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A garage serves more than just storage for junk and tools. It has considerably evolved throughout the years to become…

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The Best Garage Shelving (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Garage Shelving (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice seville shelf Seville Classics 5-Tier UltraZinc Shelving with Wheels
Premium Pick seville classics storage system Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier Rack Storage System
Best Value rubbermaid Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System

A garage serves more than just storage for junk and tools. It has considerably evolved throughout the years to become an office space, book nook, or practice area for musically inclined teenagers. Even one of the world’s famous brands, Apple, got its start in a garage.

Given the multi-functionality of a modern-day garage, homeowners are finding the best systems to organize tools and still have space for other activities. Fixed ceiling cabinets, movable racks, and shelving systems are available options. If you wish, you can request custom designs from contractors, but that can be pricey. We found some of the top garage storage picks, so take the time to go over them.

The Best Garage Shelving

One of the best garage shelvings you can find is this wire garage shelving unit from Seville Classics. It has a very simple design that belies its usefulness. Whether it is in your garage, the kitchen, the living room, or anywhere else in your home where you simply need to organize your stuff without having to pull out any drawers, the Seville Classics garage organization system is a must-have. The shelving comes in heavy-duty steel that has been electro-coated in zinc to give you superb durability and corrosion resistance. Each shelf can accommodate up to 300 pounds, although if you use the accompanying casters, this will be significantly reduced to 130 pounds for safety purposes. It’s simple yet does a great job at keeping things in your garage or anywhere else in your home neat and orderly.

Key Features
  • Made of industrial-strength steel wire
  • Corrosion-resistant UltraZinc plating
  • 300-lb load capacity per shelf; 130 lbs if with casters
  • Adjustable shelves at 1-inch increments
  • Adjustable heavy-duty leveling feet
  • 1.5-inch 360-degree rotating casters with lock
  • Brand Seville Classics
  • Model SHE14305ZB
  • Weight 28.5 pounds

This garage racking system from AmazonBasics is a lot like the Seville Classics in that each shelf can be adjusted in height by increments of an inch. Perhaps what sets this garage storage system apart is that each shelf is designed to accommodate 50 pounds more than some other options. It’s cheaper too, although it comes in chrome-plating and not zinc-plating. The downside to the AmazonBasics garage storage shelf system is that it doesn’t come with casters. When it comes to moving it around the garage, you have to remove its contents first so you can easily transfer it to another location. Nevertheless, it still is one of the best garage shelving systems you can buy.

Key Features
  • 5-shelf system with chrome-plated steel
  • 350-lb load capacity per shelf
  • 14-inch deep shelves
  • Adjustable steel wire shelves in 1-inch increments
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Brand AmazonBasics
  • Model SL-SUAM-117
  • Weight 33.9 pounds

Looking for your wrench in your garage shouldn’t be difficult since it’s large enough. But if it’s a specific type of screw, nut, bolt, washer, or any other really small item you’re looking for, the search can be very challenging. That’s why you need garage cabinets that are designed specifically for small items. The Akro-Mills Hardware and Craft Cabinet is always a great choice. Composed of 12 large and 32 small 5.25-inch deep drawers, the Akro-Mills garage cabinet storage systems offer better organization for your small tools and hardware. And since the drawers are made of translucent polystyrene, you can easily get what you’re looking for without having to draw the individual bins. Best of all, this system can be either mounted onto your garage wall or stacked one on top of the other to give you expanded storage capabilities.

Key Features
  • Wall-mountable or stackable design
  • Made of high-impact, rugged polystyrene frame
  • 5.25-inch deep drawers
  • 32 small and 12 large drawers
  • Brand Akro-Mils
  • Model 10144
  • Weight 7.1 pounds

If you want total control of the space in your garage you’re better off with overhead garage storage systems like the Racor PHL-1R. You’re essentially claiming your overhead space and turning it into a nifty storage compartment by giving you access to 16 square feet of organization space right from your ceiling. The PHL-1R can accommodate up to 250 pounds of your gear and stuff, suspended on a 4 feet by 4 feet heavy-duty platform and supported by vinyl-coated nylon cables. Lowering the storage platform is as easy as operating a pulley. And while it is easy to think that you’d have to labor your way to raise the platform once fully loaded, it really isn’t because of the unique design of its pulley system. For many folks this is a lot better than conventional garage shelving systems.

