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One can never underestimate the importance of having a good set of Lineman pliers, whether they are full-time electrical professionals…

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The Best Lineman Pliers (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Lineman Pliers (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Klein Tools Lineman Pliers Klein Tools Lineman Pliers
Premium Pick Irwin Tools Linesman Pilers Irwin Vise-Grip Locking Pliers 1902416
Best Value Irwin Tools Lineman Pliers Irwin Tools Lineman Pliers 2078209

One can never underestimate the importance of having a good set of Lineman pliers, whether they are full-time electrical professionals or to fix little problems within their home. Pliers are one of the best items in any tool box, as they can get the job done within the shortest possible time. There are different types of pliers, made for various tasks; thus, one must ensure that they have the right set for all their needs. A good set of Lineman pliers must help you undertake a variety of tasks with less hassle and minimal effort, whether your job entails holding stuff or the cutting of wires. If you are in the market for the best Lineman pliers, our well-curated list below will help with your decision making. Features of each included product has been outlined, each having a particular discussion on why we believe it is the best unit for you. Also included is a brief buying guide on factors to consider when purchasing such equipment for your workshop.

The Best Lineman Pliers

Klein Tools is an American company responsible for the production of high-quality and powerful durable work shed tools. It understands the importance of quality and places a top priority on durability and function; thus, you can be confident that every item will be worth every penny. The Klein Tools High Leverage Pliers are every handyman’s dream tool, from their construction to their high level of durability. They are designed and developed in the USA as induction hardened cutting knives that will last you a lifetime.

The Klein Leverage Pliers have a high leverage design. Their rivet offers a 46-percent increase in cutting excellence with a gripping power that is better than many competing brands. You will love these pliers for their ergonomic features. They come with plastic-dipped handles that help absorb the ‘snap’ when cutting wires. The use of plastic also enhances the ease of identification while providing the user with much-needed comfort. The head of this leverage plier is precision hardened to ensure an on-the-job toughness you can’t get anywhere else. For six generations, Klein Tools has provided its customers with premium quality, professional-grade tools that deliver precision, performance, and durability. It’s known for its launch of some of the top pliers on the market, and each one comes with the company’s limited lifetime warranty.

Key Features
  • Unique handle tempering
  • Precision-hardened plier head
  • Plastic-dipped handles
  • "Handform" handles
  • Brand Klein Tools
  • Model D2139NE
  • Weight 3.68 ounces

Absorbs the snapping effect when cutting.

It’s made from industrial quality level material

Extremely lightweight


The pliers require regular oiling

Loosens up with regular use

Cut the most robust materials with ease by laying your hands on the Irwin Vise-Grip Locking Pliers. These pliers are designed with a fish tape puller in a bid to make the tool more durable and functional than most of its competitors. The design is coated to enhance its resistance to rust, and all the edges are designed to cut through nails, screws, and wires as quickly as possible. The Irwin Vise-grip is designed and built in Germany. It has induction-hardened cutting edges and a handle that features a three-component molded grip for control and optimal cushioning. Every cut you make can be done comfortably with these pliers, which is why we highly recommend them for your next task.

The handles come with a robust lanyard system, which helps provide easy retrieval from your pockets and pouches while preventing any accidental drops. To make this tool multifunctional, it has been designed with a connector crimper. With such additions, you can finish many different tasks with a single tool, making your Irwin pliers an economical choice for your garage. A testament to durability and assurance, every Irwin plier comes with the company’s lifetime guarantee.

Key Features
  • The handles feature a 3-component molded grip
  • The exclusive hook and lanyard system
  • The built-in fish tape puller and connector crimper
  • Made in Germany.
  • Brand Irwin Tools
  • Model 1902416
  • Weight 7 ounces

Comes with a lifetime guarantee

Maximum grip for comfort and better control

Well-built with quality design


Doesn’t open too wide

More effort is required when cutting

These are the Crescent Pro Series Pliers, which are made for everyday jobs. These nine-inch pliers are a proud production of the Crescent brand, a company that focuses on more than the creation of fastening tools. These compound action cutting pliers have an increased cutting pressure of 50 percent, which makes them more productive than most pliers on the market. They are made with a compound leverage design and chrome vanadium steel, a highly durable material that ensures that your pliers stay in operation after many years of regular usage.

