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These gas cans allow you to refuel easily and keep gasoline stored safely.

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Best Gas Cans: Reliable Refueling Solutions | Autance © Best Gas Cans: Reliable Refueling Solutions | Autance
Best Overall No-Spill 2.5-Gallon Poly Gas Can No-Spill 2.5-Gallon Can

A tightly sealed and leak-proof storage solution that allows you to fuel up with added visibility and less mess.

  • Spill-proof control
  • Anti-tipping body
  • View panel for capacity indication
  • Reasonably priced
  • Only one carrying handle
  • Limited pouring angles
Most Versatile Rotopax RX-2G Gasoline Pack Rotopax RX-2G Gasoline Pack

This gas can offers versatile mounting options, and it’s easy to carry anywhere thanks to its convenient, durable design.

  • Mountable in custom layouts
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Rigid plastic construction
  • Not ideal for household storage and use
  • Mounting plates and kits cost extra
  • High cost isn’t budget-friendly
Honorable Mention Wavian Authentic NATO Jerry Can Wavian NATO Jerry Can

Well-protected and sturdily built, this gas can gives you a secure and corrosion-resistant place to keep fuel.

  • Sturdy design and construction
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Rust-resistant coating inside
  • Bulky and cumbersome to load into vehicles
  • Expensive

Electric motors can now be found just about everywhere, but the internal combustion engine is still hard to beat. Whether you’re getting that lawn mower topped off to cut the grass, prepping your ATV for an epic adventure, or even just heading down the road less traveled in your SUV, it’s important to have a gas can that meets your needs. It’s an essential part of most garages and one often overlooked until it’s too late. 

No one wants to walk two miles in the snow to get a $20 can from the convenience store that spills more fuel on you than into your tank. It’s an easy problem to avoid with some simple research and planning. Thankfully, we’ve already done the research for you. Now all you need to do is decide which of these cans fit your needs. 

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Our Methodology 

When we went looking for gas cans to recommend, we had some key variables that helped us whittle down the vast array of options available. The choices couldn’t come from fly-by-night vendors or manufacturers we’d never heard of. Safety is crucial, so those cans that prioritized the customer’s health moved to the top of the list. We looked at tank size and what they were best used for. We also looked at customer reviews of our top options. 

Our product selections, rankings, and awards for this story are based on research. While we haven’t conducted real-world testing yet on all of these products yet, we’ve looked at consumer testimonials and data, tutorials, and general discussions on social media and in forums. We also consider price and specification in the context of the segment. And, of course, we rely on our institutional knowledge of the automotive landscape to weed out weak products.


Best Gas Can Reviews & Recommendations

At first glance, it’s easy to believe that the No-Spill Gas Can is from the future. Customers report that the one-button control makes this can easy to operate, starting and stopping the fuel with a simple motion. It’s even designed to avoid tipping, taking the no-spill aspect just that much further.

Engineered with an attached dust cover, stainless-steel mesh screen, and an auto-stop feature to prevent overflows, it seems the manufacturer has thought of everything. To top it all off, this handy can has a view panel for you to check its fill level easily. Many customers have found the 7/8-inch nozzle a great feature, allowing use with equipment as big as generators and as small as lawnmowers.

  • Brand: No-Spill
  • Model: 1405
  • Weight: 1.54 pounds

Spill-proof control

Anti-tipping body

View panel for capacity indication


Only one carrying handle

Limited pouring angles

With newer SUV models getting smaller and side-by-sides getting more powerful and gas thirsty, you don’t always have room for a traditional gas can. Even if you could fit it in your vehicle, no one wants to smell gas the whole trip. RotopaX has solved this problem with an ingenious design meant to mount the gas can to your vehicle.

This stackable/mountable can has been molded into a thick, durable canister to keep you fueled no matter how far off the grid you’ve gone. You can mount this system to any vehicle to meet your needs, although you will need the optional mounting kits. The two-gallon Gasoline Pack can also be combined with any of the company’s other packs to give you full support on your next excursion.

  • Brand: Rotopax
  • Model: RX-2G
  • Weight: 3.79 pounds

Mountable in custom layouts

Portable, easy to carry

Rigid plastic construction


Not ideal for household storage

Mounting plates cost extra


Take Throwback Thursday to a whole new level with the Wavian Jerry Can. It’s not only the same design as the old school NATO Jerry Can, these cans are also manufactured by the same company.

Made out of cold-rolled steel and coated inside with a rust-proof Rezol lining, the NATO Jerry Can’s durability can’t be beaten. Made to refuel in every climate and place, these cans are simple to use with a leak-proof nozzle that allows a fast flow. And since these cans were designed to be loaded in the back of Humvees and Defenders, there is a built-in locking pin to prevent spilling or opening up during transport.

They are, however, large and heavy and aren’t designed to just be stored anywhere. Like the Rotopax, you’ll need to mount these to your vehicle or store them in a special place in your garage. That said, if they can survive multiple wars, they’ll likely survive you.

  • Brand: Wavian
  • Model: 667741439102
  • Weight: 10.2 pounds

Sturdy construction

Simple and easy to use

Rust-resistant coating


Bulky and cumbersome

Expensive option

A far cry from the plastic cans you’ll find at your local grocery store, the Eagle Safety Can is an old-school, heavy-duty option for those who want the strength of a gas can’s forebears. You can find these cans on almost any construction site or in any crusty mechanic’s garage due to their resilient manufacturing and ease of use.

Eagle used a galvanized-steel body, with a durable powder coating to prevent corrosion and protect your fuel for longer than the average plastic iteration. The fixed handle has a spring-loaded trigger to prevent unwanted spills and ensure a tight seal when not in use. And there is a detachable funnel for ease of pouring and a snap-in strainer to keep your fuel free of debris. You can rest assured this can is worth every penny and will be a useful feature of your garage for decades.

