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If you are yearning for an indescribably satisfying riding experience along the coast, you can’t just pick up any old…

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The Best Cruiser Bikes (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Cruiser Bikes (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Sixthreezero Cruiser Bicycle Sixthreezero Cruiser Bicycle
Premium Pick Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men's Cruiser Bicycle Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men's Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle
Best Value The Best Cruiser Bikes (Review) in 2022 Huffy Nel Lusso Cruiser Bike

If you are yearning for an indescribably satisfying riding experience along the coast, you can’t just pick up any old bicycle off of the rack and call it a day — such a pleasure requires one of the best cruiser bikes, period. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve compiled a list of some of the best beach cruiser bikes on the market today. These are the absolute game crushers that will definitely provide you with all the amazing riding experiences that your heart desires. So without further ado, let’s check ’em out, shall we?

The Best Cruiser Bike

The sixthreezero women’s bike is the perfect cruiser bike for any journey. Developed and fitted to suit women of a variety of heights, this bicycle ensures that no one is left out of an adventure and comes in both twenty-four and twenty six-inch wheels. The EVRYjourney beach bike also offers four different speed options, each specially designed to tackle journeys ranging from flat terrain rides to long distance, demanding trail and uphill riding journeys.

Key Features
  • Includes both a front and rear handbrake to enable easy stopping and ensure rider’s safety
  • Designed to provide rider with comfort and ease
  • Its 24 and 26-inch semi-slick tires ensure easy rolling of the bike and the rider is always stable
  • Made with a lightweight aluminum frame to guarantee effortless movement
  • Brand sixthreezero
  • Model 630150
  • Weight 46.9 Pounds

Designed to be safely ridden in a variety of outside spaces

Comes in different speed models developed to tackle different types of journeys depending on the distance and trail

Bikes come in 24 and 26 inches, made to fit women of different heights


Does not come fully assembled

Bike is relatively heavy; it can weigh more than 38 pounds when completely assembled

Single ride trips can only be up to 30 miles

Have a taste for classic, vintage-style bikes? Then you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for in the 26″ Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike. This bicycle is great for commuting and makes sure that you experience comfort all the way to your destination. Its cushiony spring saddle provides a comfortable and lush riding experience, and its dual density grips and pedals ensure every movement is secure and enjoyable. And don’t worry about not having room for all your stuff, because this bike has got you covered. It comes with both a front basket and a rear rack for all your commuting necessities, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Key Features
  • Padded spring saddle to provide rider with comfort throughout journey
  • Dual density grips and riding pedals for added comfort and safety, and to ensure smooth movement
  • Rear rack included to allow for easy storage of everyday materials
  • Comes with a coaster brake that enables safe and comfortable stopping
  • Brand Huffy
  • Model 1E-O3D2-469F
  • Weight 49.2 Pounds

Comes with a front basket and a rear rack as additional amenities

Fenders are included with the bike

Alloy rims provide bike with protection from rust during uncertain weather


Outdated vintage design

Only comes in a 26inch tire model and may not be suitable for women below 5ft

Has a weight limit of 200lbs so women over this weight cannot make use of this bike

The Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle offers a sleek and modern design created for the outgoing man. This bike makes sure that every ride is enjoyable and comfortable and comes in one to three different speed gearings, so you never have to worry about your bike not being able to accompany you on adventurous journeys. These bikes are fit for the ride and come complete with an oversized saddle with dual springs to provide the rider with added comfort and balloon tires that provide assurance for a smooth ride. And with a 19-inch steel frame that enables proper arm extension, you can be sure of a secure ride. Overall, this bicycle is everything you could want.

