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If you need to bore holes in material quickly and accurately, your shop could benefit from a drill press. Once…

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The Best Drill Presses (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Drill Presses (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice wen 5-speed drill press WEN 5-Speed Drill Press
Premium Pick Delta Laser Drill Press Delta Laser Drill Press
Best Value Dremel Rotary Tool Drill Press Work Station Dremel Rotary Tool Drill Press Work Station

If you need to bore holes in material quickly and accurately, your shop could benefit from a drill press. Once it’s set up, the drill bit of the press will be square with your workbench, allowing you to bore perfectly straight holes, which would be far more difficult by hand. You can also use a drill press to bore wider holes than you’d be able to by hand because it features a much more powerful motor than you’d find in a handheld drill.

This versatile tool is a welcome addition to any garage, whether you’re tinkering at home or working professionally. When it comes to choosing the best drill press for your needs, however, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options. That’s where we come in: we’ve scoured the market to bring you the top drill presses available, so you can make an informed decision. We’ve also compiled a handy buying guide, in which we answer some common drill press-related questions.

The Best Drill Press

Starting off our list is this Wen drill press. Its durable induction motor offers five different operating speeds, while linear depth stops allow accurate and repeatable drilling. It produces enough torque to drill through everything from metal to plastic to wood, making it a useful and versatile addition to any workshop.

The press features a built-in work surface, so it’s simple and easy to set up. The motor’s ball bearing construction extends the drill’s lifespan and offers smooth performance, even when you crank up the speed. It includes a half-inch JT33 chuck, which can accept a wide variety of bits to meet all your needs. The chuck key can be stored in a handy slot on the side of the machine, so you’ll never have to worry about losing it. To make drilling more versatile and convenient, the included worktable can bevel up to 45 degrees left and right, allowing you to create precisely angled holes. Overall, the sturdy cast iron machine is incredibly versatile and packed with useful features.

Key Features
  • Cast iron drill press with 5 operation speeds
  • Linear depth stops allow for accurate and repeatable drilling
  • Suitable for plastics, wood, and metal
  • Ball bearing motor construction for smooth operation and durability
  • Features a ½ inch chuck
  • Built-in work table bevels 45 degrees left and right
  • Brand WEN
  • Model 4208
  • Weight 31 pounds

This Delta drill press made it onto our list thanks to its diverse features and solid construction. Inside the 18-inch press sits a heavy-duty motor, providing ample power for even the most demanding drilling applications. The built-in work table can bevel 90 degrees left and right and 48 degrees forward and backwards thanks to a patented design. The table also features a T-slot for clamping and a removable center insert for through-table drilling.

Each drill press includes a built-in work light, so you can easily see what you’re doing. Fully adjustable twin lasers allow you to place a bright red crosshair on the work surface, making a precise point of contact. With 16 drilling speeds and an auto-tensioning drive belt system at your fingertips, you’ll find it quick and easy to undertake a huge array of projects. Users agree that the powerful press is user friendly and versatile, making it a great option for professional and home use.

Key Features
  • 16 speed floor drill press
  • Powerful motor can drill through just about anything
  • Built-in work table can bevel 48 degrees forwards and backwards, and 90 degrees left and right
  • Work table also features a T-slot for clamping and a removable center insert
  • Bright work light included
  • Twin lasers produce a crosshair for accurate drilling
  • Features an auto-tensioning drive belt system
  • User-friendly
  • Brand Delta
  • Model 18-900L
  • Weight 261 pounds

If you’re searching for a more portable option, look no further than Dremel’s conveniently small drill press. The articulating drill press is ideal for boring both perpendicular and angled holes. Included is a built-in tool holder, which can support tools at 90 degrees for horizontal tasks such as polishing metal objects and grinding metal pieces.

The unique flex shaft tool stand allows for telescopic adjustment to a wide range of heights between 16 and 29 inches. The press also features a series of depth markings and stops, allowing you to achieve consistent drilling depths. The small but sturdy metal base features four clamping points, making it easy to keep in place as you work. Users say the press is sturdily built despite its small size and is easy and comfortable to use.

