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‘But why would you drive such a machine? It’s unbelievably dangerous!’ Do these words of caution sound familiar? Whether it’s…

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The Best Jeep Grab Handles (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Jeep Grab Handles (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Moveland Jeep Grab Handles Set Moveland Jeep Grab Handles Set
Honorable Mention Voodonala Set Front & Rear Roll Bar Grab Handles Kit Voodonala Set Front & Rear Roll Bar Grab Handles Kit
Honorable Mention OxGord Roll Bar Grab Handle Set for Jeep OxGord Roll Bar Grab Handle Set for Jeep

‘But why would you drive such a machine? It’s unbelievably dangerous!’ Do these words of caution sound familiar? Whether it’s your partner, parent, or colleagues that worry beyond belief you go for a spin, purchasing jeep grab handles for your ride will prove to them that you take your safety seriously.

Don’t quite know where to start? Within this buying guide, we’ve compiled together the fifteen most versatile jeep grab handles out there. After you find the handles that compliment your style, soon these worriers in your life won’t be throwing words of warning your way but instead, out on the trail with you!

The Best Jeep Grab Handles

From the moment you receive moveland’s compact package, you’ll be impressed by the standard the company hold their products to. The package comes with two grab handles sturdily made with durable nylon webbing and is held on with dependable Velcro to ensure a snug fit. Therefore, zero tools are required for fitting!

These grab bars fit all universal 2″ to 3″ padded and unpadded roll bars – not just those of the popular Jeep Wrangler. It even claims to fit on other off-road vehicles too! And most important, it helps all passengers climb in and out of your jeep without any problems.

Key Features
  • Easy installation with no tools
  • Made of high-quality nylon webbing and industrial grade Velcro to maintain durability
  • Compatible with all 1987-2018 Jeep Wranglers
  • Easy to get into and out of truck
  • 100% custom handmake design comes in professional packaging
  • Brand moveland
  • Model 13
  • Weight 9.6 ounces

Both Voodonala’s Front and Rear Grab Handles in their kit are designed to impress. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, they couldn’t be easier to install – simply bolt them right into your jeep’s existing OEM holes to secure a snug fit.

In particular, customers love the packaging with all items separated out with foam so no scratching can take place. Likewise, their no-logo construction makes them look even sleeker inside your jeep – they won’t stand out like a sore thumb like others. After a little while, you’ll forgot that they haven’t been there all along!

Key Features
  • Built with superior aluminum alloy
  • Simple installation requiring zero drilling or dismantling
  • Front grab bars stop sun visors from spanning to the windshield
  • Anti-skid function with curved handles create unique design
  • Brand Voodonala
  • Model 13
  • Weight 4.32 pounds

OxGord’s Grab Bar Handles are the durable solution to your safety on the trail. With their non-slip grip, the only time these handles will be moving is during installation! This reliability is essential when holding the bars while going down bumpy trails.

Fitting all 1.5 to 3-inch diameter padded and unpadded roll bars, OxGord have taken the time to ensure that their products don’t just cater to expensive jeep models. Yet if you find that they don’t fit yours, you can easily return this pack of two with no questions asked for up to a year.

Key Features
  • Set includes two adjustable roll bar grab handles for both driver and passenger side
  • One-year limited warranty on products
  • Strap Velcro hooks and loops around and set up is complete!
  • Brand OxGord
  • Model CAHD-01
  • Weight 10.6 ounces

The scandalously cheap price for four of Danti’s Roll Bar Grab handles is enough to make any jeep enthusiast stop and goggle. Yet it is the durability of these grab handles that astound customers the most. Made of ABS and canvas, the handles will resist any awful weather that comes your way.

Available in different shades of black, blue, red, and camo, manufacturers are insistent for their handles providing a direct match for customer’s jeeps. And thanks to the simplicity of the adjustable straps, your jeep and the straps will be matching in minutes after you take them out of the box.

Key Features
  • Non-slip handle gives passenger piece of mind on bumpy route
  • 4-piece design is cost effective
  • Made of durable ABS and canvas
  • Works with all Jeep Wranglers
  • No tools required for installation
  • Brand Danti
  • Model DD-NNN01
  • Weight 1.12 ounces

Wow. We’re speechless after seeing just how stylish Xprite’s Black Front and Rear Grab Handles are. They’re as ergonomic as grab handles come: sporting a black powder-coated finish over their 3/4-inch aluminum alloy construction and including non-slip rubber grips for passenger’s convenience.

