safety Chaps, you’ll receive a Deluxe Safety Helmet just for good measure! Regarding the chaps, they meet all OSHA and ASTM leg protection requirements and are water and oil resistant. Their sleek outer design will keep a chainsaw moving over your legs (in most cases, that is).

The helmet even has superior ear protection, rendering it suitable for all types of construction jobs. Equipped with a face mast, it makes a worker more confident on the job. Countless positive reviews even praise the helmet for accommodating extra large heads… we’re not here to judge! All in all, it’s a really great set available at a steal.

Key Features
  • Oil and water resistant
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Chaps are lightweight and comfortable to wear whilst working
  • Two durable leg buckles keep straps secure
  • Safety Helmet is designed to be comfortable and robust
  • Brand Forester
  • Weight 3.6 pounds

Whether you’re working in humid, cold, or muggy heat, WoodlandPro’s Chainsaw Safety Chaps have got you covered. These plain camo-green chaps are breathable and wearable in all seasons thanks to their Kevlar fabric which performs excellently in heat. Likewise, the two layers of Kevlar fabric has a good level of stretch, allowing it to fit snugly around different body types. And let’s not forget the two extra layers of polyester felt either!

These chaps are washable by hand – meaning that you can’t get away with letting these chaps get in a mess over time. And they’re so easy to put on and take off that there’s absolutely no excuse not to wear them. Not like there wasn’t an excuse in the first place!

Key Features
  • Inexpensive chaps created with four layers of polyester and Kevlar fabric
  • Chaps will pull apart and clog to stop chainsaw in its tracks
  • Manufactured from nylon 400-denier fabric
  • Product able to be washed by hand
  • UL certified and meets OSHA regulation
  • Brand WoodlandPRO
  • Model 132 GRN RG
  • Weight 2 pounds

Let’s get real for a second; reviewing chainsaw chaps is quite like buying life insurance and commenting on its reliability after having taken it out. Although STIHL don’t necessarily want their 36-Inch Black Protective Chain Saw Chaps reviewed, the users who’ve unfortunately have close-shaves confirm that they’re fit for purpose. Six layers of sewn-in Engtex cut-retardant material make these high-quality chaps as rugged and durable as can be.

Made from 400-denier fabric, the jet-black color of these protective chaps means you won’t get ridiculed by friends and neighbors when out working out the front of the house. They’re lightweight and easy to wear while working, meaning that there’s no reason to work outside without them! Simply adjust all the straps by clasping with them at the front, rotate, and you’re ready to go.

Key Features
  • Made from black 400-denier fabric
  • Contains six layers of sewn-in Engtex cut-retardant material
  • Classified by UL using ASTM Test Method
  • Easy to adjust all the straps – simply clasp all in front and rotate
  • Brand Stihl
  • Model 0797 333 9200
  • Weight 1.95 pounds

Last but certainly not least, Makita’s 38-Inch Chain Saw Chaps are, well, shamelessly orange. There’s just no other way to describe them! But these tangerine-colored chaps are worth their weight in gold. Constructed from polyester reinforced with PVC built, they’re sturdily designed to combat any danger that comes your way.

Due to their generous size, the 38-inch chainsaw chaps are designed to accommodate taller workers unlike many other brands out there who conveniently ignore their existence. What’s more, they’re made comfortably so that their user will wear them at all times – even during extremely warm temperatures. Hurry up and order these chaps before Makita discover how irresistible their product is and up the price!

Key Features
  • 38-Inch Chain Saw chaps offer wide area of protection
  • Constructed from polyester reinforced with PVC build
  • Durable and secure straps keep chaps in place
  • Bright orange aesthetic easily identifiable in dimly lit work areas
  • Brand Makita
  • Model 841008-A
  • Weight 1 pounds

Best Chainsaw Chaps Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying Chainsaw Chaps

We’re proud of you – you’ve finally decided to take your safety seriously and purchase a pair of chainsaw chaps. Problem is though, they all look the exact same. How do you differentiate between the fantastic and the fragile? Ask yourself these three questions below before making your choice and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

  • What type and quality of fabric are my future chainsaw chaps made from?

There has been a classification scheme developed by the EU to rate fabric’s resistance, so their workers have a reliable scale of cut protection to trust in. Class three fabrics (the ones that provide the most resistance) are the ones to beat!

  • How much is the chap’s outer surface able to withstand?

Many workers aren’t aware that the outer surface of a chap is actually the surface that protects you the most. The right coating grants you with the gift of time, as a saw will find it difficult to get past a tough exterior. Look for a chainsaw chap that’s both smooth and durable – preferably coated in PVC.

  • Do you chaps have pockets?

When chopping down trees, there’s always a tool you wish you had on you to make life a little easier. Opting for chaps with deep pockets will finally give you a place to store your wedges and hammers.

Benefits of Chainsaw Chaps

  • Taking them off couldn’t be easier

As a worker, finishing a hard day’s grind is bittersweet. Why? Because coming off a shift only means that the harder work begins; changing out of your sweaty, sticky work gear into your normal clothes. However, with chainsaw chaps, all you need to do is unstrap them and you’ll be home in no time.

