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Riding a skateboard is more than just a mode of transportation — you can express yourself, perform tricks, and glide…

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The Best Electric Skateboards (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Electric Skateboards (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Teamgee Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Teamgee Dual Motor Electric Skateboard
Premium Pick The Best Electric Skateboards (Review) in 2022 Skatebolt Electric Longboard
Best Value Razor Battery Powered Skateboard Razor Battery Powered Skateboard

Riding a skateboard is more than just a mode of transportation — you can express yourself, perform tricks, and glide on surfaces of all types. But if you want to make skateboarding even more fun and efficient, you may want to give an electric skateboard a spin. Designed like a traditional skateboard yet paired with an electric motor and rechargeable battery, an electric skateboard offers more speed, easy riding, and even more excitement. You can roll more smoothly, get wherever you’re going faster, and save energy along the way. Electric skateboards are available in all kinds of different designs and styles. If you’re trying to choose the best electric skateboard, check out our favorites below.

The Best Electric Skateboard

The Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard features a great design. This skateboard’s durability is also tough to beat. It’s made by a company that cares about customer satisfaction, so any investment in the Teamgee family is worth your while. The Teamgee skateboard features a 760W dual motor, which allows it to operate at a top speed of 22 mph. With an 11-mile range, this skateboard surpasses many competing models when it comes to performance. 

The Teamgee electric skateboard is a longboard, so it has a higher load capacity. It is a sturdy and thin electric skateboard with great control and a stability system that’s built three inches above the ground. The materials are fiberglass and Canadian maple. These two materials used in unison promote a smoother ride, which many users love. This skateboard features a concave deck, which makes turning effortless. All sharp turns are easy due to the unit’s flexible bushing system, which makes the board super nimble.

Key Features
  • Ul certification
  • 10 Layers Maple Longboard
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 760W Dual Motor
  • Brand Teamgee
  • Model Teamgee-H5
  • Weight 14.55 Pounds

Comes with an ultra-thin board

Durable construction

Board has a decent flex


Moves even after dropping the remote

The Skatebolt Electric Longboard Skateboard is designed for everyone’s use and enjoyment. The board includes dual motors, so you get double the power. With a full charge, this unit will cruise up to 18.6 miles with a running speed that goes up to 25 mph. This is excellent for those who love to skate on steep hills.

This electric board is very stable and durable. It features eight distinct layers of Northeast maple and is very sturdy. The board can accommodate a weight of up to 280 pounds without any issues. For a more stable and smooth skateboarding experience, the wheels and deck are designed with a broader width. There are two red warning lights for safety. They help keep you visible in the dark, and they can be set to blinking mode so oncoming vehicles are aware of your presence.

Key Features
  • Remote Controller
  • 25 MPH Top Speed
  • Dual Motors
  • 8 Layers Maple with Updated Board
  • Model TO-01
  • Weight 19.51 Pounds

Six months limited warranty

Bluetooth operates the remote control



No gradual braking system

The Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard is designed with modern technological features. It comes with a wide range of features that allow it to outperform its predecessor. This board has excellent speed and power. Its battery allows it to cover up to seven miles on a single charge, and its top speed is 22 mph.

The Boosted automatic skateboard is lightweight thanks to its quality construction. It can be carried anywhere with ease, and it’s powerful enough to go wherever you choose.

Key Features
  • Light enough to carry anywhere
  • 22 mph top speed
  • Extra traction grip tape
  • Choose your range
  • Brand Boosted
  • Model BPN-100773
  • Weight 15 Pounds

Well-built deck

Excellent roll speed

Offers multiple riding modes


A bit on the pricey side

The Blitzart company started in California with a dream to create more interest in skating. This gave rise to the invention and design of some world-class boards, meant to be used for different places and distances. Blitzart has launched its latest creation, the Huracane Electric Skateboard. This board is one outstanding unit made by the best team of designers, engineers, and scientists. It features years of research combined with the use of modern-day technology and innovations. This board delivers a vast range and speed, which gives every user the much-needed confidence to explore new areas and see more things. 

Cross off all things on your bucket list with the Huracane battery powered skateboard. This board features a cruiser system that allows you to move up to 8 miles on a single charge. It uses a lithium-ion pack which can be charged fully within three hours. The longboard is very ergonomic in design thanks to manufacturers. They made the conscious effort to offer a better grip with this board. The grip makes handling of the board more comfortable. There are also wireless operations, made possible via the provision of a wireless remote. This delivers total operational control to the user, allowing them to choose their preferred speed. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert at skating; this board is well suited for both parties.

