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ATV enthusiasts can now share their love for off-road adventures with their children thanks to the abundance of mini-sized all-terrain…

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The Best ATV for Kids (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best ATV for Kids (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice The Best ATV for Kids (Review) in 2022 Razor Dirt Quad For Kids
Premium Pick Tao ATV For Kids Tao ATV For Kids
Best Value The Best ATV for Kids (Review) in 2022 Best Choice Products ATV for Kids

ATV enthusiasts can now share their love for off-road adventures with their children thanks to the abundance of mini-sized all-terrain vehicles available for purchase today. Kids can now join in on the fun by riding their very own ATV around the yard or down their favorite summer trail in the company of their equally adventurous parents. There are so many features and models to choose from depending on your budget and the age of your children. Our guide below will assist you in your search for the right ATV so you can spend more quality time outdoors with your family all year round.

The Best ATV for Kids

The Razor dirt quad was built to last with a high torque motor and 13-inch knobby tires that were made for children with an adventurous spirit and a love for the outdoors. This model features a twist-grip throttle and handlebars that are easy to adjust depending on your child’s height. They are also designed to conquer rough terrain and bumpy surfaces and are equipped with a hand operated rear disk brake for safety. The Razor dirt quad has a maximum speed of 8 mph with a 40-minute battery life and is suitable for children who are 8 years of age and older.

Key Features
  • Electric four-wheeler with authentic quad geometry
  • Twist grip acceleration control with variable speeds
  • Droop travel rear suspension with coil shock for a smooth ride
  • 24V rechargeable batteries included with charger
  • Adjustable riser handlebars
  • 13-inch inflatable knobby tires
  • Suitable for 8-year-old children and over
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 25143099
  • Weight 80 pounds

This youth ATV from Power Wheels offers your family double the fun with two seats instead of one and high-performance Monster Traction. The durable steel frame of the Dune Racer houses an open cockpit and a storage compartment under the hood so your little ones can store their water bottles and toys while they embark on their fun adventure. Kids can choose between slow and fast drive speeds of 2.5 mph and 5 mph respectively and can use the metal sidebars for support while they conquer the backyard terrain. This battery powered model offers further safety and support to your little ones thanks to the power lock brake system that instantly forces the vehicle to stop once the driver takes their foot off the pedal.

Key Features
  • Battery powered ATV with Monster Traction system
  • Durable steel frame with steel bars for added safety
  • Two comfortable bucket seats offer double the fun
  • Two speed settings – 2.5 mph and 5 mph with reverse option
  • 12 V rechargeable battery with charger
  • Storage area under the hood
  • Suitable for children ages 3 to 7
  • Brand Power Wheels
  • Model W2602
  • Weight 68.7 pounds

The Best Choice Products kids 4-wheeler quad is another all-terrain vehicle that mirrors large ATVs designed for adult riders who want their little ones to have a taste of adventure on their very own miniature quad. This model is equipped with horns and headlights in addition to a powerful electric motor. Kids will have a blast while navigating the backyard and parents can easily catch up with their child since this quad has a top speed of no more than 2 mph. The traction wheels offer stability and allow young riders to confidently drive over bumpy surfaces and dirt with ease. There are two speed options available and a gear switch that allows them to drive in reverse if needed.

Key Features
  • 15W motor with a top speed of 2mph
  • Fitted with LED headlights, built-in horn for an authentic ATV experience
  • 2 speed options and a forward/reverse gear switch
  • Treaded tires allows the ATV to navigate dirt and grass with ease
  • 12V rechargeable battery and charger included
  • Available in green, pink and red with bright decals
  • Brand Best Choice Products
  • Weight 26.8 pounds

The Rosso Motors kids’ ATV quad features a powerful 500W motor and all-terrain rubber tires. This miniature version of regular sized all-terrain vehicles has a disc brake system and a three-speed governor that limits the acceleration of the quad and allows you to control the speed of your child’s vehicle. The shock absorbent suspension package adds to the overall stability and safety. This model comes with a 36V battery and a forward-reverse gear switch as well. Your child can ride this ATV all year long and on all kinds of surfaces such as snow and grass.

Key Features
  • 500V motor designed for riding in snow and dirt
  • Inflatable ten-inch rubber tires offer better traction and stability
  • 36 V battery offers up to two hours of riding time
  • Shock absorbent suspension package offers a smoother ride
  • 3-speed governor with reverse for a safer ride
  • Suitable for children 3-8 years of age
  • Brand Rosso Motors
  • Weight 90 pounds

If your child loves Marvel, you can’t go wrong with the Spider-Man ATV from Kids Trax. This 12-volt, ride-on ATV has a variety of superhero elements, including webs on the fender flares and front of the machine and several Spider-Man inspired decals. The ATV is designed for one child aged three to seven with a maximum weight of 95 pounds. It goes forward at five miles per hour and reverses at 2.5 mph. The machine has rubber traction strip tires and pedal acceleration and can traverse over a variety of surfaces, including gravel, surprisingly well. The battery also lasts a fairly long time, and overall it’s well worth the price.


