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Though a longboard seems simple at first glance, some pretty important parts and pieces work underneath the deck to keep…

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The Best Longboard Trucks (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Longboard Trucks (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice The Best Longboard Trucks (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022 Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks
Best Value The Best Longboard Trucks (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022 VJ Longboard Trucks
Premium Pick The Best Longboard Trucks (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022 Paris V2 180mm Longboard Trucks

Though a longboard seems simple at first glance, some pretty important parts and pieces work underneath the deck to keep you riding smoothly at high speeds. While you should always focus on the deck just as much as the wheels, bearings, and other small parts, you can’t forget about the trucks. Longboard trucks, the T-shaped metal parts attached to the deck’s underside, are what keep your deck and your wheels connected. 

The trucks you choose are an absolute necessity. Longboards require wider trucks, but you do have plenty of choices. Available in different materials, styles, and from a wide variety of brands, you can customize your longboard and how it rides with the right set of trucks. Discover some of the best longboard truck options right here with our top picks.

The Best Longboard Trucks

These trucks are both swift and smooth, which makes them ideal for cruising and carving. But they’re also nicely responsive and precise, giving you better strength no matter how you’re skating. Caliber’s Cal II RKP trucks are designed just for longboards and come with a package of original Bones Reds bearings, so you can perfect your entire skating setup. The trucks are constructed with an enhanced inner step, which results in an increased contact area with the bushings for a higher rebound. This also gives you better responsiveness, a critical feature for carving. The outer step of the trucks also fits any bushings, and the kingpin diameter is more precise. And you don’t want to overlook the reinforced baseplate, which increases the trucks’ strength and user control.

Keep in mind that these trucks may require adjustments or modifications after you install them. 

Key Features
  • Set of two
  • Includes Bones Red bearings
  • Measures 10 inches (axle to axle)
  • Available in a number of colors
  • Brand Caliber Trucks
  • Weight 2.65 pounds

Stable ride

Highly responsive

Carve very smoothly


May require adjustments or modifications after installation

These trucks are affordably priced, but they’re also constructed with great quality and can deliver. With 7-inch hangers, a 9.75-inch axle, and 92A bushings, these longboard trucks are built out of virgin-grade aluminum, so they’re lightweight yet highly capable. They’re reverse kingpin with a 50-degree base, making them ideal for carving and turning with nothing more than a lean and your bodyweight. Add these trucks to your longboard, and you’ll notice quite the difference when you’re skating. They’re a good fit for downhill, pintail, and freeride boards.

While these trucks are a solid budget-friendly option, they can be quite stiff, and you’ll likely need to swap out the bushings they come with for better performance since they are of lower quality.

Key Features
  • 7-inch hangar
  • 9.75-inch axle
  • Made out of aluminum
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Brand VJ

Smooth handling

Decent construction

Great for cruising and sliding


Included bushings are low-quality


While these premium trucks may cost more, they bring some profound benefits to any longboard’s skating setup. Sold as a pair, these trucks are designed to perfect your carving, giving you smoothness and fluidity that other parts simply can’t. You’ll move almost effortlessly as you enter and exit turns with the 180-millimeter, 50-degree trucks designed just for longboards. Made out of virgin aluminum and treated with a T6 heating process, the trucks also feature grade 8 steel axles and pressed-in kingpins, so you’ll have extra strength and lasting durability. They’re responsive and offer excellent rebound thanks to the included Paris 90A urethane bushings. 

The only drawback is these trucks can be a bit squeaky during the first few rides. However, this should go away with time and use.

Key Features
  • 180 millimeters
  • Made with virgin aluminum and steel
  • Paired with 90A bushings
  • Installation hardware included
  • Brand Paris

These trucks are designed to withstand all of the impacts and wear and tear that comes with longboarding. They’re constructed out of lightweight aluminum, so you can still cruise without extra weight, and they’re quite strong. You’ll get a solid, smooth ride on the 9.75-inch wide grade 8 axle. The hangars measure 180 millimeters, and a 50-degree baseplate will deliver when it comes to high-speed performance. Whether you’re carving quick turns or racing downhill, these trucks will help you fly. And you don’t just get the trucks — they come with a set of 70 millimeter, 78A durometer wheels designed for cruising, plus bearings and all the hardware you need. 

