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Scooters have been around for decades and first gained popularity during the Great Depression when creative children used to build…

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The Best Scooters For Kids (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Scooters For Kids (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Razor A5 Lux Scooter for Kids Razor A5 Lux Scooter for Kids
Premium Pick Yvolution Y Fliker Scooters For Kids Yvolution Y Fliker Air A1 Swing Kids Scooter
Best Value Razor A Kick Scooter for Kids Razor A Kick Scooter for Kids

Scooters have been around for decades and first gained popularity during the Great Depression when creative children used to build them out of wooden planks and roller skates. They have undergone a massive evolution in terms of design and features and are now available in a wide range of models and colors for both adults and children. Kids have a choice between kick and electric scooters that have taken the world by storm. Each design comes with a wealth of safety features and durable wheels that deliver a smooth and sturdy ride for children of all ages. The following guide will help you choose the best kids scooter for your little one so he or she can conquer the sidewalk with style.

The Best Scooter For Kids

The first fun two-wheeler on our list is the Razor A5 Lux scooter that comes in three vibrant colors, including blue and pink. This deluxe size product is designed for people who want a smooth and compact scooter that they can carry and unfold easily. This model is made of durable aluminum and has sizable wheels that coast down the pavement, allowing kids to save time on their way to school or karate class. The stable scooter deck can carry riders who weigh 220 pounds, and the handlebars can be easily adjusted to accommodate different heights so your children can take turns riding it. Moreover, the rear fender brake allows them to slow down and stop any time they want, and the retractable kickstand allows them to park the scooter in an upright position instead of ditching it on the lawn.

Key Features
  • Designed for taller riders with sizable 200mm wheels
  • Adjustable handlebars with comfortable foam grips
  • Rear fender break for stopping the scooter when in motion
  • Made of durable aluminum with an anodized finish
  • Easily folded for hassle free storage and transport
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 13013262
  • Weight 9.4 pounds





Requires assembly

Rear brake friction

Takes up more space

The Lascoota 2-in-1 scooter combines comfort with safety and comes with a wealth of features, including four height options and stable steering. This toddler scooter teaches children how to steer a scooter using their body weight and helps them sharpen their skills while doing so. This product offers your child the chance to either sit or stand with a removable seat and kid-friendly handlebars that can be adjusted according to the child’s height. The wheels are designed to light up in a rainbow of colors while in use and offer enough balance on uneven surfaces. This model is made of durable stainless steel and aluminum alloy, so it is built to last. It is also equipped with ABS breaks so your child can stop his scooter with ease.

Key Features
  • Accommodates kids between the ages of 2 and 10
  • 2 riding options available -standing and sitting
  • Removable seat with 2 height options
  • 2 rear wheels for a fun and safe ride
  • Thick wide deck for comfort and stability
  • Lean-to-steer technology with wide rear brake
  • Brand Lascoota
  • Weight 7.6 pounds

Well built

Easy to assemble

Wide age range

Unique design


Teenagers cannot ride it

Does not come assembled

The Razor A kick scooter is designed for kids aged five and older. This model has a durable frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum and a specially designed deck and t-tube that can be folded easily and placed in the trunk of your car. The 98mm urethane wheels with durable bearings were built for speed, and the rear fender allows the scooter to stop instantly and without delay. The Razor A model is the ideal girls scooter and comes in a pink color with eye-catching streamers and pretty decals. It also comes in a range of other colors, including green and black.

Key Features
  • Suitable for five-year-old kids and older
  • Made of aircraft grade aluminum
  • Urethane wheels and comfortable foam grips
  • Rear fender break and patented foldable handlebars
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 13010036
  • Weight 13010036


Reputable brand

Easy and convenient to carry


Limited mobility

Does not work well on wet surfaces

The Razor E100 is a premium electric scooter for kids and comes with several features including twist grip acceleration and hand brakes. Children can use this model as their gateway to the world of electric scooters thanks to its kid friendly size and 100-watt motor. An engine this size allows them to reach a maximum of 10mph while riding this motorized scooter.