Key Features
  • Powerful 12V motor 
  • Fun Spider-Man design
  • Rubber traction strip tires with max. speed of 5 mph
  • Pedal acceleration
  • Accommodates children up to 95 pounds
  • Suitable for children between the ages of 3-7
  • Brand Kid Trax
  • Model KT1301I
  • Weight 40.7 pounds

The Blue Spyder youth ATV from Tao Tao has large rugged tires and a wider suspension. This model comes with headlights and a forward – neutral and reverse gearbox. There is a remote shut off parental control option with a cord that you can attach to your little one that allows you to kill the engine in case of emergencies. The TForce is also CARB approved for California and has a maximum speed of around 25 – 30 mph.

Key Features
  • Fully automatic youth ATV with wider suspension
  • Large rugged tires and functional headlights
  • Front and rear metal racks for transporting gadgets and toys
  • Remote shut off parent control with safety cord
  • Speed governor lowers the speed to 5mph
  • CARB approved for California
  • Brand Tao
  • Model T FORCE
  • Weight 300 pounds

This quad is great for introducing your youngster to four-wheel adventures. This single-speed racer has a top speed of 1.5 mph and comes with a six-volt rechargeable battery. It can hold children ages three and up with a weight capacity of 66 pounds. The ATV is available in red, pink, or blue and features cool decal accents. The Kid Motorz Xtreme Quad has one forward speed and a foot pedal for acceleration. It’s easy to steer and operate and has a sturdy structure for stability. Since it doesn’t go too fast, you don’t have to worry about your toddler falling off very easily. The toy is also quick and simple to assemble. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a reverse function like many other products on our list.

Key Features
  • Six-volt battery
  • Single-speed control
  • Available in three colors
  • Maximum speed of 1.5 mph
  • Foot pedal for acceleration
  • Designed for kids ages three and up
  • Brand Kids Motorz
  • Model 0670
  • Weight 17.86 pounds

This 3050C model features a tree camo color scheme and fully automatic transmission. This mini all-terrain vehicle is easy to maintain and comes with a remote control that allows parents to kill the engine if needed. The foot brake is another great safety feature that your child can use while riding his quad around the yard or while out on his favorite trail. The luggage rack allows him to bring his essentials with him during fun outings with the whole family. The 110-cc engine is reliable and allows this kids gas ATV to reach the speed of around 25 mph. The heavy-duty double A-arm front suspension and the single rear suspension makes for a smooth and unforgettable ride.

Key Features
  • Powerful 110cc motor with automatic transmission
  • Maximum speed of 25 mph with speed governor
  • Inflatable rubber tires – 145/70-6
  • Remote control shut off with 300 feet range
  • Rear luggage rack for transporting toys and gadgets
  • Low maintenance and lightweight
  • Brand MOUNTOPZ
  • Model Ava11-Spider Black
  • Weight 350 pounds

The Titan Kids mini quad has a 24-volt battery and comes in three colors to appease most boys and girls. It can go from five to 10 mph and comes with a parental speed control that allows mom and dad to adjust the throttle regulator based on the child’s skill level. The machine is made of high-tensile steel for durability and to handle tough terrain. It has a load capacity of 165 pounds and is recommended for children aged eight and older. The ATV has 12-inch knobby pneumatic tires, front and rear disc brakes, and wide suspension. It’s nearly fully assembled out of the box; simply attach the handlebars with four screws. It comes with a 60-day warranty with tech support based in California.

Key Features
  • 350-watt brush motor
  • Maximum speed of 10 mph
  • Parental speed control
  • For children aged eight and older
  • 12-inch knobby pneumatic tires
  • Easy to assemble
  • Brand Fit Right
  • Model Titan
  • Weight 97 pounds

Many of the features of this 4-wheeler are adjustable and customizable. You can connect devices to play songs via the USB or MP4 ports and adjust the volume. Plus, there are two different speeds accessible.

Since it contains two powerful 12V motors, the driving experience offered is realistic. And it works well over a variety of different terrains. When rougher terrain is being traversed, there is spring suspension to minimize any vibrations, ensuring a smoother riding experience. If the car starts running out of power, you can simply use the portable handle to move it.