Key Features
  • Portable table mounted drill press
  • Great for both perpendicular and angled holes
  • Built-in tool holder included
  • Telescopic flex shaft tool for adjustable height
  • Features depth markings and stops for consistent drilling
  • Tool holder bevels up to 90 degrees for horizontal tasks
  • Small but sturdy metal base
  • Brand Dremel
  • Model 220-01
  • Weight 4.85 pounds

The next drill press to earn itself a spot on our list is produced by Shop Fox, as the oscillating benchtop drill press features a 110-volt motor as well as a 5/8-inch drill chuck. With its ruggedly built parts and careful construction, the press offers professionals and amateurs alike a durable and easy-to-use tool.

The 12-speed press doubles as an oscillating sander, which is ideal for efficient contour sanding. The powerful motor can stand up even to heavy use, and its built-in work table has a clearance hole for use while sanding. The design also incorporates a dust collection port, making sanding a far less messy affair. The tool can take on any material, from metal to wood to plastics, and users report that it runs smoothly and surprisingly quietly. This quality tool fits together well and features easy-to-use controls.

Key Features
  • Oscillating bench top drill press
  • 110-volt motor and ⅝ inch drill chuck
  • 12 speed motor
  • Built-in work table with clearance hole for sanding
  • Design incorporates a dust collection port
  • Suitable for metal, plastics, and wood
  • Easy to use controls
  • Fits together easily
  • Brand Shop Fox
  • Model W1668
  • Weight 63 pounds

The next item to earn a spot on our list is this benchtop drill press by Skil. The 10-inch press features an X2 2-beam laser, helping you achieve perfect alignment every time. The powerful drill can cut through metal, plastic, and wood, making it an incredibly versatile addition to your shop. The chuck is tailored to accept larger diameter bits, allowing you to drill larger holes with ease, while the built-in work table bevels to an angle of up to 45 degrees.

In addition, the drill press includes a limited three-year warranty, so you can rest assured it’s built to last. The solid cast iron base keeps things stable as you work, making for smooth operation. Users are impressed with the tool’s quality and report that it’s easy to use. The powerful motor lends itself well to all sorts of applications.

Key Features
  • Benchtop drill press
  • Features a laser for accurate alignment
  • Chuck can accept larger bits for boring a wide range of holes
  • Built-in work table can bevel up to 45 degrees left and right
  • Includes a three year limited warranty
  • Cast iron base keeps the press stable as you work
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for plastic, metal, and wood
  • Brand Skil
  • Model 3320-01
  • Weight 55 pounds

HICO’s five-speed drill press is a great addition to any garage. It features a ½-inch keyed chuck, allowing a wide range of bits to be attached. The motor produces an impressive amount of torque and power (2.5 horsepower), making it ideal for use with a wide range of materials.

The unit is designed specifically for repetitive precision cutting in plastic, wood, and metal. Included are a few useful accessories: an allen wrench and a chuck key. The drill also features a built-in work table, which bevels up to 45 degrees left and right. Users report that the machine is easy to assemble and is ideal for hardwood projects. It bores straight, clean holes every time and operates smoothly. Despite its relatively small size, it’s a surprisingly powerful tool.

Key Features
  • 5 speed drill press
  • Features a ½ inch keyed chuck which can accommodate a wide range of bits
  • Motor produces 2.5 horsepower
  • Designed for repetitive, accurate cutting
  • Allen wrench and chuck key included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Built-in work table bevels up to 45 degrees left and right
  • Brand HICO
  • Model HICO-DP4113
  • Weight 31.6 pounds

Euro Tool’s bech top drill press is also impressive. The variable speed motor can produce up to 8,500 RPM, allowing you to bore through a wide range of materials from wood and plastic to metal. The easy-to-use tool is small enough to pop on almost any worktop but powerful enough to stand up even to regular use.

The compact design is a great space saver, and it’s surprisingly affordable too. If you’re relatively new to the world of home crafting, this economical and portable drill press is a great option. Finally, the press includes a one-year warranty, so you know that Euro Tool has faith in its products.

Key Features
  • Benchtop drill press
  • Variable speed motor (up to 8,500 RPM)
  • Ideal for boring holes in wood, plastics, and metal
  • Compact design
  • Economical option
  • One year warranty included
  • Brand EURO TOOL
  • Model DRL-300.00
  • Weight 11.55 pounds

For heavy-duty applications, look no further than Jet’s 20-inch floor drill press. Its powerful 1.5-horsepower motor can bore through a wide variety of materials, making it a versatile solution for the busy DIYer. It features a quick adjustment motor, allowing you to alter the speed quickly and easily. Speeds vary from 150 to 4,200 RPM.