Don’t worry about purchasing all necessary tools for installation beforehand – they’re all included right in the box. Plus, you’ll receive a perfect fit as these bolts fit right into existing OEM holes with no drilling required. Fit for 2007-2018 Jeep Wranglers, you can’t go wrong with these grab bars.

Key Features
  • Sturdy handle made to allow easy entry and exit from jeep
  • Product subjected to intense testing to ensure flawless performance
  • Simple to install though including existing bolts
  • Manufactured with 3/4-inch aluminum alloy construction and offer year-round performance
  • Brand Xprite
  • Model WLB-0026
  • Weight 4.7 pounds

AUTOSAVER88 pride themselves on securing the best, most affordable deals for their customers. That’s why they’re proud to resent their four front and rear grab bars that are available at a steal. These bars come with all the included nuts, bolts, and even a wrench to make fitting simplistic.

Their stunning design – that is, 3/4-inches of solid, ergonomically constructed aluminum alloy, including dual layer rubber grips – will make yourself and your passengers feel incredibly secure. Plus, the bar itself is powder coated to ensure UV protection: it’s not a wonder that these bars have a lifetime warranty!

Key Features
  • No-hassle lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Non-slip handle can be gripped by passengers to stabilize themselves
  • Anti-rust powder coating finish to enhance durability
  • No drilling required thanks to pre-drilled hole
  • Set up made easy thanks to detailed instruction manual
  • Brand AUTOSAVER88
  • Model GY01-D
  • Weight 4.75 pounds

With their striking bright green logo, Alien’s grab handles look undoubtedly cool. Yet what’s even cooler is their versatility – these handles can be installed securely on padded and non-padded roll bars in the majority of jeeps. Plus, they won’t be falling off anytime soon hanks to the triple Velcro strap design.

Made from first-rate paracord, the bars are tough enough to withstand even the strongest grips. Plus, they’re lightweight enough that your vehicle won’t drag with their weight. With a choice between cherry red or black, the quality and color of the handles could grab anyone’s attention.

Key Features
  • Portable grab handles are super lightweight
  • Solid grab point to raise the speed without hesitation
  • Grab handles made with premium paracord to maintain toughness
  • Triple Velcro strap system allows for both padded and non-padded roll bar installation
  • Available in Cherry Red or Black colors
  • Brand Alien Sunshade
  • Model A4X4-GHP
  • Weight 8.3 ounces

Moveland is back again and this time, showing off their four-pack of Roll Bar Grab Handles. Available in black or red, the handle is contorted to equip their user with a secure grip. Plus’s it’s able to support heavy weights to make everyone – no matter their size – feel safe.

There’s absolutely no installation required – well, there is if you consider wrapping straps around a grab bar a set-up! And with a one-year satisfaction guarantee, it’s more than simple to send moveland’s bars back if they’re not for you. Not that you’d want to anyway!

Key Features
  • High-quality nylon handles are weather-resistant and durable
  • Product satisfaction guaranteed through one-year warranty
  • Contoured handle allows for stable grip
  • Compatible with all Jeep Wranglers
  • Installation requires no tools
  • Brand moveland
  • Model JP-BLACK-4X
  • Weight 12.8 ounces

In our humble opinion, Rugged Ridge’s Roll Bar Mount Grab Handles are one of the most durable models on the block. Made of high-quality 550 nylon that’s woven into a strong ‘Double Cobra’ style knot, there’s no risk of the handle coming undone while on the road. And with the help of three strong hook and loop fastening straps, you’ll be invincible.

With a limited five-year warranty, a wide-cushion grip, and an ergonomic, custom design, you can’t go wrong with Rugged Ridge’s creation. All you’ve got to do now is choose what color of roll bar mount fits your vehicle – the hardest part of all!