Key Features
  • Suitable for 8-year-old kids and older
  • 100W motor delivers up to 10mph
  • Twist grip accelerator and hand operated front brake
  • 40 minutes of runtime on a single charge
  • Brand Razor
  • Weight 31 pounds

Easy to assemble

Practical hand brake

Quiet motor


Handles are not adjustable

Battery takes 8 hours to charge

Scooter is heavy and not foldable

The Micro Maxi deluxe kick scooter offers a fun-filled ride with less noise and award-winning design. This model features polyurethane wheels and a durable deck with fiberglass for stability. Both the wheels and the sturdy deck absorb shock and provide a more comfortable ride for kids between the ages of 5 and 12. The Micro Maxi girls and boys scooter is available in nine trendy colors including purple and navy blue. It is also lightweight and ideal for city pavements and suburban sidewalks where your children can ride their electric scooter in peace.

Key Features
  • Suitable for kids between the ages of 6 and 12
  • Swiss design with lean-to-steer mechanism
  • Duel injection deck with anodized T-bar
  • Adjustable handlebars with soft grips
  • Three wheels for stability on pavements
  • Brand Micro Kickboard
  • Model MMD021
  • Weight 5.51 pounds

Award winning design

Premium quality

Silent ride


Limited adjustability

Lean-to-steer can be hard to master  

The Micro Mini original kick scooter allows your little ones to coast down the pavement in style. This 3 wheel scooter for kids is an Amazon’s Choice product with features galore starting with a low deck and a lean-to-steer design for preschoolers and kids between the ages of 2 and 5. The Micro Mini allows your little one to use his or her body weight to steer their scooter in any direction and improve their motor skills while doing so. The combination of durable wheels and flexible fiberglass deck make for a safe and sturdy ride. This model was designed to accommodate children who weigh up to 44lbs.

Key Features
  • Suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 5
  • Lean-to-steer design for preschoolers and kindergartners
  • T-bar for easy steering and improving balance and coordination
  • Durable wheels and low fiberglass deck
  • Brand Micro Kickboard
  • Model MM0283
  • Weight 3.5 pounds


Easy to ride and stable on the ground

All parts can be easily replaced


Lean-to-steer function can be hard to master

The Fuzion Z300 is for beginner and intermediate riders. This model was built to last with alloy core wheels covered in tough polyurethane and responsive nylon brake. The different components are easy to adjust and provide a noise-free riding experience. Teens will love the cool graphics and the concave deck that allows them to show off their scooter riding moves in their favorite skate park.

Key Features
  • Suitable for kids aged 8 years and up
  • Durable kick scooter with custom graphics
  • Easy to adjust with a wide concave deck
  • Designed for beginners and intermediate riders
  • 2 heavy duty alloy core wheels with rear nylon/steel brake
  • Brand FUZION
  • Weight 10.6 pounds

Heavy duty




Deck is too large

Height cannot be adjusted

The Razor A3 scooter comes with large 125mm wheels and adjustable handlebars in addition to a springless shock system. This model is ideal for five-year-old children and their siblings who enjoy spending their weekend in their favorite outdoor park. The sizable wheels and shock absorbing suspension form a solid foundation for a smooth and stable ride. This model is made from aircraft grade aluminum and is easy to carry and has a patented fender brake for quick stops.

Key Features
  • Suitable for 5-year-old children and older
  • Made of durable aircraft grade aluminum
  • Rear fender brake with adjustable handlebars
  • Can be folded for easy storage and transport
  • Foam grips for comfort and 125mm wheels for speed
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 13014331
  • Weight 7.02 pounds

Can be used on rough pavements

Great rear brakes

Large wheels

Low price tag


Not suitable for adults

Issues folding and unfolding the A3

The Razor E200 electric scooter for kids combines modern technology with child friendly design to deliver a product that caters to teenagers who are looking for an alternative to bicycles and regular scooters. This model is fitted with a silent chain driven motor and a rear brake that allows children to stop without delay. The 24V rechargeable battery comes with its own UL approved charger and has a runtime of 40 minutes. The E200 is also fitted with two pneumatic tires and a high torque motor that allows children to ride this scooter at a speed of 12mph.

Key Features
  • Suitable for 13-year-old kids and older
  • 8-inch pneumatic tires for a less bumpy ride
  • Super quiet motor with a speed of up to 12mph
  • Hand powered rear brake for making instant stops
  • Rechargeable 24V battery with charger
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 13112445
  • Weight 38.7 pounds

Steel frame with a full-sized deck

Practical rear brakes

Easy to assemble

Pneumatic tires


Long battery charging time

Maximum weight capacity is 154lbs

The Yvolution Y Fliker swing wiggle scooter provides your kids with the ultimate workout thank to its three-wheel design and twin decks. Kicking the sidewalk to generate momentum is no longer needed since this model relies on hip movement for speed. Children can practice their moves and show off their scooter riding skills with confidence thanks to the tough anti-slip footplates and comfortable handlebars. They can also use the responsive ABS handbrake to control their speed and to safely stop the Y-Fliker from moving. This boys and girls scooter has a heavy-duty frame made of reinforced steel that can be easily folded by simply twisting and pulling the folding knob and the handlebars to the ground. This allows you to store it in the garage or pack it with you on your annual road trip without it taking much space in the trunk.

