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Let’s say you have a truck, and you get a puncture on the road. The first thing to do is to change it with a spare tire. And, if you need to get the work done quickly, you must have a truck jack. It helps to accelerate changing tires, opening wheel nuts, brakes repair, changing…

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Best Jack for Lifted Trucks – Buying Guide And Reviews | Autance © Best Jack for Lifted Trucks – Buying Guide And Reviews | Autance

Let’s say you have a truck, and you get a puncture on the road. The first thing to do is to change it with a spare tire. And, if you need to get the work done quickly, you must have a truck jack. It helps to accelerate changing tires, opening wheel nuts, brakes repair, changing oil, or doing other transmission jobs.

Lifted trucks are special purpose heavy vehicles due to their quality designs. Therefore, if you own a lifted truck, you can use heavy-duty hydraulic floor jacks with capacities between 3 to 15 tons. There are various types of jacks for lifted trucks, such as bottle jacks, floor jacks, Hi-lift jacks. 

Best Jack For Lifted Trucks

So you need a strong jack equipped with a long lifting-range, regardless of the weight of your truck. The best truck jacks can lift heavy loads easily due to wide-track front wheels. Therefore, it is imperative to always equip yourself with a jack in case of an emergency. But if you don’t have one, then you should buy it immediately. 

Nevertheless, buying a truck jack that can lift a truck can be a challenge. Before you shop for it, you should look for various aspects such as performance, quality features, elaborate design, size, and cost. You can get a truck jack of low-quality if you go shopping without proper reference. Hence, we highlight a list of 5 products we consider as the best jack for lifted trucks.

Our Top Picks

To make purchasing trucks and jack stands easy for you, we list some of our top picks on Amazon at affordable prices after conducting numerous market research.  



Further information

- Brand: Powerbuilt
- Weight: 85 pounds
- Dimensions: 16.38 x 26.13 x 8.13 inches
- Strong ultra-wide chassis for extra stability
- Weight: 85 pounds
- Dimensions: 28.5 x 13.75 x 6.5 inches
- Built-in internal safety valve and vent plug ensures safe operation
- Brand: BIG RED
- Weight: 15 pounds
- Dimensions: 14.17 x 8.27 x 7.48 inches
- Constructed of high-grade forged steel with a welded frame design for durability
- Equipped with a double lock protection feature that increases safety by 200%
- Brand: Amazon Basics
- Weight: 10.1 pounds
- Dimensions: 7.4 x 6.8 x 10.6 inches
- Durable steel frame with rustproof coating; easy-to-read weight capacity
- Stand can be raised or lowered to the height needed; self-locking ratchet for ease of use
- Brand: Arcan
- Weight: 67.2 pounds
- Dimensions: 26 x 6.3 x 13.2 inches
- Quickly raises the floor jack saddle to load

1. Powerbuilt Heavy-duty Triple Lift Jack

Sometimes it is challenging to look for a strong and reliable truck jack. And you want to be confident while working on your lifted truck. That’s the moment that Powerbuilt (620422E) Heavy-duty Triple Lift Jack becomes reliable. This triple lift jack is durable and easy to use.

This tool features an original design that includes padded lift rails and removable lift saddles that protects your truck from any damage. It is a multi-purpose and flexible lift jack that you can use to lift all kinds of vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, lifted trucks, and ATVs.

 It is a versatile tool because it has approximately 4000-pound lifting capacity. Another outstanding feature of powerbuilt heavy-duty lifting jack is the rugged build designed to provide maximum performance under the most difficult situations.

 It also has a locking safety bar for holding the jack steadily into the ground once your truck is lifted in the air. The locking bar feature also means that you don’t need a separate jack stand. Another safety feature is the wide base for stability.

Powerbuilt heavy-duty triple lift capacity of 2 tons eliminates the need to buy several jacks for lifting different trucks. It weighs about 85 pounds, so it is not portable. But it comes with a reliable set of wheels, so weight should not be an issue when buying this jack.


  • It has a triple lifting capacity.
  • Padded lift rails and removable saddles to prevent damage to the truck
  • Equipped with a set of wheels for convenience.
  • It has a broad base for stability.
  • Locking safety bar for additional security and keeping the jack steady when the truck is lifted.