The crescent cutting linesman pliers are lighter than many competing pliers, making handling extraordinarily comfortable and relaxed. Their weight reduces the fatigue many handymen feel while they work. For added comfort for the user, these pliers feature co-molded grips and a heat-treated joint rivet. The rivet design ensures a consistently smooth operation, no matter what you’re working on. Every individual plier developed by the Crescent brand is taken through a series of tests to ensure its cutting ability and strength.

Key Features
  • Compound leverage
  • 1/3 lighter than standard pliers
  • Co-molded grips for added comfort
  • Compound leverage design
  • Brand Crescent
  • Model PS20509C
  • Weight 4.3 ounces

Best for the money




Vulnerable to rust

A little awkward to use

There is another set of pliers designed by Klein Tools, which are very operational, affordable, and durable. They feature a high-quality material and innovative structural build. Like many other regular pliers, these are 9-inch pliers designed with tape pulling and wire crimping for the best performance possible. They can cut all screws, ACSR, nails and stiff wires within a short amount of time and with less effort. The Lineman pliers from Klein Tools have an assured long life duration, thanks to their induction hardening cutting area.

Besides these plier’s high leverage design, the unit also offers a 46 percent greater cutting and gripping power compared to many competing pliers on the market. To enable you to pull steel fish tape without any damage, these pliers come with a built-in channel. There is also a built-in crimper that operates effortlessly on lugs, non-insulated connectors, and terminals. The unique handle of this linesman plier absorbs the snap that occurs when cutting wires. We love these high leverage Lineman’s pliers because they’ve been built to last with innovative, dual materials. They do well with heavy-duty cutting jobs and have handles that last longer than some competing brands.

Key Features
  • Works on non-insulated connectors
  • Pulls steel fish tape without damage
  • Hot-riveted joint
  • Induction hardened cutting knives
  • Brand Klein Tools
  • Model J2000-9NECRTP
  • Weight 1.02 pounds

Precision set for tougher tasks

High-quality for professional use

Comfortable handles grips


Quite expensive

Might be too tight during the first application

The Vampliers Pro Lineman’s Pliers are easy and comfortable to use all day long. They are every handyman’s dream with their heavy-duty, high-quality material selection, durable construction, and impressive structure. They are screw extraction pliers that help you remove rusted/stuck/corroded or stripped nuts, screws, and bolts. The Vampliers feature a patented Vampliers technology, which allows you to extract all target screws using either the side or top jaws of your tool.

Vampliers Lineman pliers can be used in various industries with ease, thanks to their RoHS compliance. If you love to fix electrical and mechanical issues by yourself, you will love the Vampliers Lineman’s pliers. They are comfortable to use, thanks to their ergonomically designed elastomer handles. These pliers also act as a wire cutter and can handle all tight screws with ease, thanks to the Rockwell standard toughening. We recommend these excellent gripping pliers that allow you to remove bolts, rusted screws, and nuts with ease. 

Key Features
  • Designed with VamPLIERS Technology
  • Wire cutters hardened to handle sturdy screws
  • Ergonomic elastomer
  • RoHS compliant
  • Model VMPVT-001-8
  • Weight 10.2 ounces

Easily cuts through nails or screws

1 Year warranty

Extremely durable


A little bit shorter than its competitors

These Irwin North American Lineman’s Pliers are exceptionally designed and developed for comfort. Like many other pliers created by the company, these pliers feature heavy-duty and durable nickel chromium steel construction for longevity. To reduce hand fatigue, engineers and design professionals put together an ergonomic handle that comes with extra comfortable ProTouch grips. The cutting edge of these pliers, due to their induction hardening, stays sharper and functional for longer.

The jaws of the Irwin Lineman pliers have been machined to provide them with maximum gripping strength, and the entire unit is built to meet and exceed ANSI specifications. The Irwin Vise-Grip pliers, like many other tools produced by the brand, come with a lifetime guarantee. They take away all forms of hand fatigue and enable you to remove all screws, bolts, and nuts with little to no effort.