Along with its high-quality motor, the press features a smooth-traveling table, which can be raised and lowered with the turn of a crank, allowing you to place it exactly where you need it. The table also tilts up to 45 degrees left and right, making it easy to bore angled holes. Finally, an adjustable depth stop with three-nut locking makes for quick adjustment and accurate repeated drilling. Users say that the press is comfortable to use and durable enough to last a lifetime.

Key Features
  • 20 inch floor drilling press
  • 12 speed motor (150 to 4,200 RPM)
  • Features a smooth-traveling table, raised and lowered with a clamp
  • Work table tilts up to 45 degrees left and right
  • Adjustable depth stop with three-nut locking system
  • Comfortable to use and durable
  • Brand Jet
  • Model 354170
  • Weight 149 pounds

Wen has earned a second spot on our list with this high-quality floor drill press. Its wide stroke capacity allows users to drill easily through a 4×4 board, while 12 different speed settings make it easy to drill through a wide range of materials. The 14 x 14-inch work table is made from sturdy cast iron and features a coolant runoff channel around its outer lip to prevent your workpiece from overheating.

To make things even easier, the drill press also includes a bright and flexible work light, allowing for maximum visibility in any light conditions. A precision laser allows you to project a crosshair onto your drilling point for maximum accuracy with every drilling operation. Everything is kept in place by a sturdy and durable cast iron base, featuring bolt holes for securing it to the floor.

Key Features
  • 12 speed floor drill press
  • Features a 14 x 14 inch work table, with a coolant runoff channel
  • Includes a flexible work light for great visibility in any condition
  • Precision laser makes for accurate drilling every time
  • Features a sturdy cast iron base with bolt holes for securing to the floor
  • Wide stroke capacity
  • Brand WEN
  • Model 4227
  • Weight 214 pounds

Shop Series has earned the final spot on our list with its compact and powerful bench drill. The handy tool is ideal for precision cutting a range of materials from wood to plastic to metal. A durable cast iron work table bevels up to 45 degrees left and right, allowing users to bore angled holes with ease. Its variable speed motor can run at speeds ranging from 620 to 3,100 RPM.

Shop Series places reliability, ease of use, and innovative features at the heart of every tool it designs. A built-in LED light improves visibility in any condition. Users say it’s the ideal addition to any home shop and represents excellent value. It’s also easy to set up and is user friendly. The drill also includes a two-year warranty, so you can rest assured it’s built to last.

Key Features
  • Variable speed bench drill press (620 to 3,100 RPM)
  • Suitable for drilling a range of materials
  • Durable cast iron workbench bevels up to 45 degrees left and right
  • Built-in LED light makes for excellent visibility
  • Excellent value for money and user friendly
  • Brand Rockwell
  • Model RK7033
  • Weight 48.3 pounds

Best Drill Press Buying Guide & FAQ

We hope these drill press reviews will help you to choose the perfect tool for your needs. With so many options at your fingertips, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your shop. Luckily, we at Car Autance are here to help – we’ve addressed some common questions and concerns about this useful piece of kit, so you can find the perfect fit for you, and get the most out of your new tool.

What to Look for When Buying a Drill Press

When it comes to choosing your drill press, there are a few key factors to bear in mind:

  • Bench or Floor Mounted

When selecting your new drill press, the first decision you’ll be faced with is whether you want a bench mounted or floor mounted model. Bench mounted models are generally better suited for home use. We’ll discuss this in more detail below.

  • Depth Stops

Depth stops are handy gadgets that ensure all the holes you bore are drilled to the same depth. They’re a must-have for jobs which require several holes of exactly the same depth.

  • Speeds and Power

For wider and longer holes, or drilling through tough materials such as metal, you’ll need more power, and a higher maximum RPM. As a rule, the more speed settings you have available, the more power you’ll have access to.

  • Work Table

The work table of a drill press is another important aspect to take a good look at before you make your final decision. Look out for a table that can bevel left and right, allowing you to bore holes at an angle. Some tables also bevel back and forth, or feature removable center panels for through table drilling.

