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LED light bars are both useful and incredibly stylish – and do they come in plenty of different varieties! In this guide, we’ll go over some of the characteristics of these devices along with giving you a list of some of the best-LED light bars. Before you can pick a good light bar you need…

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Best LED Light Bar: Review and Buying Guide | Autance © Best LED Light Bar: Review and Buying Guide | Autance

LED light bars are both useful and incredibly stylish – and do they come in plenty of different varieties! In this guide, we’ll go over some of the characteristics of these devices along with giving you a list of some of the best-LED light bars.

Before you can pick a good light bar you need to know a few things about what to expect.

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What to Look Out For?

Best LED Light Bar: Reviews and Buying Guide

  • Size: Probably one of the more important considerations when choosing an LED light bar is the size of it. The width of the bar can range as low as 12″ and upwards of 60″ or more. The amount of light it has is dependent on the height of the light bar – while there is little variation between large and small models, there are some with additional layers that provide more light chips per square inch.
  • Flood Light Package: Package sets include additional light bars along with floodlights. The smaller flood lights are better for spotlighting when compared to the wider bar lights. Often these systems are integrated into one another so they are turned on simultaneously or separately.
  • Types of LED Chips: The little LED chips inside of the bar is what is doing most of the work – and not all of them are made equal! Light chips come in many different varieties, with some able to be customized based on color via a smart device. OSRAM chips, in particular, have remarkable durability while also being viable for daytime lighting.
  • Bracket: This is the part of the light bar that actually attaches to the vehicle. The best brackets have the ability to work with multiple different things like cars, trucks, karts, and so forth. Others are able to be customized at an angle – either through specific manipulation by the installer or a set amount like 0°, 15°, 45°, 60°, &  75° being the most common.
  • Durability: Whether it is mud, water, dust, leaves or whatever else nature has to throw at you your vehicle is going to probably take a beating – a light bar worth its price will be just as tough if not tougher. One of the best measurement systems is the International Protection Rating (IP), which rates the exterior strength of devices. When it comes to LED light bars waterproofing and dustproofing are the most important.

Comparison table



Further information

-Brand: Swatow Industry
- Weight: 8 pounds
- 800 x 400 resolution
- Wattage: 240 watts
- Remarkable combo beam
- A lifetime of 50,000 hours
- All in one
- Brand: AutoFeel
- Weight: 13.25 pounds
- Wattage: 280 watts
- Dual mode light
- Adjustable
- 3 year warramty
- Brand: Rigidhorse
- Weight: 5.25 pounds
- Wattage: 300 watts
- High brightness
- Durable aluminum alloy
- Brand: AutoFeel
- Weight: 11.35 pounds
- Wattage: 260 watts
- Dual mode light
- Adjustable
- Brand: oEdRo
- Weight: 5.35 pounds
- Wattage: 300 watts
- Better heat dissipation
- 3 years warranty
- Brand: DWVO
- Weight: 5.55 pounds_x000D_
- Wattage: 390 watts
- High performance
- Innovative triple row
- Brand: Zmoon
- Weight: 1.54 pounds_x000D_
- Wattage: 240 Watts
- Spot & Flood combo beam
- Wide application
- Brand: Nilight
- Weight:3.53 pounds_x000D_
- Wattage: 126 watts
- Blright ray for clear visibility
- High protection performance
- Brand: Nilight
- Weight: 2.4 pounds_x000D_
- Wattage: 72 Watts
- Super bright
- Adjustable bracket
- Brand: Nilight
- Weight: 2 pounds_x000D_
- Wattage: 18 Watts
- Adjustable mounting bracket
- High protection performance

Top LED Light Bars

There are plenty of LED light bar packages on the market today and it can be a little overwhelming, to say the least. To help you get started, here are some brief reviews of some of the top models.


An excellent and multifaceted LED bar that is a great choice for those that wanted to either upgrade or just want the best on the market. This durable light has the unique ability to bath a given area in a plethora of colors via the smartphone app. In the app, users are able to use several different settings to customize the colors to your specification. In this easy to use app, users will also have the capability to change the level of brightness, changing speeds, and the type of sequence the light will go through.             The installation kit that comes with it is universally applicable, allowing to fit to just about any truck, car, ATV, Jeep, boat, and so forth. You don’t have to worry about it breaking any time soon either as this SWATOW product is built with the highest quality aluminum and a practically unbreakable polycarbonate lens.

2. AutoFeel Flood & Spot LED Light Bar 52”

The combination pair of bars and pods make this LED light bar kit one of the best deals you can get right now. This device is capable of being used in daytime driving and as a signal light on of account of its OSRAM chip. The exterior is rugged enough to be both waterproof and dustproof meaning that dirt roads and intense rainfall are both protected. The mounting brackets are adjustable on a 0, 15, 90, and 180-degree pivot along with being customized on just about whatever angle you want.

The interior is composed of wiring that is extra conductive allowing for extra temperature resistant. This is great because the light itself is super bright with both spot and flood ranges capable, meaning that you’ll be able to see anything far ahead with the utmost clarity. The bars come in 52″ and 32″, while the pair of pods are 4″ by 4″.

3. Rigidhorse Flood & Spot LED Light Bar 52″

This LED light setup is a great choice for those looking for their first light installation and has a few bucks to spare. Working via 8D reflective cup lens gives a soft light beam that is capable of shooting an extra far distance. Each LED bulb is 6 watts and there is fifty of them creating 6,000K color temperature with a total of 50000 Lumens of bright light power. The exterior is composed of an aluminum alloy that is waterproof even when submerged.

