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If you’ve got a dog, you know how hard it can be to take them places in your vehicle without…

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The Best Dog Car Seat Covers (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Dog Car Seat Covers (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice barksbar original dog car seat cover BarksBar Original Dog Car Seat Cover
Premium Pick 4Knines Dog Car Seat Cover with Hammock 4Knines Dog Car Seat Cover with Hammock
Best Value affordable car seat cover URPOWER Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars

If you’ve got a dog, you know how hard it can be to take them places in your vehicle without creating a huge mess. If you and your dog love going to the beach, hiking, to the dog park, or even just to the groomer or vet, you know how much mud, dirt, sand, and hair they can track everywhere, and fast. Not to mention the damage their paws and claws can do to your precious upholstery.

If you’re looking for an economical and efficient way to protect the inside of your vehicle and keep it clean while still having the ability to take your canine bestie everywhere you want to go, a dog car seat cover is a great option. With sensible designs and options for every budget, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one. 

Front seat, back seat, or cargo area, there’s an ideal cover to suit your needs for your pet’s favorite spot in your vehicle. Our comprehensive buying guide will help you to determine which dog car seat cover will be the best one for you and your four-legged friends so that you can spend less time cleaning and more time having fun with your pet.

The Best Dog Car Seat Covers

These are highly versatile pet seat covers that will switch between hammock-style and standard bench covers so you get two products for the one price. The bench section of the cover has seven-inch side-flap extensions so you get extra coverage on the side of the vehicle seats. They can be used on the backseats of family cars as well as on trucks and SUVs.

They have been made from heavy-duty polyester which is colorfast, durable, comfortable, and waterproof. To prevent them from sliding around during use, they have been fitted with both Velcro openings and seat anchors as well as Seat Belt openings. They will protect seats from all sorts of dirt, hair, and spills as well as scratches. There are two pockets to keep toys and leashes neatly stored.

Key Features
  • Both hammock-style and standard bench covers
  • Seven-inch side-flap extensions
  • Velcro openings and seat anchors
  • Machine-washable on a gentle cycle
  • Brand BarksBar
  • Model chen-p-003
  • Weight 2.2 pounds

Available in three colors and in two sizes, these dog car seat covers have a totally waterproof backing thanks to the several layers of material which safely trap liquids. The waterproof layer does not wear off over time because the areas that have to endure the most use are reinforced with some additional layers of heavy-duty material. The durable silicone material is also non-slip, very comfortable and will not fade or bleed. The product is completely safe for your dog as it does not contain any azo dyes or heavy metals.

They will fit most standard cars, SUVs, and trucks and can be used either as a rear seat cover or a hammock and they have four seatbelt slots. For further protection, there are nine-inch side flaps. They are very easy to fit using the reinforced headrest straps which will not breakdown in sunlight. All you have to do is snap the buckles and insert the seat anchors for additional security. You get two harnesses and two dog seatbelts which are safe to wash in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Key Features
  • Made from waterproof heavy-duty silicone
  • Non-slip, very comfortable
  • Nine-inch side flaps
  • Seat anchors for additional security
  • Brand Plush Paws Products
  • Model PS-REG-BL
  • Weight 3.4 pounds

A very useful product to protect your vehicle from doggy mess! They are very easy to install and have quick-release clips. They are strong enough to withstand even large dogs and have reinforced headrest straps. They can be cleaned after use by hosing or wiping them down but you can also pop them in your washing machine.

They have a useful hammock attachment which will protect the rear of the front seats. When you are not using it, it tucks back out of the way. You can easily reach the seatbelts thanks to the Velcro openings and you can even fit a child’s car seat. They are made from a durable and color-fast material that is free from axo dyes toxic chemicals. There is a quilted top layer that is non-slip and a waterproof backing that will not let moisture seep through although the seams are not watertight. The covers are available in two sizes and in three colors.

Key Features
  • Easy to install with quick-release clips
  • Can be machine washed
  • Velcro openings for seat belts
  • Quilted top layer that is non-slip
  • Brand 4Knines
  • Weight 2.8 pounds

Suitable for all types of vehicle and for all breeds of dogs, these covers are made from 600D oxford cloth top layer which is textured, an A grade PP cotton layer, a polyester layer and slip-proof PVC. This keeps the covers in place even when they are used on leather seats.