  • Accessories

Different drill presses feature different sets of handy accessories, such as:

  • LED work lights for better visibility
  • Tool storage devices
  • Runoff channel
  • Dust collection port, making sanding easier
  • Oscillating sander function

Why You Should Use a Drill Press

Using a drill press comes with a host of benefits, including:

  • Boring holes with a drill press allows greater accuracy than you could achieve with a handheld drill
  • Using a drill press to create holes is far quicker than using a hand tool
  • A drill press allows you to drill holes to a consistent width and depth
  • Drill presses are more powerful than hand drills, allowing you to drill larger holes
  • Drill presses are suitable for both home and professional use
  • You can use a drill press to bore holes in a wide variety of materials
  • A drill press can also be used to deburr holes
  • Using a drill press minimises the risk of your drill bit breaking, compared to a hand drill

Choosing the Right Drill Press Type

As mentioned above, there are two main options to choose from when selecting your drill press:

  • Bench Mounted

Bench mounted versions tend to be more compact and less expensive, but also less powerful. They’re ideal for smaller scale projects and home use. They also help to save on floor space, so they’re a great option for smaller rooms.

  • Floor Mounted

Floor mounted models tend to feature more powerful motors, and are the best option for professional uses. These devices also feature longer quill strokes, and the speed is often easier to adjust.

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How to Mount a Drill Press?

The process of mounting a drill press will vary from model to model, and it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Mounting a drill press will make it easier to use, and improve stability.

Below are our top tips for mounting your new drill press.

  • Bench Mounted

Be sure to mount your drill press in a location where you will have space to work and, ideally, good overhead lighting. Using a wood or steel stand will provide more stability than the bench alone, and makes the device far less likely to tip over. The base of the machine should be fastened to the stand using bolts and nuts.

  • Floor Mounted

When securing a floor drill press to a wooden floor, it’s a good idea to use lag bolts. For concrete, masonry bolts and anchors are a better option. The tool should be grounded to prevent shocks or short circuiting. It should also be protected with a 20-amp time-lag fuse, to prevent overheating and potential fires.

Best Drill Press FAQ:

Q: What is a drill press?

A drill press is a powertool, which can either be free-standing, or mounted on a workbench. The tool is used to bore holes in a variety of materials; wood, plastic, or even metal. By changing the drill bit mounted in the chuck, users can create holes of different sizes and depths. They drill holes far more accurately than handheld tools, and are ideal for projects which require you to bore a series of identical holes in your construction materials.
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Q: How does a drill press work?

In a drill press, a drill bit, mounted in a chuck, is spun by an electric motor, and lowered into the material to be drilled by the turning of a handle. Depth stops ensure the hole is precisely as deep as you need, and some models include a laser to help you drill in exactly the right spot. Each drillbit is held in place by a device called a chuck, and different bits bore holes to different diameters and depths. Another important part of the drill press is the work table. These can usually be tilted left and right, allowing holes to be drilled at an angle.

Q: What materials can a drill press be used on?

Drill presses can be used to bore holes in a variety of materials, provided it has enough power, and the correct method is used:
Wood: Wood is perhaps the simplest material to drill. A good drill press can handle everything from soft woods like pine, to hard woods like maple. Be sure to use a wood boring drill.
Plastic: When drilling plastic, use a lower speed than you would for other materials. This will ensure the material does not splinter or melt.
Metal: To drill steel, speeds of around 500 RPM are ideal. It’s also a good idea to lubricate the drillbit with oil, to prevent over heating. Whatever material you’re drilling, be sure to wear adequate eye protection to prevent debris from entering your eye.

Our Top Pick

When it comes to drill presses, we think Wen’s five-speed model is the best of the bunch. Constructed from sturdy cast iron, the tool is built to last and works at speeds ranging from 740 to 3,140 RPM. The press also features linear depth stops for accurate drilling time after time.

The motor is designed to run as smoothly as possibly, making it comfortable to use even for extended periods of time. It also features a ½-inch keyed chuck, allowing users to use a wide variety of drill bits and making i suitable for any job you can think of. The bevelling work table makes it easy to drill both straight down and at an angle. On-board key storage makes it easy to keep tools organized and close at hand. Overall, Wen put together a really durable and versatile tool.


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