Key Features
  • Electronic Longboard
  • 17mph
  • 350W
  • Hub-Moto
  • Brand BLITZART
  • Model S3801
  • Weight 13 Pounds

Excellent speed

Sturdy construction

Has a reverse function


Remote connection can be prone to failure

If you want an electric skateboard with a lot of speed, you’re going to want to check out the Skatebolt Tornado Pro Electric Skateboard Longboard. This battery and motor-powered skateboard can reach up to 27 miles per hour, and it offers a cruising mode that stays between 22 to 25 miles per hour. Unlike other electric skateboards, this model allows you to get wherever you’re going fast — and you can travel an equally impressive 22 miles on a single charge.

This electric skateboard is powered by a 7,500 mAh battery and a 350-watt motor. It’s strong enough to climb hills with 25-percent grading, giving you more speed with four different speed and braking settings and more versatility. The board is highly durable with eight layers of maple wood for sturdiness. It can support up to 280 pounds. A handy remote control lets you operate the electric skateboard with ease, and it even features an LCD display screen so you can see your speed, your battery capacity, and braking information. Tail lights at the back of this electric skateboard make it easy for others to see you whether it’s day or night.

Key Features
  • Can reach a top speed of 27 miles per hour
  • Travels approximately 22 miles on a single charge
  • Deck is made of eight layers of sturdy maple wood
  • Six months of free maintenance service included with each skateboard
  • Brand Skatebolt
  • Model Tornado Pro
  • Weight 19.5 Pounds

Is faster than many competing electric skateboards

Wireless remote lets riders control the speed and braking by hand

Regenerative braking system helps maintain the battery and increase its durability


Hills can be challenging if the battery is low

Wheels don’t have a long lifespan

Many skaters love the RaxorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard because it lets them enjoy skating on another level. This standard board is built with durable materials for prolonged performance. This board is powered by a 125-watt motor that’s controlled by a lithium-ion battery. A single charge lasts about 40 minutes, provided it is used continually. This board is made from a 5-ply maple wood, which is sturdy, lightweight, and very responsive. 

The RazorX skateboard has a custom reverse kingpin system and a high grip urethane wheel system for enhanced stability. We recommend this skateboard for individuals who are nine years old and older with a weight under 220 pounds. The Razor brand has been around since 2000, and it does a lot of research when creating its designs, which allows its products to attract a broad range of customers around the globe.

Key Features
  • 125-watt motor
  • high-quality 5-ply Maple deck
  • Includes a wireless (2.4 Ghz) remote with wrist strap (replaceable)
  • Features custom reverse kingpin trucks
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 25133099
  • Weight 9.70 Pounds

Easy to use


Enhanced stability


Cannot run in reverse

For skating beginners, you might want to consider the Kafansy Electric Skateboard, the best electric skateboard. This is a board with many speed ranges for better versatility and usage. It allows for total control by the user, which makes your skating experience more enjoyable. The Kafansy board is an electric entity that works with a 350W motor for better performance. A single charge provides you with a speed of up to 12mph, the highest rate you will ever encounter among skateboards on sale today. This best electric longboard comes with a unique cutting design featuring six different layers of bamboo and northeast maple. The use of such materials makes your board sturdier and more stable for prolonged performance.

With the Kafansy, you don’t need to worry about excessive power consumption when your board isn’t in use. For wireless operation, the Kafansy board features a remote control with three-speed modes. The remote is extremely ergonomic in design for better handling. If you prefer stable speed, you will love this skateboard unit. Concerning versatility, this board can be used as a standard board any time you please. This is made possible via the groups 5 minutes’ automatic power-off feature. 

Key Features
  • With Remote Small
  • For Kids Teens
  • 350W Motor
  • 12 MPH Top Speed
  • Brand Kafansy

Comes with a solid board

Lightweight and affordable

Guarantees a smooth ride


Remote reception can be weak

The Urbanpro Electric Skateboard is a sleek longboard that you can use for fun or for your daily commute. Whether you want to cruise effortlessly or need an easier way to get around, this electric skateboard really delivers. It’s powered by a 400-watt high-torque motor, and it offers three different speed modes. You can reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. With a 4.0AH 36V lithium-ion battery underneath the skateboard’s deck, you’ll be able to travel up to 10 miles in range. From hills with 20-percent inclines to varying types of terrain, this skateboard can easily navigate many different roads or sidewalks.

This electric skateboard is durable. The deck is crafted out of maple and fiberglass with 11 composite layers that can hold up to 265 pounds. A set of high-quality PU wheels keep you rolling and riding smoothly. Learning the ins and outs of the Urbanpro Electric Skateboard is also very easy. It comes with a multifunctional remote, which gives you handheld control over every one of the skateboard’s functions. You can use the remote to change speeds, brake, and move forward or backward. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skateboarder, this electric skateboard will meet your needs. 