Key Features
  • Suitable for 5-year-olds and older
  • Three-wheel drifter with reinforced steel frame
  • Quick response hand brake and anti-slip footplates
  • Twist and stow folding frame for easy storage
  • Brand Yvolution
  • Model 100029
  • Weight 15.7 pounds


Easy to assemble




Requires assembly

The Razor Power Core E90 offers 80 minutes of runtime thanks to its advanced hub motor. Children can go on long and uninterrupted rides and reach speeds up to 10mph without having to recharge the batteries or leave the skate park early due to the battery running out. This maintenance free ride comes with a steel frame and a hand operated front brake for making swift and safe stops. The retractable kickstand offers an easy and hassle-free way to park the scooter instead of leaving it on the ground.

Key Features
  • Suitable for children ages 8 and older
  • 90W High torque motor offers speeds up to 10mph
  • Hand operated front brake and durable urethane front wheel
  • 80 minutes of runtime on a single charge
  • Includes 12V battery with charger
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 13111416
  • Weight 22 pounds



Generous riding time


Limited height

Not enough torque power

The Mongoose expo scooter was designed to conquer hard and uneven surfaces like grass and gravel filled sidewalks. The BMX handlebar allows kids to do all kinds of freestyle moves in the skate park or around the neighborhood without having to worry about the kind of terrain they may encounter along the way. This model comes with a large deck to improve balance and can accommodate a maximum of 220 pounds so you can borrow the Mongoose Expo from your kids to run errands around the block. The 12-inch tires were built for speed and the hand brakes provide an easy and safe way to stop the scooter without delay. This neighborhood friendly model comes with it very own pegs that you can install for your little ones so they can show off their scooter riding skills at their favorite park.

Key Features
  • All-terrain 12-inch inflated tires
  • BMX freestyle handlebar with 360-degree brake rotor and pegs
  • Wide foot deck offers more stability and balance while riding
  • Includes axle pegs and brake rotor for use in bike parks 
  • Alloy caliper hand brakes offer better speed control
  • Brand Mongoose
  • Model R6174
  • Weight 25.3 pounds

Easy to assemble

360-degree handlebars

Can be used by adults

Well made


No kickstand available

Inadequate brake pads

Bothersome plastic layer on top of deck

The Globber scooter was designed for young children who need a stable and safe three-wheel ride before making the transition to 2-wheel scooters. This model comes with a latch system that allows you to adjust the handlebars according to your child’s height. This option means your child can enjoy the Globber for years to come. The front wheels offer great stability on rough surfaces and any cracks that children might encounter while riding their scooter on the sidewalk. They are also durable and were built to last. The Globber is also easy to disassemble and is incredibly convenient to transport.

Key Features
  • 3-wheel scooter with steering lock mechanism
  • Adjustable handlebars offer 3 height options
  • Easy to disassemble for storage and transport
  • Anti-slip deck made of durable hard plastic
  • Maximum weight capacity of 110lbs
  • Brand Globber
  • Model 440-101
  • Weight 5.73 pounds


Easy to assemble

Comfortable handles


Lean-to-steer technique may be tricky for some

Best Scooter for Kids Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for When Buying Kids Scooter

  • Age-Appropriate Size

There are so many scooter designs out there but not all of them fall under the same age umbrella. Some are intended for children between the ages of two and four while others were designed for older kids who weigh more and have wider shoulders compared to their younger counterparts. Matching your child with the right sized scooter means he or she can ride comfortably and safely. Purchasing a large scooter for a small child can lead to steering difficulties and can make it more difficult to learn how to ride and control a two or even a three-wheel scooter.

  • Practical Deck

The deck forms the very foundation that riders use to do tricks and gain more speed while riding a kick scooter. This vital surface comes in a wide range of sizes and widths. Young children can benefit from a wider deck that they can use to achieve more balance when riding, especially if they were newbies. Slim or narrow decks are geared towards teens and experienced riders since they are lightweight and are also built for speed. Some decks are wide and narrow at the same time with the front much wider than the rear. This design offers more room for kicking while riding. Teenagers who enjoy showing off their fun tricks in the skate park need a deck with a rough surface so they can have better footing while doing grinds and other experienced moves with their scooter.

