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We all know how awful driving in the middle of winter can be. It’s cold, dark, and you never know…

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The Best Fog Lights For Your Car (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Fog Lights For Your Car (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice best fog lights Nilight 18W 30 Degree High LED Lights
Premium Pick The Best Fog Lights For Your Car (Review) in 2022 Sylvania High Performance Halogen Fog Light Bulb
Best Value The Best Fog Lights For Your Car (Review) in 2022 Alla Lighting H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs

We all know how awful driving in the middle of winter can be. It’s cold, dark, and you never know what form of extreme weather waits for you down the road. Although you can never change the weather, one thing you can improve is your visibility and overall safety inside your vehicle. These fog lights selected for you below will keep you calm and collected when battling through the upcoming fog and storms that await this winter.

The Best Fog Lights For Your Car

Nilight’s off-road fog light is equipped with all the latest high-tech advancements to make sure you’re as safe as can be on the road. Durability is enhanced by the aluminum housing and a 45-degree adjustable angle, making it easy to change beam direction. These lights are as bright as they come thanks to high lumen chips, customized reflective cups and an adopting PC lens to reduce light attenuation.

What’s more, these lights can be placed almost anywhere and on everything. These vary from harvesters to even fishing boats. Nilight place such confidence in their product that the company even offer a two-year warranty. There’s nothing not to love!

Key Features
  • Adjustable mounting bracket up to 45 degrees makes changing the light direction easier
  • High visibility due to quality high lumens LED chips emitting bright white light
  • Die-cast aluminum alloy cooling fins will effectively extent lifespan to 30,000 and provide superior heat dissipation
  • Dustproof and Waterproof up to 3.3 feet of water for 30 minutes
  • Long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
  • Brand Nilight
  • Model 60001SA
  • Weight 4.1 pounds

Ever ordered lights that seems like they’re about to burn out the moment you start using them? With Phillips VisionPlus headlights, you’ll never have that problem again. These lights are bright and omit clear, white light. This is thanks to advanced safety halogens, which produce 60-percent more light in comparison to your standard halogen bulb.

Going for an extremely reasonable price, it’s not a wonder that the H3 twin pack is so popular. Buy yours today to brighten your drives on dark nights.

Key Features
  • Enhanced safety halogens providing 60% more light allow more time to avoid hazards
  • Surpasses the average halogen bulbs due to 50 feet longer beam
  • A clear white light produced
  • Product is DOT compliant
  • Brand Philips
  • Model 12336VPS2
  • Weight 2.4 ounces

Winjet’s attractive and unique fog light design differs from the average with a gorgeous matte-black finish. Aside from being a tempting feature which makes your vehicle that bit more contemporary, additional design features such as the protective cover to prevent the chrome reflector from tarnishing have been considered when manufacturing.  

These lights are OEM approved, meaning that you can purchase high quality lights for almost half the price online compared to a mechanic. Although professional installation is recommended, the simplistic installation videos allow you DIYers out there to save some of your hard-earned cash.

Key Features
  • Extremely simple lights with fast installation time to install due to guidance videos
  • Exact match to the OEM light
  • Alluring design will update the look of your car
  • Front cover provides durability as chrome reflector isn't tarnished
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Brand Winjet
  • Model WJ30-0125-09
  • Weight 1.65 pounds

SiriusLED’s lights seem practically futuristic when compared to other models. Let’s start with their material. Made from aluminum which meets aircraft grade quality, their heat dissipation is exemplary. If you don’t often go down the DIY route, SiriusLED make it easy for you through the manufacturing of their original base design, which additionally enhances heat dissipation and prevents corrosion.

Think this is all too good to be true? We’re just getting started. Moving on to light output, these lights incorporate a four-sided design which augments the quality of fog light produced. If you are still skeptical of their credibility, then buy a pair to find out for yourself.

Top Tip – This product should not be used with headlights.

