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Admit it: you’ve lost your keys a few times; or perhaps more realistically, maybe more than just a few. However,…

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The Best Key Finder (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Key Finder (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Tile Mate – Key Finder Tile Mate – Key Finder
Premium Pick Tile Sport – Key Finder Tile Sport – Key Finder
Best Value Click ‘n Dig Model D2 Key Finder Vodeson Key Finder

Admit it: you’ve lost your keys a few times; or perhaps more realistically, maybe more than just a few. However, it’s a common mistake. You set your keys down — or maybe you even forget to take them out of your front door after unlocking it — and go about your busy life at home. Then, when it’s time to head outside again, you can’t remember where you put those keys. As critical as they are, it’s easy to lose track of your keys. But there’s an easy way to keep tabs on where you last placed them. A key finder can help you locate your keys in no time at all. These handy devices let you track your keys whether they’re a few feet away or completely out of sight. Available in a number of different styles, with different distance ranges and features, there are many key finder devices you can buy. Check out our picks for the best key finders right here.

The Best Key Finder

The Tile Mate Key Finder is a small Bluetooth tracker that easily fits onto a keychain or anything else that you do not want to lose. The Tile Mate connects to your phone so you can call the Tile Mate and make it ring, making it easier to locate your missing keys. If you are out of range, you can get the Tile tracker community to help you find your missing keys. Tile-Mate works for a range of other objects — including your phone — and it is even water-resistant up to IP57 standards. 

Key Features
  • Small Bluetooth device that can fit on your keyring
  • Ring it from your phone
  • Become part of the Tile community
  • Connects to Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Water resistant to IP57 standards
  • One-year battery life
  • 100-feet Bluetooth range
  • Brand Tile
  • Model EC-06004
  • Weight 0.16 oz

The Click ‘n Dig Model F6 Key Finder is ideal if you need to be able to find more than one set of keys. The pack consists of six receivers and one transmitter with six buttons, each color corresponding to one of the receivers. The receivers have flashing LED lights to make them stand out in the dark and the product is FCC certified. The key finder works on radio frequencies has a 60-foot range and works through soft furnishings and walls.

Key Features
  • Consists of 6 receivers and one radio transmitter
  • Receivers beep and flash when their button is pressed
  • 60-feet range
  • Frequency: 433MHz
  • Volume: 90-105 dB
  • Works through walls and soft furnishings
  • Brand Click n dig
  • Model F6
  • Weight 4.8 oz

The JTD Wireless RF Item Locator includes four receivers that can be added to keyrings or placed in — or on — other items you do not want to lose. The transmitter has a range of 75-130 feet and the receivers have a flashlight and emit a loud beeping sound to help you find them. The unit includes a stable frequency technique, low consumption, and long standby time. The wireless radio frequency can penetrate through doors, walls, and soft furnishings.

Key Features
  • Consists of 4 receivers and one radio transmitter
  • Receiver tower sits on any hard surface
  • 75-130 feet range
  • Works through doors, walls, and soft furnishings
  • Brand JTD
  • Model JTD-KF4
  • Weight 5.6 oz

The Cube Tracker Key Finder can be attached to almost anything, including your house, car, or motorcycle keys. Unlike other similar systems, Cube does not need to be replaced every year and comes with additional batteries. It works seamlessly with your phone or other mobile device and the Tracker app shows you the last known location of your item. The Bluetooth enabled device helps you get closer to the item, while the separation alarm helps you to not forget the item in the first place.