Key Features
  • ProTouch grips
  • Induction hardened cutting edge
  • Machined jaws
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications
  • Brand Irwin Tools
  • Model 2078209
  • Weight 1.2 pounds

Durable machined-cut jaws

extremely durable steel

Made of seriously heavy-duty material


Simple tasks such as twisting wires a little hectic

Considerably burdensome due to the heavy-duty material

The Goldblatt Linesman Plier is a multiuse plier with an overall length of eight inches. This tool has unique additions to enable it to stand out from the competition. The first addition is the multifunctional nature of the unit. It can be used as a wire cutter thanks to its hardened, sure gripping jaws. The Goldblatt electrical pliers have been built from high-quality alloy steel. Also, they have been taken through intense heat treatment  for maximum durability and strength. 

The high leverage design aids in labor saving and better cutting performance. For comfort during use, they feature a double injection soft-grip ergonomic handle. This handle reduces hand fatigue and also makes the unit more environmentally friendly, thanks to the materials.

Key Features
  • Multi-Function
  • High-Quality Steel
  • High leverage for better cutting performance
  • Double injection soft-grip ergonomic handle
  • Brand Goldblatt
  • Model HRD-PN-79063495
  • Weight 10.6 ounces

Durable cutting edges

Soft and ribbed rubberized grip for comfort

High cutting leverage for easy cutting


Heavier and bulky

The inclusion of Klein Tools pliers in this article would not be complete without the Klein Tools Hybrid, Multi-purpose pliers. These pliers are multifunctional; thus, they help you to save time and prevent you from making multiple purchases. They are perfect for bolt shearing and stripping as they come with a crimper. These pliers feature a high-leverage design, which provides the tool with more cutting power than the rest.  You can twist, cut, shear, and crimp with this tool, and you don’t need to pay extra for all these functions.

The electrical pliers are induction hardened so they can strip wires easily and regularly. Klein is a household name and is responsible for more than the design and distribution of pliers. It is a company that seeks to manufacture premium-quality, professional-grade tools that make life easier.

Key Features
  • High-leverage design
  • Wide knurled head
  • 6-32 and 8-32 bolt shearing
  • Works well on non-insulated connectors, terminals, and lugs
  • Brand Klein Tools
  • Model J215-8CR
  • Weight 12 ounces

Smooth cutting action

No handle wobbling

Dual-purpose tool


Cutting jaw patterns do not close entirely

Does not guarantee a smooth cut

Channellock is a known by many for its vast array of plier models. It considers the needs of its customers first, offering solutions to their problems in its designs. One of its best Lineman pliers is the Channellock 369 Lineman’s Pliers. These are American produced pliers forged from high carbon steel for maximum durability. The manufacturer uses Xtreme Leverage Technology, which is known to demand lesser cutting force than other high-leverage models. It is a 9.5-inch plier that features a round nose design and cuts all ASCR with ease and speed. 

For a superior cutting edge and the perfect mating life, these Lineman’s side cutting pliers feature a knife and anvil style cutting edge, a feature not many pliers possess. Channellock is a brand that has seen five different generations of hand tool designs. It is considered globally as a leader in the manufacture of assorted hand tools. There are over a 100 sizes and types of pliers produced by Channellock today, and each item possesses the excellence of the brand and its tradition of dedication.

Key Features
  • Xtreme Leverage Technology (XLT)
  • Forged from High Carbon Steel
  • Made in the USA
  • Laser heat-treated cutting edges
  • Brand Link Handles
  • Model 369
  • Weight 1.08 pounds

Excellent and tight grip

Beautiful hinges that are loose for easy moving

Ideal weight when held in hand


Lacks precision

Does not guarantee high leverage

The long handle denies comfort

Our final recommendation is the Knipex Leverage Lineman’s Pliers, an impressively designed unit made for various industries. These pliers have a crimper and fish tape puller for added functionality and increased durability. It is a 9.5-inch tool with a rivet that has been reduced in size. The size reduction is made by professionals to move it closer to the jaws; thus, creating an ultra-high leverage design that results in a 25 percent increase in cutting power. Knipex believes in the manufacturing of long-lasting tools that are as user friendly as they are durable. 

For excellent gripping and pulling, the Knipex pliers feature serrated cross-hatched knurled gripping zones on their jaws. With the recent design update of these pliers, users can work better on round, thick, and oval-shaped cables. The updated design features an oval-shaped recess on the back of the Knipex pliers. These tools are ideal for most demanding jobs, thanks to their heavy-duty design. They have insulated and comfortable handles. Professionals and staff at Knipex take each plier through intense tests to find out how best to improve the design. Such an approach assures every customer that their pliers will stand the test of time over regular use. 

