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Many drivers, especially those who spend more than 50 percent of their time in the office, often experience back pain….

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The Best Lumbar Support for Cars (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Lumbar Support for Cars (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support
Premium Pick FORTEM Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support FORTEM Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support
Best Value ComfiLife Lumbar Support ComfiLife Lumbar Support

Many drivers, especially those who spend more than 50 percent of their time in the office, often experience back pain. In most cases, the chairs we use do not provide us with the best support for our backs, both in the car and out. Unfortunately, this often results in backaches and stiff legs.

Luckily, with the addition of a lumbar support pillow on your car seat, restless legs and achy back pain will be alleviated. These professionally designed car cushions provide your back with the necessary support to maintain a good posture and proper circulation, which will ultimately prevent muscle fatigue.

This guide includes a list of lumbar supports with memory foam in their overall design. This foam helps the pillow follow the natural arch of your back, which improves your posture and provides support. Make all the time you spend in your vehicle much more comfortable and enjoyable by getting one of the lumbar support pillows below.

The Best Lumbar Support for Car

The best lumbar support when it comes to ergonomic design is the LoveHome Lumbar Support. If you have a friend or relative experiencing pain in the lower back or a loved one who sits for hours on end, this support cushion is a great gift idea. It can be used by video game players, drivers of taxis/buses/trucks, as well as office clerks. This cushion has been designed to provide comfort to your back lumbar area by the use of a streamlining feature which follows the natural curvature of your spine.

To realign your spine, back and hips naturally, this lumbar cushion features a contoured design that helps to sufficiently alleviate the fatigue and pain of both the vertebrae and lumbar areas. The LoveHome lumbar support uses memory foam, which is an essential element to help in the proper support and alignment of your lower back. With such a foam, you can maintain a healthy and vibrant posture for more extended periods and also sit up with confidence and no fear of aching. 

The LoveHome lumbar support for cars is a premium product recommended by chiropractors. Tests show how capable it is in alleviating pain in both the lower and mid back regions. We recommend that you get this lumbar cushion and sit comfortably with a balanced, high-density and high resilience support cushion. 

Key Features
  • Mesh covered back cushion
  • Balanced Firmness
  • Recommended by various chiropractors
  • High density and resilience.
  • Brand LoveHome
  • Model LH-ML001
  • Weight 1.45 pounds

Everlasting Comfort creates innovative products as solutions to stress and the pain we experience from our daily activities. The brand brings pain relief to the everyday person at an affordable price. The Everlasting Comfort Back Cushion is one of its high-quality, useful products currently on the market, and it is here to bring you maximum back pain relief.

This lumbar support has been through relentless testing to provide users with high-end quality. The Everlasting Comfort Cushion features an orthopedic design that helps you say goodbye to lower back and spine discomfort. It comes with adjustable straps you can use when attaching this support cushion to your computer/office chair or your car seat.

The memory foam used for this support pillow has the same quality as those used in other highly recognised brands in the industry, and it helps in the alleviation of both chronic and acute back and muscle pain and illnesses such as stenosis, arthritis, and herniated disks. It can be a gift for the elderly or workers such as truck drivers and those who sit for long hours playing a video game.

Key Features
  • Orthopedic Design
  • 2 Adjustable Straps
  • Premium quality memory foam
  • Ergonomic design
  • Brand Everlasting Comfort
  • Model 1
  • Weight 1.8 pounds

Relax your back and spine all day long with the DMI RELAX-a-Bac lumbar cushion. We all have that chair we call our favourite. It may be our office chair, a seat at the dining table, or the one in our living room, but one thing is sure; that chair is our favourite chair. What better way to let your favorite chair become a unique healing vessel by attaching a relax-a-bac to it! With such a support pillow, you can quickly transform any chair in your home into a more ergonomically accurate seating solution, to help improve your overall posture and reduce your back and spine pains.

The DMI cushion does more than relieve pain. It improves your posture and prevents you from slouching. It comes with a confident backing from several chiropractors all over the world, due to its ability to help improve your alignment. This lumbar support pillow can be used in your home, office and even your car. It deals with injuries, arthritis, and posture effortlessly with its orthopaedic memory foam design. This foam design adapts to the natural arch of your spine, helping you reduce your slouching. For extra support, the DMI comes with a wooden lumbar support board.