Key Features
  • 16-square foot heavy-duty storage platform
  • Support beams made of heavy-duty steel
  • Integrated pulley system with vinyl-coated nylon cables
  • 250-lb load capacity
  • Integrated safety lock
  • Brand Racor
  • Model PHL-1R
  • Weight 51.3 pounds

The Prepac Elite is an elegant-looking cabinet that is part of the brand’s collection of household and garage storage cabinet systems with fully adjustable shelves for the ultimate in storage versatility. Its 16-inch deep compartments easily hold a number of your bulkier stuff while giving your garage a more pleasant look. Complete with European style hinges and equally-elegant all-metal handles, this 2-door cabinet can give your garage just the right organization that it needs. Inside its spacious interior, you can easily put bins and other smaller cabinets to maximize the organization and safety of your stuff. Ideally, however, the Prepac Elite is best used inside the home. But it should do well in modern garages especially if you’re keen on keeping everything neat and sophisticated.

Key Features
  • Made of laminate composite wood
  • 3-shelves, 4-storage compartments
  • 16-inch deep shelves
  • 6-way all-metal European style hinges
  • Soft-edged corners
  • Brand Prepac
  • Model WES-3264
  • Weight 126 pounds

These overhead garage storage systems from FLEXIMOUNTS come with a very distinct advantage over similar technologies. The ceiling mounts can be safely and securely attached to two adjoining joists. The 2-joist attachment system gives better stability and sturdiness especially since the FLEXIMOUNTS can easily handle up to 600 lbs of gear and garage stuff. The storage platform is also made of highly-durable materials while the frame is composed of heavy-gauge, cold-rolled steel giving it exceptional strength without causing undue damage to your ceiling. It comes with an integrated grid design that minimizes assembly while also giving it structural rigidity and stability regardless of the stuff that you put into it. It’s one of the best garage storage systems in the market that makes use of the ample space provided by the ceiling.

Key Features
  • Made of cold-rolled heavy-gauge steel
  • 22-inch x 40-inch ceiling dropdown
  • 600-lb load capacity
  • Fully integrated grid design
  • 2 joist-attachable ceiling brackets
  • Model GR48B
  • Weight 68 pounds

Perhaps drawing its inspiration from the Japanese art of paper-folding, the Origami garage storage shelves are quite unique in that these are the only ones in this list that comes in a folding style. If you don’t have anything to store in your garage, you can easily fold the Origami into a 3.4-inch thick contraption you can conveniently store under your bed. But the real ingenuity of the Origami can be found in its powder-coated steel wire racks that are more than capable of holding 250 pounds of gear. Do take note that if you put on its wheels, you will have to take into account stability issues. As such you’re not supposed to put anything heavier than 75 pounds on each shelf. Overall, these garage shelving systems from Origami do work like a charm.

Key Features
  • Made of heavy-duty steel, finished with gunmetal powder
  • Foldable design; only 3.4 inches wide when fully folded
  • 20.2-inch deep shelves
  • 250-lb load capacity per shelf if without wheels; 75 lbs if with wheels
  • Brand Origami
  • Model R5-01W
  • Weight 43 pounds

Folks who are looking for a nifty garage wall shelving system can rely on FLEXIMOUNTS to give them a fixture that can easily take on 200 pounds of weight across its 6-foot long by 2-foot wide shelf. FLEXIMOUNTS is also throwing in a combination of installation template and a bubble level so you can be sure that when you do mount this baby on your wall, it will be perfectly parallel to the floor. This greatly improves the stability and security of anything and everything else. The brackets are all made of heavy-duty metal while the storage platform comes with buckle attachments for added security. It’s one of those garage wall storage systems that can also work in other places such as your kitchen, your study room, and even the bedroom when you’re in desperate need of storage space.