Key Features
  • Easily tackles hills with 20-degree inclines
  • Powered by a 400-watt high-torque motor
  • Reaches a max speed of 20 miles per hour
  • Can recharge the battery in three hours
  • Brand Urbanpro
  • Weight 21.05 pounds

Includes an ergonomic remote for on-the-go control

Can be used as a regular skateboard when the battery isn’t charged

Deck is built with 11 layers of Canadian maple and a non-slip surface


Battery charges can vary, which may limit riding distance

Battery capacity can become depleted with frequent use

If you’re looking for a traditional longboard with more oomph, the WeSkate 35” Electric Skateboard Longboard is a fantastic option. This product combines an electric motor and battery pack with a longer skateboard deck. It’s great for cruising the streets of your neighborhood or along the beach. Though this electric skateboard isn’t super fast — it can reach a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour — it’s great for getting around with ease. It features different speed settings for different needs and skill levels, and it’s stable enough for beginners. 

The WeSkate electric longboard is powered by a 4,000 mAh lithium battery that’s built into the skateboard and a 350-watt brushless hub motor. It features a maximum weight load of 220 pounds and can ride for up to 10 miles. Even if you’re out of power, this electric skateboard can be used like a regular board. A wireless controller lets you control your speed and helps acceleration and braking with little effort. A set of 90 x 52-millimeter wheels made with PU material help you roll smoothly across any surface, ensuring a non-slip ride.

Key Features
  • Can reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour
  • 4,000 mAh lithium battery that takes three hours to recharge
  • Power delivered by a 350-watt brushless hub motor
  • Deck is made out of eight layers of high-performance maple
  • Brand WeSkate
  • Weight 14.65 Pounds

Deck is sturdy and staple, made with performance-quality materials

Lighter weights may be able to reach higher speeds of up to 12 miles per hour

Battery is waterproof, making it suitable for wet surfaces or wet weather


Not ideal for use on hills or inclines

Power and power connections can be problematic

Meet the Shaofu Electric Skateboard, another exciting model in the market today. We have included this unit to our list because thousands of positive reviews back it on online review platforms. Customers across the globe vouch for its durability and reliability. They appreciate its sturdy build and recommend this board for all those interested in learning to skate. The Shaofu board is an electric longboard unit that allows for wireless operations. It operates at high speed and has a long-range. The motor that guides its actions features a power level of 250-watt, which is higher than many competing models. 

This electric skateboard unit uses a lithium battery, which can be fully charged within two hours. It features robust construction that is made possible via the use of maple. The deck of this skateboard is the perfect fit for cruising and responsive riding. We will recommend this board for people aged above eight and with a weight below 286 pounds. There are two skating modes attached to this unit; the beginner and advanced. These modes can be adjusted to suit the user and provide a better riding experience. Another feature we love is the four LED indicators that inform users about the speed control, battery levels, cruise control, and braking controls. Weighing 11 pounds, this board is elementary to carry. A purchase will provide you with a power adapter, remote controller charging cable, skateboard, and a user manual.

Key Features
  • Electric Longboard
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 12 MPH Top Speed
  • 10 Miles Range
  • Brand Shaofu

Well-built deck

Offers multiple riding modes

Excellent roll speed


Remote connection fails sometimes

A little pricey

Best Electric Skateboards Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for in an Electric Skateboard

Determining which electric skateboards are the best of the best isn’t easy. Many electric skateboards seem similar, both in design and in capability. But certain qualities and features can make some electric skateboards quicker, more portable, and more reliable. Look for the following features or aspects of any electric skateboard to determine if it’s top quality.

  • Brand

The brand is one of the first factors to consider. You want to look at how well known an electric skateboard brand is. Does it have a history of producing electric skateboards? Is it reliable? Is it a favorite of those who ride electric skateboards? The brand you’re considering can tell you a lot about a skateboard, and you can discover if it’s a customer favorite or isn’t so reliable or trustworthy.

  • Water resistance

Riding your new electric skateboard means hitting the sidewalks and streets, and when you’re outside, you’ll likely encounter water. From puddles on streets to light rain to splashes from others, water can be detrimental to any electricity-powered gadgets. Check to see if the electric skateboards you’re interested in are water-resistant. They don’t have to be water-resistant enough to be dunked underwater, but they should be able to withstand a bit of unexpected water and still function. Plus, water-resistance gives you extra reliability.

  • Weight

An electric skateboard should be just as portable and lightweight as a traditional skateboard. Because these powered skateboards have limited distances they can travel on a single charge, make sure it is easy to pick up and carry whenever needed. Check the weight of any electric skateboard to assess whether or not it’s really lightweight enough to be portable.