Some of the features this lumbar cushion has been designed with include an alignment strap that helps keep your support cushion in place once it’s been attached to a chair, a washable cover which is also removable and a range of attractive colours to choose from.

Key Features
  • Lower Back Support Pillow
  • Wooden Lumbar Support Board
  • Alignment Strap
  • Orthopaedic FOAM
  • Brand Duro-Med
  • Model 555-7302-0300
  • Weight 1 pound

If you’re one who is always a victim of back pressure, tightness and pain, then the ZIRAKI Lumbar Cushion should be your next best friend. This support pillow is one of a kind, as it has been developed with care and attention to help align your back ever so perfectly, as it gently strengthens and protects your muscles. It is perfect for people experiencing hard knots, back pains, loosened muscles or cramps. Individuals who have experienced some form of injury or illness that has caused them to develop bad posture can make good use of such a cushion.

The ZIRAKI lumbar support for car helps you sit straighter with perfect posture, and this happens in an instant; it’s just terrific! Enjoy both increased productivity and comfort with this cushion that has been designed with memory foam. This design element allows you to sit in your car or office chair comfortably for hours at a time, with no pains or aches. The Ziraki is one supportive pillow that becomes one with the natural curvature of your spine, to prevent you from sitting in positions harmful to your spine.

Some of the features included in each package purchased include a travelling bag and a comfortable mesh handle. All items are bright and lightweight and can be transported with ease, so no matter where you are, you get to enjoy the benefits of your lumbar support.

Key Features
  • Premium lumbar pillow
  • Perfect for lower back pain
  • Strengthens and protects muscles
  • Comes with a travel gift bag
  • Brand ZIRAKI
  • Model lumbar support
  • Weight 1.1 pounds

Meet the Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll, an all-American support cushion designed exclusively for your comfort. It features high-quality construction, so durable that it is unparalleled in the industry. It can be used in both classroom and office chairs, or vehicles such as trucks, cars, aeroplanes, stadia, theatres and tractors for comfort on every kind of terrain. No matter what you do, the original McKenzie is a support cushion that believes in the need for you to experience maximum comfort. It caters for everyone, anywhere and at all times.

This back support for car features an exclusive design which arises from the use of a comfortable, long-lasting foam. For added comfort, users can choose between foam with standard density or firm density, a feature not all support pillows provide. Since this cushion can be used on several kinds of chairs, developers have included built-in straps that have latex components, to help the pillow remain secure once attached to a seat. There is also a removable cover manufactured from 100% moisture-wicking, non-wrinkle polyester.

The McKenzie lumbar roll is a trusted product recommended by chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopaedic and occupational therapists for individuals they treat. It is a versatile yet straightforward lumbar roll which has sold in millions globally. Improve your sitting posture, experience relief from all your back pains and have your spine correctly aligned with the use of single lumbar support. This new addition to your seat will drastically improve your wellbeing, from your lower back upward.

Key Features
  • Low Back Support
  • non-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, 100%
  • Versatile use
  • Trusted by Health Professionals
  • Brand OPTP
  • Model
  • Weight 5.4 ounces

We would do everything to sit comfortably and without pain, and we believe you would too, which is why we’re introducing you to the SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion. It is a lumbar support pillow introduced to people around the world after a well thought-out design process and endless testing sessions. This seat cushion is here to help you decrease all pressure experienced in your coccyx due to the anatomic frame of your spine. Other benefits of this product include relief from pain associated with tailbone injuries, sciatica, herniated discs, etc. 

The SOFTaCARE car seat back support promises to deliver convenient usage with its high-quality memory foam feature, breathable mesh and soft velour covers. The mesh used in this thoughtful design, together with all the other elements listed ultimately combine to offer you comfort all day long. The covers for this cushion are removable and can be removed quickly and easily via the large and comfortable zippers featured in the design. 

Every little thing has been thought of, even the handiness of this back support pillow. For convenient mounting or handling, this lumbar support comes with a carrying handle and a special pocket. Take your SOFTaCARE with you on your next vacation trip, attach it to your aeroplane seat and voila! Comfort at its best. 

