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Scooters are a great alternative to riding a bike or driving a car, and there are many inexpensive options available…

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The Best Gas Powered Scooters (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Gas Powered Scooters (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Generies 49cc gas-powered Moped Scooter Bike Generies 49cc gas-powered Moped Scooter Bike
Best Value SAY YEAH Gas Bike 50cc Mini Scooter SAY YEAH Gas Bike 50cc Mini Scooter
Premium Pick Lifan 200cc Adult Gas Motorcycle Lifan 200cc Adult Gas Motorcycle

Scooters are a great alternative to riding a bike or driving a car, and there are many inexpensive options available on the market. For users who love off-road tracks and finding new routes to explore, a scooter makes an excellent companion. If you are in the market for a new motor, gas-powered scooters are a great option. Although they require fuel to run, they’re in no way comparable to the amount spent by larger vehicles. What’s more, they are fun, sporty and an excellent way to commute around town. For assistance with your purchase, we have compiled this detailed list of the best gas powered scooters available.

The Best Gas Powered Scooter

This is a vintage-style moped with a comfortable cushioned seat, 49cc engine, and large gas tank. You’ll get to explore miles of open air—120 miles per tank to be exact—riding atop this classic-looking scooter. It’s also easy to operate with its hand-cranked throttle and ignition start button or kickstart. Plus it comes with a kickstand, reaches a top speed of 35 mph, and can handle up to 330 pounds.

You also get a small yet powerful 49cc gas-powered engine, 4-stroke auto clutch, and large gas tank that can hold up to 3.6 liters of gasoline.

Key Features
  • Vintage design
  • 49 cc
  • 4-stroke
  • Auto clutch
  • Brand Generies
  • Model B08942Y37D
  • Weight 149 pounds

Excellent look

Functioning lights

Electric start or kickstart

Storage shelf




Requires knowledge of how to use a clutch

This unique-looking scooter has a 1.25 liter gas tank that allows it to reach speeds up to 12 mph. While that may not be blisteringly quick, it is fast enough for a scooter. It’s also small and lightweight so you can take it with you on a train or bus if you commute to work, as it’s able to fold up. It’s also EPA-approved, includes 10-inch tires, and is designed for riders age 13 and up.

One of the best features of this scooter are its handlebar controls that include speed and the brakes. You need not worry about gears as it includes a crank handle. You also don’t have to worry about getting over terrain with the scooter’s large 10-inch pneumatic dirt tires.

Key Features
  • 1.25 liter gas tank
  • Top speed of 12 mph
  • EPA-approved
  • 50cc
  • Brand SAY YEAH
  • Model B07GPQKQVJ
  • Weight 59 pounds



Foldable design


Requires maintenance out of the box

Can be difficult to start the first time

Assembly required

The Lifan 200cc gas moped scooter certainly doesn’t look like your typical scooter, but since it’s classified as one we thought we’d cover it. You may be wondering why it isn’t in the top spot, and to that we say it’s due to its odd design. That being said, this 200cc scooter is powerful and quick for a moped.

With its included EFI Technology, the bike is able to monitor engine sensors and more electrical components to let you know of anything wrong with the machine. Coupled with its 6-speed manual clutch, the scooter is agile too. It can also be started with an electric ignition system; no kickstart required.

Key Features
  • 200cc engine
  • Electronic Fuel Injection technology
  • 4-stroke
  • Brand X-PRO
  • Model Lifan KPR 200
  • Weight 330 pounds

Three color choices

Electric start ignition

Fast and agile


Manual clutch can be difficult to manage


May require license

First of all, this scooter has one of the best names we’ve ever heard of. The Icebear looks like someone took a classic motorcycle and completely disassembled it, then molded the remaining parts to create an awesome-looking scooter. One of the best features about the Icebear scooter is it is available in four distinct colors. Plus, it can be purchased with a 50cc motor or a 150cc engine for those who want more speed and power. It also includes an automatic transmission, front disc brakes, rear drum brakes, 12-inch aluminum wheels, and functioning lights.

However, you will have to assemble a few parts when it arrives. These include the front wheel, fenders, handlebars, battery, and mirrors. Also, you may have noticed it is rather expensive.