The quick release clips make them very easy to put on and there is a useful seat anchor that fits into the crevice. The four sets of plastic clips fit around the headrests in the front and in the back and are adjustable. To clean them, you simply wipe them over with a damp cloth or vacuum them.

Key Features
  • Made from 600D oxford cloth
  • Stay in place even on leather seats
  • Four sets of plastic clips fit around the headrests
  • Wipe down with a damp cloth
  • Brand URPOWER
  • Model SC-007
  • Weight 2.6 pounds

These covers are made from premium materials so they are both waterproof and durable. They have been manufactured using Oxford 600D tough material and heavy-duty material which provides multi-way protection. There is a top layer that soaks up any liquids and waterproof layers which stop any residual moisture from reaching your car upholstery. It is also tough enough to protect car seats from scratches. They will fit most vehicles as long as there are headrests.

They fit quickly and easily around the headrests and have four quick-release clips to take them off quickly. They fold up and pack away when not in use. Thanks to the hammock feature, they will also protect the rear surface of the front seats.

Key Features
  • Made from Oxford 600D tough material
  • Completely waterproof
  • Hammock style fitting
  • Four quick-release clips to take them off
  • Brand Pet Magasin
  • Model PSC001
  • Weight 1.8 pounds

If you are worried about your pooch making the front seats of your car dirty after a long and muddy walk, this is the product for you. These covers will protect the front seats of your car or truck so you don’t have to worry about dirt, scratches, or fur. There is no need to leave your best friend in your house or banish them to the rear seats.

They are made from a triple-layered fabric that is durable and has been completed with extra stitching to make it even stronger. The colors will not bleed onto your seats and there are no azo dyes or heavy metals. The quilted pattern will look great in any car. They come complete with headrest buckles and backstraps as well as an elastic skirt which helps to keep the covers in place. You simply position them on the seat and snap buckle straps around the headrest. You then pop in the seat anchor and arrange the bottom skirt. The headrest straps can be adjusted for a snug fit. They are machine washable on a gentle cycle and need to be air dried but you can also vacuum and spot clean them with a damp cloth.

Key Features
  • Protects front seats of cars or trucks
  • Made from a triple-layered fabric
  • Snap buckle straps around the headrest
  • Elastic skirt which helps to keep the covers in place
  • Brand BarksBar
  • Weight 1 pounds

The soft, quilted cover of the ViewPets Bench Car Seat Cover Protector will help you keep your back seat clean and avoid costly damage and stains to your upholstery while providing your pooch with a comfortable and cozy place to sit while driving. Offered in black, grey, sage green, and tan, there’s a color option to suit most upholsteries out there. It’s also a great option for messy human passengers who tend to spill juice, water, and snacks, or track in dirt and mud of their own.

Constructed from heavy-duty, scratch-proof, and waterproof material, this high-quality car seat cover features durable headrest straps to prevent it from sliding or slipping down, and rugged covers that also protect your seat belt covers while still allowing passengers easy access to buckle in safely. It also features seat anchors, non-slip mesh backing, and handy side flaps to provide complete and total protection. Its handy universal size will easily fit most back seats.

Key Features
  • Soft, quilted cover will be loved by dogs
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with your vehicle’s seat belt system
  • Headrest straps secure them in position
  • Brand ViewPets
  • Model VIEWPETS-024-BLK
  • Weight 3.35 pounds

Protect your front seats from scratches and dirt with these heavy-duty car seat covers made from polyester and four layers of PU to make them waterproof and yet comfortable for you and your dog. You can relax and stop worrying about claw marks and dirt and the damage they are causing to your car. These covers will not slip and slide around because they have a built-in nonslip rubber backing and seat anchor straps which are quick-release.

You can fit them to your car in seconds and they can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle or wiped over with a damp cloth. You can also vacuum them just as you would the car seat. They will fit all makes of car and will offer protection even if you have a large and powerful dog.