  • Protection for the whole family

Strapped for cash? The versatile nature of chainsaw chaps means they don’t have to be only one individual’s property. Partners, parents, or neighbors can share chaps without any fuss – as long as there’s not too large a discrepancy in height.

  • Safety First

Some people view chainsaw chaps as optional. We cannot seem to fathom why. When given the choice between a costly trip to the emergency room or protecting your legs beforehand, most people would choose the latter. Don’t be a fool and think that your experience will protect you – it’s not only novice ground workers who injure themselves! Accidents can happen to anyone.

Chainsaw Chaps vs. Chainsaw Pants

It’s a decision every workman struggles to make: choosing between chainsaw chaps and chainsaw pants. Although both have their perks and downfalls, it’s important to make the choice between the two with your own personal working style in mind. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each below when taking into account a number of factors:

  • Breadth of Coverage

Chainsaw Chaps (Type A) protect the front of the legs only and are worn over conventional work attire. On the other hand, Chainsaw Pants (Type C) are worn like normal clothing and cover the entire leg.

  • Breathing Space

Imagine working one of the hottest days of the year in Chainsaw Pants. It’s every workers nightmare! Although these types of pants are certainly comfortable, they’ll bring on bucketloads of sweat when working in hot climates. Chainsaw Chaps, contrarily, allow their wearer to remain cool as a cucumber due to their open-back design.

  • Movement

If you’re constantly on the go when working, owning Chainsaw Pants is the way forward. The pants aren’t restrictive and are designed with climbers and tree surgeons in mind – as these professions cut from a variety of positions. Chainsaw Chaps are devised for occasional homeowner use and should be purchased by groundworkers.

  • Cost

If you’re thinking about your bank balance, purchasing Chainsaw Chaps will be a lot more cost-friendly than opting for the pants. However, only make this decision if you participate in ground work such as logging wood. If you’re not always a Groundman, always choose safety over savings.

Best Chainsaw Chaps FAQ:

Q: What are chainsaw chaps and how do they work?

Chainsaw chaps are every workers saving grace. Why? Not to be grotesque, but they keep you from sawing your leg off! These miracle-products are made from ballistic fibers that fly out if you start sawing into your own leg. The fibers are then caught by the chainsaw, jamming it in the process and saving your own skin (quite literally!) A pair of high-quality chaps are able to stop a saw spinning at an impressive 2,750 to 32000 feet per minute. Likewise, chainsaw chaps give a worker more time to react when faced with this dilemma.

Q: What size chainsaw chaps do I need?

Feeling comfortable and protected in your chainsaw chaps is so important for your peace of mind. With the most common chap sizes ranging from 32 to 40 inches, it’s difficult to know where you’ll fit in. That’s why we’ve included measuring instructions for both half and full-length chaps below. Don’t say that we’re not good to you! When fitting half-length chaps: <ul> <li style=”text-align: justify;”><em>Measure around your calf</em> – Sitting down with both feet on the ground, wrap the tape measurer around the broadest part of your calf.</li> <li style=”text-align: justify;”><em>Measure the height of the chap itself</em> – We know what you’re thinking… how do you even measure a chap’s height? Take measurements from your ankle up to your kneecap to make sure that you’ll be able to bend easily with your chap on.</li> </ul> Fitting a full-length chap is just as simple: <ul> <li style=”text-align: justify;”><em>Measure your thigh</em> – Obtain the measurements for the widest part of your thigh when wearing jeans just like you (hopefully!) will be when using the chaps. For those who are still unsure, this area is only a few inches underneath the bend in your thigh.</li> <li style=”text-align: justify;”><em>May as well measure the other thigh while you’re down there!</em> – After you’ve measured both thighs, add one or two inches on to your figure. Better to be safe than sorry, right?</li> </ul> If you like to feel secure with not much wiggle room, add another inch on to your measurement. Likewise, if you prefer loose fitting pants, then add two inches on to your initial figure. Moreover, for those vertically-challenged souls out there, the overall durability of chaps won’t be affected if they don’t hang over your heels. Just make sure you don’t cut them too short!

Q: How do I wash my chainsaw chaps?

How to properly clean your chainsaw chaps depends on the manufacturer’s specifications. Mostly, they require washing by hand to ensure their longevity. Afterwards, hang them out to dry.

Our Top Pick

So, out of all the high-quality Chainsaw Chaps exhibited within this buying guide, which pair would we trust to protect our own legs when working? We’d just have to choose Husqvarna’s 40 to 42-Inch Technical Apron Wrap Chap. These chaps, with their PVC coated Denier polyester with Tek Warp protective layers, grant workers with the gift of time if a blade makes contact. They’re UL certified, meet ASTM and OSHA regulations, and are easily adjustable due to the included adjustable waist strap. Plus, they’ll fit like a glove due to the placement of the practically indestructible Acetal Derlin buckles. We can’t wait to see what innovative products Husqvarna invent in the next three-hundred years!


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