These trucks are best suited for beginner riders rather than experienced pros. If you are a more experienced rider, you may want to look at other options.

Key Features
  • Virgin-grade aluminum trucks
  • 180-millimeter hangars
  • 9.75-inch axles
  • Includes two riser pads
  • Brand Cal 7

A complete parts set

Long-lasting and highly durable

Included wheels and bearings are premium-quality


Better for new riders or a first skateboard than experienced pros

This pair of trucks are designed specifically for speed, with a different structure and extra-strong material to live up to your highest speeds and biggest performance demands. The trucks feature a 44-degree hanger angle, which allows downhill riders to push racing speed limits. With new design and manufacturing techniques, these trucks are 40 percent stronger than some competing trucks, ensuring you won’t have to worry about wear and tear. A no-slip bushing seat offers better stability and sturdiness, eliminating excess movement while you ride. And you can choose whether you want a set of original Bones Reds bearings with your trucks.

However, some customers have reported their trucks came manufacturing blemishes. Be sure to check your product upon delivery to make sure it isn’t damaged, and if it is, reach out to the manufacturer.

Key Features
  • 44-degree hanger angle
  • Made for downhill and high speed
  • Comes with 89A bushings
  • Brand Caliber Truck Co.
  • Model TRUCAL 10044BLKBLK + REDS
  • Weight 2.6 pounds

Great for downhill balance

Performs at high speeds

Very accurate


Trucks may have manufacturing blemishes

If you’re just getting into longboard skating, an option like the VJ Longboard Trucks and Wheels is a great choice. This product gives you both the trucks you need plus wheels that’ll be a perfect fit. You’ll get two 180-millimeter trucks with 7-inch hangers and 9.75-inch axles, plus a set of 70-millimeter wheels designed just for longboards. But you’ll also get a set of ABEC-7 bearings, screws, 6-millimeter riser pads, and spacers so you can create a complete setup. This is ideal for new skaters who aren’t ready to pick each part individually just yet. It offers all the components needed, and they all perform well for both downhill skating and freeriding.

However, a lack of durability is the biggest drawback you’ll face with this complete set since many customers have reported that the parts don’t last very long.

Key Features
  • 7-inch hanger
  • 9.75-inch axle
  • Reverse kingpin construction
  • Comes with bearings, wheels, and more
  • Brand VJ

Assembly is easy

Nicely functional

Don’t have to buy separate parts


Parts don’t last long

The Atlas Truck Co. Reverse Kingpin Ultralight Longboard Trucks will have you covered in two important skating qualities: truck strength and precision riding. These trucks feature 180-millimeter hangers, 48-degree base plates, and 8-millimeter axles. Made out of A356 forged aluminum, they’re extra strong and built for precision. These trucks are so good at precise control that they’re almost equivalent to far more expensive options. With a machined ball pivot, tapered kingpin, and built-in speed rings, you’ll ride with little weight and smooth cruising, carving, and freeriding. The lean is impressive, and you’ll love the fluidity and responsiveness under your feet. 

Thanks to the precision of these longboard trucks, you’ll get predictable performance through many miles of riding. However, when you hit high speeds, these trucks may wobble.

Key Features
  • 180-millimeter hanger
  • Made from forged A356 aluminum
  • 48-degree angle
  • Grade 8 kingpin
  • Brand Atlas Truck Co.

Smooth ride

Great for deep carving

Excellent control


Unstable at high speeds

The Paris V3 180mm Longboard Trucks are made with quality construction and quality performance once installed on your board. Each set is made with next-level manufacturing using a proprietary alloy creation process that adds strength and reinforcement. These 180-millimeter, 50-degree trucks are suitable for all kinds of longboard skating, and they’ll fit most longboard decks. No matter your favorite riding style, the high level of response you’ll get from these trucks results in a high level of smoothness, and excellent maneuverability. The reinforced design, which includes broader hanger shoulders and a reinforced baseplate, reduces stress while skating and allows your board to survive all kinds of wear and tear.

Just keep in mind that you may need to tighten the trucks if you plan to do a lot of carving. Also, the mounting hardware is not included with your purchase.

