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You have come to the right website if you are looking for the best foam cannon soap. A foam cannon, also known as a foam gun, is used extensively in motorized detailing. This equipment mixes washing soap, air, and water in proportionate amounts to create a thick foam. You can then spray the thick foam…

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Best Foam Cannon Soap – Reviews And Buying Guide | Autance © Best Foam Cannon Soap – Reviews And Buying Guide | Autance

You have come to the right website if you are looking for the best foam cannon soap. A foam cannon, also known as a foam gun, is used extensively in motorized detailing. This equipment mixes washing soap, air, and water in proportionate amounts to create a thick foam.

You can then spray the thick foam using a pressure washer all over your car or auto vehicle to blast suds. Foam cannon is highly efficient if you are using the right soap. Therefore, you can remove all stubborn dirt with little effort. You should consider three fundamental factors to produce a lot of thick suds:

  1. Foam cannon
  2. Pressure washer
  3. Foam cannon soap
Best foam cannon soap

Types of Foam Cannon Soaps

There is a huge difference between foam cannon soaps and mixed car shampoos. Foam cannon soaps are generally divided in two kinds:

Concentrated soaps: Some of the foam cannon soaps come into a concentrated state. This means that you have to dilute them according to the ratio recommended before using them.

The advantage of using a concentrated foam cannon soap is that you control the thickness of the foam. This depends on the parts of the car you want to wash by mixing the soap and water in an equal ratio.

Non-concentrated: You can use this kind of soap in your foam cannon without diluting it; hence it is highly recommended by manufacturers for maximum performance. Most of the biodegradable formulas are non-concentrated; hence they are eco-friendly and protect your car wax.

Best Foam Cannon Soap- Review

Foaming your car with a regular soap won’t make it clean as you desire. So as a car enthusiast, the overall maintenance of your car should be your priority. Whether you are washing the car alone or in a car wash, you must do it properly.

You should use the correct foam cannon soap together with the best foam cannon to improve the cleanliness of your car. Don’t use the common washer soaps because they are harsh on the automotive paintings. Regular and continuous use of common soaps peels off the paint, and damages your car even beyond repair.

Normalize using the best foam cannon soap when cleaning both the interior and exterior of your car. Don’t forget to use a recommended foam cannon soap during winter. We have highlighted some of the recommended foam cannon soaps for your car:

1. Chemical Guys Snow Foam Car Wash Soap

This is one of the best foam cannon soap in the U.S market for various reasons. First, you can use roughly 3 ounces per time. Secondly, it gives you the same maximum performance as Adam’s Ultra foam, and lastly, it is affordable. Chemical Guys use distinctive Parts Per Million (PPM) formula to produce millions of cleaning foam bubbles. 

This enables you to produce the desired thick foam results when using the correct setting on your foam cannon. The thick suds produced removes road grime, debris, dirt, and other contaminants that have accumulated on your car. Chemical Guys Snow Foam soap is a neutral formulation in terms of pH; therefore, it protects the wax, rubber, plastic, or vinyl on your car. 

Generally, Chemical Guys Snow foam cannon soap offers excellent value for your money. The brand produces great products that do incredible cleaning jobs at an affordable cost.


  • Great value for your money because it does an excellent cleaning job
  • It is safe on all automotive surfaces and improves gloss
  • It’s affordable
  • It cannot damage car sealant; hence safe on all wax
  • pH neutral formula, so it rinses your car clean without dirt residues.
  • One cap of the foam cannon soap can be diluted with about 6 gallons of water.

Cons: Quite ineffective.

2. Mother Triple Action Foam Wash

Mother Triple Action Foam Wash is one of the most affordable foam cannon soap because it delivers incredible cleaning performance. It lubricates automotive surfaces and protects them against scratches. The ultimate power foam cannon soap ensures that ceramic coatings are protected and stay intact while efficiently removing all the contaminants.

The product is pH neutral, although it cannot protect wax on your car. You cannot identify the foam cannon soap’s actual scent, but I am sure it is not that overwhelming. 

The “Triple Action” product description enables you to use a different amount of soap products to create “ultimate power,” “extra strength,” or “all-purpose “foam cannon soap. Therefore, you can choose two or three options to use in your foam cannon. So about four to five ounces is enough to dilute with 6 gallons of water.


  • Cheap and affordable
  • It comes with a handle, thus a critical packaging.
  • Protects ceramic coatings or wax
  • It can be used on exterior surfaces of the automotive.
  • Dissolves dulling dirt and other contaminants.


  • Can leave some residue on the car
  • Requires the use of a lot of products to produce a creamy foam.

3. Adam’s Polishes Ultra Foam Shampoo

Adam’s Ultra Foam Shampoo is a premium soap that can produce a great amount of thick foam. The brand explains that the product is four times more concentrated than other car shampoos. And, it is also the most advanced chemical formula for foam shampoo they are providing.

The product contains a lubricating chemical that is designed to protect your car from scratches after rinsing. It also has advanced polymers and cleaners in the chemical mix that creates a thin protective layer on your car. The polymers are highly effective and entirely safe for use with the foam cannon.

Adam’s shampoo creates a thick and creamy foam that doesn’t evaporate quickly like other cheap cannon soaps. The pH neutral foam soap clings firmly to your car to power off all road grimes, dirt, and other accumulated contaminants. So it gives your car sealant and maximum wax protection. 