Key Features
  • 8G Black Alloy Led ensures stable output and an extremely long-life span
  • Optimal four-sided design maximizes fog light housing light reflection
  • A credible level of durability provided by solid alloy mould and 360-degree acrylic shield
  • Glass lens is a highly refractive concentrator and efficient condenser
  • Pure white light output is ensured by six individual LED chips with protection technology
  • Brand SiriusLED
  • Model SiriusLED-BKH8
  • Weight 1.6 ounces

Turn heads with the stunning illumination produced by Phillip’s X-tremeVision model. They’ve truly got the whole package with being stylish, long lasting and combined with the most cutting-edge technology. The incredibly cool color temperature is a crisp white which allows you to see further, therefore preventing hazards from occurring on the road.

One other cutting-edge features which we believe enables this product to stand out on the market is the patented SafeBeam technology. This ensures the light omitted is directed at the road and not directly into the eyes of the other drivers. Thanks to the introduction of lights such as these, our roads are becoming safer each passing day.

Key Features
  • Keeps yourself and other drivers safe on the road thanks to Patented SafeBeam technology
  • A three-year warranty demonstrates the product's durability
  • Maximum visibility with 6000K High Power LED lighting
  • 12 year expected life expectancy
  • Maximum cooling of LED's is maintained by optimal thermal design
  • Brand Philips
  • Model 12834UNIX2
  • Weight 4.6 ounces

The ZonCar H11 Led Fog Light Bulbs fit a variety of vehicles, from the Ford Escape, Focus, and Fusion to the Honda Accord and Civic as well as the Toyota Camry, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Chevy Malibu. This pack of two LED fog lights are 5000 lumens and are 300-percent brighter than factory halogen fog light bulbs with a lifespan of over 30,000 hours.

They are waterproof and dustproof and designed to perform in a variety of weather conditions. They feature an aviation aluminum body and hollow-carved heat sink for optimal cooling. In addition, these non-polarity bulbs are easy to install as they fit directly into a vehicle’s fog light housing and are designed to replace H11, H16, H8, and H9 halogen fog light bulbs.

However, there have been some complaints that the lights burn out a lot sooner than expected. Some users also reported that one bulb didn’t work out of the box, but that was a rare exception.

Key Features
  • 30,000-hour lifespan
  • 5000 lumen
  • CSP LED chips
  • 360-degree lighting
  • Aluminum body
  • Brand ZonCar
  • Weight 5.3 ounces

While reading reviews for JMG ASTAR’s lights, the most common complaint we noted was that they were TOO bright. In our opinion, this is a pretty good objection to have! The entire process is simple; the installation of the lights is made effortless by a plug-and-play system, which takes up hardly any time.

The lights turn on and off very quickly when starting up your vehicle, as they are LED and consume much less power. When on the road, the difference between the LED and your standard stock is evident when considering their brightness levels. All in all, these lights are an inexpensive luxury and a must-buy product.

Key Features
  • High power SW LED chips ensure brightness
  • Dexterity is maintained by solid alloy mold, glass lens and a high refractive index
  • One-year warranty
  • Easy insertion thanks to plug-and-play installation with no tools required
  • Brand JDM ASTAR
  • Model JDM ASTAR-H10-HP-50W
  • Weight 0.8 ounces

Both affordable and practical, we’d like to introduce Lasfit’s stellar fog lights. These high-powered beauties come with a one-year warranty, which speaks volumes of their durability. With a cool white 6000K brightness, the combination of true watts and lumens allow the headlight bulbs to become endurable yet rarely dim.

Many late-night drivers often complain of dark spots clouding their vision when they drive. This high-focus bulb prevents this from happening and additionally allows for a farther lighting area. Choose the straightforward option and buy these today.