Key Features
  • Two 12V motors
  • Range of console button functions
  • Different speeds available
  • Brand Uenjoy

The number one four-wheeler for kids on our list is the Rosso Motors ATV quad. This Amazon Best Seller was designed with child safety in mind and runs on electricity rather than gasoline. This kid friendly model has a wealth of features including all-terrain tires and a disc brake system in addition to a safety governor that allows you to adjust the speed of your child’s ATV. Your little one can ride his or her miniature vehicle for two hours on a single charge through dirt and snow. The ten-inch rubber tires also add to the overall stability and traction, and the shock suspension allows children to navigate the backyard smoothly and confidently.

Key Features
  • 500V motor designed for riding in snow and dirt
  • Inflatable ten-inch rubber tires offer better traction and stability
  • 36V battery offers up to two hours of riding time
  • Shock absorbent suspension package offers a smoother ride
  • 3-speed governor with reverse for a safer ride
  • Suitable for children 3-8 years
  • Brand Rosso Motors
  • Weight 100 pounds

The Power Wheels Barbie Kawasaki KFX allows your little ones to ride around the backyard in style thanks to its fun Barbie graphics and flashy chrome wheels. This kids’ four-wheeler was designed with the wellbeing of your child in mind and therefore it has a high-speed lockout for beginners and power lock brakes. The twist-grip throttle allows your little ones to rev up the engine and choose one of two speeds during their ATV adventure. This model was tested at the Fisher Price Play Lab and offers your child an abundance of fun without compromising their safety. It was also designed for easy and fun filled backyard rides on wet grass and rough terrain. Moreover, the 12V battery means your child can ride his all-terrain vehicle for hours on all kinds of hard surfaces. This model comes in a bright pink and blue color with colorful Barbie motifs adorning the front and rear of this premium kids quad.

Key Features
  • Monster traction system offers a smoother ride over wet grass, gravel and mud
  • Easy twist-grip throttle with two speed settings – 3 and 6 mph
  • High speed lockout for beginners allows parents to control ATV speed
  • Eye-catching chrome wheels and colorful Barbie graphics
  • 12V battery with charger included
  • Power lock brake system for safety
  • Suitable for children who are 3 years and older
  • Brand Power Wheels
  • Model X6651
  • Weight 58 pounds

Best Kids ATV Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying an ATV for Kids

  • Safety Features

Parents care about the safety of their children and look for toys and gadgets that are age appropriate and safe to use. A moving vehicle with tires needs to have safety features that are both effective and reliable. This includes responsive power brakes and a low speed throttle for younger children who are newbies when it comes to riding miniature quads. High speed lock out and speed governors are also examples of features that help parents monitor just how fast their kids can ride their fun four-wheeler. Some models are sold with a remote control that allows you to kill the engine in case of emergencies.

Older children who can ride more sophisticated and larger youth ATVs can also benefit from padded handlebars for comfort and headlights so they can have better visibility if parents allow them to ride their vehicle during the night. Parents will also need to check that the engine and its components are out of reach and that the battery is covered and locked away to prevent curious children from touching it.

  • Engine Size

Engine size matters a great deal and choosing the wrong engine can spell trouble for your young ones. Therefore, parents should opt for engines below 70cc for kids who are between the ages of six and eleven. Too much power and speed at this age is not recommended even if your child is an experienced and cautious rider. Teenagers and those who are on the verge of becoming teens can handle engines that are between 70cc and 90cc. These engines offer them enough power and control for their age. Beginner teens who have zero ATV experience can easily make the transition from a 70cc engine to a larger one if needed.

  • Terrain

Your ATV riding destination also dictates the kind of ATV you are going to buy for your kids. If the backyard is your intended destination, then a small sized quad with a low speed limit is probably the best option for your little one. If camping and riding down bumpy terrain is your preferred weekend activity, then it is better to invest in a larger four-wheeler for your teenage kids. Small electric ATVs are more compatible with grass and pavements, so you need to read the list of features and learn more about each ATV design before pressing the purchase button. You will also need to double check that you have the right kind of tires. If sandy dunes are your intended destination, then you will need tires with scoop or paddle treads for your kids. Angled treads, on the other hand,  work best in muddy terrain.

  • Child Development

Not all children are physically and mentally capable of riding an ATV on their own. Some need guidance and a helping hand while others are far from ready to be in charge of a moving vehicle. There are several things parents need to consider before purchasing a youth ATV for their children. In order to ride an all-terrain vehicle in a safe manner, your child will need to reach the appropriate height and weight needed to operate a mini quad. Children need to be able to operate the throttle and brakes and move the handlebars to the left and right with ease. They also need to learn how to gain better balance while riding. Teenagers need to learn about the dangers of speeding. They need to be responsible and show self-control as well. Kids also need to learn the necessary rules and guidelines associated with riding an ATV in public areas and designated forest trails.

