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Picture the scene. You’re on your way home from the hospital with your newborn in tow when the weather turns…

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The Best Infant Car Seat Covers (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Infant Car Seat Covers (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Urban Bundleme Infant Car Seat Cover by JJ Cole JJ Cole Urban Bundleme Infant Car Seat Cover
Premium Pick JJ Cole Car Seat Cover JJ Cole Car Seat Cover, Aqua
Best Value Barnaby Belle baby car seat cover Barnaby Belle Breathable Muslin Baby Car Seat Cover

Picture the scene. You’re on your way home from the hospital with your newborn in tow when the weather turns nasty. Trying to shelter your baby from the cold and rain, you spot out of the corner of your eye a sick old lady who has her eyes on your tiny infant who is edging closer and closer by the second. Its every new parents’ worst nightmare!

For all expecting parents out there, owning a practical car seat cover is a must-have product for your child. Yet not to worry, we’ve compiled together a diverse selection of the best infant car seat covers out there, so your child will be protected from the moment they are carried out of the hospital door.

The Best Infant Car Seat Cover

Are you worried for your little one’s health as we creep closer towards the winter months? JJ Cole’s Bundleme is so cozy that it will encourage even the most excitable little ones to catch a few winks when they’re out and about. With a soft Thermaplush interior, your baby will be snug as a bug wherever they go. The exterior is even made from luxurious quilted nylon exterior to protect your child from adverse weather conditions.

Available in black, heather, and blush, a Bundleme Car Seat Cover is designed for infants ranging from 0-12 months. Although they’re rather stylish, JJ Cole devised their product with safety at the heart of their design. The choice to include a removable back panel to allow your baby’s head to rest on the car seat as intended is such a decision that exhibits JJ Cole’s family-centered goals. If you wish to buy from a company who really care about their customers, trusting in JJ Cole could be a huge step forward in your early parenting career.

Key Features
  • Zero extra covers required due to cover's Thermaplush Interior and comfy quilted nylon exterior
  • Available in twelve different colors and two different sizes
  • Ideal for a baby aged between 0-12 months
  • Blanket Velcro on to the stroller to secure your baby
  • Maintains its shape and color after numerous wash cycles
  • Brand JJ Cole
  • Model J00854
  • Weight 2 pounds

Brica’s Infant Comfort Canopy allows younger families everywhere to embark on stress-free road trips. One major plus is the retractable UPF 50+ rated sun cover that, when in place, obstructs 98% of UVA and UVB radiation away from your baby. Although the simplistic grey design isn’t exactly showstopping, the soothing grey tones compliment the encompassed mesh paneling which allow your baby to breathe well whilst protecting them against prying eyes.

The luxury of this Canopy Car Seat Cover is that it can detach and attach in seconds thanks to the zippered cover, meaning that checking up on your baby won’t be an additional stress. There’s even an extra mesh bug screen all the way around the canopy that exists to protect your child from potentially harmful, disease-carrying mosquitos. And what’s so lovely about this carrier is that your baby can see and learn about the world around them safely from the security of their portable home.

Key Features
  • Sun cover block is UPF 50+ and blocks 98% of UVA and UVB radiation when adjusted
  • Able to attach and detach in seconds
  • Compatible with car seat or stroller
  • Durable mesh fabric is breathable whilst providing concealment
  • Mesh protects baby from dangerous mosquitos and bugs
  • Brand Munchkin
  • Model 69000
  • Weight 10.6 ounces

Parents with young children wish for only one thing when heading out the door: for their trip to be stress-free. That’s why Mommies and Daddies everywhere are opting for Kids N’ Such’s Peekaboo Car Seat Canopy to ensure their family trips out are less exhausting. This product will protect your baby from all daily grievances such as heatwaves, snowstorms, germs, and even strangers! They’ll simply be fast asleep in their darkened cocoon while their parents are busy socializing.

What’s more, this multi-functional blanket allows Mom to enjoy the privacy she craves while breastfeeding in public. And this fantastic company classes safety as their number one concern shown through the inclusion of their Peekaboo Opening which snaps around the handle – allowing you to quickly peek at your child without having to lift the cover up fully.