Key Features
  • Bluetooth enable device
  • The app works on most mobile devices
  • No need to replace on a yearly basis
  • Includes a separation alarm
  • Doubles as a shutter button for your phone’s camera
  • 100-feet Bluetooth range
  • Brand Cube
  • Model C7001
  • Weight 0.48 oz

The Vodeson Key Finder is straightforward, easy to use, and it’s very, very loud. If you’ve ever had trouble finding your keys, this key finder is a fantastic option. You’ll not only get alerted to the location of your keys, but you’ll also be able to hear loudly and clearly where the key finder is directing you to. Featuring one RF transmitter and two receivers that can attach to two different sets of keys, this product gives you the ability to track and locate your keyring within a distance of 98 feet. It isn’t fancy or high tech, but it works well. All you have to do to operate this key finder is press one of the color-coded buttons on the transmitter. Your keys will start beeping loudly wherever they’re located. It’s powered by a removable battery, and you don’t need anything special to get this key finder up and running. The radio waves it uses can travel through walls, floors, pillows, and more so you’re always able to locate your keys.

Key Features
  • Includes two receivers and one RF transmitter
  • Color-coded buttons allow you to find keys within a 98-foot range
  • Uses advanced radio frequency technology
  • Receivers can be attached to keys as well as other items
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Brand Vodeson
  • Model KF02D
  • Weight 1.92 oz

The Tile Sport Key Finder has a greater range than other Tile models, as it can find your keys up to 200 feet away. It is also louder than its counterparts. The Tile Sport is waterproof and durable and still connects you to the wider Tile community through its app. The app works on most mobile devices and the Tile Sport can be connected to your Alexa or Google Assistant.

Key Features
  • Small Bluetooth device that easily fits on your keyring
  • Connect to the Tile community through the app
  • The app works on most mobile devices
  • Connects to Alexa or Google Assistant
  • 200-feet range
  • Brand Tile
  • Model EC-09001
  • Weight 0.48 oz

The Key Finder by Esky is simple and easy to use. It has four color-coded receivers and a four-button transmitter that sits in its own stand. The receiver creates sound and light to help you find your items and have a range of up to 30 meters. The radio frequency can easily penetrate walls, doors, and soft furnishings.

Key Features
  • Includes 4 receivers and 1 transmitter
  • 30-meter range
  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Volume: 75-80 dB
  • Radio frequency transmits through doors, walls, and soft furnishings
  • Brand Esky
  • Model ES-KF02
  • Weight 4.6 oz

The Key Finder Pair by Key Ringer is specifically designed to help you find your lost keys. The Key Finders talk to each other, allowing you to use one to ring the other. They are effective you to 300 feet and include a loud beep and flashing light to help you locate the missing keys. Additional packages can be purchased and linked together or used separately. No setup or programming is needed, and the Key Finder is extremely durable.

Key Features
  • Pair of interacting key finders
  • Include loud beeping noise and flashing light
  • Work over a 300-feet range
  • Additional units can be added to the same system
  • No set up required
  • Brand KeyRinger
  • Model KR-XL
  • Weight 0.64 oz

The Bluetooth Tracking Device by TrackR is ideal for finding a wide range of small items, including keys and phones. The tracking unit is small and lightweight and can be attached to almost anything. It works on Bluetooth technology and has a 100-feet range. The tracker comes complete with a phone app that works on most mobile devices. This tracker unit includes a flashing LED light to make it easier to detect. And to round it off, the Crowd Locate also features convenient alerts when another user has spotted your item.

Key Features
  • Bluetooth enabled device
  • Small and lightweight
  • Can be attached to almost anything
  • Includes phone app that is compatible with most mobile devices
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • 100-feet range
  • Includes flashing LED light
  • Brand TrackR
  • Model Tp1PkBlEcoEngAmz
  • Weight 0.32 oz

The Chipolo Classic Bluetooth Key Finder enables you to use Bluetooth technology to track your keys and other valuables. It comes complete with a phone app that works with most mobile devices. The app includes a community search function, so that other Chipolo users can help find your items when they are out of your range.