Key Features
  • Made of heavy-gauge steel
  • 200-lb load capacity per shelf
  • Buckle- and Velcro-stabilized shelves
  • 24-inch deep shelf
  • Comes with installation template and bubble level
  • Weight 57.3 pounds

Fans of the pegboard will love the Wall Control. These are garage storage systems that allow you not only to organize your tools but also to showcase them in the same way as dealers present their products in their stores. The system accepts ¼-inch pegboard pegs, although it already comes with a handful of these to get you started. You can even expand the whole system by adding modular panels, hooks, shelves, and even brackets to give you excellent storage and organization options. Constructed of heavy-duty galvanized iron, the Wall Control even comes with a magnetic panel so you can easily mount and organize your metallic tools without the need for any additional attachments. It can be easily mounted onto your wall, doubling its purpose as a nifty aesthetic for your garage.

Key Features
  • Multi-purpose galvanized pegboard design
  • With magnetic panels
  • With slotted accessories
  • Compatible with ¼-inch pegs
  • Corrosion-resistant finish
  • Brand Wall Control
  • Model 30-WGL-200GVB
  • Weight 18 pounds

There are times when you want a garage organization system that you can easily roll anywhere in your garage. That’s the beauty of the Seville Classics Rack Storage System. This product also comes with individual open-top bins to help you organize your stuff. Each bin is 14 inches from front to back and comes in three different sizes. You can easily organize smaller items in the medium bins and heavier and bulkier stuff in the XL bins. There are four XL, six large, and 12 medium-sized bins for a total of 22. You’ll never run out of storage options since you can easily remove any or all of the bins to put your really bulky gear onto one of the shelves.

Key Features
  • Storage bins made of heavy-duty polypropylene
  • 14-inch deep storage bins in 3 sizes with bin dividers
  • Corrosion-resistant platinum epoxy finish
  • 4 3-inch heavy-duty wheels with 2 lockable wheels
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 2-certified
  • Brand Seville Classics
  • Model WEB452
  • Weight 69 pounds

The RhinoMini Shelf Kit reminds you of conventional on-the-wall bookshelves suspended on both ends by a nifty contraption instead of the more traditional bracket supporting it from underneath. This makes it a good choice for those looking for garage wall hanging storage systems. Since there are no brackets underneath the storage platform that can reduce the full utility of the space, one can easily mount additional accessories such as hooks, loops, bars, and others. You can then hang your clothes, bikes, and even camping gear right under the RhinoMini. A 4-foot section of this garage shelving solution can hold up to 650 lbs while its 20-inch depth is big enough to accommodate even large boxes in your supply room. The RhinoMini garage storage systems are definitely worth the try if you’ve got extra bucks for it.

Key Features
  • One-person installation
  • Wall-mounted, universal design
  • 20-inch deep panels
  • 650-lb capacity for a 4-foot section
  • Fully expandable options
  • Brand RhinoShelf
  • Weight 2 pounds

STERILITE garage cabinets are just like those from Prepac Elite. It appeals more to those who prefer an elegant-looking cabinet that may seem out-of-place in a dirty garage, but will definitely feel right at home in the bedroom, living room, or even the study room. This is not to say that it’s pointless getting such a solution for your garage. With its heavy-duty construction and fully-adjustable shelves, it’s an excellent garage racking system for bulkier items. And since it can be secured with a standard padlock, you can keep all of your more important tools, equipment, and other paraphernalia without the need to worry about these being stolen by someone else. It’s a great piece of furniture that doubles as a fully functional garage organization system.

Key Features
  • Fully adjustable shelves
  • Easy to assemble
  • Heavy duty construction with titanium handles
  • Secured with standard padlock
  • Dimensions: 69 3/8 inches x 25 5/8 inches x 18 7/8 inches
  • Model 01423V01
  • Weight 41 pounds

Professional mechanics always trust rolling tool cabinets whenever they have to do a project. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have one for your own garage. With the WEN Rolling Tool Cabinet, you’re given the chance to organize your automotive tools as well as other handy equipment using the garage cabinets’ 18.3-inch deep drawers. WEN comes with 6 drawers, three of which are 6 inches high while the other 3 are less than 3 inches high. You can easily put and bring organization to many of your tools while also ensuring their utmost security since the drawers are fully lockable. The 5-inch diameter casters are humongous so they can easily accommodate the heft of your tools plus the weight of the rolling cabinet itself.