Key Features
  • Four layers of PU to make them waterproof
  • Covers will not slip and slide around
  • Machine washed on a gentle cycle
  • Brand URPOWER
  • Model SC-014
  • Weight 4.8 ounces

These machine-washable covers are made from soft polyester for comfort with a silicone non-slip backing layer. There are side flaps to protect the sides of the seat when your dog is jumping in and out of the car. They also feature seat belt slits that seal up to stop dog hair slipping through.

These covers are exceptionally easy to install and have clips that release instantly on reinforced straps. There are also seat anchors and extra straps to make sure that the covers fit snugly.

Key Features
  • Made from soft polyester
  • Seat belt slits with self-fastening closures
  • Quick-release clips
  • Brand NAC&ZAC
  • Weight 1.6 pounds

A fully waterproof cargo liner that will fit most bench seats in standard vehicles. These covers are textured for your dog’s comfort but feature a non-slip backing. This will ensure that the cover is stable. It can also withstand high temperatures with no color bleeding.

The headrest straps are quick release and the seat anchors are easy to install.  There are also side flaps to give you added coverage. They can be used on the front or rear seats and are machine-washable.

Key Features
  • Will fit most standard vehicles
  • Can withstand high temperatures
  • Easy to install
  • Brand Arf Pets
  • Weight 3.6 pounds

Best Dog Car Seat Cover Buying Guide

Things to Look for When Buying Dog Car Seat Covers

When it comes to picking the ideal car seat cover for you and your dog, there are a few key features to consider that can make a world of difference in really protecting your vehicle while keeping your pet happy and safe. Of course, the type of vehicle you have and the location that your pet likes to ride are probably the biggest factors when selecting an appropriate dog car seat cover, but consider these other features and choices as well:

Colors and Sizes

While most dog car seat covers tend to be offered in darker hues for obvious reasons, there are still a number of other colors available to you in case you’re looking for a less conspicuous look or something that more closely matches your vehicle’s interior. There are a number of luxury dog car seat covers on the market that not only come in a wider variety of colors but also come with different patterns or material options that are designed to blend in with your automobile interior for a cleaner, less obvious look.

The varying sizes of dog car seat covers also tend to be fairly universal or standard, but it’s always a good idea to take exact measurements of the area that you intend to use the seat cover prior to purchase to ensure a proper fit. This is especially important for front seat covers since front seat layouts and designs can vary from model to model.

Hammock Feature

Some covers will act as a hammock as well as a bench seat cover. This is useful if your dog is very messy and you want to protect the back of the front seat from mud and water. It’s also a great way to cradle your dog and protect them from rolling off onto the floor during a ride or prevent any opportunistic pet from sneaking into the front seat to distract you while driving.


Most dog car seat covers are made from super durable fabrics like woven nylon, polyester, or Oxford so that they can withstand the rigors that your fur babies will subject them to and not fall apart in the first week of use. One thing is for sure when choosing a good-quality dog car seat cover: it needs to be both waterproof and comfortable. A hard, plastic surface is not going to be very pleasant for your dog, and moisture will just sit on it or slide right off, thus defeating the purpose of keeping your vehicle’s interior clean. Good seat covers for pets are absorbent and provide a comfortable layer for your dog to sit on. They should also have a waterproof layer to protect the seat underneath. Let’s not forget the fact that the material should also be machine washable for easy and thorough cleaning.


A high-quality dog car seat cover will also come equipped with a practical and sensible silicone or non-slip backing that helps the cover stay in place while underway, adding an extra level of protection not only for your upholstery but for your pet as well. You definitely don’t want to look in the rearview mirror and see Fido sliding all over the place back there.

Strong Straps

All good dog car seat covers will come equipped with heavy-duty headrest straps that will anchor your seat cover securely to the upright portion of the seat and prevent the cover from accidentally sliding down and bunching up under your pet. The straps should be made of a rugged material like woven nylon, that won’t fade in the sunlight or fray easily. It’s also helpful to the headrest straps and even the under seat straps are able to be quickly adjusted or released for easy installation and removal. They should also be able to withstand the rigors of the washing machine during cleaning.