Key Features
  • Roll Bar Mount is double-wrapped with 2 to 3-inch padding tubing to maintain durability
  • Available in black, grey, and red
  • Backed with a limited five-year warranty
  • Three indestructible hooks and loop fastening straps for security
  • Bars sold in pairs
  • Brand Rugged Ridge
  • Model 13505.30
  • Weight 12.8 ounces

Aluminum alloy is our all-time favorite material. So, imagine our excitement – and now yours too – when we found out that JeCar’s product is powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion effectively. This innovative non-slip ABS grip product can be conveniently fitted with provided bolts that insert right into your existing OEM holes.

JeCar are so proud of their finished product that they’re offering lifetime warranty on their jeep wrangler handles. Yet we’d be too if our product was rigorously tested to ensure perfect performance time after time.

Key Features
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with our lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic and non-slip ABS grip design is comfortable to the touch
  • Finished with a black powder-coated anti-rust and anti-corrosion finish
  • Made of superior quality aluminum alloy
  • Simple installation guaranteed
  • Brand JeCar
  • Weight 3.3 pounds

With a lifetime structural and five-year finish warranty on offer, Smittybilt know how irresistible a product they’ve created. Their interior grab handles can hold up to a whopping 400lbs of weight – so feel free to really grab down on them when hurtling down in the jeep.

Don’t worry about rummaging through the piles of junk in your garage in order to locate your toolbox; Smittybilt has included all hardware needed for installation with your purchase. Likewise, the pre-drilled threaded holes in order to mount the handles only add to the set-up simplicity!

Key Features
  • Hardware included with package
  • No drilling and bolt-on installation required
  • Interior grab handles can hold up to 400lbs of weight
  • Easily mounted thanks to pre-threaded holes
  • Comes with a lifetime structural and five-year finish warranty
  • Brand Smittybilt
  • Model 76931
  • Weight 2.91 pounds

Let’s face it, regular handles are disappointing. If you thought otherwise, you certainly wouldn’t be reading our article! AnTom’s pack of four grab handles will be a major step up for worried passengers. Built with heavy-duty nylon, these non-slip handles will be a reliable grip in and about the madness.

Three Velcro hook and loop straps will save precious time fitting and allow for more time out on the terrain. We love that they’re double-stitched in order to survive all weather conditions – hail, sleet, or snow included!

Key Features
  • Four-pack of grab handles can be installed at every side of the vehicle
  • Made with heavy-duty and non-slip nylon to maximize stability inside the vehicle
  • Handles encourage all-weather riding due to peace of mind
  • No tools needed to fit grab handles
  • Compatible with majority of jeep models
  • Brand AnTom
  • Model 8542110479
  • Weight 1.1 pounds

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your handle problems, Hooke Road’s Front Grab Handles for 1997-2006 Jeep Wranglers, TJ, and Unlimited will set you straight. Made of solid steel, these handles won’t sway precariously like other models, subsequently providing your passenger with peace of mind.

What we love the most about Hooke Road’s bars are the contoured handle that guarantees a hard grip to rely on. Hooke Road truly believe that every accessory in your jeep should complement the quality of the jeep itself which is why they’ve made their handles to be universal and adjustable. What’s not to love?

Key Features
  • Solid steel handles available in black and blue design
  • Contoured design creates sturdy grip
  • Universal handle functions well on any size of bar
  • Installation takes under fifteen minutes
  • Company are members of Specialty Equipment Market Association in order to release innovative products
  • Brand Hooke Road
  • Model LED-038.B
  • Weight 4.5 pounds

Rough Country have created grab handles for consumers who go hard on the trails just like them. And we can confirm that they won’t disappoint. Made from high-quality 3/4-inch steel with durable rubber grips to match, all you’ve got to do is swap existing bolts with no drilling necessary.

From the packaging to the finished look, everything about Rough Country’s product is professional. Although cheap-skates out there may complain that they’re too expensive, we’d always recommend paying for quality. Especially since it feels as though these babies are welded to the frame!

Key Features
  • Using existing mounting holes requires no drilling
  • Made of first-rate 3/4-inch thick steel with durable rubber grips
  • Cost-effective kit contains two grab handles and required mounting hardware
  • Installation time of only half an hour
  • Lifetime replacement warranty included with purchase
  • Brand Rough Country
  • Model 6501
  • Weight 6.09 pounds

As always, we’re saving one of the best products for last. Badass Motogear’s ergonomic design looks great and feels great too. These bars are compatible with either padded or unpadded roll bars – the company want owners of vehicles other than jeeps to enjoy they envy-worthy product too!