Key Features
  • No 'warm up' time for this 6000K cool white light
  • Plug-and-play system ensures easy and practical installation
  • Specifically designed to facilitate heat due to Dual Turbo Fan and High-Speed Heat Dissipation System
  • Perfect visibility is maintained by clear beam pattern without dark spots
  • Built-in ballast saves space
  • Brand LASFIT
  • Weight 10.4 ounces

We have to admit; when compared to the enticing packaging that other headlights offer, this drab Phillips bulb looks incredibly dull. However, it’s what’s inside that matters. The brightness omitted from this bulb can be purchased for a third of the cost from a local dealership without drawing too much juice from your vehicle.

What’s more, this bulb is easy to install for those who are brave enough to take the DIY route. This reputable brand has also made their produce lead and mercury free, therefore providing an imperishable foundation. If your bulbs just aren’t as bright as they used to be, then this Phillip’s model makes for a reliable upgrade.

Key Features
  • A lead and mercury free product provides sustainability
  • Product quality ensured by guaranteed DOT, SAE, and ECE certification and homologation
  • Easy to fit into your vehicle
  • Clever packaging protects bulb from damage while inside the box
  • Brand Philips
  • Model 12276C1
  • Weight 2.4 ounces

With being a Hella product comes great responsibility. This reputable brand has released many incredible products and these fog lamps certainly don’t deviate from the norm. You can really see the detail when just glancing over them; as their stylish circular shape really gives them an aesthetic advantage.

Yet it’s the additional features which make this product so successful in the automotive market. The bonded glass lenses, ABS housings and aluminum coated reflectors are simply perfect for off-roader drivers due to their incredible ability to withstand literally anything. And don’t worry, you’ll be incredibly safe with the specially designed beam pattern. It’s truly a win-win situation for you and your vehicle.

Key Features
  • Ideal for off-road vehicles that requires high performance and rugged lighting such as SUV's and trucks
  • Durability level is maintained thanks to bonded water-tight lens, aluminum vapor-coated reflector and impact resistant reinforced ABS housing
  • Fog beam pattern compliments factory headlights to provide optimal visibility
  • Less eye fatigue for the driver by specifically designed lighting
  • Can change the style of Hella Lamp when incorporated with color shields
  • Brand HELLA
  • Model 005750971
  • Weight 4.4 pounds

When you first see these fog lights, it seems like they are just neon-blue test tubes that a mad scientist created. In other words, they look super cool. Their awesomeness just keeps increasing thanks to their performance. When comparing a basic halogen headlight to a Xenon Fueled Halogen Headlight, you immediately notice that the latter is far superior in both brightness levels and their length of transmission.

Many of Sylvania’s customers worry that these immense bulbs are suitable for off-road use only but fortunately, they are 100-percent street legal. As they’re adaptable, stylistic and brilliant, treat your vehicle to Sylvania’s model.

Key Features
  • The cobalt blue coating combined with xenon halogen gas provides optimal light output
  • Crisp white light is ensured by manufacturers
  • Street Legal and DOT approved
  • Ideal for traveling in darkened and foggy locations
  • Brand Sylvania
  • Model 9145SZ.BB2
  • Weight 2.4 ounces

You’ll never be afraid of the dark again with Yitamotor’s Flood LED Light Bar. To start, the incorporation of adjustable mounting brackets allows for easy installation. We’ve all had one bulb which drained the life out of our vehicles. Not this time – Yitamotor’s Flood Light can manages to operate at 10-30V with low power consumption.

Durability is the main feature we believe this light to offer. It has been manufactured with the finest die-cast aluminum alloy housing with a PC lens surface whilst being waterproof at the same time. Rumours are it’s indestructible. Want to find out for yourself?

Key Features
  • Cast aluminum housing provides durability
  • 50,000-hour life span with 4-inch round led, waterproof, dust-proof pods
  • Round LED light bar gives off optimum heat dissipation with aluminum fan design
  • Multi-functional high intensity road light fits almost all vehicles
  • 2-year warranty
  • Weight 1.45 pounds

Light up the night like the sun with Alla Lighting’s LED Fog Lights. These golden yellow beauties will turn heads and most importantly, allow for increased brightness and safer driving in adverse weather. With an estimated working life span of 50,000 hours, the manufacturers boastfully offer a one-year warranty on their product.

