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Spending the day out on the slopes on your snowboard sounds like a perfect day. So what if you could…

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The Best Kids’ Snowboards (Review and Buying Guide) of 2023 | Autance © The Best Kids’ Snowboards (Review and Buying Guide) of 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Burton Chicklet Girls Snowboard Burton Chicklet Girls Snowboard
Best Value Winter's Edge Snow Much Fun Kids Plastic Snowboard Winter's Edge Snow Much Fun Kids Plastic Snowboard
Premium Pick K2 Mini Turbo Boys Snowboard K2 Mini Turbo Boys Snowboard

Spending the day out on the slopes on your snowboard sounds like a perfect day. So what if you could share that joy with your entire family? Teaching your kids how to snowboard lets them join you for a day of fun in a winter wonderland.  You may have been snowboarding for years, and it seems like second nature, but you’ll need to start slow with the basics when it comes to your kids. 

There are beginner and youth snowboards that are designed for those who are smaller in size and weight and who are just starting to learn how to ride. These boards are made of lighter materials and typically come with smaller adjustable bindings. This makes it easier to get started and develop crucial basic skills. This guide will help you know your options and what to look for when buying a kid’s snowboard. 

The Best Kids’ Snowboards

Little girls love snowboarding as much as little boys, and the Burton Chicklet Girls Snowboard is a great option for any young lady who wants to hit the slopes. This rocker/flat hybrid board is an excellent beginner’s model because it’s super stable due to its flat profile. It’s designed for those who need to learn the basics, how to control the board, and how to improve balance. The Chicklet has a convex base, upturned edges, and a soft flex, so lightweight riders can easily learn to turn and stop. The symmetrical shape accommodates both regular and switch stances and lets riders spin and stomp without losing stability. The fly 900G core is made of wood, which makes it 10-percent lighter without compromising on performance. Another neat feature is the ability to add a Riglet from Burton (which is sold separately). As your child goes down the hill, you can control her speed and keep her in front of you using the leash-like device.

One downside with this board is it’s designed for entry-level riders. So girls who are more experienced should look for a more advanced model. Also, you have to purchase bindings separately, which can drive up the cost.

Key Features
  • Available in sizes from 80-120cm
  • Convex base
  • Symmetrical shape
  • Fly 900G core
  • Brand Burton
  • Model B08LV6FSCK
  • Weight 5.34 pounds

Soft flex


Fun design

Great for entry-level riders


Not designed for more advanced riders

Bindings are not included in the purchase

This lightweight plastic snowboard has a rugged construction to make it durable. You’ll like this board because it has more of a traditional snowboard shape than other plastic training boards. It’s 43 inches long and weighs four pounds, making it suitable for riders aged nine and up. What’s also nice is that bindings come pre-mounted on the board and can be reversed for switch riders. The bindings are cinch style and can adjust to accommodate different sized boots. Your child will love the bright winter theme design on the top of the board.

Unfortunately, this board doesn’t have any metal edges, making it not allowed on some mountain slopes or parks. It also isn’t as durable as some other board because the plastic components can become brittle, or the stickers can begin to peel.

Key Features
  • Rugged plastic construction
  • Traditional snowboard shape
  • Cinch bindings
  • Ages nine and up
  • Brand Winter's Edge
  • Model B01MSML6IN
  • Weight 4 pounds


Bindings come pre-mounted

Can be reversed for switch riders


No metal edges

Stickers can peel

Plastic components not durable

If you have a young child who’s eager to try snowboarding, the K2 Mini Turbo Snowboard is a great place to start. This freestyle/all-mountain board is perfect for smaller kids. It features a durable tip-to-tail wood core and a Catch Free Rocker Baseline, which is an entry-level design that helps riders link turns and progress on various terrain and prevents the edge from catching.
The board also features biaxial fiberglass laminate, so it’s strong yet responsive and snappy. The Mini Turbo has a twin shape with a longer tip, so kids can easily tackle any terrain. The board’s soft flex pattern is also geared towards your child’s height and weight.

Overall, this board promotes confidence and quickly improves a child’s skills. Parents choose the Mini Turbo because it’s a good option for new riders and isn’t too expensive.

Key Features
  • Freestyle/all-mountain board
  • Tip-to-tail wood core
  • Twin shape
  • Soft flex
  • Brand K2
  • Model Mini Turbo
  • Weight 2.6 pounds

Ideal for young children

Construction prevents edge bite

Promotes confidence


No bindings included

Designed for boys, not girls

This 130-centimeter board is perfect for older or taller first-time riders. It looks like a traditional adult snowboard but is beginner-friendly in its design. The construction is a durable hardwood, making it perfect for repeated long term use. The smooth bottom of the board helps it to glide and carve better. Riders that weigh 80 to 150 pounds can safely ride this board. The bindings are a hook and loop closure, enabling you to get a custom fit and compatible with winter boots.