  • Relatively expensive
  • Heavy and tall.

2. Blackhawk Black/Red Fast Lifting Floor Jack

Blackhawk service jack is designed for fast lifting of trucks. You should understand that this jack is used only for lifting your truck, so you need a separate jack stand for support. This hydraulic jack allows you to lift your truck effortlessly. Some of the incredible features of this lifting floor jack include:

Lifting range: It can easily fit under a small car as low as 6-inches saddle height and lift it to about 22-inches off the ground. 

Robust construction: Blackhawk floor jack has a rugged construction convenient for outdoor lifting activities and garage jobs. It is built with strong steel and has a 3.5 tons lifting capacity that is approximately 7000 pounds. This lifting capacity enables the jack to lift most vehicles. 

In-built safety: Blackhawk added an in-built safety valve for safe lifting operations. It also has bypass devices to prevent damaging the jack from over-pumping. You can maintain an accurate load control using a rugged universal joint. 

Easy transport: You can move the Blackhawk B6350 floor jack around your garage with the help of two strong steel wheels and swivel pad saddles or casters. Note that you must ensure that the release valve is tightly closed before using the Blackhawk floor jack.

You can consider Blackhawk (B6350) Black/Red Fast Lifting Floor Jack as the best floor jack for lifted trucks because of its amazing and quality features.


  • It is equipped with a safety valve to prevent over-pumping
  • In-built wheels for easy and quick transport
  • Robust steel construction
  • A great lifting capacity of up to 3.5 tons


  • Quality control is poor.

3. Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stand

Torin is a famous brand in manufacturing jack stands, and they are known for producing high-quality products. Big Red Torin steel jack stand is a popular device on Amazon for various reasons. They are the most reliable and strong stands that can provide necessary support for your lifted truck.

Lifting range: This jack stand can support vehicles weighing above 3 tons, such as cars, SUVs, sedans are greatly covered. They have robust feet to hold your truck firmly on the ground. The strong feet provide you with additional stability. Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stand has an adjustable lifting range of 15 to 24 feet.

Great stability: This jack stand has an adjustable ratchet height bar that enables your vehicle to be stable on rough ground. You can also get a perfect fit under your truck. It has an extra locking pin made of strong steel, providing additional safety.

Strong construction: The construction of this jack stand is rock solid. It is made of quality grade steel and a welded frame design for long term durability. It has broad and deep saddles; hence you can place it under the jacking points for safety. 

Torin Big Red Steel Jack stand is also made of a single strong piece of steel, complete with ratcheting technique to give you great support beneath your truck. This jack stand meets all the safety standards, so you are safe while using it. Torin Big Red is considered as one of the best truck jack stands due to its amazing features.


  • Greatly affordable
  • Robust construction
  • Can support a variety of vehicles such as lifted trucks
  • It can last for long, hence durable.
  • Has high-quality materials.


  • It can be challenging to get an exact level on rough ground.

4. AmazonBasics Steel Jack Stands

The AmazonBasics has been expanding the provision of their products in the market, such as automotive. The company manufactures the best truck jack stands that meet safety standards for portable equipment. When the jack stands are used together, you can support a truck weight of about three tons.

These jack stands are made of anti-corrosive durable steel covered with rustproof. It has a self-locking ratchet for adjusting the height; hence it is easy to use. You can get exact adjustable height after a click, so it is useful to place both jacks at the same height.

Each jack stand is designed with four steel feet to provide great stability when in contact with the floor. The saddles are curved to provide an additional firm grip to the axles and circular contact on your truck. The bottom of both jack stands has a broad square base to provide optimal stability, and it comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Greatly affordable
  • It is readily available in both 2 or 3 tons of lifting capacity.
  • They meet all the safety standards for portable equipment.
  • Exact height adjustments
  • Durable and strong construction steel.


  • Limited warranty of only one year
  • Has quality control issues.