The 16 pieces LED chips incorporated into each bulb generate a 360-degree high performance thanks to the project lens design. And the simplistic plug-and-play option means you’ll be on the road in no time.

Key Features
  • 360 Degree coverage and full angle illumination with projector lens design
  • Low working temperature provided by aluminum material generates superior heat dissipation
  • One-year warranty included
  • Majority of vehicles installation is simple plug-and-play system
  • Brand Alla Lighting
  • Model H11
  • Weight 1.6 ounces

The Alla Lighting H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs are super bright and an excellent replacement for dim or damaged fog light bulbs. They feature a 6000K cool xenon white color, an upgrade over stock lamps that are frequently a dim yellowish color. The output per bulb is about 1400 lumens compared to 450 lumens in factory bulbs, and the company boasts that its bulbs are 300-percent brighter than stock lamps.

The Alla Lighting bulbs are also efficient, drawing about 8.5 watts versus around 60 watts on factory fog lights. They have projector lenses, 360-degrees of output, and an aluminum heat sink that promotes better cooling and a longer lifespan. These direct fit, non-polarity bulbs feature plug-and-play installation. They also have a built-in smart IC constant current, and the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty in case you experience any issues.

There have been some complaints that they do not project any further than stock fog lights even though they look brighter. Some users also wish they were a little bit brighter.

Key Features
  • Ultra 6000K xenon white color
  • Waterproof IP67
  • 8.5 watts
  • 5730 LED chips per bulb
  • One-year warranty
  • Brand Alla Lighting
  • Model Alla-5730-H11-33W-White
  • Weight 2.43 ounces

This product is for all the Dodge Pickup Truck drivers out there. It’s often difficult to source a fog light which operate as a direct replacement for your old lights. These lights have been specifically designed so you won’t be let down again.

AUTOANDART’s lights are far from the cheap, knockoff lights which die out in a couple of weeks. They regard durability in high esteem and manufacture their lights with premium components, which prevents corrosion and maximizes life span. What’s more, it’s great to stumble upon lights in the automotive market that won’t break the bank.

Top Tip – Packaging will include the bulbs but not the screws you’ll need to install. Make sure you have a tool kit prepared in advance.

Key Features
  • Offers one-year warranty
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • A direct replacement for a Dodge Pickup Truck that requires zero modification
  • Completely align with Original Equipment (OE) specifications and DOT stamped
  • Model 4332999558
  • Weight 2.5 pounds

Best Fog Lights For Your Car Buying Guide

Features to Consider When Buying the Best Fog Lights

  • LED Lights vs. Halogen Lights

Although LED lights are slowly inching ahead of Halogen lights in the lighting market, Halogen lights have been installed into cars for years and their upgrades can be spectacular. We recommend looking into both before deciding to improve your vehicle.

  • City Laws for Fog Light Colors

This may surprise you, yet several cities have specific laws stating that fog lights should either be yellow or amber. For example, Washington City state that white and amber are the only acceptable light colors for fog lights. So, don’t go looking for that fancy multi-colored upgrade just yet!

Why You Should Use Fog Lights

Fog lights shouldn’t simply be viewed as just another cool accessory to jazz up your vehicle. If you fail to use fog lights when necessary then this could compromise the safety of yourself, your family, and other drivers on the road.

Fog Lights vs Driving Lights vs Long Range Lights

Before we begin, what’s the difference? Fog lights were specifically developed for use in thick fog and also must be resorted to in other situations where visibility is limited. Driving lights are much stronger than fog lights and are specifically designed with a narrow, straight beam to illuminate the road ahead. Finally, long-range lights provide a narrow, long range beam, which are ideal when driving at high speeds.