Being also shockproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion gives this black painted light the capability to take a brutal beating and keep going. The mounting brackets are universally applicable on most motorized vehicles including marine. The voltage range for this beast can work on everything from a 9 to 32 volt.

4. AutoFeel 32000LM LED Light Bar 52”

Another light package by AutoFeel for those that want the power but need something smaller. The onboard OSRAM LED chip allows for dual light modes – normal and daytime. The IP68 rated material is both water and dustproof while also having great corrosion resistance. The interior pieces are high-temperature resistance with great electrical conductivity.

The associated mounting bracket is completely adjustable on predetermined angle modes or can be customized for the specific way that you want it. Inside of this package is both a 52″ and 22″ light bar, along with 4 different pods. Taken together this package is capable of a super bright and wide range of lightning. Because of this, this machine works great on jeeps and trucks but works extra great on things like tractors and other heavy-duty equipment.

5. OEDRO 300W LED Light Bar 20”

OEDRO is renowned for making remarkable LED products and this light bar kit isn’t an exception. The powerful 300W beam is backed-up with three separate rows of high-quality LED chips. The aluminum alloy composition is quick cooling which works in conjunction with the heat conduction silicone gel providing superior lifespan over the competition. The aluminum is also rated IP67, making it water, dust, rust, and quake-proof.

Durable materials and amazing phosphorescent would be useless if you can’t install it – and you don’t have to worry about that. The brackets are reverse compatible with most vehicles and machines. The installation can also be customized to what you need it for as the bracket is adjustable within 45 degrees. Inside of this package, you’ll get the 20″ 3000W LED bar, a pair of 4″ light pods, and a wiring harness kit.

6. DWVO 390W LED Light Bar 32”

Using an innovative triple row with an efficient multi-bulb design makes this DWVO product one of the better ones in terms of low heating. There is no brightness either as it has been specifically designed to have extremely high luminous efficiency via the reflector cup. This cup is situated in the center row and gives multi-angle refraction creating extreme levels of lighting. All of these innovations create high power, low heat, and an extra far lighting distance.

The exterior is rated IP68 making it remarkably waterproof – giving it veritable immunity to everything from bad storms and fog. This aluminum alloy housing helps dissipate the heat giving it superior cooling capabilities. What this means to you is that this LED light bar has a service life upwards of 50,000 hours! All of this and the sturdy bracket is multifaceted enough to work with a range of different vehicles making it a good choice for just about anyone.

7. Zmoon 240W LED Light Bar 2 Pcs

Want something that is tough, can fit on just about any vehicle, while not costing an arm and a leg? Then look no further than this excellent Zmoon package. The wide illumination range is via the specially designed LED chips – which give out bright white rays – and the lamp cup which improves refraction. Made with thickened diecast aluminum heat sinks gives the best cooling and gives this light bar a lifespan upwards of 50,000 hours.

IP65 rated means that this machine is capable of taking rain, dust, and a little bit of smacking around without ever losing any light. This is possible with the full aluminum housing, which has been shown to be highly resistant against erosion and rust. The wiring and bracket setup works with just about any motorized vehicle, whether it uses a 9 or 30-volt electrical system.

8. Nilight 126W Combo LED Light Bar

Nilight is a great company that gives excellent products and a reduced price. This Combo LED bar is a good starter device for those trying to save a buck. Using a combination of spot and flood beams gives this LED bar perfect balance with both spot and wide lighting. Composed of aluminum alloy and sealed with silicone gel provides superior heat dissipation that makes this product both safe and long-lasting. Coming in at 20″ means it fits just about everywhere, with larger and smaller models available.

You don’t have to worry about dusty roads or bumps either, as the Nilight Combo LED Light Bar is 100% dustproof and quake-resistant. The IP67 waterproof rate allows this light to be submerged underneath a full meter of water for upwards of 30 minutes and still work. The brackets themselves are adjustable and completely stainless – which is a material that is both rust-resistant and anti-corrosive.

9. Nilight 72W Fog LED Light Bar 12”

If you’re the type that wants an LED light but doesn’t have the space for some of the larger ones than this small 12″ Nilight bar is the one for you. Despite its tiny size, it gives a super bright shine that pierces a far distance – a combination of flooded beams and expansive size provides an amazing visual. You don’t have to worry about this power overheating this little device either as it is made with superior heat dissipation in mind – the die-cast aluminum alloy of the heat sink ensures that.

When installing you are able to adjust and slid to the appropriate configuration so as to get the most out of your purchase. The brackets and exterior housing of the light bar are rated IP67 to provide great waterproofing, dustproofing, and quake-proofing. Each package contains the 72W LED light along with the mounting bracket.

10. Nilight 18W Driving Fog LED Light 4

Have the bar and only need the floodlights? This package is just that, making it the best affordable option on the market today. These tiny lights are composed of Advanced LED chips which provide an extra bright and impressively wide illumination range. These lights are set in a specially designed cup lamp that allows excellent visibility on the left and right as well. The swift cooling heat sinks made from aluminum alloy ensures that these pair of devices never overheat giving an impressive lifespan upwards of 30,000 hours.

If you often find yourself in torrential downpours or dusty roads you can be sure that these floodlights will keep working. The IP67 waterproof rate allows for these lights to be submerged for a full 30 minutes underneath a meter of water! This translates to a little device that is practically dustproof. The stainless brackets are both resistant to rust and corrosion while also being fully adjustable.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to picking the best in LED light bars you need to keep in mind the size of the bar that you want, the package bundles, along with the overall quality of craftsmanship of the device in question.

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