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Buying new tires for your Honda Accord isn’t the most exciting aspect of car ownership, but it’s absolutely vital. Poor…

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The Best Tires For Honda Accord (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Tires For Honda Accord (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Cooper Grand Touring Radial Tire Cooper Grand Touring Radial Tire
Premium Pick Bridgestone Turanza Quiet Track Tire Bridgestone Turanza Quiet Track Tire
Best Value Travelstar All Season Radial Tire Travelstar All Season Radial Tire

Buying new tires for your Honda Accord isn’t the most exciting aspect of car ownership, but it’s absolutely vital. Poor tires can make the difference between a safe drive and a dangerous drive and can radically affect the quality of your driving experience. As the only point of contact between the car and the road, your tires are one of the most important features of your Honda, and therefore it’s absolutely essential to buy the right type of tire for your Accord.

There are many different things to consider when looking to buy a new set of car tires. We will talk more in depth about this later in our buying guide where we will discuss what features are the most important when buying new Honda Accord tires. But first we have compiled a list of our favorite Honda Accord tires and listed their best features.

The Best Tires For Honda Accord

We like to recommend products with a good reputation, and these tires are very popular with the drivers who have tested them. Cooper has tested its products on real-life roads and has engineered its products to respond to real-life situations. The tires have been designed to fit most modern passenger vehicles and SUVs and are suitable for the Honda Accord. The tire is manufactured from a new generation of silica compound that provides exceptional all-season performance as well as improves braking and lowers rolling resistance. There is an asymmetric tread pattern on the tire that has been designed to reduce irregular wear by allowing the tires to rotate from one side of the car to the other. Another feature that we like is the 3D micro-gauge grooves that have been created to allow the tread elements of the tire to interlock and stabilize the tread. All in all, these are good solid tires that will work perfectly with a Honda Accord.

Key Features
  • One Tire
  • 3D Micro-Gauge
  • Asymmetric Tread Pattern
  • All-Weather Tires
  • Brand Cooper Tire
  • Model 90000020161
  • Weight 25 pounds

Good All-Purpose Tire


One Size Fits Most


Not Suitable For Heavy Snow

If you’re looking for good-quality Michelin tires for a Honda Accord then you’ll need to look no further than these tires that have been specially designed for a quiet, comfortable ride. Drivers who have used these tires have commented just how quiet they are in comparison to their usual tires and how this has significantly changed their driving experience for the better. These particular tires have been manufactured for shorter stopping distances and provide lasting winter performance. They’re excellent in rainy weather conditions and have a good wet grip on roads. The tires are manufactured with EverGrip Technology, which uses extreme amounts of silica in the tread compound for excellent day-to-day handling and good traction. You wouldn’t expect to find this ingredient in a car tire, but these Michelin tires actually contain sunflower oil inside the compound to keep the temperature low along the tread blocks and sipes, which add extra grip in the snow. Another great feature is the Michelin Comfort Control Technology, which has been used to reduce road noise and vibration for an all-together smoother ride.

Key Features
  • Excellent Wet Grip
  • Quiet & Smooth Ride
  • EverGrip Technology
  • Reduced Vibration & Sound
  • Brand Michelin
  • Model 73446
  • Weight 22 Lbs

Can Handle Most Weather Conditions

Comfortable Drive

Excellent Reputation



We couldn’t write an article covering Honda Accord all-season tires and not mention Goodyear. This brand has an excellent reputation, and that’s for a very good reason. Simply, they make very good tires. These Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Passenger Touring Tires are no exception. Featuring a special Dual Comfort Zone in the tread and sidewall to help optimize comfort and handling, you will be able to tell the difference when you add  these tires to your Honda as the drive will feel super smooth. The tires have been manufactured with a special comfort layer in the tread that adds approximately 20 percent more cushion than standard passenger tires with ComfortEdge sidewalls that help provide balance on the road. These tires have an asymmetric tread that  produces the best handling on roads and reliable traction during wet conditions. The tires contain special wide grooves that actually help draw water away from the tread itself for a better, safer drive.