Key Features
  • Thick top tube design with an extended frame to provide riders with better arm extension
  • Single and three-speed model come with rear coaster brakes
  • Oversized seat with double coil springs for smooth and comfortable riding
  • Riding position is upright and relaxed to provide easy to use, safe, and comfortable movement for the rider
  • Brand Firmstrong

Comes in a variety of colors

Balloon tires ensure a cushioned ride

Its tires are designed to absorb bumps and guarantee smooth riding


Is not available in 21-speed gearing so cannot ride in very far or rocky journeys

Only comes in a 26-inch wheel design and so is not suitable for men under 5ft 4 or over 6ft 4 in height

Fenders are sold separately

Are you a daredevil at heart? Do you enjoy the thrill of a long bicycle adventure? If your answer to that is yes, then this is just the bike for you. The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes for Men and Women comes in a 21-speed SRAM grip shifter, so you can pedal up hills and rough roads much easier. Sounds like your kind of thing? Well, there’s more. This Schwinn beach cruiser bike is made with a strong aluminum frame, and so this lightweight material provides you with the feeling that you’re gliding through the clouds. It also comes with fenders that keep heavy dirt — which can significantly slow down your journey — off of the tires, so your speed is never compromised. And as for comfort, its padded sports seat offers nothing less than optimum throughout your ride.

Key Features
  • Aluminum city frame provides bikes with a lightweight feel and certifies easy movement for rider
  • Comes with a four finger grip brake lever for easier and more comfortable stopping
  • Sports seat that gives rider added comfort and cushion
  • Adjustable stem and back sweep handlebars for rider safety and comfort
  • Brand Schwinn
  • Model NN-229
  • Weight 43.5 Pounds

Comes with bicycle fenders

Comes in a 16-inch step through frame and an 18-inch step over frame to accommodate different heights and sizes

Comes with added amenities such as a gear carrier and alloy linear pull brakes.


Only comes in one speed gearing

Does not come assembled at all; you have to assemble from scratch

Not suitable for every day, around the block journeys

This bicycle is ideal for everyday movement around the beach, town, or up and down hills. Its three speed gear model allows you to choose the best fit for your journeys, with each speed model specially created to suit different levels of climbing and riding. This 26-inch riding bike is great for women between 5ft, 4 inches, and 6ft 4 in height and comes in a variety of colors to suit your style. Its matching front and rear fenders make sure that your movement isn’t stopped by heavy dirt, and its cushion-like seat provides the ultimate level of comfort as your ride. Pedaling is also made easier with its strong and durable optimal crankset configuration.

Key Features
  • Wide chrome-plated cruiser handlebar that provides rider with relaxed and comfortable riding position for shoulders, back and arms
  • Bicycle crank configuration allows for smooth riding on different types of paths
  • Extra-wide couch-like saddle with dual spring designed to cushion bumps and provide rider with a smooth ride
  • Comes in three gear speed versions
  • Brand Sixthreezero
  • Model 630011
  • Weight 43 Pounds

Classic and sophisticated design

Built for upright riding with upright riding style frame

Movable contoured handlebars allow for easy direction


Does not come in a 21 speed gear model, and so bicycle cannot navigate tougher, longer journeys

Does not come fully assembled

It is quite a weighty bicycle

This stylish and strikingly designed bicycle is more than just a sight for sore eyes. Its functionality goes above and beyond with two-inch semi-slick tires that provide a smooth sailing feel when riding over bumps on the road. Its aluminum frame offers a lightweight feel to this sleek bike, which allows for easy direction and movement. The bike also has a low center of gravity and a foot-forward design that protects your back by keeping it upright yet comfortable while also offering the needed leg extension for the ride. This bike has range; it is great for just riding around the neighborhood, or even pedaling up a rocky hill.

Key Features
  • Comes with an aluminum frame that provides lightweight movement and easy maneuvering
  • Features both a front end and rear pull brakes for easy and stress-free stopping
  • Comes with matching fenders to prevent dirt from slowing down bike and movement
  • Developed with a forward pedaling and upright design to allow for proper leg extension and an upright back position when riding
  • Brand Sixthreezero
  • Model 630036
  • Weight 44.9 Pounds

Sleek, classic and eye catching design

Can be ridden on street trails and also up hills and long distances

Accommodates riders from between 5ft to 6ft 4 inches in height


Does not come completely assembled

Single ride trips can only go up to 30 miles and 30MPH

Is not suitable for riders shorter than 5 feet tall

With the Schwinn Perla Women’s Cruiser Bicycle, you get to feel nothing but relaxed as you glide through your riding path. This bike was designed for ease and comfort, with its quilted and cushiony seat that comes with a spring to provide easy riding. Its seven speed gearing allows for everyday stress-free terrain riding experiences, but don’t be afraid to climb up a few hills with this bike—it can take it. Its rear rack makes sure that you can carry everything you need for your bike ride, and its matching steel cruiser frame and fenders not only provide a stable and safe riding experience, but also a classy and chic look.

