Best Heated Motorcycle Gear: Ride Comfortably in the Cold

Heated motorcycle gear will enable you to ride all year long

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Best Heated Motorcycle Gear: Ride Comfortably in the Cold © Best Heated Motorcycle Gear: Ride Comfortably in the Cold

I’ve ridden through pouring rain and blizzards. It sucks when you don’t have the right gear. I spent a lot of time cursing the motorcycling gods during those times. I could’ve saved myself from such damnation if I went for heated motorcycle gear. 

Heated gear either plugs into your motorcycle’s power supply or through a battery, both replaceable or rechargeable. I’ve selected the best heated motorcycle gear to get you riding through the cold and damp without finding yourself fighting frostbite. Learn from my mistakes, get good heated gear.

Summary List

Our Methodology

While there’s heated motorcycle gear for all parts of your body, I focused on two key areas: your hands and your feet. These are the least covered portions of your body and you can only throw on so many layers to keep you cozy. In most conditions, your chest and legs will be fine with normal layers, but your hands and feet won’t. That’s why this list is so heavily favored for those two areas. 

Our Verdict

You can’t go wrong with the Hotwired 12V heated jacket. It’ll keep you warm and toasty under all conditions. And adding Alpinestars’ Heat Tech gloves, along with Gerbing’s sock liners, you’ll be able to brave the arctic in no time. 

Heated Motorcycle Gear Buying Guide

Wired vs. Battery

The only real thing you need to know about heated motorcycle gear is whether or not it’s battery-powered or hard-wired to your bike’s battery. Battery-powered is the easiest operation, but you need to remember to charge them before a ride. Hard-wired works immediately, but requires you to wire the system to your bike’s battery, which can be an absolute pain. 

It’s the dealer’s choice, though. 

Heated Motorcycle Gear Pricing

Cost will depend on the brand and type of heated motorcycle gear. Good gear costs money, though, so remember that when you’re shopping and always look for deals. 


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q: Are heated jackets worth it?

A: Honestly, yes and no. They’re great for staying perfectly toasty warm, but you can achieve the same thing with layers. For my money, spend it on socks and gloves. 

Q: Is heated motorcycle gear expensive?

A: Compared to other motorcycle gear, not really. It’s pretty comparable. But remember, you’re putting this stuff underneath your normal gear for the most part, so it’s an added cost.

Q: How long do the batteries last on heated motorcycle gear?

A: Between 6-12 hours, depending on the piece of gear. 

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