Key Features
  • Asymmetric Tread Design For Increased Performance
  • Year-Round Handling
  • Reliable
  • Brand Goodyear
  • Model 413509329
  • Weight 22.8 Lbs

20% More Cushion Than Standard Tires

Dual Comfort Zones In Tread & Sidewall

All-Year Driving



Along with Michelin and Goodyear, Continental tires also have a fantastic reputation for being hardwearing and long lasting. These Continental honda accord tires are sized 225/65R17 and have a speed index of 118 mph. These guys can sure take their weight and can hold a maximum load of 1,874 pounds. Not the lightest tires on our list at 26 pounds each, these wheels are nevertheless tough and excellent for all weather conditions. Although Continental tires are not the cheapest on the market, they are good quality and something we would definitely recommend for a Honda Accord.

Key Features
  • All Season Tires
  • Max Load 1874 Lbs
  • Speed Index 118mph
  • Brand Continental Tires
  • Weight 26 Lbs

Fuel Efficient

All-Weather Tires




These Honda Accord tires have been specially designed to meet the driving needs of your coupe, sedan, sports car or crossover, and they can handle year-round weather conditions like a boss!  These ENVigor tires are designed with the ultimate performance in mind and promise to give the driver pure comfort and extended treadlife with year-round traction. What we like about these particular tires is that they handle light snow-covered roads too. The all-season silica tread compound has been specially molded into a unique design with a five-directional pattern for excellent traction and performance. They have been manufactured with a special ribbed design that has been designed for optimal handling on the road. Special angled grooves and 3D sipes enhance wet traction and help to resist hydroplaning and promote traction in light snow. A polyester body ensures that drivers feel a smoother ride.

Key Features
  • Smooth Drive
  • Lightweight Tires
  • All-Season
  • Can Handle Light Snow
  • Brand Yokohama
  • Model Envigor
  • Weight 20.9 Lbs

Optimal Road Handling

Comfortable Performance

Year-Round Traction


Not for Heavy Snow

The Turanza tires have been specially designed with performance in mind and can handle most weather conditions, including light snow. Just one look at the treads will show you everything you need to know about these tires as they feature high volume slots in the shoulder that enhance the water flow to ensure water drainage in the center. These tires have been designed to keep you in control at all times on the roads no matter what driving conditions you are faced with. Even during wet weather you’ll be able to remain stable.

Key Features
  • High-Tech Treads
  • All-Season Tire
  • Black Sidewall
  • Brand Bridgestone
  • Model Turanza QuietTrack
  • Weight 25 Lbs

Excellent Handling

High Quality Treads

Fuel Reduction Feature



If you are looking for the perfect summer tire for your Honda Accord then this Hankook Ventus model might be your perfect option. This is a premium performance summer tire that offers a good balance between wet and dry conditions for sports cars, crossovers, SUVs and Honda Accords. The Ventus S1evo2 K117 provides short braking distances in all weather conditions and boasts a low rolling resistance. The tire provides fantastic grip due to its high grip silica tread compound. The outer polyester carcass and high-density rayon contribute to the wet and dry handling, and the high stiffness bead filler enhances sidewall durability and gives the tire a sports performance feel.

Key Features
  • Excellent Wet & Dry Handling
  • Summer Tire
  • Premium Performance
  • Brand Hankook
  • Model Ventus S1 evo2 K117
  • Weight 24.6 Lbs

Premium Summer Tire

High Grip Silica Tread Compound


Not Suitable for Winter Weather Conditions

When we started researching the best tires for a Honda Accord we knew that we wanted to include a value product on the list. This Travelstar tire fit the bill perfectly as we felt it provided excellent value for the money. The UN33 is an ultra-performance tire, which means that it can handle precision control and boasts fast responsiveness under extreme weather conditions. The treads have been specially manufactured with an asymmetric design that ensures that it can handle both wet and dry road conditions. All in all, we feel that this tire offers a good price and excellent durability.