Key Features
  • High quality cruiser cushioned spring saddle for comfortable riding
  • Complete with linear pull brakes that allow for easy, safe and secure stopping
  • Specially designed with 26-inch wheels and 18-inch frame size that fits women between the height of 5ft 4 to 5ft 9
  • Upright riding position ensures that rider’s back and shoulders are in a straight and comfortable riding stature
  • Brand Schwinn
  • Model S5477D
  • Weight 50.3 Pounds

Bicycle comes with its own fenders

Additional amenity includes rear rack

Comes in a variety of colors


Only comes in a seven speed gearing and so not fitted for more daring journeys

Vintage design can be viewed as out of date

Bike is only fit for riders between 5’4 and 5’9 in height

The Kulana Cruiser is the sturdy, durable bike that you need to navigate your riding journeys. It comes with a strong steel step-over frame that guarantees safe riding and a grounded feel. Its cushiony, extra large riding seat with springs a comfortable riding experience for the duration of your movement, and its full wrap fenders on both the front and rear tires prevent you and your bike from being slowed down by whatever nature has to offer. This bike is fully equipped with its own chain guard which protects the bicycle chain from wear and tear and from weather influences. It is nothing short of durable and solid.

Key Features
  • Comes with full wrap steel fenders that block out mud and water that can slow down the bike
  • Extra large cruiser seat that comes with springs to provide extra cushioning and comfort for rider
  • Cruiser handlebars and rise stems that are easy to reach to allow for hand extension and comfortable riding
  • 26-inch bicycle wheels and 18 inch bicycle frame that specially designed to fit the average height
  • Brand Kulana
  • Model R5708
  • Weight 41.9 pounds

Comes with front and rear fenders

Equipped with its own chain guard

Comfortable bike saddle for rider


Relatively heavy bicycle

Does not come completely assembled

Comes with an 18-inch frame only and so cannot accommodate anyone above or below average height

This classically designed bicycle is a must-have for your cruising needs. Featuring a lightweight aluminum frame, this bike is easy to ride and maneuver, and feels like it’s gliding through the air. Its shimano 7 speed drivetrain means that you have the choice of taking this bike on a ride on a flat terrain, or you can be more daring and take it on a bumpier ride, and it would be able to withstand the pressure. The Margaritaville Coast Is Clear Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike comes with added benefit of a wire mesh basket, making it easier for you to carry around your essentials, and a cup holder so that you can always stop for a quick sip if you need to.

Key Features
  • Features an aluminum frame that gives the bicycle a lightweight feel and movement, and allows for easy maneuvering
  • Soft padded seats for a comfortable and easy riding experience
  • 7-speed drivetrain with Revo shift twisters to allow for both easy terrain and rough bumpy rides
  • Front and rear alloy linear pull brakes for easy and stress-free stopping
  • Brand Margaritaville
  • Model 62673
  • Weight 41.6 Pounds

Bicycle comes in simple, classic color

Comes with full coverage fenders

Additional amenities include a wire mesh basket and a cup holder


Bicycle does not come fully assemble

Only comes in one speed gearing model and so cannot be ridden on more difficult and tasking journeys

Does not come in a variety of colors

The Firmstrong Urban Man Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle is the ultimate blend of style and functionality, with a classy and sleek look that turns heads, and a comfortable and secure traveling experience that satisfies the rider. This bike is complete with a wide and comfortable seat that ensures easy riding, and a curvy steel frame with an upright and relaxed riding position that provides back and shoulder support while also giving an easy riding posture. It doesn’t have any complicated gear systems or cables hanging off it, so it couldn’t get any easier to operate. This bike comes in a variety of colors, tire sizes and speed gear options, so you can be sure that there’s one that fits you.

