Best F-150 Floor Mats: Keep Dirt and Debris Off Your Original Flooring

Don’t let mud, snow, or spills wreck your truck’s floors; use a set of top-tier floor mats instead.

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Best F-150 Floor Mats: Keep Dirt and Debris Off Your Original Flooring © Best F-150 Floor Mats: Keep Dirt and Debris Off Your Original Flooring

You never quite know what’s going to get tracked into your truck’s cab – or spill all over its flooring. Accidents happen, whether in the form of muddy boots, melting snow, or a spilled travel mug of coffee. The best way to prevent these everyday occurrences from turning into unsightly stains on your Ford F-150’s floor is to cover up that factory flooring with a set of protective floor mats. Available in all kinds of materials and sizes, you can easily find floor mats that’ll effectively stop dirt, trap liquids, and prevent long-term discoloration, damage, and staining before it can happen. No matter what model you’re driving, you can find F-150 floor mats that’ll match seamlessly with your interior and provide you with better traction and more dirt-stopping power than the standard fabric mats so common straight off the lot.

Summary List 

Best Overall: WeatherTech 3D Front Floor Mats

Best Value: Husky Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

Honorable Mention: Rough Country Front Floor Mats

Best High-Edge: Rugged Ridge Front Floor Liners

Best for Liquids: Westin Sure Fit Floor Liners

Best for Off-Road Messes: Rugged Ridge All Terrain Floor Liner Kit

Our Methodology

To choose and highlight the best F-150 floor mats, I took a look at every type of vehicle floor mat, from fabric to rubber to elastomers as well as universally sized and custom-fit. I sought out mats made by well-known brands, such as WeatherTech and Husky, to find options that would be reliable for the long-term and able to live up to your floor protection expectations. Floor mats that offered more customized sizing topped my list, as they could provide a surer fit and prevent common problems like slipping and gaping. I also sought out floor mat sets that would work for various F-150 models and model years, looking to users’ ratings and reviews to understand their fitment. 

Best F-150 Floor Mat Reviews & Recommendations

Our Verdict

When it comes to the combination of durability, dirt- and liquid-trapping capability, and all-weather performance of WeatherTech 3D Front Floor Mats, it’s hard to find a better choice for your F-150. These vehicle-specific mats offer a seamless fit and serious protection for your flooring. However, for great bang for your buck, the extra-thick and nicely durable Husky Heavy-Duty Floor Mats are an affordable alternative that covers your entire front seat floor space.  


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