Key Features
  • Bluetooth enable device
  • Includes app for most mobile devices
  • 200-feet range
  • Chipolo community to help you find out of range items
  • Brand Chipolo
  • Weight 0.16 oz

Best Key Finder Buying Guide & FAQ

Do you know what makes the best key finders better than other options? Every key finder is different, and today, there are a ton of products you can choose from. From different styles to different types of technology, every key finder offers something unique. If you’re having trouble telling each key finder apart from all the rest, you just need to know what to look for — and what qualities or features make for the best, easiest-to-use products. Use our buying guide to discover some of the best key finders available and to make a smart choice that’ll ensure you never truly lose your keys.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Key Finder

When choosing a key finder, it is important to get one that specifically suits your needs. If it is not loud enough, does not have the range you need, or requires a Smartphone that you do not have, then it is going to be of little use. Taking the time to check these and other features can ensure that you have a key finder that will do its job effectively and give you peace of mind. Some of the major features you need to consider include:

Bluetooth or radio – Generally, key finders work either through a Bluetooth signal or a radio signal. There are many advantages to a Bluetooth enabled key finder, such as the Tile key finder, but it does require you to download the app onto a compatible device. The benefits of this approach include being able to map the position of your keys and usually a user community to help you find them if you are out of Bluetooth range. Radio signal key finders do not require a compatible device and require little, if any, set up. This makes them extremely user-friendly; however, you do need to rely on sound and possibly a flashing light to find your keys.

Battery life – It is a good idea to check the expected length of battery life. If the unit constantly requires new batteries, it would need them just as you lose your keys. Some Bluetooth key finders are sealed units, so rather than changing the battery, you change to upgrade the entire unit. Such key finders tend to last around 12 months. Ideally, you want a key finder that includes a low battery warning. This means you are much less likely to be caught out with a flat battery and a Bluetooth key finder that won’t work when you really need it.

Range – A car key finder is only as good at its range. If the range is too small, then you will need to be almost on top of them before your key finder can alert you to their position. The average for Bluetooth key finders is 100 feet. Radio signal key finders tend to have a wider range but do not have the app and community support outside their range. Remember the range shown is worked out without interference from walls, doors, or furnishings. The actual range may be affected by these things and other forms of interference.

Sound – Your key finder needs to be loud enough for you to hear it. If you are unable to hear it beeping, then you will not be able to narrow down your search.

Light – many key finders contain flashing lights and beeping noises to help you find your item. If you are looking at a key finder with lights, look for LED lights as these are bright, durable, and long-lasting.

Size – The size of the key finder is important. You don’t want one that is so big it is impractical for carrying on your keyring. However, you also don’t want one that is so small it risks getting lost or falling off your keyring.

Why You Should Use a Key Finder

If you’re wondering why you’d bother using a key finder, there are plenty of reasons to equip your keys with one of these devices. Even if you don’t lose your keys often, a key finder can prevent you from all kinds of frustrations, disadvantages, and drawbacks.

First and foremost, losing your keys is more than just stressful. It’s expensive. If you lose your house keys, you’ll have to pay to create new keys. Worried someone might have your lost keys? You may even want to pay to have your home’s lock rekeyed — which is another costly expense. And if you own a car, losing your keys is very, very expensive. Modern cars all rely on high-tech keys or key fobs that cost hundreds of dollars to replace. Investing in an affordable key finder can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars if you’re ever to lose your keys. You won’t need to pay the high costs of replacing your house keys, your office keys, and your tech-filled car keys.

Security is also a concern. While it might not happen, someone could get their hands on your lost keys. That would give a stranger access to your home, your vehicle — all of your most critical pieces of property. That’s a risk that could open you up to theft and danger.

Lastly, losing your keys is more than just frustrating. It’s stressful. The worries about spending money to replace your keys and potentially exposing yourself and your home to theft are scary. And if you don’t find your keys, how can you go about your daily life? How will you run errands, pick up kids, and go to work?

A key finder can solve all of these problems. When you use a key finder, you’re able to track down your keys. You’ll know if they’re hiding somewhere in your home, or if they perhaps got stuck in the couch, in a laundry basket, or somewhere else unexpected. You can use a noise or smartphone app to locate your keys in mere minutes. 