Key Features
  • Whitewall balloon tires that ensure that riding is comfortable and cushioned from bumps
  • Single and three-speed models come with rear coaster brakes; seven and 21-speed models come with front and rear hand brakes, all for easy and safe stopping
  • Curvy steel cruiser frame with aluminum wheels that allow for easy and smooth rolling and riding
  • Wide, oversized cushion seats provide rider with soft and comfortable feel during ride
  • Brand Firmstrong
  • Model 15254
  • Weight 50 pounds

Comes in four different speed gear options to fit different journey demands

24 and 26-inch models to suit riders of varying heights

Available in a variety of colors to fit personal taste


Does not come fully assembled

Bike fenders are sold separately

Bike is relatively heavy

A classic and elegant bike that is complete with just the right design to ride up and down your hill journeys? Yup, that’s exactly what this bike is. Its 7-speed gearing allows for everyday flat terrain rides, but also for a more exciting journey. This bike was specially created to suit women between the heights of 5’1″ and 6 feet. Its front and rear hand brakes make stopping your ride easy and safe, and its matching color fenders show that you cannot be slowed down by nature — or compromise your bicycle style for that matter.

Key Features
  • Front and rear V-Brakes that allow for safe and easy stopping
  • Designed to be suitable for women between 5ft 1 and 6ft in height, with its 15.5 steel frame and 26-inch wheels
  • Matching colored front and rear fenders that prevent mud and water from slowing down of bike
  • 7-speed derailleur gear that ensures that bike can be ridden on both smooth and rocky riding paths
  • Brand Micargi
  • Model Pantera 7SP-F-PK

Fully equipped with matching color fenders

Sleek elegant bike design

Alloy rims on white wall tires to prevent rusting due to natural occurrences


Only comes in one speed gearing so is not fit for more tasking riding journeys

Only comes in 26-inch model so is not suitable for a large variety of heights

Steel frame means this bike is relatively heavy

Created for comfort and ease, the sixthreezero Men’s In The Barrel Beach Cruiser Bicycle is the travelling buddy you need. This bike comes with a forward pedaling design and an extended frame that gives you the perfect leg extension at your comfort. Regarding its handlebars, with its curves that naturally contour the hand of the rider to provide just the perfect amount of control, are every rider’s dream. With an extra wide bubble cushion seat to ensure riding comfort, this bike is a need.

Key Features
  • Curved handle bars that contour to the hand of the rider to bring about easy control and maneuvering
  • Extra wide comfort bubble seat to give a heightened feeling of ease and comfort when riding
  • Features a smooth cruise bike crank configuration that cushions bumps and allows for smooth riding
  • 18-inch, low profile frame, complete with forward foot pedaling design to provide needed leg extension and smooth riding
  • Brand sixthreezero
  • Model 630031
  • Weight 44.1 Pounds

No hanging cables or difficult gear systems

Comes in three speed gears for different riding requirements

Adjustable seat post and handle bars


18-inch frame means that this bicycle is not suitable for short riders

Does not come assembled

Only comes in two colors

The classic beach cruiser. The Retrospec Chatham Men’s Beach Cruiser is charming with its 1960 paint job and is very efficient in its operation. With an extra-wide cushion saddle, this bike was built with rider comfort in mind. Its high cruiser handlebars allow for an upright riding position that is easy on the back, neck, and shoulders. The life of each bike tire is extended, thanks to double-wall rims that protect the tubes in the tires. This bike is the perfect blend of charm and efficiency.

Key Features
  • Comes in three different speed gears to fit different riding needs
  • Hand-built steel cruiser frame that provides sturdy support for rider
  • Lightweight and long-lasting pedals and handlebars for easy movement and direction
  • Features a coaster brake that ensures safe and secure stopping
  • Brand Retrospec
  • Model 3223
  • Weight 42.1 Pounds

Available in three speed gears

Hand-built and shock absorbent steel frame

Classic design


Only comes in 18-inch frame models

Does not come fully assembled

Has a weight limit of 250 pound

This modern cruiser bike proves that you can ride your bicycle in style. The Firmstrong Urban lady bicycle comes in a range of colors to suit your personal taste, and just like the sixthreezero, it has been designed to accommodate women of different heights coming in two wheel sizes. And it even gets better because this stylish cruiser bike is available in four different speed options, all specifically made for different types of rides. Even with such variety, you never have to sacrifice comfort thanks to its oversized seat with dual springs that guarantee and smooth and cushiony ride.