One drawback of this snowboard is that it doesn’t have a metal edge. This makes it limiting to where you can use this board. It shouldn’t be taken on the slopes. The Velcro over the foot bindings won’t secure the board to your feet.

Key Features
  • Size 130 centimeters
  • Durable hardwood construction
  • Adjustable hook and loop bindings
  • Smooth bottom
  • Brand Airhead
  • Model B0823CCKFX
  • Weight N/A

Rider weight 80-150 pounds 

Use with regular winter boots

Waxing not needed


No metal edge

Not for resort use

Simple toe loop bindings 

This blue, purple, or red snowboard is 40 inches in length and 10.5 inches wide. Riders aged six through 12 can safely ride this board. It’s constructed of a super-strong polymer, making it durable. Adjustable bindings come included with the snowboard. There are three settings to choose from for a customized fit. To secure the bindings, you fasten them on the underside of the board. This board is perfect for total beginners and is easy to use. You don’t need special snow boots when riding this board.

Unfortunately, the bindings are a bit limiting with three preset settings. They may not fit everyone perfectly, and this can cause them to not stay closed. This board is also not meant for taller or older kids.

Key Features
  • 40 inches tall by 10.5 inches wide
  • Made of a super-strong polymer
  • Three adjustable settings
  • Blue, red, and purple
  • Brand Geospace
  • Model B01N5GLEOB
  • Weight N/A

Easy to use

Improved bindings

No special boots or bindings required


Does not slide well

Straps do not stay closed

Not meant for older youths

Choose from blue, pink, or red for this kid’s snowboard. It’s made of lightweight plastic and measures 101 centimeters, making it perfect for kids to ride and carry on their own. The smooth bottom helps it to float on the snow and glide easily. The edges are gentle and don’t have metal, helping to make it safer. It also comes with pre-mounted adjustable bindings. You can wear snow boots while riding this snowboard, and the latch system will secure the bindings to your feet. What makes this board stand out is that it’s shaped like a traditional snowboard, so it performs more like an adult snowboard.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have metal edges, so it isn’t meant for riding on slopes or at parks. This means you’re stuck riding the sledding hill with this snowboard. You may also find the bindings to be not as durable as others on the market.

Key Features
  • Blue, pink, and red color options
  • 101 centimeters long
  • Durable latch system
  • Plastic
  • Brand Lucky Bums
  • Model 118.95BL
  • Weight 3.66 pounds

Smooth bottom

Gentle edges

Pre-mounted adjustable bindings


Does not include metal edges

Not recommended for ski resort use

Bindings flimsy and large

If you have a little one who’s just getting started, then this snowboard is a great option. It comes in two sizes, 95 or 120 centimeters. This makes it compatible with riders that are aged four through seven and up to 50 inches tall. Choose from either blue or green for the color. The included adjustable bindings can fit shoes or snow boots up to size 6Y. The heavy-duty blow-molded designs help to make the snowboard more durable. It also has a cold crack additive that increases the board’s durability.

Unfortunately, the two sizes are limiting and may not be right for everyone. Neither size comes with metal edges, making this only appropriate for the learning hills. You also can’t switch which foot is in front.

Key Features
  • Blue and green color options
  • 95 or 120 centimeters
  • For riders ages 4-7 and up to 50 inches tall
  • Boot size up to 6Y
  • Brand Grizzly Snow
  • Model B08NPM4CY1
  • Weight N/A

Heavy-duty blow-molded design

Cold crack additive for durability

Adjustable ratchet-style bindings


Unable to switch front foot

Does not include metal edges

Limited sizing

If your child has outgrown their beginner board and is ready for the next step up, this kid snowboard will be perfect for the next phase in their development. It features a solid-polypropylene construction for the core and has adjustable bindings. This makes it compatible with riders aged five through fifteen. The length measures 114 cm, making it decently sized and large enough for better control. You could use it on the slopes or the park to learn a few tricks. What’s nice about this board are the step-in bindings that easily lock into place after adjustment. There are also bold and detailed graphics that are sure to attract attention.

One drawback of this board is that the bindings may not stay closed. There may also be some defects in the application of the graphics.

Key Features
  • Solid-polypropylene construction
  • Adjustable bindings
  • For ages 5 to 15
  • Made in the USA
  • Brand Emsco Group
  • Model B08KQGNKKY
  • Weight N/A

Gorgeous graphics

Advanced foot straps

Goes with any gear


Bindings don’t stay closed 

Not allowed outside training slopes

Defects in graphics

This plastic snowboard is perfect for the first-timer. It’s lightweight and flexible, making it forgiving and easier to ride. It comes with pre-mounted bindings that have adjustable straps. They’re compatible with most snow boots. The board doesn’t have metal edges and measures 95 centimeters long. Riders between the ages of five and 12 weighing no more than 110 pounds can safely use this board. The smooth bottom of the board helps it to glide and float on the snow better. The board has an attractive winter design with a blue base and bright white snowflake designs.