Quick to Fit

The last thing you want is dog seat covers that are too fiddly and time consuming to put on when you have a filthy dog leaping around the place! Look for pet car seat covers that will slip on quickly and easily with snap on buckles and predesigned templates that outline the areas of seat, seatback, and side flaps for easy placement.

Color-Fast and Safe Fabric

Obviously, you want a dog seat cover that uses colorfast dyes and isn’t going to leach dye onto your car’s pristine upholstery if it gets wet, or when it gets put in the washing machine. Avoid car seat covers that contain unnecessary toxins, like azo dyes or heavy metals, that may also be harmful to your passengers, human and pet alike. 


Not only do you want to look for a dog car seat cover that is quick to spot clean and wipe down easily or vacuum over to take up extra dirt, dust, and hair, but you also want a car seat cover that is durable and rugged enough to be tossed in the washing machine for a more thorough cleaning when spot cleaning just isn’t enough, or when pet odors finally become unbearable. Buckles, fabrics, seams, and silicone backing all need to hold up to washing machine cycles. Avoid any dog car seat covers that have to be washed by hand. It’s just not practical, not to mention how time consuming it will be. 

A Yorkshire terrier sitting on a premium dog car seat cover.

Why You Should Use Dog Car Seat Covers

One of the joys of owning a dog is going on road trips and adventures together. Exploring the countryside for long walks, playing fetch at the beach, or just playing with other dogs at the dog park are also fun times with your four-legged friend, but things can turn sour when it comes to getting back in the car. Let’s face it, car interiors and muddy dogs do not mix! Dog car seat covers offer the perfect solution and here are the reasons why you should use them:

They prevent stains and odors.

No matter how well trained your dog is, stains are inevitable. They could have rolled in something unpleasant or may have a little ‘accident’ of their own. This can be impossible to get out of the fabric on car seats. Stains on seats are not pleasant for other passengers and will reduce the value of your car when it comes time to sell it. Also, “doggy” odor can linger and no matter how many car air fresheners you use, it is impossible to disguise once it is in the fabric of the seats. A washable dog seat protector will stop this from being a problem and your car will always smell clean and fresh.

They provide a barrier for hair and dirt.

It is hard work vacuuming and sweeping your car out all the time. Dog hairs adhere to car seats and can be very hard to get off. Car seat covers are a lot easier to keep clean. They can also be easily removed when it comes time to carry human passengers.

They protect seats from scratches and tears.

Dogs can have very sharp claws and can cause a lot of damage to car seats (including leather seats) without even knowing that they are doing it. Also, some dogs have a habit of nibbling or chewing at car seats, especially if a treat has become caught up in them. This can cause irreparable damage and good quality dog car seat covers will prevent this.

They remove the need for a crate.

If you have decided that you do not want to use a crate for transporting your pooch in your car, seat covers make this possible. You can use a dog seat protector with dog seat belts and they allow your pooch more room to move around than in a crate. They’re a great way for allowing your pet to fully participate in and enjoy the car riding experience instead of possibly dreading it. Not to mention that they take up much less space and are way lighter to put in or take out of the car than a bulky and awkward crate.

Different Types of Dog Car Seat Covers

Purchasing dog seat covers isn’t always as straightforward of a task as you might have imagined. There are several types that you can choose from that are designed for different areas of your vehicle or to fit on different seat styles. Here are the main ones.

Bench Seat Covers

These are used to protect the back seat from dirt, hair, and scratches. They may come in several sizes but most are able to be fitted to most cars without problems. You will find that the majority of bench dog car seat covers are around 55 inches wide.  Look out for back seat covers that are durable and will cover all of the seat. Back seat covers need to be waterproof with strong seams and several points of attachment, durable silicone or non-slip backing, as well as openings for seatbelts — including child car seats.

Bucket Seat Covers

Bucket seat covers are used for the front seats of cars, trucks, and SUVs or on the middle row of minivans. They should cover the entire seat and fit like a glove. Make sure that they are durable with double stitched seams. They will not fit over seats with cupholders or armrests.

Irregular Car Seat Covers

Some car seats are very hard to cover. This may be because you have a split bench seat, cup holders, or armrests. You may need to buy a special cover from the vehicle manufacturer or accept that you can only cover part of the seat.