  • Brand: Eagle
  • Model: UI50FS
  • Weight: 7 pounds

Rigid galvanized steel body

Spring-loaded trigger

No-tip design

Detachable funnel


Angle pouring tricky



One of the biggest issues with gas cans is how you have to turn the can upside down to pour when you reach the lower fill levels. That can not only be a real burden with a five-gallon can, it also can be dangerous as gas can leak out and splash everywhere. SureCan says it solved that problem by adding a bendable spout that rotates up to 180 degrees and allows gravity to feed your tanks.

Utilizing a separate fill spout at the top rear of the can makes filling or mixing oil and gas for two-stroke engines easier. The thumb-release trigger works as an extension of the handle, in conjunction with a nifty air vent, and allows for easy-flow starting and stopping.

Given that safety is tantamount for the SureCan, customers have noted that the trigger-handle design takes some getting used to, but it gives you peace of mind when refueling.

  • Brand: SureCan
  • Model: CRSUR5G1
  • Weight: 4 pound

Rotating spout

Vents itself



Trigger handle difficult

Only one carrying handle

Seal at bottom of can

You don’t have to worry about the durability of your gas can when you opt for the Wavian Steel Gas Can. This tough and capable can is designed to handle whatever you throw its way, all while looking great. Featuring a stunning blue, it’s made out of 0.9-mm-thick cold-rolled steel and painted with an outer layer of epoxy polyester powder coating, which gives it a good color and a bit of added durability. Seam-welded for added strength, the gas can also features three handles, a leak-proof bayonet closure, and a locking pin in its cap. Inside, it’s lined with fuel-resistant Razol enamel to prevent rust and corrosion. Worried about pouring from this 5.28-gallon can? It features a safety spout plus an adapter for vehicles with smaller filler receivers, plus a wide channel breather for smoother pouring.

While this is one tough and capable gas can, keep in mind that it doesn’t fit into all traditional Jerry can slots. Because of its larger size, you’ll need to haul it in your bed or available cargo space instead.

  • Brand: Wavian
  • Model: WAVJC0020BLUE
  • Weight: 14 pounds

Welded seams

Wide channel breather

Strengthened cap hinge

Safety spout and adapter



Make refueling a breeze with the Scepter Smartcontrol Gas Can. Made out of plastic, the can itself is lightweight and not too difficult to wield, even when full. It’s designed to be rugged and capable, and it meets EPA and CARB safety standards. Where this gas can shines is its quick pouring. It utilizes a squeeze-controlled flow rate. All you have to do is lift the can, squeeze, and the fuel will start flowing. It can flow up to three gallons per minute, thanks to the built-in air vent in the spout, but the rate is controllable to prevent spills. It all depends on the strength of your squeeze.

With a secure spout and lid, this gas can prevents spills and messy fill-ups. The only complaint might be the price, which is a little high for a plastic product.

  • Brand: Scepter
  • Model: FSCG502
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds

Lightweight and portable

Two handles


Flow shuts off quickly



Our Verdict

Our favorite is the No-Spill 2.5-Gallon Can. Its reviews praise it in every category: adaptability thanks to the funnel spout, durability provided from the sturdy and child-resistant polyethylene design, and the safety of the stainless-steel mesh screen. The thumb-button control offers a relaxed and precise pouring process for equipment big or small. To top it all off, the price is right.

What to Consider When Buying a Gas Can

Types of Fuel Cans

The principal debate that dominates the gas can market today is whether metal or plastic cans are? There’s really no right answer. Both materials certainly have their advantages and disadvantages. 


In this category, plastic takes the lead. Metal gas cans are around twice the price of an average plastic gas can.

Storage time

Opt for a steel tank if you’re planning to store gas for a long period of time. Plastic fuel tanks will absorb some of the fuel and other chemicals, which can compromise the integrity of the can. Metal gas cans have no such problems, however, they will begin to rust over time if not properly maintained.


Plastic gas cans are lighter to transport and install. If you plan on purchasing gas cans to take advantage of cheaper fuel prices, then metal cans are capable of storing a lot more gas.

Gas Can Key Features

Before clicking Add to Cart, assess your options. Don’t just rush online and buy the first gas can that pops up. Here are three things to consider before purchase:

Fuel Capacity

Do you want to start off simple and buy a small gas can, or do you need something a little bigger? Purchasing a larger fuel tank is certainly a more cost-effective solution, yet this advantage could be short-lived upon realizing you don’t need that much and have to dispose of old gas after six months.

Safety First

There are EPA requirements for gas cans. Our advice is to only buy an approved container that is listed by a nationally recognized testing lab, such as United Laboratory (UL).

Type of Equipment

Know what you’ll be using the can for before you invest. You’re going to need a different kind of nozzle for powering a generator than you will for fueling construction equipment.

Gas Can Pricing 

On average, you can expect to spend between $25 and $50 on the low end of the spectrum and $75 to $125 for more premium products. The tougher and more durable a gas can is (as well as the more fuel it can hold), the more expensive it’ll generally be.


Q: Can I drive with a gas can in my vehicle?

You can, but you shouldn’t do it often. Transporting gas cans to and from locations is legal, as is transporting gas when you go out for an adventure. But it should be done responsibly and with as minimal intrusion into the cabin space as possible. 

Q: Where should I keep my gas can?

Your garage and, ideally, in a fire closet. 

Q: How do I clean my gas container?

Empty completely, rinse with water, and let it dry in a stable area that isn’t too hot. 

Q: Will a gas can explode in the sun?

A gas can isn’t a vampire. If they’re exposed to the sun, they won’t instantly burst into flames. Gas cans are designed to be resistant to increased pressure, but it’s best not to test them.


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