One drawback of this board is that it isn’t suitable for slopes. This means your child can only ride it in the learning areas. This can limit your fun. The short length can make it too short for some taller kids.

Key Features
  • Plastic
  • Pre-mounted bindings
  • Adjustable straps
  • 95 centimeters long
  • Brand Skiweb
  • Model B07BK78V6L
  • Weight 5.29 pounds

For riders ages 5 through 12

Weight limit of 110 pounds

Smooth bottom

Entry-level snowboarding


No metal edges

Decals can peel

Low weight limit

This snowboard is more like a kickboard. You ride it like a scooter while holding onto the fold-out handle. It comes in four bright colors, blue, green, purple, and red. The construction of the board and handle are a super-tough polyurethane material to make it durable and long-lasting. On the front of the handle is a five-color LED light module. Choose from flash, strobe, or fade mode. You can also buy a second light module for the base of the handle for additional visibility. Riders that weigh up to 220 pounds can safely ride this board. The board measures 37 x 9.50 x 31 inches.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a true snowboard, and thus, it’s better suited for sledding type activities than snowboarding ones. The handle doesn’t lock into place, which can cause it to fall and hit the rider.

Key Features
  • Super-tough polyurethane material
  • Fold-up handle
  • LED light module
  • Flash, strobe, and fade modes
  • Brand Geospace
  • Model B00P8J6AN4
  • Weight 3.65 pounds

Maximum weight of 220 pounds

37 x 9.50 x 31 inches

Blue, green, purple, or red color options


Doesn’t float well

The handle can hit you

Requires good balance to ride

Best Kids Snowboard Buying Guide & FAQ

Wouldn’t it be great if you could share your passion for snowboarding with your kids? You could all head out to the slopes with your boards and enjoy a day of fun as a family. To get there, you need to teach your children how to snowboard. This starts with buying them their first snowboard. 

Buying a beginner snowboard isn’t like buying an adult board for an experienced rider. You need to buy a board that suits your child’s size and experience level. Since everyone develops differently, this could mean each of your children needs a different board from the others. This guide will help you find the perfect snowboard set up so that your kids are set up for success. 

Why Do You Need a Kids’ Snowboard?

Buying your child their snowboard will give you a family activity that everyone can do together. This gives you a chance to impart your passion for the sport to them. Use this learning experience as family bonding time. You can develop their passion and have an activity that you can do together. 

Teaching your kids how to snowboard lets them join you for a day of fun in a winter wonderland

Focusing on kids’ snowboards ensures you buy a board that’s specifically meant for children and their beginner status. This makes learning to snowboard safer. Full-sized traditional boards will be heavier and have a metal edge. This can be dangerous during falls.  

Developing lifestyle habits early can encourage a healthier and longer life. Teaching your kids that it’s fun to get outside and snowboard can help them live happier and healthier lives. 

  • Increased family bonding time with a shared activity
  • A safer and easier learning process for your children
  • Increased health and fitness with an outdoor activity

Types of Kids’ Snowboards

There are three types of snowboards, and you’ll notice that most kids’ snowboards fall into one of these primary categories. Similar to adult snowboards, the type of snowboard you buy will depend on your experience level and intended snowboarding activity. Consider where you’ll be snowboarding and the type of snow you’ll be riding on. 


This is a general type of snowboard that works well in the majority of conditions. Beginners should start here because these boards are designed to do a little bit of everything, and most kid’s snowboards fall into this category. Look for a board with a little more length and flex to make it more forgiving and easier to ride. 

There’s a subcategory here of young kid boards. These are boards that use alternative materials like plastic or polymers. They may have bindings, but they lack the full structure, and they don’t have metal edges. These may be called all-mountain boards but are typically not allowed beyond the training or learning areas. 


Once your child starts to develop their skills and riding style, you may want to graduate them up to a freeride board. These are longer and can gain more speed. These directional boards excel in the backcountry on powder or hard-packed snow. Their aggressive design and stiff flex help them to be fast and carve beautifully. 

Another option is a powder board; it’s also directional but has more aggressive tapering. These are specialized boards meant for riding on powder. They have a more aggressive setback stance to help you float. These boards are best for someone with experience and are ready for the mountain. 


If you have more of a daredevil, then you may find that they would rather have a freestyle board. They’ll appreciate the shorter board that works well for doing tricks. These boards tend to be slower but are perfect for catching air. 

