The Best Electric Scooters With Seats: Stay Classy and Ride in Style

These electric scooters with seats will let you cruise anywhere in comfort

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The Best Electric Scooters With Seats: Stay Classy and Ride in Style © The Best Electric Scooters With Seats: Stay Classy and Ride in Style

Electric scooters have quickly become a modern alternative to other types of fun transportation, like riding a bike or hitting your neighborhood streets on a traditional kick scooter. Faster, easier to master, and incredibly easy to enjoy, electric scooters are a whole new kind of fun thanks to their electric motors and battery power. There are even different kinds to choose from—like electric scooters with seats.

Opt for an electric scooter with a seat and you can ride without even standing up. Whether you’re looking for a new way to commute, a fun ride for the whole family, or simply something fun to ride around your neighborhood on the weekends, one of these comfortable and convenient scooters is a great pick. Check out which electric scooters with seats are the best of the bunch in our guide below.

Our Methodology

To choose the best electric scooters with seats on the market, we employed a comprehensive research methodology. We evaluated dozens of electric scooters before choosing the top contenders. Although we haven’t personally tested these products, our selection is informed by consumer testimonials, expert reviews, discussions on relevant online forums, and our institutional knowledge of the automotive industry.

Some brands are already well-established in this niche, and priority was given to their products. However, other lesser-known brands were also evaluated. The main features taken into consideration were price, power, battery capacity, comfort, reliability, and warranty. Electric scooters were immediately disqualified from consideration if they were unreliable or hazardous. 

Best Electric Scooters With Seats Reviews & Recommendations

Our Verdict on Electric Scooters

The Razor E300S is our best overall electric scooter with a seat. This scooter has a good top speed and battery capacity and still manages to be one of the better-value models on the list. You can't go wrong here.

Key Features

Motor and Wattage

An electric scooter’s capability is controlled by the motor and its wattage. A higher-powered motor, or one with a high wattage, can travel faster and offer a higher top speed. A lower-powered motor, such as one with 100 to 300 watts, will have more limitations and a lower maximum speed. If you’re looking to ride fast and have few limits, choose an electric scooter with a high-powered motor.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of any electric scooter with a seat is also critically important. This determines a scooter’s range, or how far you can ride on a single charge. It also determines how many minutes you can ride for. While 12 to 24-volt batteries give you less than an hour of riding time, larger batteries with higher capacities can let you ride for over an hour — or longer.

Wheels or Tires

Although the wheels of any electric scooter aren’t usually a very exciting feature, they are important. The wheels, or the tires on the wheels, help you ride smoothly and with ease. While most wheels are suitable for paved roads and sidewalks, some are even more capable and are built for off-roading on tougher terrains or bumpy roads.


You've got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q: How do you charge an electric scooter?

Typically, electric scooters come with chargers so you can easily recharge the batteries. These chargers plug right into any traditional electrical outlet so you can start recharging in your garage, in your home, or anywhere else you have access to an outlet.

Q: How long does the battery last on an electric scooter?

Battery life depends on the model you choose. Electric scooter batteries can last anywhere from 40 minutes to a full hour. And in terms of overall lifespan, all batteries degrade over time and use, meaning they’ll become weaker and less able to hold a long charge after many uses.

Q: Is it safe to ride an electric scooter in rain?

Most electric scooters are water-resistant, which means they’re safe to ride in light rain. They can handle some splashes and a bit of water, but they can’t be submerged and aren’t waterproof. You’ll want to avoid heavy downpours and deep puddles to stay safe, though.

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