  • Fog Lights:

Due to their limited range, fog lights are most effective when driving at low speeds.

  • Driving Lights:

Thanks to the rectangular beam which generates a high intensity glare, they are the ideal choice when going at top speed down the highway

  • Long-Range Lights:

If you’re an off-roader and often find yourself driving in hazardous conditions at night, purchase some long-range lights to help you identify hazards in a shorter amount of time.


  • Fog Lights:

As it is their job to work when visibility is poor, fog lights are ideal for clearer visibility at shorter distances. In other words, in poor visibility they take on the same job as dipped headlights.

  • Driving Lights:

With driving lights, the sides of the road are illuminated to offer superior visibility to your average high beams.

  • Long-Range Lights:

These lights are not to be used on the street as they can be incredibly blinding to other drivers. Think about your normal driving conditions before purchasing a pair. Otherwise, their highly focused beam is optimal for seeing wider distances.

Best Fog Lights For Your Car FAQ:

Q: What color of fog light is best?

The answer to this question really depends on your own personal preference. The debate between yellow and white fog lights is real – both colors have their advantages and disadvantages. Below are a list of pros and cons so you can decide what is best for your vehicle:
Yellow Fog Lights: Clearer Vision in Adverse Weather Several drivers claim that yellow fog lights offer clearer vision when driving in hazardous conditions such as heavy fog, rain or snow. There is even scientific theory behind this statement – arguably, the yellowish tint is easier for our eyes to process due to their longer wavelengths. If you’re unlucky enough to be driving in snow, then a yellow light against the white ground will be less glaring than the bright reflection of white fog lights, easing the strain off of your eyes for long journeys. <strong>Con:</strong> Less Effective than the Average Fog Light 99% of yellow fog lights are made from a while light bulb and simply fitted with a yellow filter or lens. Arguably, the output of a light is reduced by around 30% if a colored lens is placed over it, which makes the average yellow fog light less powerful than your average white light.
White Fog Lights: Ideal in Remote Locations As always, we must consider our location and type of vehicle before making a decision. If you often drive in the desert, it’s said that yellow lights can even over-define the view. Although several drivers contend that white fog lights blind other drivers, it really depends on the environment. Feeling Sleepy? If you often feel tired behind the wheel, then chances are this isn’t just because of your busy schedule. A phenomenon called ‘glare’ which states that blue light causes unwanted beams, especially in fog and snow. Blue light focuses right at the front of our eyes and have extremely short wavelengths, meaning that the human eye finds them difficult to process.

Q: Do fog lights blind other drivers?

Yes – when fog lights are not utilized correctly, then drivers are dazzled by the brightness they produce. However, fog lights that are fitted properly do not blind other drivers. To avoid putting other drivers on the road at risk, adjust your headlights accordingly and turn them off when approaching another vehicle.

Q: When should I use fog lights?

You must only use fog lights when driving conditions are severely reduced. The Highway Code states that this is when you cannot see for more than 100 meters. However, if conditions do improve, remember to switch them back off again!

Q: Are fog lights legal?

The answer differs depending on where you live. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards state that rear fog lights are not required to be equipped in the US Unfortunately, there has been no push on the issue. Many drivers in the States aren’t aware of what these are, often mistaking them for brake lights. Rear fog lights are red, bright and used in bad visibility which allows other drivers to see your vehicle from behind. In the UK, there are different rules. Although front fog lights are not a legal requirement on vehicles, there are law that prohibits their usage as they dazzle other road users.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick this winter has to be Nilight’s 1W 30 Degree High LED Lights. From their heat dissipation to their concentrated spot beam, they brighten up the lighting industry in every way. They’re easy to install, waterproof up to 3.3 feet, dust-proof, AND can be placed on practically any machinery such as fire engines and forklifts. They’re heavy-duty and they know it. Choose the lighting of the professionals to make your off-road night driving more enjoyable.


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