Even better, a key finder doesn’t have to be used solely on your key ring. You can use these handy tracking devices for other items too. Place them on items that you’re prone to losing, or attach them to items that you want to make certain you never misplace. You can stick them on luggage, and some even work for items like your wallet and your purse. You’ll get versatility from a key finder, and that can offer peace of mind whether you’re worried about your keys or other items.

Types of Key Finders

There are many different shapes, sizes, and styles of key finders, however, they all tend to fall into one of two many categories – Bluetooth or radio-controlled.

  • Bluetooth Key Finders

These use a Bluetooth signal to connect the receiver to an app on your phone. They have the added advantage of being able to see your lost keys on a real-time map and of having community support. This is ideal if your keys are out of the range of the Bluetooth signal. The receiver connects to your key ring. When the app is activated the receiver and the keys show on a map on the app. The receiver also makes a noise to help you locate them once you have narrowed down their position.

  • Radio Controlled

These key finders use a radio signal to connect the receiver with a transmitter. Just as with Bluetooth key finders, the receiver is placed on your key ring. The transmitter then has a button that when pushed makes the receiver emit and sound to help you locate the keys. Some also have LED lights that flash to make the keys as obvious as possible.

Key Finder Tips

While buying a key finder is a great way to help you find your keys, an even better answer is not to lose them in the first place. There is no way of completely ensuring that you never lose your keys, but there are some things you can do to improve the odds.

The main way to reduce the risk of losing your keys is to always put them in the same place. That way, you know where they are and where to start your search if you do misplace them.

Having more than one set of keys can also help. This might not stop you from losing the first set, but it takes the stress and pressure off finding them, meaning they are more likely to turn up.

A larger keychain can definitely help as it makes your keys much more obvious. This can be difficult when it is your car keys, as you don’t want the keychain to get in your way while driving. You could try adding something big and bold to your keychain instead.

If you do lose your keys, then the top tip is not to panic. Approach the situation calming and start by remembering where you last had the keys. Retrace your steps slowly, checking all possible hiding places along the way. Check if anyone has seen your keys and thought to put them away, most of the time things get lost because other people try to be helpful and put them away somewhere different.

Once you have your keys, invest in a key finder and use it straight away. Make sure the receiver is securely attached to your keyring and that any additional receivers are with your spare keys, just in case.

Best Key Finder FAQ:

Q:  How do I attach the receiver to my keys?

Usually, a key finder will have a small circular opening that allows it to be slid onto the split ring of a keychain. If you do not have your vehicle key on a keychain, then invest in one. Some key finders are flatter in shape and had adhesive backs. If you have a large key fob, then this attachment design might work just as well.

Q:  Do Bluetooth key finders use GPS tracking to help me find my keys?

Bluetooth key finders use the location services on your phone to show you the up-to-date location of your keys. Using location services requires the use of GPS. Your app first creates a Bluetooth signal between your phone and your keys and then connections to the phone’s location services to provide a map location of your keys. The app cannot work effectively if your location services are switched off.

Q:  Can Bluetooth key finders be used to share my location?

Technically, yes, a Bluetooth key finder can be used to share your location. You need to check the privacy policy of the company to see how they store and use your information to reduce the risk of your information falling into the wrong hands. You can reduce the risk of people finding out your location by securing your Bluetooth connection and ensuring that a password is needed to access it. If you are overly worried about the possibility of your data or location being accessed, then it may be worth considering a radio signal key finder instead.

Our Top Pick

The Tile Mate Key Finder is our top pick for the best key finder. It’s hard to beat the capabilities of the Tile tracker. This slim, compact little device is powerful, and it operates with Bluetooth technology to allow easy tracking right from your smartphone. You can control the tracker and find your keys with your phone, and this key finder will even work with smart features like Alexa and Google Assistant. You’ll barely notice the Tile Mate once it’s attached to your keyring — but if you’d like to place the tracker on items, you can do that too. It’ll work on a wide range of objects, and it’s even water-resistant with a rating of IP57. No matter where your keys might wind up, this high-tech key finder can help you track them down with ease.


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