This foam cannon soap is available in about 20 fluid ounce containers mix 4 to 5 ounces of foam soap with water for each wash in your canister. This product has a long dwelling time and a grape smell.


  • It gives your clean-rinsing without leaving streaks
  • Polymer-based chemicals create thin protective polymer
  • Ideal for use in direct sunlight due to high level of lubrication
  • Gentle on wax and plastic components
  • pH neutral


  • Quite expensive.

4. Turtle Wax Ice Snow Foam Soap

Turtle Wax Ice Snow Foam car wash soap is a pH-neutral washer with hybrid technology formulated for hand wash and foam cannon soap. The product contains various qualities and benefits of biodegradable and safe detergents. It is also an ultra-rich car conditioner.

This premium foam cannon soap is safe for paint, car sealants, and wax because it is filled with bubble gum scent. It comes with 2 mitts and a pack of 12 microfiber towels for a great cleaning experience. It rinses well in direct sunlight and powers off dirt, so it doesn’t leave residues on your car after washing.


  • pH neutral
  • Keeps your automotive clean for an extended period
  • Offers protection on the wax and car sealant
  • It was filled with a bubble gum scent.


  • Quite expensive foam cannon soap
  • It’s a thin liquid.

5. Sun Joe Premium Snow Foam Soap

Sun Joe is a brand known for manufacturing lawn mowers and snow-blowers. We realized that they have ventured into making foam soaps such as Sun Joe Premium Snow Foam Soap, a unique cannon soap.

This is a high-viscosity biodegradable product and does an incredible job removing dirt and residues from your car. However, its foam is not thick, strong, or even strong enough like the chemical-based solutions of other foam cannon soaps. Therefore, it is best to use this car washer regularly.

The reason is that the foam soap is not that concentrated; hence you can use it undiluted in your cannon canister. So it does not give you the ability to adjust the strength of the soap solution for different types of dirt and debris.

You don’t have to worry about your wax finishes and car sealants. Not because it’s pH neutral but because of its biodegradable formula that makes the foam protective to your car paint. This product’s effective price is relatively high because you have a gallon of Sun Joe Premium Snow Foam Soap.

The foam cannon soap is available in a one-gallon bottle and gives you excellent value for your money. You can pour it directly into a foam cannon or pressure washer. This is the best foam cannon soap because it can also be used to clean bricks, wood, and other useful surfaces if needed.


  • It contains concentrated biodegradable formulas.
  • High viscosity foam results
  • Rinses the automotive without leaving streaks
  • Very gentle on wax and car sealants
  • Has a pineapple or coconut fragrance.


  • Ineffective foam cannon soap.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Foam Cannon Soap

The most fundamental attribute of a great foam cannon soap is obviously: the foam. You need a large amount of foam using a combination of suds from soaps and pressure from a water cannon to make it more effective.

Regular detergents cannot remove the dirt because they don’t create enough foam. So you can car wash soap, but you should dilute it properly. Since you will have to shop for a foam cannon soap, why not start by checking some of the essential attributes:

pH Neutral

PH is how scientists measure the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid. When deciding on a foam cannon soap, you must buy one with a gentle formula on your automotive. Acidic foam soap can strip the paint of your car, leaving acidic residue.

On the pH scale, 0 is acidic, 14 is basic, while 7 is neutral. You should use a soap solution with a pH of 7. Run your fingers over the car body after cleaning it, and if there are traces of residue, you should change the foam cannon soap you are using.

Cleaning Power

Most foam cannon soap contains chemicals to improve their cleaning ability. These soap products come with fancy descriptions such as chemically advanced, cutting edge formulations. In reality, foam soap ingredients don’t matter as long as they create a lot of concentrated foam solution.

The important thing is the product concentrate, which enables you to adjust the amount of soap you mix with water. Be very careful with soaps advertised as deep cleaning, and they are ineffective. The best foam cannon soap should be formulated to remove road grime, dirt, and bugs without leaving any streaks.

Biodegradable Foam Cannon Soaps

Shop for a foam cannon soap that is friendly to the environment during these modern times. Biodegradable soaps are suitable for most car owners and car cleaners because they offer maximum cleaning performance and conserve the environment. This gives you an evident option if you are an environmentalist.


It is common knowledge that price doesn’t guarantee you product quality. Sometimes an expensive soap might give you the cleaning satisfaction you desire. 

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that you should opt for cheaper products. If cheap foam cannon soaps meet all the cleaning criteria and are within your financial plan, then buy them.


Cleaning your vehicle using a foam soap is an effective method of maintaining it. Using the best foam cannon soap enables you to produce millions of thick suds that prevent car sealant stripping. Frequent washing using the products mentioned above prevents scratching and damaging of paint.

It is also advisable to use the correct type of foam cannon and car wash soap, depending on your climatic condition you live in. For instance, during winter where there’s snow, it is recommended to wash your car regularly. This is because snow is detrimental to car paint if you don’t attend to it promptly.

So have you used any of the foam cannon soap discussed in our review above? Do you have any particular brand in mind that you want to be discussed? We would like to hear your feedback and your honest suggestion concerning this comprehensive product review. Talk to us!

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