Key Features
  • Orthopaedic memory foam
  • Lumbar support pillow
  • Set of 2
  • Two adjustable straps
  • Brand SOFTaCARE
  • Model SYNCHKG096036
  • Weight 2.4 pounds

Another lower back support that comes with backing from chiropractors is the Comfilife Lumbar Support. Its design is well thought out yet straightforward, as it ensures that you experience no more back pain in your home, office, or classroom. No matter where you are or the job you undertake, ComfiLife wants to you to have a comfortable life thus, it encourages posture support and the reduction of lower back aches.

To provide users with spinal relief and lumbar vertebrae support, this back support cushion has been designed with orthopedic features, which include its ability to act in sync with your spine through the use of contoured memory foam. Maintain the natural curvature of your spine by placing this lumbar cushion on your favorite seat. The ComfiLife cushion, however, may not eliminate all symptoms of an illness, nor may it work effortlessly for all conditions. 

Other features of this lumbar support are a 3D ventilated mesh, an adjustable elastic strap that allows it to fit many seats, and a breathable cover that ensures easy cleaning. If you’re not satisfied with the service received, you are entitled to a money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Key Features
  • Car Seat Cushion
  • Memory Foam
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Breathable 3D Mesh
  • Brand ComfiLife
  • Weight 1 pound

Maintaining good posture daily, whether you spend the majority of your time sitting through meetings, signing documents or driving, is essential. It is unfortunate that we do not give our posture much thought until we begin to develop aches, pain, and muscle-related illnesses. Sometimes, the realisation stage is a severe stage that cannot be reversed. Hope, however, is not lost, thanks to the Fortem Seat Cushion and Lumbar support.

This lumbar support cushion is one of the best with an ergonomic design. The design process ensures that all parts of your body are properly aligned, from your neck to your pelvis as well as your shoulders. Alignment is done in such a way that all these body parts are placed in their natural position to relieve you of all aches and pains.

The Fortem lumbar pillow is manufactured by a brand that seeks to provide users with only the best lumbar supports when it comes to sturdiness, comfort and design. This Fortem model stands out from all others, thanks to its contoured design that enables it to distribute your body weight evenly. For additional support, and also to help keep your coccyx stable and relaxed, this lumbar pillow offers supportive padding that is meant to conform to your body’s contours easily and quickly for instant results.

Some of its exciting features include two adjustable straps, a u-shaped design with a cut out for spine and tailbone relief, a washable and removable seat cover, and lightweight, easy-to-clean cushions.

Key Features
  • Washable Cover
  • Quality Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow
  • non-skid bottom
  • Model 4336312970
  • Weight 1.5 pounds

The best office chair cushion set you’ll ever come across on the market is the Cool Gel Memory Foam Set. It is the ultimate comfort set designed to turn that uncomfortable office chair or your favourite office seat into a chair designed in the heavens with clouds from the ninth level of comfort. This lumbar cushion is merely fantastic, both in design and cost, and doesn’t need you to splurge hundreds of dollars for relief. Sit comfortably anywhere you please, with this combo set at your back. They help with hip discomfort, aching backs, herniated discs, pregnancy back pains and even haemorrhoid pain relief. Whatever you’re going through, the Cool Gel foam set is the immediate answer for you.

Even though this foam set can be used with ease in areas such as aeroplanes, kitchen chairs, wheelchairs, bleachers and truck seats, it is best used for the seats in your car. Have the feeling that can be likened to sitting on clouds with the Cool Gel foam set made with 100% memory foam, which promises to relieve all pressure you experience on your tailbone, as well as your lower back. To keep the rear end of this lower back support for car seat set more comfortable, the seat cushion comes with an embedded heat disbursement gel, ad a breathable mesh.

The ultimate comfort set takes away the indecision that comes with searching for the right lumbar support for your car seat.

Key Features
  • with Rain Cover
  • 100% memory foam
  • Breathable mesh
  • Heat disbursement gel
  • Brand U-Are
  • Model SYNCHKG107941
  • Weight 3.06 pounds

LoveHome makes another appearance with the LoveHome Lumbar Support Cushion. Designed to alleviate the shock attack when you are driving, this cushion features an ergonomically contoured design that helps it maintain your cervical vertebrae natural arch. It has been designed specifically for your head, neck and shoulders and promotes healthy spine alignment and driving posture. The patented streamlined design of this lumbar support cushion doesn’t only offer physical relief, and it also helps in your blood circulation which ultimately helps reduce slouching and numbness, as well as lower back pain. 