Although Badass Moto do not condone hanging from their bars, they declare that even if a customer was to completely disrespect one of their bands, they’d still replace it free of charge between the first five years of ownership. Your passengers can now sit comfortably in your jeep and actually enjoy the ride without fearing for their lives!

Key Features
  • 2-pack of jeep grab handles look awesome with red accent on black grips
  • Compatible with the vast majority of jeeps
  • Grip on to handles on rocky trails to keep yourself save
  • Backed with five-year replacement warranty
  • Undergoes rigorous quality checks for assurance purposes
  • Brand Badass Motogear
  • Model BMGGH
  • Weight 12.8 ounces

Best Jeep Grab Handles Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying a Jeep Grab Handle

  • Will my new grab handles be easy to install?

The majority of grab handles will fit into your Jeep’s existing mounting holes. If the fitting process is more complicated, the companies even included screwdrivers in the packaging. Therefore, ensure that all tools and instruction manuals are required for fitting so you don’t come up short.

  • Are my new handles rust-proof and lightweight?

What you don’t want is a handle that weighs down your ride, only to fall apart one year later. Opt for a handle that is designed to be lightweight whilst preferably powder coated and made with thick steel tubing.

Benefits of Jeep Grab Handles

  • Keeps your passengers secure – Although we don’t like to hear it, jeeps can be dangerous. This isn’t due to the driving style and more to do with the design of the vehicle itself: high winds are even capable of pushing Wranglers about on the highway. That’s why jeep grab handles are fantastic for your passengers who don’t have the same sense of adventure that you do.
  • Cost-effective solution to safety – Unlike so many other car accessories that are terrifyingly expensive, jeep grab handles are extremely cost-effective for what you’re actually receiving: peace of mind as well as less hassle from your loved-ones!

Different Types of Grab Handles

Believe it or not, there are a wide selection of jeep grab handles to choose from. Ranging from your average plastic grab handle to luxury paracord handles, you need to ask yourself how much you’re willing to spend on quality.

  • Plastic Grab Handles

There really isn’t much to say about these handles. They’re dirt cheap, and for good reason. If you intend on purchasing these handles, prepare to be disappointed! There’s a reason we haven’t reviewed any in our buying guide…

  • Metal Grab Bars

If you’re wanting a study, immobile safety solution, then metal grab bars are for you. We particularly love how easy they make jumping in and out of a jeep.

  • Paracord Handles

If you never have time to spare, paracord handles provide their user with an easy set-up and freedom to take on and off their jeep as they please. Plus, if you’re a bit of a thrill seeker, these handles sway with the movement of the jeep, providing a sturdy yet exhilarating experience for the passenger.

How to Install Jeep Handles

The process of installing jeep handles has been refined over the years so DIYers aren’t having to get out their toolboxes for the occasion. Follow our handy guide below to ensure that you’ll have a sturdy accessory to support you on intense terrains.

For front handles:

  1. Preparation – First, make sure the handle strap is wrapped around the roll bar securely. Next step is to remove all the bolts by the A-pillar: in other words, at the upper corner of your jeep’s windshield.
  2. Inserting the Bolts – You want to install the smallest bolt through the end of the grab handle. After tightening this bolt through the upper hole, add the longer bolt and tighten them both.
  3. Follow this process with both rear and head rest grab handles – The only thing you need to know is that before fitting the head rest grab handles, the head rest must be removed by depressing the buttons and pulling it upwards. Other than that, good luck! It’s so simple you’d be talented to go wrong.

Our Top Pick

So, which one of these irresistible jeep grab handles would we fit into our own jeep? moveland’s Grab Handle Set for Jeep Wrangler Roll Bars takes first prize every time. Made to fit into the driver and passenger’s side, no installation is required: just wrap the industrial-grade Velcro straps around and you’re ready to hit the trail running! They’re made from the finest of high-quality nylon that will maintain their durable, rugged design for years to come – these grab handles may outlive your jeep itself. Plus, if you’ve got a larger friend who you’d love to take out on the trail, these bars are able to hold an impressive 320lbs of weight. How can we say no to a product that has its user at the heart of its design?

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