Key Features
  • Ultra-high design for an easier cutting power
  • Features a universal terminal crimper
  • Serrated cross-hatched knurled gripping zone
  • An oval-shaped recess design
  • Brand KNIPEX Tools
  • Model 09 12 240 SBA
  • Weight 1 pounds

Stiff gripping gives no room for side play.

Added comfort grip on the rubber

Leaves a softer, almost-muffled finish after cutting


Quite expensive

Blades may get chips if used in cutting high gauge material

Best Lineman Pliers Buying Guide

What to Consider When Buying Lineman Pliers

When deciding on the perfect linesman plier to purchase, one needs to consider some factors, to ensure that their investment is worthwhile. We have discussed some of these factors below, which will serve as a guide while you begin your plier hunt.

  • Brand

Out top lineman picks are based on products from tried and tested brands the world over. When it comes to such an equipment, getting a brand with a good track record of delivering quality is ideal, and that is exactly what we did, sampling the best lineman plier brands to give you the best for your workshop.

  • Material

Metals are used in the construction of pliers, but not every metal used is durable enough to stand the test of time and also fight off corrosion. As much as possible, opt for a plier that doesn’t destroy quickly and is made with steel.

  • Grip

To reduce hand fatigue and slippage, many pliers offer intense grip made of durable material. It is advised that you try handling the pliers before you make a final decision. Holding the pliers will give you a fair idea of how comfortable they will be with regular and extended use. As much as possible, choose pliers with rubber grips instead of plastic, as these are more ergonomic and comfortable.

  • Cutting edge

The cutting edge of your pliers will determine how easily it will cut through wires and cables. The best pliers that offer you longer sharpness of the sides are those with features such as laser-treated cutting edges. And induction-heated edges.

  • Weight

Pliers must have a reasonable influence to make their usage more accessible and more comfortable. In some instances, you will be working with cables and wires that might require you to step on ladders. Moving on, ladders and holding heavy objects may be robust, which is why we recommend tools that aren’t too light or too heavy.

 What Are Linesman Pliers Used For?

Linesman pliers are tools often referred to as side-cutting pliers. They can be used for the holding of objects, cutting, straightening, gripping, bending, and the twisting of wires. Some models offer you multipurpose use as well.

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Different Types of Lineman Pliers

  • Insulated linesman pliers

These are great for all dangerous electric projects. They can withstand a specific amount of voltage, and they protect you from electrical shocks when you’re working on live circuits.

  • Snap-on linesman pliers

Snap-On pliers usually have a stiff joint. They are not as durable as other pliers, but they are the best for all your small projects since they’re easier to use and easily replaceable.

  • Linesman pliers with spring

These tools feature a design that makes them great for all-purpose linesman work. They are less likely to destroy, and they are ideal for everyday work.

  • Linesman pliers with crimp

The linesman plier, designed with a crimp is a tool that cuts wires easily. It features a stable mechanical joint, thanks to the absence of alloys. Crimper pliers are the way to go if you’re planning on cutting alloy-based metals. They ensure that you make the most accurate cuts with ease.

How to Use Linesman Pliers

Linesman pliers can be used for various industrial purposes, depending on the model you purchase. For the extraction of screws and the pulling out of nails, you need to grip your nail or screw and turn in the direction opposite of when it was inserted. This is the only way extraction from the wood will be possible.

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How to Sharpen Linesman Pliers

Typically, only regular users of linesman pliers will be required to sharpen their pliers often. Instead of running to buy a new plier every time, you can also repair the one you have, to save you some extra money. To sharpen your pliers, they must be in an open position for easy access to the wire-cutting blades. As much as possible, avoid using your bare hands to sharpen pliers. You can use a knife sharpening blade, or an emery board for this process, depending on the wear of the leaves. For a more regular sharpening, you need to cover the surface of the cutting blade.

Our Top Pick

Our best choice product is the Klein Tools Leverage Pliers, one of the greatest pliers to ever exist in the market. It is high leverage designed plier, manufactured with comfort and functionality as its focus. It features plastic-dipped handles and comes with an on-the-job toughness that cannot be found anywhere else. It is a proud member of the Klein Tools family, with a lifetime guarantee that displays its high durability.


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