The range of freestyle boards tends to be broad. For those who love jibs, a softer flex to the board is better. This works for beginners into this riding style because the softer board is best for smaller jumps and flatland tricks. As they get more experienced, they can opt for a stiffer board that will be better for bigger jumps and catching more air.  

What to Consider When Buying Kids’ Snowboards

You may want to teach your children how to ride a snowboard, but you need to consider whether or not your child wants to. Before you start shopping for snowboards, consider your child’s snow boot size, height, weight, and coordination. 

You’ll also want to think about where your child will want to ride. Some snowboards are better suited for different types of riding. Buying a beginner board that isn’t allowed outside of the training hill will put a damper on your day. 

Keep in mind that children grow at an amazing rate. This means not investing in an expensive board until you know they’ll use it for a while. It’s also helpful to look for a snowboard that can grow with them, such as bindings with broad adjustability. 

The Most Important Features of Kids’ Snowboards

Since there are several kids’ snowboard options available, you need to know what you’re looking at. Comparing the different features will help you narrow down your options to the right type of board for your child. Start with the material and size, as these two features will direct you towards the best board options. Then you can compare bindings and stylistic designs. 

Construction Material

The construction material is crucial when buying the appropriate snowboard for your child. The younger and more beginner the child is, the softer and more flexible the board should be. This will make it more forgiving and safer for your child. As they grow in age, size, and experience, you can consider a stiffer and more durable board. 

Wood is a traditional material for your board but best left for larger kids and those with experience. Plastic and polypropylene are softer and more flexible. This makes them better for younger children and those with no experience. These boards won’t be as durable as wood and won’t perform to the same level. 


Most kids’ snowboards come with the bindings already attached. The quality, size, and material can vary greatly. Look for a pair that can accommodate a wide range of sizes. This lets your child grow with the bindings for several years. 

It’s smart to consider the size and type of boot you plan to use with the bindings. The bindings need to be user friendly so that you can use them while wearing gloves. Otherwise, you or your child’s hands will freeze while you try to work them. 

Some beginner bindings are simple Velcro straps. These are ok for basic beginners but may not be durable or strong enough for more experienced riders. 


Most youth snowboards measure 90 to 146 centimeters. If you’re buying a snowboard for a smaller child, then you’ll want to look for a board that is about chest height on them from tail to tip. The shorter board will be lighter and easier to maneuver. It should also have a general use design that could be referred to as an “all-mountain” board. This allows them to learn the basics. 

Older kids can graduate to longer boards and those that are designed for a specific type of riding. Longer boards float on the snow better. Board designs for terrain parks have a reverse camber that helps them gain more air. 

Care and Maintenance for Kids’ Snowboards

How you care for and maintain your child’s snowboard will depend on the board that you buy. A plastic snowboard will require minimal maintenance, making it easy to care for. Wood core boards may require more work to keep them in ridable condition. 

No matter what type of board you buy, check it and the bindings before each use. Look for worn out or loose parts that could cause the snowboard to malfunction during use. You’ll want to fix anything that needs fixing before your child rides the board. 

After each use, clean off the snow, ice, dirt, or debris. This will preserve the board and prevent it from degrading or corroding. Dry the board and store it in a clean, dry location. 

  • Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. 
  • Check the board and bindings before each use and make the necessary repairs. 
  • Clean and dry the board after each use. 
Teaching your kids that it’s fun to get outside and snowboard can help them live happier and healthier lives

Best Kids’ Snowboards FAQs:

Several questions arise when people consider teaching their children to ride a snowboard. You want your little ones to have fun, but you also want to make sure they are ready for the challenge. The accurate judgment of your child’s readiness and buying them the right equipment will ensure you and they have the best experience. 

Q: Can a 3-year-old snowboard?

Maybe, depending on their size and dexterity. As long as your child can fit snowboard boots and has the coordination, they can ride a snowboard. 

Q: What size snowboard should I get for my kid?

The size of the snowboard you should buy will depend on your child’s age and height. Lengths can range from as short as 95 centimeters to as long as 150 centimeters. 

Q: Are shorter snowboards better for beginners?

Yes, beginners should opt for a shorter board within their size range. They are lighter and easier to control. 

Our Top Pick

Our pick for the best kid’s snowboard is the Burton Chicklet Girls Snowboard. It’s a great choice for new riders who need to learn the basics. It’s stable with a soft flex, so it’s easy to use. It doesn’t take much effort for a child to learn how to control the board and balance on it. Its ease of use is one of its top selling points.

Final Thoughts

Your child will like the Burton Chicklet Girls Snowboard because it’s easy to learn on and a lot of fun to ride. For a more affordable option, the Winter’s Edge Snow Much Fun Kids Plastic Snowboard won’t let you down with its rugged durability and reversible bindings.


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