Unlike many products on the market, the LoveHome lumbar lower back support for car seat doesn’t make use of straps. Manufacturers of this support cushion believe that in the event of an accident, straps, in reality, can impede the deployment of your seat airbags, which is why their pillows are designed to fit into the natural arch of your vehicle seat. The mesh cover included in this design, however, is breathable and removable and can be washed with a machine.

Experience ultimate relief in various parts of your body with the lumbar support cushion from LoveHome; you won’t regret it.

Key Features
  • Neck Pillow Kit
  • Ergonomically Design
  • Universal Fit
  • Major Car Seat
  • Brand LoveHome
  • Model LH-CLK01
  • Weight 2.3 pounds

Best Lumbar Support for Car Buying Guide

What Is a Lumbar Support?

Lumbar back supports are cushions or pillows designed to flush against the small of your back. They are products that are manufactured to help keep your ears, shoulders and pelvis in alignment while maintaining the inward curve of your lower back. Therapists and chiropractors recommend it for patients experiencing lower back pains or illnesses such as arthritis.

Features to Consider When Buying Lumbar Support for Car

  • Backrest height: before you make a purchase, you must decide whether you’re searching for something that supports your upper back in addition to being a lumbar or support, or you only need a support cushion. If you’re not that tall, having a short lumbar support may be perfect for you. This, however, will prove to be an annoying support for an extremely tall individual. Also, consider purchasing lumbar cushions that span the entire back of your chair for seats you irritable.
  • Adjustable Straps: straps are entities that offer both positive and negative notes for users and manufacturers alike. It has been discovered that the use of straps to adjust the position of your support cushion can prevent your seat airbag from operating in the event of a collision. This, however, can take away the fact that straps are great tools used to avoid your lumbar support from moving whenever you shift or change position.
  • Covers: with many of us spending most of our times on our behinds, the likelihood of our lumbar support cushions getting dirty is extremely high. This means that you must consider purchasing cushions that come with removable and washable covers, to keep things smelling and looking fresh and attractive.
  • Material: making sure that your lumbar support cushion has been manufactured with the right materials is vital. Materials must be sturdy enough to withstand the effects of long-term use. It must offer other benefits such as excellent air circulation and comfort. It is for this reason that memory foam comes highly recommended as a filling for support cushions.
  • Reviews: if you’ve checked all the considerations above and still feel lost, we advise that you resort to reading user reviews of different brands. Getting to know the experiences and feedback of other people may make your selection process a little bit easier. Benefit from the opinion of other people via their reviews and make your own choice.

Why You Need a Lumbar Support Cushion

  • Versatility

Lumbar support cushions are universal entities that can be used easily anywhere, from your aeroplane seat to your truck seat. They are great for road trip and flights, offering you value for your money and unending comfort at every location you find yourself.

  • Better posture

The ultimate benefit derived from using support cushions is better and improved posture. With its many elements and features, these cushions help you maintain an excellent position while ensuring that your spine keeps its natural arch. Back cushions prevent slouching to enforce good sitting posture., they do this by limiting how often you bend your spine, as doing this consistently can cause your muscles to tighten, or your spine to remain unnaturally curved.

Types of Lumbar Support for Car

  • Adjustable lumbar support: these pillows are found on chairs, and they can be raised or lowered to suit the height of the individual seated.
  • Portable Lumbar support: this is the kind of support cushion that can be moved from place to place, and can be fitted with ease onto every type of chair.
  • A towel/Small cushion: these are support pillow options that are only considered in situations where the regular lumbar support pillows aren’t necessary. These cushions can be placed wherever the users see fit and still provides all the benefits the other two types offer.

Do Backrest Lumbar Cushions Really Work?

Backrest cushions have undergone several testing to ensure that they do what they promise to do. All trials have been successful, and this has caused the support cushion to receive various accreditations from several health professionals such as therapists and chiropractors.

Our Top Pick

The LoveHome Lumbar Support made with memory foam features an extremely competitive design and high-quality construction. This cushion easily moulds itself to fit the curvature of your spine, promoting healthy posture and doing away with spine and lower back associated aches and pains. It is a thick lumbar support pillow that fits onto various seat types snugly, increasing a user’s level of comfort.


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