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Harley-Davidson decals look great on your tool box or as a decoration on one of your cars or trucks. The…

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The Best Harley-Davidson Decals (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Harley-Davidson Decals (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Chroma Harley-Davidson Skull Chrome ABS Decal Chroma Harley-Davidson Skull Chrome ABS Decal
Best Value Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield 3D Chrome Decal Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield 3D Chrome Decal
Premium Pick Harley-Davidson Vintage Eagle Logo Decal Harley-Davidson Vintage Eagle Logo Decal

Harley-Davidson decals look great on your tool box or as a decoration on one of your cars or trucks. The decals identify you as a Harley rider, a proud owner, or an enthusiast. If you are looking for a unique decal, you’ve come to the right place.

Decals are easy to apply and are made from quality materials. Two popular features of the following decals are the Harley-Davidson name in retro lettering and the classic bar and shield emblem. Check out our picks for the best H-D decals in the buying guide below.

The Best Harley-Davidson Decals

Attach this raised-plastic decal to your backrest, the rear window of your truck, on your toolbox, or anywhere you want to promote your love for Harley-Davidson. The decal is made of heavy-duty plastic, and it’s sturdy so it can handle weather and wear. The chrome finish shines and shows off the attractive skull motif.

Like all Willie G skull-style designs, it adds a flare to any Harley-Davidson motorcycle or accessory and to other possessions as well. This decal with the words “Harley-Davidson Motorcycles” in classic Harley lettering definitely says you’re a Harley owner or fan.

Key Features
  • Injected-molded plastic
  • Chrome finish
  • Willie G-style design
  • Brand Chroma
  • Model CG9113
  • Weight 1.12 ounces

Strong adhesive

Easy to apply

Heavy-duty plastic


Chrome may wear off

Must be attached to a flat surface

May need to use a heat gun to soften adhesive first

You own a piece of Harley-Davidson history with this bar and shield decal. The designer of the bar and shield is unknown, but it began appearing on motorcycles and accessories in 1910. You can help continue the tradition with this hard plastic, chrome, three-dimensional decal that features black lettering in classic script.

You can place the decal on your helmet, toolbox, or on your sissy bar or backrest. It looks great just about anywhere. Users report it is well-made and attractive. Be sure to check your size requirements because this 3-D decal is petite, only two by two inches, which is too small for some tastes. Also, be aware that the chrome may come off. 

Key Features
  • Black, hard plastic with chrome
  • Three-dimensional
  • Extra small
  • Brand Harley-Davidson
  • Model DC200061
  • Weight 6.4 ounces

Versatile usage

Small size fits almost anywhere

Attractive 3-D design


Too expensive for some budgets

Too small for some applications

Chrome may come off

This attractive decal features a stunning eagle motif that has long been associated with Harley-Davidson and, of course, the USA. The lettering is vintage and the colors—white, gray, gold, and black—are a refreshing change from the standard orange and black.

Place this decal on your toolbox, the window of your SUV, or anywhere you want to show your Harley-Davidson pride. Also included is a small “bar and shield” Harley emblem. The high-quality decal adheres to various surfaces including metal, glass, or plastic.

Key Features
  • Eagle-design motif
  • Retro Harley-Davidson lettering
  • Black, gray, white, and gold colors
  • Brand Harley-Davidson
  • Model DC289883
  • Weight 8 ounces

Sophisticated and attractive

Adheres well to various surfaces

Easy to reposition


Not very large

A little pricey

Apply this attractive decal to the windshield of your Harley, the windshield of your truck, SUV, or car, or the rear window of your truck, SUV, or car. It shows your Harley pride in a classy way. This is an easy-to-apply, no hassle decal. It is the perfect size for either the front windshield or rear window of a vehicle. Once applied on the outside of the windshield or window, it stays put and will last for years.

This is an attractive, quality decal. The script-type lettering is a dazzling white. The script is outlined first in Harley orange and then in Harley black. Taken together, the script and the colors say Harley-Davidson but in a subtle, beautiful way.

Key Features
  • Script-style lettering
  • Self-adhesive
  • Outlined in Harley orange and black
  • Brand Chroma
  • Model CG33400
  • Weight 1.92 ounces

Easy to apply

Attractive colors

Nice rear window or windshield decal


Too small for some tastes

For outside application only

A little pricey

This is a self-sticking decal that looks great on any surface. Put it on a tool storage unit, refrigerator door, or the rear window of pickup trucks. One person even put it on a surfboard.