5. Arcan Black Service Floor Jack

Arcan has again manufactured a sleek and low profile floor jack that is highly durable. This is a lightweight floor jack that can be transported easily using swivelling castors. Arcan XL20 is a versatile product. Some of the amazing features include:

Robust steel construction: The strong steel construction of Arcan XL20 is designed to last for long to sustain a heavyweight. The material used in constructing the Arcan floor jack stand enables it to bear heavy loads of about 2 tons. The rubber saddle makes it strong when placed on the ground, while the cushioned handle makes it comfortable to grip.

Reinforced lift arm: This incredible feature makes it ideal for heavy-duty lifting tasks. It is easy to store because it is designed with two handles, making it easy to split.

Double piston pump: You can quickly lift your truck using the dual piston. The universal joint release technique enables you to control the floor jack to a precise height ideal for you. This jack is very slim; therefore, it can fit in vehicles with a low profile of about 3.5-inches and lift the truck to a height of 19-inches.

Safety: Arcan XL20 floor jack meets all the safety standards; hence it is safe to use. It is equipped with an overload valve protecting you from damage due to over-pumping.


  • It can easily fit low profile vehicles.
  • Lowers your truck slowly.
  • Lightweight floor jack
  • It pumps faster due to the dual-piston pump.


Quite expensive.

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Jacks for Lifted Trucks

There are several factors you ought to consider once you have decided to buy a jack for your lifted truck. Your jack should be tall enough to give adequate working space and low enough to fit beneath your truck. It should also hold the weight of the lifted truck. Please continue reading for in-depth details.

Things To Consider When Purchasing The Best Jacks For Lifted Trucks

Weight Capacity

The most fundamental consideration for shopping for the best jack for lifted trucks is purchasing a jack with the right weight capacity. You should understand the gross weight of your truck as well as the rear and front weight. You can always find this kind of information in your truck’s user manual.

If your truck is heavier than the lifting jack, we advise you not to use it in lifting your vehicle. Using it can cause severe damage, such as accidents due to falling. Therefore, buy jacks with a weight capacity of more than 3.5 tons.

Lifting Height Range

Another thing to consider is both the minimum and maximum lifting range of the jack. Some trucks are low profile vehicles, while others are relatively high. Most of the jacks come with extenders used for adjusting heights in bigger trucks.

The minimum lifting range is the shortest height; you can adjust the jack. If your truck is a low-profile vehicle than the jack’s minimum, it cannot fit beneath your truck, rendering it useless. Therefore, before purchasing a jack, ensure you measure your truck’s clearance.

The maximum lifting height is the highest range your jack can lift. Lifting your vehicles to about 20-inches is enough to get your job done. You should get taller jacks if your changing tires on rough terrains.

The Right Construction Material

You should also consider the type of construction material. First, check if the jack is strong enough to bear the weight of your truck. Secondly, ensure that the jack you purchase is strong enough for heavy-duty trucks. Lastly, don’t ignore the type of material used in the manufacturing process. Some of the material options you should consider are:

  • Steel: Jacks made of steel are heavy and durable. The advantage of steel jacks is that they are relatively cheap and work effectively. If you want to buy a cheap jack for your lifted truck, then those made from steel material are the perfect choice for you.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid jack is a combination of both steel and aluminium. If you use this type, you get the best strength of both materials. It is relatively affordable.
  • Aluminium: It is lighter than steel and very expensive. It has an aesthetic value that you cannot find in steel, but it is not durable like steel.

Incredible Safety Features

Most jacks come with incredible safety features that protect you from overloading as well as over-pumping. The bypass and safety valves are the best features added on the jack for safe lifting operations. If the jack exceeds the maximum weight capacity, you won’t lift your truck.

Consequently, the valve prevents pumping additional pressure in the jack cylinder. You should also ensure that the jack meets all the safety standards before you purchase it.


The best jack for lifted trucks is the one with a sufficient weight capacity that can bear the weight of your lifted truck. It can also lift it high enough to sustain the additional height of the truck. Moreover, you benefit from a steadfast, wide, and steady base, as well as the safety features to protect you from accidents or injury.

The truck jacks reviewed above are our top picks for the best floor jacks for trucks and the best jack stands. They have the perfect design and can give you maximum performance. You can also buy them at a relatively affordable price. You can use the products above as a reference to shop for the best truck jack of your choice.

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