Key Features
  • 180-millimeter hangers
  • 50-degree angle
  • Made with steel alloy
  • Six-hole mounting setup
  • Brand Paris

Smooth carving

Very resilient

Able to last years


Trucks are loose for carving

Mounting hardware not included

These trucks offer it all: easy turning, crisp carving, and superb maneuverability. Pairing these trucks with your longboard deck will make every ride feel like you’re surfing on the street. Designed for maneuverability and easy steering, the trucks have a double kingpin setup that tightens a board’s turning radius. This also gives you double the rebound when carving or pumping. You’ll achieve tight lines and generate more momentum. If you’re riding through tight spaces or simply want to enjoy exaggerated turns accomplished with ease, this is a great pair.

However, keep in mind that these trucks require the right amount of clearance to avoid wheel bites. Also, the trucks do not come with hardware, so you’ll have to use your own to install them.

Key Features
  • Set of two
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Brand Gullwing
  • Weight 2.31 pounds

Smooth ride

Very tight turns

Solid construction and quality


Increase wheelbase by a few inches

Best for freestyle decks

Does not include hardware

Best Longboard Trucks Buying Guide & FAQ

Longboard trucks might be simple parts that few people see under your deck. But you don’t want to skimp on this critical component — and you don’t want to choose just any pair of trucks. Your longboard’s trucks can affect everything from your board’s responsiveness to your control and precision while carving.  

Choosing the right trucks is very important. But there are many choices, and it can be tough to tell which are suitable for different types of skating and different experience levels. Our buying guide for longboard trucks will help you find the perfect fit for your favorite riding style and your deck. 

Benefits of Longboard Trucks

If you own a longboard, you definitely need a set of longboard trucks. While your basic skateboard will get by with regular trucks, longboards require a different setup. With their longer length and extra width, longboards can’t ride well with average trucks. And no one wants to ride a longboard that isn’t smooth or gliding effortlessly. 

When you add trucks to a longboard or skateboard deck, you’ll discover just how much a difference they can make.

Longboard trucks are specifically designed to suit the size and capabilities of a longboard. When you add trucks to a longboard or skateboard deck, you’ll discover just how much a difference they can make. Better performance, better responsiveness, and better turning are all possible with specific longboard trucks. And the benefits don’t end there.

  • Longboard trucks are more flexible than skateboard trucks, adding flexibility to your deck too.
  • Longboard-specific trucks help every skate session feel smoother and more comfortable. 
  • With a broader base, longboard trucks offer extra stability no matter how you’re skating.
  • The reverse kingpin style of longboard trucks increases your board’s responsiveness for better maneuverability.
  • Some longboard trucks can help add speed and performance just for downhill skaters.

The Most Common Types of Longboard Trucks

There are really only two choices when you’re picking out a pair of longboard trucks. You can opt for a traditional setup or go with a more customized one — it’s up to you. However, keep in mind that the type of trucks you choose will directly shape how your board rides.

Traditional Trucks

Traditional trucks aren’t necessarily made for longboards, but they are the kind you’ll come across most often in your search. A set of traditional trucks is actually designed for skateboards — the shorter version of a longboard. Also called standard kingpin, traditional trucks are made for agility. They sit high, lifting your board, and provide excellent control and precision.

However, because traditional trucks sit high, they can’t offer much stability. While they can make an average skateboard agile and help you master park tricks, they aren’t ideal for longboards. Some longboarders do opt for traditional standard kingpin trucks, but you may not have the same gliding, flowing, and surf-like feel when you skate.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks

Reverse kingpin trucks are the go-to choice for a longboard. These more specialized trucks are essentially a “spin” on traditional trucks. They flip — or reverse — the kingpin, placing it on the opposite side of the axle. These kingpins face away from each other instead of towards each other. They’re also taller and more turn-friendly than traditional trucks, making them ideal for carving and leaning.

Reverse kingpin trucks are excellent for cruising, downhill skating, and freeriding. That’s because the “flipped” direction changes your turn and lean, offsetting you more so you can achieve better responsiveness and a more surf-like feel.

What to Consider When Buying Longboard Trucks

When you’re trying to decide which longboard trucks are the right fit for you, there’s a lot to consider. While every set of longboard trucks includes two trucks, there’s a bit more that’s needed to mount and assemble your new setup. Some longboard trucks will come with all of the necessary parts and pieces, but others may not. Look for complete sets that include hangers, kingpins, bushing, and axles. You may also want your trucks to have bearings and wheels — but these are often extras.