This is a large decal that measures 18.75 inches by 5.5 inches, so think about where you’d like to display this beautiful decal so it attracts attention but also fits the space. The decal is made by Harley-Davidson, so you can be sure of the correct bar and shield design and the correct colors and lettering.

Key Features
  • Made by Harley-Davidson
  • Large, 18.75 by 5.5 inches
  • Straight-wing design
  • Brand Harley-Davidson
  • Model DC339129
  • Weight 4.8 ounces

Fair price

Good size for the middle of truck rear window

Works on a variety of outside surfaces


Some flaking if you wait too long to apply

You may have to smooth out some bubbles after application

This is an eight-piece kit with a variety of attractive decals. You’ll find a traditional bar and shield decal, a couple of straight-wing designs, and a “Live to Ride” ribbon decal. These are sturdy and well-made, so you can mount them on a tool chest, saddle boxes, on a helmet, or anywhere you want to show your Harley-Davidson pride and loyalty. People also use them for craft projects.

The decals are easy to apply; just peel off the protective film and stick them on. They are self-sticking and they last a long time, retaining their colors and designs even in rain and snow.

Key Features
  • Self sticking
  • Eight-piece kit
  • Outdoor decals
  • Brand Chroma
  • Model 3900
  • Weight 1.6 ounces

They stick well and last long

High-quality made in the U.S.A.

Fair price


Graphics may be grainy

Picture makes the decals look bigger than they are

They may not stick correctly

Best Harley-Davidson Decals Buying Guide

Benefits of a Harley-Davidson Decal

Harley-Davidson motorcycle decals are fun and practical. They show your pride, passion, and affection for the Harley-Davidson brand, especially its history and heritage. Harley is a unique American brand. It’s been that way since the company’s inception in 1903.

When you place a Harley-Davidson sticker on your toolbox, helmet, truck, or sissy bar, you’re showing the world your identification with this heritage, including the engineering and designs that make the motorcycle special.

You can place Harley-Davidson stickers almost anywhere, and they ooze class and pride. Think toolbox or backrest, for example. Applying them there automatically adds flair and style to your ride. Buy and apply Harley-Davidson decals and you get these benefits:

  • They show your H-D pride.
  • They are attractive and powerful emblems.
  • They add class to any possession.

Different Kinds of Harley-Davidson Decals

Size, design, color, materials, and appearance are things you need to consider when you purchase a Harley-Davidson decal. It all relates to where and how you want to mount it. If you want a small one for your toolbox, it will look and mount differently than a large one for the back window of your pickup. Check out these important features before you buy a Harley-Davidson decal.

  • Two Dimensional vs. Three Dimensional

Two-dimensional decals are flat. They only have two dimensions: height and width. This is the type of decal you want for your truck’s rear window, for a backrest, or for your toolbox. It won’t get caught on clothing or on a window mechanism. It is a traditional decal that you could put into an envelope and mail if you had to. Two-dimensional decals are usually made of plastic or vinyl.

A three-dimensional decal has three measurements: height, width, and depth. These decals stand out from the mounting surface. They are extra attractive because they have depth. Many of these decals have chrome accents. You can mount these on out-of-the-way places such as the back of a sissy bar or on an inconspicuous spot on your dashboard (anywhere where there’s not too much traffic, reducing the chance of the decal becoming damaged). Most 3-D decals are made of heavy-duty plastic.

  • Large vs. Small

This may sound elementary, but you’d be surprised by how many consumers note that the size of a decal is either too large or too small. Check out the dimensions before you order. These are clearly stated in the product’s details.

For example, if you are looking for a decal that you can mount on the rear window of your truck, you want something that people can see and that covers enough of the window so viewers can appreciate and enjoy the sticker.

On the other hand, you may want a small decal for a toolbox. It’s a small decoration, but it says a lot. It shows you’re a Harley owner or admirer and that you respect the brand, the heritage, and the machine. Look for decals that express what you want to say and those that you can mount where you need to mount them.

  • Harley-Davidson Branded vs. Third-Party Decals

If you buy a sticker designed and manufactured by the factory, you are much more likely to get the colors, emblems, and the designs sanctioned by the company. You may find that when you order from a third party, the design isn’t quite right or the orange and black colors are slightly off. So, when you order a decal designed and produced by Harley-Davidson, you have a better chance of getting a historically correct and genuine decal.