  • Battery Power and Motor

Battery power and the motor underneath an electric skateboard are absolutely critical features. They determine both how fast a skateboard can go and how long it’ll last on each charge. Look at these features very carefully when comparing different electric skateboards. What speed is best for your needs? How will you use your skateboard, and how far do you need to travel? You should aim to find an electric skateboard that offers a long-lasting battery and a motor with enough power to suit your needs.

Why Do You Need a Motorized Skateboard?

A motorized skateboard, or an electric skateboard, can be both a lot of fun and very efficient. When you ride a traditional skateboard, you’re relying on your own power and physical force to move — and that can be exhausting, especially over long distances. You have to work to get the skateboard moving, and that can leave anyone who’s using their skateboard for their commute far too sweaty at the start of the day. If you’re just having fun, a traditional skateboard can be a great workout.

But electric skateboards offer more efficiency. You don’t have to work too hard. In fact, you may not have to work at all. You can control the speed, using a remote to accelerate and come to a stop. This means you can travel longer distances without exerting too much effort. If you plan to use your skateboard to travel far distances, an electric model is a good option.

Another benefit of electric skateboards is the smooth ride you’ll enjoy. Typically, motorized skateboards are built with wider wheelbases and softer wheels. This helps increase stability and smooth rolling regardless of what kind of surface you’re riding over. You get a more balanced, easy ride.

Finally, a motorized skateboard can be more durable. While these innovative skateboards have more parts and pieces, they’re typically designed with modern technologies that are made to last. From the wheels to the deck, you can find electric skateboards that feature quality materials and lasting design functionality.

Electric Longboard vs. Traditional Skateboard

Skateboards are small entities that have their nose and tail turned up by design. Electric longboards, on the other hand, feature a flatter design, with faster speed and a more comfortable ride. Both boards are great for beginners, however, electric longboards offer a lot more stability.

Powered Skateboard vs. Electric Scooter

Power Skateboards are cheaper than their electric counterparts. This is because they don’t come with the advanced technology that electric scooters possess. Scooters are also smoother to ride than skateboards since they have a beautiful, ergonomic handle.

Best Electric Skateboards FAQ:

Q: How do I choose the correct deck size?

The skateboard deck is an essential part of every skateboard. This space determines the performance of your board. To pick the best floor, you have to consider your style, height, shoe size, and your personal preferences. Choosing a narrow board can make skating difficult, while an extra-large deck will demand excessive power for use. We recommend a layer with a 7.5” width for adults and teen riders since they will feel more stable and also have a better skating experience.

Q: Can I bring an electric skateboard on a plane?

As long as you follow the rules, you will be allowed by different airlines to board planes with your skateboard. Skateboards can be sent onto planes provided they’re stored in checked or carry-on luggage if it’s an electronic or electric skateboard, you may be required to take out the batteries.

Q: How do I control my electric longboard?

Electric skateboards can be controlled in different ways. Some boards allow you to control their speed and power via a wireless controller. This system offers you total control of your board at all times, no matter where you’re located. One can also control their board via a mobile device or application. this is specific to certain brands and models. The type of skateboard you purchase will determine the type of control you will have.

Q: How do I care for my powered skateboard?

Taking care of your skateboard is a necessary occurrence if you wish to make use of your board for a more extended period. The maintenance of skateboards doesn’t demand a lot of effort or investments, provided it is done regularly. Some of these methods include:
– Keeping your skateboard indoors always, to prevent it from getting wet and ruined.
– Cleaning your bearings, which are the essential part of your skateboard after use. These units can ruin your ride if they get gummed up, thus ensure that they’re kept clean at all times.
– The tail of your board will start to wear thin like the nose will; thus, you will need to take care of all bad chips which occur. Round off all sharp edges, sand down the splintered wood bits, and never allow your tail to get thin, since they’re very vulnerable.
– The best way to maintain your board is to keep replacing any damaged parts, as soon as they’re destroyed. The different parts of your board will wear out once you begin to make use of it; you inevitably need to keep the worn our places replaced, to avoid any injuries in the future.

Our Top Pick

Our choice for the best electric skateboard is the Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard. This skateboard isn’t just smooth and sleek to ride — it offers excellent power, a long riding range, and an impressive top speed. If you want to ride fast, you’ll be thrilled with the 22 miles per hour top speed of this electric skateboard. It can ride for a distance of up to 11 miles on a single charge. Designed in the style of a longboard, this skateboard is stable and offers extra length with a 37-inch-long deck for riders who love traditional longboards. This electric skateboard can reach a full charge in as little as two hours, giving you all of the speed you need whether you’re commuting, riding around town, or having fun.


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