Key Features
  • Six 18.3-inch deep metal drawers
  • 100-lb rated ball bearing slides per pair
  • Three 6-inch and three 2.9-inch high drawers
  • Four 2×5 inch casters
  • 4.24 cubic feet of storage space
  • Made of 19-Gauge heavy-duty steel
  • Brand WEN
  • Model 74606
  • Weight 117 pounds

This wall cabinet from Gladiator is perfect for those who prefer all-steel contraptions in their garage. These are garage cabinets that can provide very simple organization and storage options for smaller items while keeping them safe and secure in a heavy-duty box mounted onto your wall. It doesn’t come with a wall panel, but you can always pick the variant that already includes one. The shelves inside the Gladiator can be easily adjusted so you can fit almost anything. Each shelf is sturdy enough to hold different objects with a cumulative weight of 40 lbs. The lower shelf which comprises the floor of the Gladiator can accommodate an additional 70 pounds to bring the total weight capacity of the Gladiator to 150 pounds. It’s a simple solution yet it’s one of the best garage shelving systems out there.

Key Features
  • Made of premium-quality, heavy-duty steel
  • Integrated heavy-duty magnetic catch
  • 2 fully-adjustable 40-lb capacity shelves
  • Maximum weight capacity: 150 lbs
  • Brand Gladiator
  • Model GAWG28FDYG
  • Weight 29.6 pounds

The FastTrack Garage Storage System is a simple rail and hook system that looks more like the clothes hook you have behind your bathroom door. The neat thing about these Rubbermaid garage wall hanging storage systems is that the hooks are attached to a rail, allowing them to be moved with relative ease so, you can mount even your mountain bike without hindrance. The package comes with a 32-inch rail, two scoop hooks, two handle hooks, and a utility hook. If you want to add contraptions to the existing rail, you have to purchase them separately. Alternatively, you can get an 8-piece set. The FastTrack is relatively sturdy, although the maximum weight capacity of the 32-inch rail system is uncertain.

Key Features
  • 32-inch heavy-duty garage storage rail
  • Comes with utility, handle, and scoop hooks
  • Hooks with secure locking grippers
  • Full expansion capabilities
  • Brand Rubbermaid
  • Model 1784418
  • Weight 4.23 pounds

Best Garage Shelving Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying a Garage Storage System

Picking a garage storage system isn’t exactly a walk in the park. However, if you manage to consider certain factors before making the decision to buy, you should be able to narrow down your choices and come up with the best possible product to purchase.

  • Usage

Obviously, your garage is the exclusive domain of your car. As such, the storage system should be solely dedicated to automotive storage use. However, the garage can also be an extension of the home where potentially dangerous substances can be secured especially from the kids. It is for this reason that many homeowners choose a general purpose storage system to put into their garage.

  • Things to store

If you’re not clear about how you intend to use the storage system, think about the things that you need to store and organize. Are you storing really small stuff like nails, bolts, and screws, among others? Or will you be storing mostly bulky items such as car jacks, wrenches, car polishers, vacuum cleaners, and the like? This should help you decide on the type of garage storage solution to buy.

  • Durability

Without question, you’d have to pick one that is durable. You can look at the warranties offered by storage manufacturers. Always pick one that can give you the longest warranty, say 10 to 15 years. If they can guarantee lifetime then pick this as it is often a sign that the company stands by the quality of their products.

  • Customization options

Don’t be content with any existing storage solution configuration. It may provide you with the answers you need now, but you’ll never know what you’ll need in the future. As such, customization or even expandability should also be considered. It’s a lot better to add several contraptions to an existing fixture than to purchase an entirely different system.

Why You Need to Organize Your Garage

One of the most important reasons why you need to organize your garage is that it is a room that is filled with risks and dangers. You have electric equipment, power tools, and heavy-duty machines that come with very powerful motors. You also have chemicals like waxes, cleaners, anti-freeze, motor oil, lubricants, and other hazardous substances, not to mention the gasoline or any other type of fuel you have for your car. There are many sharp objects such as blades, screwdrivers, nails, and even screws that can be especially dangerous to kids or even to yourself. You have different types of fabrics like your microfiber cloth, cleaning cloth and many others. Organizing these things can make the garage a much safer place for everyone who happens to pay the room a visit.

Organizing your garage also makes it a lot easier to find or locate things that you need. Imagine having a large box of all your garage things. You’d have to dump everything out and scour through the pile just to look for a specific type of bolt and nut. This is tedious and can greatly affect your productivity. Organizing your things and keeping them in specific labeled boxes or storage compartments can help reduce the time needed to look for such items. This can easily translate to greater productivity.