Key Features
  • Car Seat Canopies are darkened to allow for a baby to rest comfortably in busy environments
  • Peekaboo Opening is designed to snap around the handle to allow for a firm grip and so the cover doesn’t have to be removed when not in use
  • Operates as a Nursing Blanket when out and about
  • Car Seat Covers are meticulously designed to provide protection against sunshine, rain, or insects
  • Simple yet attractive design
  • Brand Kids N' Such
  • Weight 11 ounces

Products that are shown to be versatile are dominating today’s market. So it’s no surprise to us that Copper Pearl’s 5-in-1 Cover is a product that’s selling faster that the company can make them. Able to be used as a car seat cover, nursing cover, high chair cover, shopping cart cover and as an Infinity Scarf, this wonderfully stretchy rayon blend fabric is multifunctional as well as trendy.

Although mothers may not feel the need to use Copper Pearl’s blanket as a breastfeeding cover, it nonetheless will create a safe and warm haven for your little angels during the cold winter months. And when used as a shopping cart cover, it will protect your baby from the nasty germs that lie all over these trollies. This unisex fabric is suitable for one and all – we even know some mothers that regularly wear it as a stylish shawl!

Key Features
  • Baby Car Seat Cover can operate in five different ways – as a Car Seat Cover, High Chair, Infinity Scarf, Shopping Cart Cover, and Nursing Cover
  • Provides all-weather protection
  • Fabric is rayon-blend and folds easily to save on space
  • Unisex fabric is stretchy to allow easy access to your baby
  • Cover is designed to shield baby from outside germs
  • Brand Copper Pearl
  • Model X000XJCBRT
  • Weight 7.2 ounces

Matimati Baby’s stretchy classical stripe cover acts like a protective forcefield around your child. It will provide 360-degree protection for your baby from all dangers present in the outside world such as pollen, wind, and germs. Plus, it’ll be sure not to move an inch when faced with adverse weather thanks to its quality rayon blend construction.

Some stimulation is more harmful for your child than others, including the noisy buzz of a large mall. In this scenario, the Matimati Baby’s cover will operate as the perfect shield. Your baby will simply sleep soundly through the hubbub under their breathable blanket! And when they awaken, your child’s vision will be stimulated by the black and white stripes. This is absolutely a product that benefits one and all.

Key Features
  • Cover can operate in five productive ways when out and about
  • Allows for complete privacy for you and your child when nursing in public
  • Zerba-patterned car seat cover is fashionable, lightweight, and breathable
  • Provides complete protection against harsh weather, bugs, and germs
  • Helps block out stimulation when in a busy store
  • Brand Matimati Baby
  • Weight 7.2 ounces

Wow. We just cannot get enough of JJ Cole’s breathtaking light blue car set cover. Manufacturers seem to have thought of everything; even allowing parents the opportunity to remove the top to regulate their baby’s temperature. If you want to take your child out of the cover entirely then don’t worry; it’s so easy to do so thanks to the functional zipper lining.

Unlike other covers which fail safety inspections due to being made from low-quality materials, this cover’s superior polyester construction passes all safety tests with top marks. Likewise, the exterior will abolish any water droplets that come close! The interior’s construction is also wonderfully soft and gentle on newborn skin. For anyone out there who is expecting a newborn during the cold winter months, this is the product for you.

Key Features
  • Elastic band allows the cover to stretch over any car seat or stroller
  • Zip allows for easy in and out access and to control exposure to the outside
  • Blanket exterior is waterproof and weather resistant
  • Top can be removed to control temperature
  • Reversible strap covers (sold separately) protect your babies face from seat belt rubbing
  • Brand JJ Cole
  • Model J00603
  • Weight 14.4 ounces

Our little ones are precious; and from the moment they arrive into this planet, we want to protect them from anything that will hurt them. And buying Barbaby Belle’s Breathable Muslin Baby Car Seat Cover and Canopy is a pretty strong start. Muslin Cotton as reputably one of the gentlest fabrics in the world is the ideal material for protecting a baby. This open-weave fabric even guarantees total privacy due to its non-transparent construction.

Although this blanket is designed with your baby’s best interests at heart, chances are you’ll even start to notice it improving your own life as a parent. Gone are the weekends when even the thought of meeting friends out for a coffee was unthinkable as a result of your baby’s sleeping schedule. With the help of this magical product, your baby will be fast asleep beside you while you catch up with your nearest and dearest.