Key Features
  • Features double coil springs on the seat to ensure smooth riding
  • Comes with a rear coaster brake for its 1 and 3-speed bikes, and a hand brake for its 7 and 21-speed bikes, both simple to operate
  • Aluminum wheels with 2.125-inch whitewall tires to enable smooth rolling and cushioned bumps
  • Wide bike handlebars complete with rubber foam grips to provide stable hold for the rider
  • Brand Firmstrong
  • Model 1009
  • Weight 40.2 Pounds

Comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal style

Bicycle can come in a variety of speeds guaranteed to fit different journey types

Comes in 24 and 26-inch wheels and so suitable for women of different heights


Bike does not come fully assembled

Bicycle fenders are sold separately

It is a relatively heavy bike

This around-the-block bike is just the companion needed everyday movement. The sixthreezero bike provides deluxe comfort with its ultra-cushioned riding saddle and foam hand grips so that every ride feels like a breeze. Its upright riding style not only provides additional comfort but also ensures that your back and tailbone are relaxed and secure. Also, with the bike’s low pedal positioning, you can be confident that you’re getting the proper leg extension while still remaining close to the ground. This bike comes in two different frame size models and four different gearing options to ensure that every woman has a bike suitable for her needs. This bicycle is a rider’s best friend.

Key Features
  • Bike comes with an upright riding style to provide more comfortable rides
  • Adjustable handlebar for customizable rides
  • High density foam grips on handlebars for heightened comfort
  • 2.125-inch wide aluminum wheels that come with large waffle thread tires to smoothen out a bumpy ride
  • Brand Sixthreezero
  • Model 630189
  • Weight 43 Pounds

Includes bike fenders

Dual spring bike seat to protect tailbone and provide comfort

Available in four different speed gearing options to suit your ride and destination


Does not come fully assembled

Pedal-backwards coaster brake on single speed bike might be difficult to get the hang of

Single speed model can only be ridden on flat terrains

Best Cruiser Bikes Buying Guide

What to Look for in Beach Cruiser Bikes

There are many different considerations to make when looking for just the right beach cruiser bike to suit your riding preferences. The size, gear setup, braking system, build material, and frame style are all aspects of a bike you are going to want to know about before making a choice.

To help you out, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of everything you’ll want to know before buying.


The most essential thing to consider when looking for beach cruisers is the size. There are usually different men and women frames when it comes to cruiser bikes, and once you’ve determined that, you can then look out for wheel diameter, which is typically either 24 or 26 inches, with 24 inches being suitable for people under 5ft 1 (5ft 4 for men), while the 26-inch is suitable for people between 5ft 1 and 6ft2.


Generally, beach cruiser bikes tend to come in different gears. The most common gears are the single-speed, three-speed, seven-speed, and 21-speed gears. All these different gears are suited for different types of riding journeys. With a single-speed gear, your bike is perfect for cruising along the beach, neighborhoods, and anywhere with flat terrains. As the speed gears increase, the bike can travel through much more difficult journeys, with the 7- and 21-speed gears allowing the bike to go through bumpy roads and climb steep hills. Note that not all beach cruiser bike brands have all the different speed gears, so make sure to explore and do your research depending on what you want the types of journeys you want to take.


Personal style plays a huge part in any purchasing decision, and it isn’t any different when it comes to beach cruisers. When shopping for a beach cruiser, consider what your taste and style needs are. Different types of cruisers come in a variety of colors and designs, and so when looking for a cruiser bike, explore the different color and style options that there are so that you are sure to find one that suits you. You can also consider shopping for cruiser bike accessories to give your bike a more personalized feel.

Frame metal

With beach cruisers, its frames are either made up of aluminum or steel. Steel frame bikes are typically less expensive as they tend to be heavier and of lower quality compared to aluminum and carry the risk of rusting when it constantly comes in contact with water. Aluminum frames are usually much lighter, do not rust, and will come with higher-quality pieces, hence they are more expensive to purchase than steel frame bikes. With this, it is important to consider your budget when shopping for cruiser bikes.

Types of Cruiser Bikes

There are a number of different types of cruiser bikes, anything from beach cruisers, to lowrider single speed bikes, all the way to cruisers that use coaster brakes. The options are endless, take a look.