Types of Kids ATVs

  • Electric Powered

Electric ATVs were designed to be budget friendly, compact and lightweight. Most electric quads are equipped with a heavy-duty disc brake system that delivers high performance even in muddy and snowy conditions. They have two main rear suspension systems including swing arm style and single shock suspension systems. The latter is found in youth ATVs that were designed for beginners and used as recreational vehicles in backyards and on hard surfaces such as gravel and pavements. The former suspension system is installed in high performance all-terrain vehicles that are used for racing and on more rough and bumpy terrain in order to make them more stable.

Electric quads also come with their own charger and batteries that you need to charge on a regular basis. The charger is typically connected to an electric port in your garage or home for a designated number of hours. When it comes to price, these vehicles are less expensive compared to kids’ gas ATVs. They are also easy to maintain and less noisy but low on speed and power if you compare them again to gas powered quads.

Batteries run out and this can become an issue if your kids love spending their summer vacation riding their ATV alongside other family members during camping excursions. Six hours of charging allows your kid to drive for around five miles before he has to return to his charging station. This can become more of a hassle and less fun if you are somewhere remote and access to electricity is limited.

  • Gas Powered

Gas powered all-terrain vehicles are more expensive but were designed to withstand harsh terrain. They rely on gasoline or diesel in order to function and generate loud sounds like a motorcycle. This can make riding them around your backyard a source of noise and air pollution for you and your neighbors. Gas ATVs are available in a wide variety of colors and designs that allow you to purchase matching vehicles for the whole family. However, this type of vehicle is not recommended for youngsters due to its engine size and high-speed capabilities.

  • Youth ATV – Safety Tips

Parents need to acquaint themselves with the newly purchased all-terrain vehicle and read the manual before showing their kids the ropes. Knowledge is power, so learning how to operate the ATV and knowing all about the different safety features allows them to pass this knowledge down to their children. There are many safety tips that can help families become proactive when it comes to driving a four-wheeler like the one included in our guide.

  • Wearing a helmet that meets the guidelines of the Department of Transportation is a must. Children can also wear long sleeves and pants in addition to goggles and durable riding boots for protection.
  • ATVs do not belong on highways and paved roads. Children must stick to off-road trails and are only allowed to use the road if the law allows it and in case of emergencies only.
  • Additional passengers are not allowed to ride behind the child operating the ATV. The maximum capacity is one person unless it was a side-by-side model.
  • Children must ride age-appropriate ATVs that were designed for a certain age group.
  • Children under 16 must be supervised.
  • Maintaining a safe speed means children have more control over their quad. They should also ride in designated trails where they can be easily reached in case of emergencies. You can research all government approved trails online before embarking on your ATV adventure.
  • Sign up your children for a rider course so they can learn how to safely operate their new vehicle and receive a certificate upon completion.

Best Kids ATV FAQ:

Q: What is a Four-Wheeler for Kids?

Four wheelers that were designed for kids are very similar in design to regular adult ATVs. They are, however, smaller in size and have less power in comparison. Some models rely on rechargeable batteries and need to be plugged into an electric outlet for a few hours in order to charge them. Others run on gasoline and have larger engines and bigger seats to accommodate teenage kids. Different models cater to different age groups and are equipped with the necessary safety features. Some of these features can be remotely controlled by parents. Some four-wheelers were designed for backyard use while others come with treaded tires and a powerful motor for muddy and sandy terrain.

Q: At What Age Should My Child Ride an ATV?

Each state has its own guidelines and laws when it comes to children and ATVs. In some states, children must have a safety certificate and must be 16 years old in order to operate an ATV. Other states allow children as young as ten years old to ride under direct supervision from their parents. Always keep in mind that children must be able to use their weight to help make their four-wheeler turn safely and effectively. So, it is up to you to decide when to allow your own child to ride his very own youth ATV.

Q: Are ATVs Safe for Kids?

Regular sized ATVs with powerful engines and treaded tires that were designed to navigate rough terrain are extremely fast and powerful not to mention heavy, so they are far from safe for kids. Youth ATVs, on the other hand, are smaller and have controlled speeds with safety features designed to help parents keep an eye on their children from afar. There are so many models available for different age groups and they make great stepping stones for children who can grow up and transition to regular sized ATVs once they become adults.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick brings new meaning to the word adventure with a wealth of features, including a twist-grip throttle and adjustable handlebars. Your child can ride this four-wheeler for 40 minutes on a single charge thanks to the 24V battery. The large 13-inch tires offer excellent ground clearance and more stability while riding down snow covered trails. Mud is not an issue either. All in all, this is the kind of all-terrain vehicle that was built for kids with an adventurous spirit and a love for the outdoors.

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