Key Features
  • 50cc or 150cc model
  • Automatic transmission
  • 4-stroke engine
  • Brand ICEbear
  • Model Maddog
  • Weight 254 pounds

Four colors

Two engine choices

Unique design

Large wheels



Assembly required

This is a unique-looking scooter that will stand out among other brands on the street. MotoTec’s Uberscooter (it’s even more fun to say) is entertaining and perfect for a child, teen, or adult. It includes a 2-speed gearbox, 50cc 2-stroke engine, with a total of 2HP. Now, that may not seem like a lot, but it can boost the scooter to a top speed of 35 mph. This also makes the ride much more smooth and comfortable. It is even capable of trick riding at the skatepark if you feel comfortable doing so. Plus, it can easily fold up so you can stow it away or carry it to the car.

However, due to the size of the engine, it can be quite difficult to start when it’s cold outside. You should be able to start it easily once it warms up or the engine cranks a few times. That, and there have been reports the chain can come loose and might actually fall off during your ride.

Key Features
  • 50cc engine
  • 2HP
  • 2-stroke
  • Top speed of 30 mph
  • Brand MotoTec
  • Model Evo-2x-Big
  • Weight 71 pounds


Aluminum design

Adjustable handlebars


Chain can come loose

Can be difficult to start when cold

The TOXOZERS scooter is built with a “Cam-Link” suspension that allows it to glide easily and smoothly over all types of terrain. From off-road trails to neighborhood sidewalks, it provides a comfortable and relaxing ride. The scooter is also able to perform tricks at the skatepark or handle a small jump as well.

TOXOZERS Gas Scooter Folding Evo is built with one low and one high gear. This 2-gearbox approach makes it much more capable of riding off-road. It also includes a 50cc, 2HP 2-stroke engine and large 11-inch pneumatic knobby tires.  All of which makes the scooter quick, nimble, and entertaining for riders. You can even remove the seat if you desire to ride it as a normal standing scooter.

Key Features
  • Billet aluminum deck construction
  • 50cc engine
  • 2-stroke
  • 11-inch tires
  • Brand TOXOZERS
  • Model B07HT4QYY1
  • Weight 53 pounds

“Cam-Link” suspension

Large tires

Can handle off road trails and difficult terrain


A bit pricey

Seat can be uncomfortable

Best Gas Powered Scooters Buyers Guide

We have gone through some of the best gas scooters in the market. There are a few tips that would help in making the right pick tailored to your preferences.

What to Consider When Buying a Gas Powered Scooter

  • Who will be riding the scooter

It is important to consider who will be using the scooter. If it’s for the kids, a safer and relatively slower scooter is best. They are fast enough to still be thrilling but not so fast to cause any concerns. If it’s for an adult, check the weight capacities and the specs.

  • Where the scooter will be ridden

While some scooters can be driven on off-road tracks, others are fit for commuting around town. Some scooters are street legal that should be ridden on asphalt.

  • Fuel efficiency

If you will be using the scooter to get around it is important to consider the fuel capacity. If neither you nor your kid plan on using it much, then fuel efficiency may not matter as much.

  • Seat capacity

Some scooters allow more than one person at a time to use it. If this feature interests you, it is important to check which scooters accommodate this function.

Who Should Buy a Scooter

  • Users who want an economical option

Scooters are a more economical choice compared to motorcycles and cars. They are more gas efficient, which helps people save on regular refills.

  • Users who want an easier option

Scooters are also quite easy to operate as opposed to learning how to ride a motorcycle or drive a car. They may not be the fastest vehicles, but they are quite convenient.

  • Beginners

If you are new to driving on the road, you may want to start with a scooter. They are easy to use and not super fast. They’re great for easing users into the comforts of the road.

Best Gas Powered Scooters FAQ:

Q: How is a scooter different from a motorcycle?

A motorcycle has better acceleration and goes a lot faster than a moped/scooter. A scooter operates at lower speeds and is easier to ride and great for beginners.

Q: Do I need a license to drive a scooter?

That depends on the state you live in and the size of the engine. Scooter engines with 50cc and below may not have to be registered. You may, however, need a drivers license.

Q: How fast can a 50cc scooter go?

50cc scooters generally have the maximum speed of 25-35mph. Heavier users may go slower than the aforementioned speed.

Q: Do I need to wear a helmet when riding a scooter?

It is highly recommended that users wear helmets while riding bikes, mopeds or motorcycles for safety reasons.

Our Top Pick

The Generies 49cc Gas-Powered Moped Scooter Bike is great option. It is an extremely reliable choice with a small but powerful engine.  It reaches speeds up to 35 mph and can be used by both kids and adults.


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