Key Features
  • Wet & Dry Handling
  • 40,000 Miles Treadwear Warranty
  • Brand Travelstar
  • Model LL-UHP008
  • Weight 25 Lbs

Good Value for Money

All-Season Tire


Not As Hard-wearing As Well Known Brands

Best Tires For Honda Accord Buying Guide

There are a number of different factors you will need to consider when buying tires for your Honda Accord. Not only will they need to handle all weather conditions but they will need to fit your vehicle perfectly too. Below we have written a guide and highlighted what we believe are the most important features when looking to buy new tires.

Keep reading to find out more…

What to Look for When Buying Tires for Honda Accord

  • Size

The most important factor by far, when buying a new set of tires for your Honda Accord is to make sure you buy the right size and this can be a little confusing if you haven’t replaced tires before.  

The following sizes are suitable for a Honda Accord: P195/65R15, P205/65R15, P205/60R16, 205/65R16, P215/60R16, P215/50R17, 215/55R17, P225/50R17, 225/65R17, 225/60R18, 235/45R18, 235/40R19.

If you’re wondering what all of those numbers mean then let’s break it down for you.

If a number is 235/45R18 then this is how it’s made up:

235 is the tire’s width in mm

45 is the tire’s side profile as a % of the width

R18 is the diameter of the wheel in inches

If the number also contains something like this: 91W then this indicates the tire’s load capacity and speed rating (W = speed rating)

  • Tread Performance

Much like a thumbprint, each tire is unique. A tire has special grooves which are called treads and these are the rubber sections on the circumference of the tire that makes direct contact with the road. Tires lose traction when the treads eventually wear down. As you can imagine, treads are an important feature of a car tire, so when you are choosing the best tires for Honda Accord you will need to consider the tread pattern that is molded into the rubber. These grooves have been specially designed to allow water to be released beneath the tire in order to prevent hydroplaning in wet weather conditions. The design of the tread pattern will affect the tire’s traction on the road, noise reduction and driving comfort.

  • Weather Suitability

Make sure that when you buy new tires for your Honda Accord, you are buying the right type of tire for the time of year. In some countries it’s a legal requirement to change your tires during winter, to a more sturdier tire that can handle wetter weather conditions as well as snow. For general year-round use, a general all-season tire should be adequate but this will largely depend on where you live and drive. What are the road conditions like where you drive? What is the weather usually like? Wet? Dry? These are vital factors to take into consideration when buying new tires.

  • Tire Speed Rating

The maximum speed of the tire is something you should not ignore under any circumstances and it’s actually something that is said to be overlooked. Did you know that you could invalidate your insurance if you drive using the wrong speed rating? You will find the tire speed rating on the sidewall of the tire and will often be represented by a number and letter “V” or “W”. The speed rating is to determine the maximum speed you are allowed to drive safely using those particular tires. Always make sure that you are using the correct speed rating for your car.

  • Do The Wheels Need an Update?

Drivers often replace the tires of the vehicle but fail to check the wheels to see if they are in good shape. If you are replacing your tires then this is a good opportunity to replace your wheels too, especially if they are worn or damaged.

  • Buy x 4 Tires

You shouldn’t need us to tell you this, but replacing all four tires is preferable to just one. The problem with replacing just the one tire on your Honda Accord, is that it will create an imbalance. Don’t cut corners to save money. Take care of your car and replace all four tires at once, ensuring that they are all matching tires too. This way you’ll be able to maintain your tires better and achieve better handling and a safer drive.  

  • Break-in Gently

Not many people are aware of this, but when tires are manufactured there is a release agent that is used in the process that can leave residue on tires. This means that they may not have as much grip as expected when you first take them out for a spin. This means that you should always break in your new tires gently, especially in wet weather conditions. You should anticipate longer braking distances and be gentle on cornering until you’ve used them for at least 500 miles.

Our Top Pick

Our favorite tire for the Honda Accord was the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Radial Tire. not only did they have a great reputation but we felt that they were relatively inexpensive at under $120. These tires have been driven on real life roads and have been rigorously tested to respond to real life situations. Manufactured from a new generation of silica compound, these tires provide fantastic performance all year round with improved braking and rolling resistance; a good choice for the Honda Accord.


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