Key Features
  • 100% Muslin Cotton guarantees breathable design
  • 360 degree no see-through breastfeeding cover up is easily accessible yet difficult to tug open from inside
  • Securely attaches to handle of the infant carrier with Velcro straps
  • Unisex grey star design is complementary
  • Light fabric is lightweight and doesn’t trap heat inside with the baby
  • Brand Barnaby Belle
  • Weight 6.4 ounces

Living in the dark and cold for a large part of the day causes winter to be a hard time for us all. Yet it doesn’t have to be as tough for your newborn. Jolly Jumper’s delightfully plush Arctic Sneak-A-Peak will keep your little one cozy through the colder months. Aligned with padded, water-resistant fleece lining, your baby will be as snug as can be within this insulated interior. And combined with the attached sewn-in blanket, they’ll never want to leave their safe cocoon!

What we particularly love about this product is the wonderful peek-a-boo flap. As well as providing unmatched entertainment for your baby – let’s face it, they don’t need all the expensive toys we treat them to – it’s ideal for folding down when your little one needs to catch some winks. And whenever something icky eventually stains the fleecy lining, then simply fling it in the wash – we promise it won’t lose its shape and come out good as new.

Key Features
  • Jolly Jumper’s cocoon design is ideal for keeping cold wind off of baby’s head and face
  • 'Shower Cap' cover includes double zipper that allow easy access to the baby
  • Blanket can be easily 'flapped' away from the baby when not in use
  • Exterior is made from high-quality and waterproof fabric
  • Baby will be kept cozy as can be as a result of insulated fleece lining
  • Brand Jolly Jumper
  • Model 435- Black
  • Weight 15.8 ounces

Who doesn’t want a giraffe patterned blanket in two different colors? Sho Cute’s ‘Cute Cocoon’ is undoubtedly as adorable as a cover can get. If you want to mix things up so to provide alternative visual stimulation for your newborn, then simply flip to reverse the look! Made for all seasons, the car seat cover will provide 360-degree coverage – especially from the wind. This is due to the two built in adjustable elastic clips on the front and back of the design, enabling this product to be completely wind-proof.

Made from the finest of premium cotton, the blanket can convert to a fitted style in order to keep prying strangers at bay. And when you and baby are at home, we recommend hanging toys from the build-in fabric loops to watch your newborn’s mind boggle! Finally, the Peekaboo window is an added bonus that will place both your minds at ease. What’s not to love?

Key Features
  • 'Cute Cocoon' styled car seat cover provides 360-degree coverage from nasty debris and bugs
  • Brighten up your day by switching the pattern around thanks to reversible cover
  • Peekaboo window creates a more breathable environment whilst offering your baby visual stimulation by built-in toy loops
  • Constructed from 100% Premium Cotton
  • Comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee Warranty
  • Brand Sho Cute
  • Weight 15.8 ounces

Last but certainly not least, Busy Monkey’s Breastfeeding Cover Scarf is yet another of those fabulous multi-functional products all parents love. Some mothers swear by this product to such an extent that they wear it as a scarf when their baby isn’t using it! Able to be used in five essential ways, the gender-neutral blanket’s wondrously lightweight material enables it to be perfect for summer walks with your child.

The blanket’s giraffe and elephant pattern would brighten up anyone’s day. And when your baby ultimately becomes attached to this delightful design then not to worry – the cover is so durable that manufacturers predict it will serve as your infant’s snuggle buddy from birth until they turn three. If you’ve stumbled upon this review as a young parent or as a friend searching for baby shower gifts, then count yourself lucky and invest!   

Key Features
  • Multi-functional cover can be used in five distinctive ways
  • Durable accessory designed from birth until three years old
  • Colorful and playful giraffe and elephant design is gender neutral
  • Cover scarf can easily be machine washed without losing its quality
  • Super lightweight cover can be used as a breastfeeding cover when out in public
  • Brand Busy Monkey
  • Weight 5.6 ounces

Best Infant Car Seat Covers Buying Guide

What to Look for in an Infant Car Seat Cover

First time parents are renowned for fretting over the smallest of things. Yet buying your angel a car seat cover is undoubtedly one of the larger decisions to make. As well as ensuring that your baby is rested, the best car seat covers will keep them safely tucked away when on the road. Ask yourself these three questions before purchasing your prospective cover and it will be hard to go wrong.