Dog Car Hammock Vs. Dog Seat Cover

Hammocks are a special type of dog car seat cover that hangs between the back seats of your car and the rear of the front seats. They literally create a hammock, or cradle to keep your dog off the floor of the vehicle. They are very good at protecting not just the seats but also the footwell from getting dirty. A dog car hammock will stop your dog from falling in the footwell and deters them from jumping into the front seats. Many dog car seat hammocks can be zipped down the middle so dogs can share the seat with the humans of the family.

They do provide more protection than a simple back seat dog cover and this is why some owners prefer them. However, you need to make sure that you are buying one that is durable enough to stand up to your dog. The hammocks that rest on the seat are not designed to take your dog’s full weight, but your dog may still try to sit on it! If your dog likes to roam around a lot, it may not be the best option for you.

As an alternative or a compromise between the two, you can buy a back seat dog cover that comes with a hammock. You have the opportunity to use it if you want to. This means that if your dog is secured in one place by a dog seat belt, they can be very useful for protecting the front seats from the spray, etc. especially if your dog likes to shake water and mud off of himself inside your car.

Dog car seat covers are a must for any pet owner.

Caring for Your Dog’s Car Seat Cover

Dog car seat covers are inevitably going to get messy! That is the whole point of having them, to absorb all the dirt, hair, and stains that would otherwise be directly on your precious upholstery. Therefore, it’s vital that you are able to clean them. Because they are made from waterproof material, most of them can be wiped down for quick and easy spot cleaning. You do this with a damp cloth and maybe a mild detergent. If your dog is shedding a lot, it is also a good idea to vacuum them from time to time.

One big problem for dog owners is the ‘doggy’ smell in their cars. To keep this under control, you are probably going to have to take the covers out and give them a thorough wash every now and again. Thankfully, most sets of dog car seat covers can be put in the washing machine. They usually need to be put through a gentle wash only. A dog car seat cover needs to be air dried before it is folded or put back on the car.

Best Dog Car Seat Covers FAQs

Q: What is the best car seat cover for dogs?

The best car seat cover for dogs is one that fits your particular seat snugly and securely. It’s made from high-quality waterproof materials that are fully machine washable, but also comfortable enough for your pet to ride on frequently. They will have heavy-duty components like non-slip backing and rugged headrest straps that help keep them securely in place and won’t slide out from under your pet while in use.

Q: What are the best quality car seat covers?

The best quality seat covers are made from fully waterproof fabrics, like polyester, nylon, or Oxford materials that are cushioned and are fully machine washable. Strong and long lasting straps and anchor ties that won’t easily tear or fray will also be part of any good seat cover.

Q: How can I protect my dog from a car seat?

A dog car seat cover is not only a great way to protect your car seats from getting filthy and stained, but many of them are also great options for protecting your precious pooch as well. Some come equipped with doggy seat belts to help secure your dog safely and keep him or her from sliding all over the back seat or falling on the floor or into the dashboard during sudden stops. For smaller dogs, they even make car seat baskets that can be anchored to your car seat to provide your dog with a roomy, but secure vantage point for riding in the car. <strong>Q: How can I protect my leather car seats from my dog?</strong> While many people simply put down a blanket or towel to protect their leather seats, these will move around and slide off during use, thus defeating the purpose and making it hard for your pet to stay safely in the seat while underway. Hands down, a properly fitted dog car seat cover is the best and safest way to protect not only your vehicle’s upholstery but your pet as well.

Our Top Pick

When it comes to our favorite overall dog car seat cover, we love the BarksBar Original Dog Car Seat Cover. It’s a versatile seat cover that can switch back and forth between standard or hammock style, essentially giving you two products for the price of one. In the standard set-up, it features a long 7-inch side flap extension to provide extra coverage and protection for your upholstery. It’s a universal fit that works great with almost all car, truck, or SUV models, The fabric is durable, comfortable, and waterproof, and it’s fully machine washable. There are even pockets built into it to store your pet’s toys, leash, waste bags, and more. Let’s not ignore the fact that it’s offered a reasonable and competitive price point too. For something even more inexpensive, go with the Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Dog Car Seat Cover.


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