Third-party produced decals, on the other hand, may provide you with more variety with respect to design, style, and colors. The orange and black, bar-and-shield Harley logo is great and automatically says Harley-Davidson. But it’s been in use for over 100 years, and designers have come up with many new ideas since then. Take advantage of these newer designs to express yourself with a decal that means something to you.

Features to Look for in Harley-Davidson Decals

  • Quality

Check out reviews and read FAQs when shopping for a Harley-Davidson decal. Both can give you clues about the quality of the decals and the materials from which they are made. Look for a quality adhesive, one that sticks well (but not too well if you need to reposition the decal slightly after applying it), and one that lasts.

If buyers complain that the decal falls apart after three car washes, move on until you find a more substantial one or at least one that is made for inside use. Quality decals are made from vinyl, plastic, or a composite. If you’re in need of a decal that is protected against adverse weather, look for words like “heavy duty” and “weather proof.” Some of these decals have chrome accents. Check out what buyers are saying about the chrome too.

  • Design

What type of design do you like? The traditional bar and shield Harley logo? A straight-wing decal? An eagle design? A Willie G. inspired design? There are many to choose from. Some, like designs with an eagle motif, come across as beautiful and inspiring. Others, like those that sport the badge and bar, reflect the history and heritage of the Harley-Davidson company and the machine itself.

The design is something you will have on your motorcycle, truck, toolbox, etc. for a long time, so choose carefully. Take into consideration where you will mount the decal. If it will appear on the lower-left corner of the driver’s side window on your truck, the design (and size) has to fit that area. If you want a decal that covers the entire back window of your truck, that’s an entirely different design. Choose the perfect decal that does what you want it to do and provides the look you seek.

  • Style

Style says a lot about who you are. These decals can express that, and you have to be aware of your choices and what you want to say. Some decals are all about the company and the machine, and they express that in a more traditional style (orange and black colors, classic lettering, bar and shield motif).

Others take a more modern approach and feature a more modern script, eagle wings, skull motif, etc. You can even get a decal that is breast-cancer-prevention pink to show your support for that. On the opposite extreme are decals that are chrome and black, which have a “Milwaukee iron” feel.

The styles are almost endless. It takes some soul searching, but determining the style you prefer is worth it. The result is a decal that expresses your tastes, preferences, and overall style.

Tips for Buying and Using Harley-Davidson Decals

The best advice for using a Harley-Davidson decal is to consider where you want to apply it. The decal is going to be on that particular surface for a while, so think about this as more or less something permanent you will be looking at (and what others will be looking at) for a long time.

Before you make a purchase, check out these properties of the decal:

  • Adhesive quality
  • Quantity
  • Price

You want the adhesive to stick well, but not too well, in the beginning in case you make a mistake applying the decal. Read the reviews and questions and answers to determine the quality of the adhesive.

Some of these decals come in kits with up to eight pieces. Think about how many decals you need or would like to have, and then research the options to come up with a kit or group with the quantity you want.

Price is always a consideration. The price of these decals range from around $4 up to $34. But what are you getting for the price? That’s a good question to ask yourself before you order.

Best Harley-Davidson Decals FAQs

While you’re shopping for a Harley-Davidson decal that will make you smile, you may have some questions. You can ask the manufacturer or people who have previously bought the decal that you are considering. Also check the reviews; they often contain FAQs and useful comments. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions and some answers that we hope will help you make a smart purchase.

Q: Are all Harley-Davidson decals sanctioned by the company?

Yes and no. Decal makers must get permission to use the Harley name and any other registered trademarks. But that does not mean that the company approves the design of each decal.

Q: How long do decals usually last?

The short answer is five to seven years. But it depends on the conditions under which the decal is used. These include the weather (if it’s an outside application), if the decal is attached to a surface that sees a lot of wear, and the material from which the decal is made.

Q: How do I apply a decal?

Most of these decals are dry or self-adhesives, which have adhesive on the back. You need a clean, dry surface to which you can attach the decal. The temperature when you apply the Harley decal should be between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. Always follow the instructions that come with the decal.

Our Top Pick

Our Best Choice pick, the Chroma Harley-Davidson Skull Chrome ABS Decal is attractive in a number of ways. It has a Willie G-style skull and classic Harley lettering. It is black with chrome accents and made of sturdy plastic. And it measures 3.5 inches in diameter, a size that people can use for a variety of applications, such as on a tool chest or helmet.

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