  • Is the fabric breathable?

Let’s firstly dispel the common myth that babies need two car seat covers: one for summer and the other for winter. A high-quality car seat cover will be designed to look after your child all year round. Yet we suggest opting for a warm, fluffy fabric if you live in a colder climate and a light, breathable fabric for a warmer climate. Likewise, if you’ve decided to opt for a 360-degree ‘cocoon’ styled car seat, ensure that it either incorporates mesh or a ‘peekaboo’ hole so your baby can breathe easily.

  • Does the cover have an elastic edge?

A car seat cover boasting an elastic edge has two positives. Firstly, your child will be snug as a bug inside the protective cover in winter; protected from the big bad world for now. Secondly, the elastic will keep the cover in place so there is absolutely no risk of it falling over your baby’s head.

Benefits of Infant Car Seat Covers

Car Seat Covers have one goal: to keep our infants safe and snug. Here’s why you should absolutely invest in a high-quality product good enough for your baby.

  • Protect your baby from the dangers of the outside world

It’s true: every doting parents believes that their child is the greatest thing in this world. Yet unfortunately, so do the millions of strangers that we pass on the street who interpret your child’s cuteness as an invitation to reach out for them with their potentially grimy hands. With a car seat cover these passers-by won’t be able to get close to your baby sleeping inside their protective cocoon. Likewise, depending on where you are in the world, mosquitos may plague your daily existence. Yet with the right protection, your baby won’t be bothered by them thanks to their cover.

  • Prevent overheating and your baby from catching a chill

It’s important to keep your baby warm by using a car seat cover, as wrapping them in a coat in a car seat can be extremely dangerous. This is because, when in a car crash, fluffy padding instantly flattens out from the force – thereby leaving space under the harness for a child to slip through and be thrown from their seat. A car seat cover will keep your child firmly strapped in as well as cozy. We recommend purchasing high-quality materials such as Muslin Cotton or nylon which are breathable yet comfortable for your child.

  • The colorful patterns!

From birth, babies use their eyes to explore and learn about their environment. This stimulation is highly important for their development in later life. Although many parents hang toys from the carrier handle, this is ultimately dangerous as these may become flying projectiles in a car crash. Instead, investing in a colorful car seat pattern with a vibrant pattern will grant your child the stimulation they crave when on the road. An example of such is Busy Monkey’s Nursing Breastfeeding Cover Scarf which brandishes an adorable giraffe and elephant design.

Infant Car Seat Covers Safety Tips

  • Using Car Seat Covers to Cover Your Child’s Head for Long Periods of Time

Yes, car seat covers are fantastic items for protecting our children from bugs, adverse weather, and annoying passers-by. Yet many parents – after discovering how secure these covers make themselves and their child feel – go a little crazy and use them at all times from the moment their baby leaves the house until they return. However, it’s vital to consider these covers as simply a temporary measure when out and about. Scientists in recent years have warned about the effects of rebreathing – when the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide is unequal as a result of breathing in the same trapped air within the confines of the blanket. Therefore, be sure to constantly remove the cover to check if your infant is safe and sound.

  • Do not put your cover between your child and their harness straps

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Only use a car seat cover if it’s nowhere between your baby’s body and their harness. By all means, put a coat or blanket over the straps so your baby isn’t cold. But you don’t want to do anything that could mean, if in a crash, that your baby could slide out of their car seat.

Our Top Pick

So, if we had to choose between all the luxurious Car Seat Covers reviewed in this buying guide, what one would we select for our own bambino? JJ Cole’s Urban Bundleme tops the lot in versatility, warmth, and design. For customers who live in colder climates, the Bundleme is simply perfect for taking your baby out for a ride without having to bundle them up like they’re heading out on an expedition. Featuring an interior lined with soft, durable Thermaplush, the exterior is also coated with first-rate quilted nylon to protect your baby from the cold, wind, and rain. This cover easily allows for fast temperature control thanks to the removable top and detachable hood. Our favorite feature has to be the zipper, which can unzip all the way yet reattaches just as easily. All in all, the Bundleme is the solution to all your baby temperature troubles. And we’d be very intrigued to know if they’re making one of these for adults.


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