  • Adjustable Handlebars

Look for handlebars that can be easily adjusted so you can increase or decrease their height depending on the child who is going to ride the scooter. Purchasing a scooter with this handy feature allows your kids to take turns riding the same scooter. It also means that your little one gets to ride the same kick or electric scooter for years to come. Some models come with a handy tool that you can use to adjust the handlebars while others have a simple mechanism that you can simply pull to unlock in order to make the required adjustments. The scooter grips or handles need to be comfortable and durable at the same time. Some models geared towards small children have foam grips that offer maximum control and comfort for your young ones.

  • Durable Brakes

There are different types of brakes available including rear fender brakes and hand operated ones. Brakes allow children to stop whenever they want and buying a scooter with this feature helps them achieve that without putting their feet in harm’s way. It also allows them to control their speed while riding down a slope in the presence of other scooter riders. Rear fender brakes are easy to use and allow children to brake instantly while riding. Some models have hand operated brakes and those are connected to the bars via hand grips. Pressing the brake handles will automatically stop the scooter from moving.

  • Transport and Storage Friendly

Lightweight scooters are great companions for little kids who will find them easy to ride and steer. They are also incredibly travel friendly and can be folded and packed inside the trunk of your car. There are many models out there that allow you to disassemble them in a matter of seconds. Those are incredibly practical especially during family road trips and vacations. They are also easy to carry around and are a great alternative to heavy bicycles that require a rack and cannot be folded. Heavier models are also on offer but those are geared towards older children who need a more durable and skate park friendly pair of wheels for everyday or regular use.

  • Smooth Steering

There are different steering mechanisms to choose from. Most toddler scooters have a lean to steer mechanism that allows them to develop their motor skills and gain a better sense of direction. Kids will learn how to use their body weight to their advantage in order to steer their scooter either to the right or to the left. This function is less complex than steering with handlebars. Three-wheel scooters that were tailored for toddlers and young children typically have this type of mechanism and are considered a steppingstone that will help them master two-wheel scooters in the future. Handlebar steering is straightforward and can be easily mastered by older kids. Look for anti-slip grips that are compatible with their small hands. The grips must be ergonomic and durable at the same time.

  • Appropriate Wheel Size

Wheel size matters a great deal when it comes to safety. Large front wheels are better at tackling rough sidewalks and other uneven surfaces that can easily hinder beginner riders.  Stable wheels offer your little ones more confidence and more safety while riding. Teenagers with a more evolved and advanced riding style will find small wheels more compatible with their need for speed when riding in parks and other recreational areas. These wheels are more lightweight and allow for easy trick execution.

Types of Kids Scooters

The market is flooded with scooters of all shapes and sizes. There are so many models and designs to choose from depending on your kids’ ages and their skill level. Both professional and recreational scooters are available with two or three wheels and many additional features that were tailormade for certain age groups.

  • Two-Wheel Scooters

These scooters operate using two wheels instead of three and are more suited for older children who have mastered the art of scooter riding and have more control and more balance as a result. This two-wheel design was built for speed and can handle more weight. Look for scooters that were made using aircraft grade aluminum and are durable enough to withstand regular and heavy use. Older children and teenagers will have a blast riding a two-wheeler especially if it had fun decals on the deck and frame.

  • Three- Wheel Scooters

Three-wheel scooters are toddler friendly and come with one wheel in the rear and two wheels in the front. This offers children more balance while riding and helps newbies gain more confidence with every scoot down the sidewalk or backyard. This type of scooter offers stability as well but at the expense of speed. Most children will own a three-wheeler first before transitioning to two-wheel scooters once they grow up and become more experienced.

  • Professional Scooters

This two-wheel scooter was especially made for performing tricks and stunts. Older teens who are interested in entering competitions and riding their scooter in a professional capacity deserve a premium model that matches their young ambitions. Pro scooters are extremely durable and come with wider T-bars that offer maximum stability when taking on ramps and challenging terrain. They also allow the rider to perform all kinds of moves and flips.

  • Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are an alternative to regular kick scooters, and they require a battery and an electric motor in order to run. Their batteries are rechargeable and offer limited runtime depending on the make and model. Electric scooters are usually heavy and have sizable wheels compared to kick scooters. This additional weight makes them more stable and some of them come with additional features like under-seat storage and headlights in addition to handbrakes. These scooters are designed for small everyday trips around the neighborhood and were not intended for children who want to do tricks and challenge themselves at the skate park. They are also more expensive than ordinary scooters.

  • Wiggle Scooters

Wiggle scooters have three wheels and are different from kick scooters in terms of steering and design. They have two decks instead of one with two wheels at the rear and one in the front. The two decks form a V-shape and require a special technique where kids learn to move their body from side to side and use their weight to their advantage. Wiggle scooters are fun and help children stay active on weekends and summer vacations.

Trick Tips for Beginners

Riding a new scooter can be double the fun with the introduction of some tips and tricks for beginners. These tricks will help your kids gain more confidence and improve their balance and coordination at the same time.

  • Bunny Hop

Kids can easily master the bunny hop in six simple steps. First, they need to ride the scooter at a low speed and bend their knees a little. This is followed by jumping up and pushing the scooter with both feet firmly planted on the deck. The handles are then pulled upwards in order to raise the front wheel off the ground and the same motion is carried out in order to raise the rear wheel as well. Kids need to work against gravity and use their muscles and strength in order to successfully master the bunny hop.

  • Barspin

The Barspin involves spinning the handlebars 360 degrees in midair.  Kids need to practice this move with the front wheel of their scooter hanging over a curb.  All they need to do is jump as high as they can while maintaining their balance before passing the handlebars around. They also need to bend their legs to generate momentum and throw the bars at the highest point during their hop before catching them with their other hand and placing the throwing hand back on the bar to finish it off.

  • Fakie

The fakie is a gateway to other advanced stunts that kids can learn with age. This trick involves moving the scooter backwards instead of forward. Kids need to roll their scooter up a ramp in order for this to work and use gravity to their advantage. All they need to do is maintain their balance while rolling backward. Mastering this trick will help kids increase their stability and control while riding.

  • Nose Pivot

The nose pivot involves doing a 180-degree turn on the front wheel. Kids need to ride on an even surface at a medium speed in order not to lose balance. They also need to place their front foot near the handlebars and shift their weight to the front. Leaning to the front will lift the rear wheel, allowing the rider to balance on the front wheel. Spinning around becomes easy to achieve if they channel their momentum while performing this trick.

Best Scooter for Kids FAQ:

Q: What scooter accessories do I need?

Children who ride scooters must wear a durable helmet. This particular accessory needs to be CPSC approved. This means that it must meet the standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It should also be comfortable and easy to wear.  Knees and elbow pads offer another layer of protection and can prevent your child from sustaining injuries and scratches while riding the scooter down ramps and on uneven sidewalks. Shin guards are also effective in protecting the bone located between the knee and foot from severe injury. Other accessories include gloves and removable baskets that kids can use to bring their water bottles and snacks to the skate park with them.

Q: How can I keep my child safe on a scooter?

In addition to wearing the above protective gear, parents can keep their children safe by making sure that their scooter matches their size, age and ability. Wearing the right outfit also makes a difference when it comes to their safety and parents are advised to dress their children in bright colors with reflective lines and logos. Children must be taught how to use their senses to judge the environment around them especially if they are old enough to ride their scooter on their own. Youngsters must practice in a car-free area surrounded by a fence before making the transition to sidewalks and open spaces. Children below the age of ten must be supervised by an adult while riding their scooter.

Q: How do I maintain my child’s scooter?

Scooter maintenance is easy to do and requires simple tools that can be found inside your home or garage. The handlebars must be wiped using a damp cloth to keep them clean and free from dirt and grime. An old or disposable toothbrush can be used to clean the wheels on a regular basis. Bearings also need regular maintenance using lubricant to minimize friction and prevent wear and tear, especially if your child rides their scooter every day. Tightening the wheels is also recommended from time to time. You can use a hex or Allen key to perform this simple task. Some scooters have a clamping ring that can become loose and destabilize the handlebars. This ring also requires tightening from time to time.

Our Top Pick

The Razor A5 combines safety with comfort and has a wealth of features including large urethane wheels and patented rear brakes in addition to adjustable handlebars. This scooter was designed to grow old with your children and offers a smooth ride on uneven pavements and gravel roads. It also comes in three vibrant colors and can be easily folded for simple and hassle-free storage and transport.


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