Classic/Beach Cruiser Bike

This is the most popular type of cruiser bike yet. This bike has a very simple steel frame design which typically weighs around 50 pounds. The usual tire size is 26 inches, and they come with a standard balloon style tire that provides stability and cushions small bumps along the road. These types of bikes have curved, tall handlebars so that riders can maneuver without having to bend forward,- thus giving the rider an upright, straight riding position. It is common that these types of bikes come with fenders, which keep the bike and the rider clean when riding through dirt, water, or mud. These usually have beach design and come in a variety of colors.

Lowrider Cruiser Bike

With the low rider cruiser, more emphasis is put on the design and style of the bike compared to the classic cruiser. This bike can be very showy and flashy. These types of bikes, as the name suggests, put the rider in a low riding position, much lower to the ground. A person riding this bike sits in a more reclined and relaxed position, as it is ridden more for leisure. Low riders tend to have whitewall tires smaller than the classic 26 inches, oversized cushion seats, and more pronounced fenders on the back and front tires. The designs of these bikes are usually customized to fit the taste of the owner.

Chopper Cruiser Bike

The chopper cruiser bike’s design is very much inspired by the chopper-style motorcycles. They have some of the same features prominent in the lowrider cruiser bike, such as the low riding position and smaller than 26-inch tires. However, they are distinct in that they also have some features from the chopper motorcycle. This includes the long, high mounted ape handlebars, and a front end that extends far in front of the handlebars. The front and back wheels are usually different sizes from one another, and the drivetrain typically sits forward from the saddle. The chopper bike can be said to be more comfortable than the low rider, but still, this bike is much more suited for show purposes, and for shorter rides.


Cruiser bikes come in at a variety of different prices, for your convenience here are the best cruiser bikes categorized in their respective price points.

Up to $200

From $200 to $300

Over $300

Top Brands

For your reference, here are the best cruiser bike manufacturers that we both know and trust.


For those that love the look and feel of vintage-style cruiser bikes, and everything else bikes for that matter, you’d be hard-pressed to go past Huffy. Huffy makes some of the most affordable cruiser, electric, mountain, and road bikes available on the market. Their attention quality, ease of use, and comfortability make Huffy bikes some of one of the best manufacturers currently on the market.


When it comes to quality beach and cruiser bikes, Sixthreezero has to be your go-to manufacturer. Designed in Tarrance, California, Sixthreezero cruiser bikes are the ultimate in comfort and style. Their ergonomically designed, well-positioned handlebars and uniquely low, upright frames make riding these bikes an absolute pleasure to ride. They are a super smooth ride and built to last. If you want to experience the very best bike these guys make, you can’t go past the Sixthreezero Evryjourney cruiser bicycle or the Sixthreezero Around The Block.


If you want to experience the ultimate in beach cruiser bikes, Firmstrong is one of the best manufacturers out there. They design and make a wide range of different styles and sizes to suit anybody’s riding preferences. For the lads, the Firmstrong Bruiser Man is a go-to model. And for the ladies, you can’t go past the Firmstrong Urban Lady women’s cruiser.


For a modern and minimalist looking cruiser bike, grab yourself a Schwinn. Schwinn’s range of cruiser bikes makes the perfect beachside, street, or commuter bike. Their Mikko 7 model is probably the cream of the crop, with a 7-speed gear range, padded saddle seat, and four colors to choose from, it will be sure to keep any biking enthusiast happy.


Kent bikes are now designed and manufactured out of a facility in Clarendon County, South Carolina. They make a large range of quality mountain, road, and, of course, men’s and women’s beach cruisers. Their single speed beach cruiser bicycle, particularly the Margaritaville cruiser, is a fantastic option for beachside riding.

Our Top Pick

As amazing as all these cruiser bikes are, our top pick has got to be the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Cruiser Bike. This vehicle is not only effortlessly cool with its modern design and wide color range, it also screams ease and comfort. With its lightweight aluminum frame that provides you with that easy-breezy feeling we all love when riding and four different speed gears that are all suited for different types of rides, there’s no way you won’t be able to find the right model for you. A comfy cushion seat and upright riding position ensure that you’re not only cozy but you’re also in a great riding posture as well. This bike looks out for you and is everything you could want in a beach cruiser.

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