Lastly, the garage is your vehicle’s own room. If you fill the floor space with clutter, you’re essentially putting your car at risk to body damage. You might run over a screw and puncture your tires. You can even hit a bulky machine that is taking up too much space in your garage. Organizing your garage simply means reclaiming the floor space that is supposed to be for your car only.

Types of Garage Shelvings

Garage shelvings can come in different types. Choosing which of these to buy typically depends on a variety of factors. Let’s look at the different types and see just what you can put in them.

  • Metal Shelves

These are the go-to for professionals as they get to organize really heavy stuff. Metal shelves are very strong so they are ideal for very heavy tools, car parts, and even gallons of paint.

  • Wire Shelves

If you intend to organize and store really small items, wire shelves are not for you. The storage platform is designed in a mesh pattern so it has holes that small objects can easily pass through and fall on the floor of the garage. As such, it is best for storing larger objects such as bins for car parts and even paint cans.

  • Wooden Shelves

These work just like metal shelves except that they are not as strong. As such, you should place only light objects such as hand tools and other lightweight equipment.

  • Self-enclosed Shelves

Also known as garage cabinets, self-enclosed garage shelves can be either free-standing or mounted onto the wall of the garage. These are preferred for items that need to be secured such as automotive chemicals and substances as well as power tools. Highly combustible liquids or other hazardous materials can also be kept in such a system.

  • Adjustable Rail Shelves

These are shelves that can be moved along a rail system. They can be repositioned or rearranged to suit a particular need. These are perfect for car parts and woodworking tools, although you can put almost anything that can fit onto the shelves.

Best Garage Shelving FAQ:

Q: What advantages do the wall shelves have over the cabinets or shelves on the floor?

The main advantage of wall shelves is that they free the floor space on your garage. Conventional storage systems like cabinets and shelves that are placed on the floor take up some of the already-limited space in the garage. Instead of using this space for other important items especially bulky and heavy equipment, the space is taken up by the floor storage cabinet. Putting the shelves on the wall or even suspended from the ceiling can utilize these spaces that are not often used and, thus, free the space on the floor of the garage.

Q: What are the cabinets made of?

Depending on the manufacturer, garage cabinets can be made of steel or metal or even heavy-duty plastics, although steel cabinets are more preferred over plastics since they are more durable and can accommodate heavier items than plastics do. There are also garage cabinets made of wood. However, these can be very expensive.

Q: How to clean garage cabinets?

Cleaning a garage cabinet is pretty simple especially if one is working with storage solutions made of metal. Wiping the surfaces with a clean piece of rag or used cloth is often enough to remove dirt and dust. In most cases, vacuuming the cabinet works pretty well. In cases where there is grime, oil, or grease on the surface, these can be removed with an ordinary rubbing alcohol. If there are rust spots on the garage cabinet, these can be removed with steel wool. Use only those that are very fine to help minimize damaging the cabinet. The cabinet can also be washed with warm soapy water and then thoroughly dried. You can also apply car wax to help protect the metal surfaces and give it a better sheen. Products made of plastics can be cleaned by a simple wipe with moist cloth.

Q: What is the weight capacity of overhead ceiling racks?

This greatly depends on the design of the overhead ceiling rack. What is important is to keep in mind the weight limits as recommended by the manufacturer of the system. If the product says it can accommodate up to 200 lbs, don’t push it by putting more than what is absolutely necessary. Industrial-grade systems can accommodate up to several thousands of pounds, although you don’t expect to install such systems in your home.

Our Top Pick

The Seville Classics 5-Tier UltraZinc Steel Wire Shelving is a worthy storage solution to have in the garage or just about anywhere else in the home. It comes with removable wheels for greater stability, giving it the ability to accommodate 300 lbs on each shelf. The zinc coating gives it corrosion-resistance, durability, and sheen that is unlike chrome-plated steel. It’s an open system, giving you superb versatility as to how you intend to use it.

Keeping your things organized and readily accessible are a must for any car owner. Since the garage is the home of your vehicle, you’d definitely want the best garage shelving solution to help you organize every item that you have.


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