Additionally, it’s essential to consider the actual size of the trucks themselves. Other parts and pieces aside, you need trucks that will fit the width of your board. Check your board’s measurements and your chosen trucks to make sure you’re getting an appropriate fit.

The Most Important Features of Longboard Trucks

The features of an individual set of longboard trucks are what makes some pairs stand out, and some pairs fall by the wayside. When you’re trying to determine which trucks are the best of the bunch, here are the most critical features to look for and assess in any longboard trucks.


While every pair of longboard trucks is made out of aluminum or an aluminum alloy, it’s still important to assess their individual durability. Skateboarding introduces every part of your board to impacts big and small — and even simply cruising down the sidewalk can put wear and tear on your longboard’s trucks.

The most durable trucks will be able to survive wear. Trucks that have undergone special manufacturing or processing, like heat-treating, will be more durable than those that haven’t. Special coatings that fight or prevent rust and corrosion are also a sign of good long-term durability.


You want the longboard trucks you choose to be lightweight. Weight is incredibly important, as too much weight on any board can affect how it leans, turns, and rides overall. And a pair of trucks that’s too heavy can do everything from slow you down to alter your balance. 

The best longboard trucks will be made out of the lightest high-durability metal possible—in most cases, that’s aluminum. You’ll want to look at the weight of the trucks to see how much they’ll add to your board and its other parts, then make sure you’ll still be able to ride in your favorite skating style with that weight. Keep in mind those times when you carry your board too. 

Adjustable Baseplate Angle

The baseplate of any truck is the part that connects your truck to your deck. Typically, baseplates are angled to a set degree — usually between 40 and 52 degrees. It’s a good idea to look closely at the angle of a trucks’ baseplate since the angle will determine how much stability and carving power you have as you skate.

A higher angle means more caring power, while a lower angle means more stability, which is particularly important for high speeds. Adjustable base plates give you options, which makes longboard trucks with adjustable baseplates an especially great choice. You can adjust or alter the truck baseplate to meet your needs, which means more versatility and adaptability no matter how you like to skate.

Care and Maintenance for Longboard Trucks

Your longboard’s trucks may not be as directly close to the ground as your wheels, but they can still get pretty grimy and beat up. To keep your board riding smoothly and with the right speed and feel, it’s important to follow some regular maintenance tips. 

Your longboard will need a good cleaning every so often, and you can both clean and maintain your board at one time. Take your trucks off, along with all the other parts and pieces. Give each individual part a good cleaning, and lubricate moving parts like the bearings. As you reinstall everything, make sure your trucks are appropriately tight and still fitting properly to your board’s deck.

  • All you need to get your trucks sparkling clean is soap and water — nothing else.
  • Let your longboard trucks air dry after wiping them down with a towel or cloth to prevent rust from forming.
  • Keep all of your trucks and other parts in one place while you maintain your longboard, so you don’t lose anything.
Some longboard trucks can help add speed and performance just for downhill skaters.

Best Longboard Trucks FAQ:

If you’ve come across questions in your hunt for the perfect pair of longboard trucks, we’ve got answers. All of the different trucks in various sizes and styles can lead to a confusing shopping process. We’re answering some frequently asked questions about buying and using longboard trucks right here.

Q: Do trucks matter on a longboard?

Trucks really do matter: they directly affect how your board rides, and they can shape everything from responsiveness to precision and control to speed.

Q: Which type of longboard is easiest to ride?

Drop-through longboards can be easier to master, especially for beginner skaters. They’re more stable and sit lower to the ground, offering a lower center of gravity.

Q: How do I choose longboard trucks?

Look for longboard trucks that include the features mentioned above. It’s a good way to assess quality and performance without testing them for yourself.

Our Top Pick

The Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks are our top choice, giving longboard skaters excellent maneuverability and easy cruising whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro. These trucks are made with quality at every level, from their construction to their performance, and they can really deliver when you’re looking for a surf-like ride. 

Final Thoughts

The best longboard trucks are the Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks, in our opinion, offering a well-rounded ride no matter your experience level. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative, the VJ Longboard Trucks are great for anyone who’s on a budget.


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