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Are you tired of facing a cluttered workspace every time you step into your garage or shop? Do you have…

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The Best Magnetic Tool Holders (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Magnetic Tool Holders (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance
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Best Value grip magnetic tool holder Magnetic Tool Holder Set GRIP 67446

Are you tired of facing a cluttered workspace every time you step into your garage or shop? Do you have tools that are only somewhat organized in tool boxes, bags, and shelves? You don’t have to dig through hundreds of parts, pieces, and various tools each time you’re ready to get down to work. With a convenient organization system, you could have everything you need right within your reach — and a magnetic tool holder can provide exactly that.

Magnetic tool holders clear clutter and conveniently store your tools where you can grab them with ease. They use strong magnets to hang your most important tools wherever you’d like. You can forget about tools left lying all over your workspace or stuffed into drawers and containers. A magnetic tool holder could make every job more efficient. Check out our picks for the best magnetic tool holders right here.

The Best Magnetic Tool Holder

The Master Magnetics Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tool Holder has it all. It’s convenient and handy and able to organize a ton of tools with ease. It’s strong enough to hold an awful lot. And it’s smartly designed to give you the highest level of efficiency and function. This magnetic tool holder, which stretches 24-inches long, gives you quick and easy tool storage absolutely anywhere it’s installed. You can attach tools made out of any ferrous metal, and they’ll easily stick to the strong magnets. This tool holder can hold up to 20 pounds per inch — and it’s been tested to ensure heavy-duty strength with scientific pull testing.

Additionally, this magnetic tool holder is versatile. It won’t take up much space, and the strong magnetic force will keep your tools in place whether you’re hanging screwdrivers and pliers or shovels, torque wrenches, or even sledge hammers.

Key Features
  • Holds small and large tools
  • Measures 1.625 x 1.125 x 24 inches 
  • Strong magnetic force can hold up to 20 pounds per inch
  • Includes anchors for easy mounting
  • Brand Master Magnetics
  • Model AM1PLC
  • Weight 3.6 pounds

This magnetic tool storage solution comes in a set of four. Each powerful bar magnet provides 12 inches of storage space and can hold several tools weighing up to five pounds each.

The tool magnets are also easy to install – each can either be mounted flush to the wall through 3/16-inch mounting holes or with the brackets included in the set. Because of their black glossy finish, these tool holders are equally at home in a garage, work shop, or kitchen counter.

Key Features
  • Set of four, including screws and optional mounting brackets
  • 12 inches of space for your tools
  • Powerful magnet holds several tools weighing up to five pounds each
  • Versatile enough to be used around the house as well as in a work space
  • Excellent value for money
  • Brand FBA_412-MG
  • Model Industrial Tools
  • Weight 4 lbs

Unlike some other magnetic tool holder sets, this offering from GRIP contains three differently sized strips suitable for a wide variety of uses. The set contains an eight, 12, and 18-inch magnet, so it’s perfect for larger tools that might not fit onto the standard 12-inch holder and small tools that might otherwise be dwarfed.

These bars have plenty of holding power, so you don’t have to worry about your tools sliding off. These particular holders display the brand name quite prominently in a blue strip on their surface, which could be irritating if you plan on using them around the house. However, this can be easily covered with contact paper, so overall you can’t go wrong with these magnetic tool bars.

Key Features
  • Three bars in three different sizes, perfect for diverse usage
  • Powerful bar magnet grips tools safely
  • Easy to mount, with screw holes at the end of each bar
  • Cost-effective solution for organizing tools of most sizes
  • Brand GRIP
  • Model 67446
  • Weight 3.35 lbs

Vanitek’s nifty magnetic tool holders can be attached to each other with their adjustable mounting hardware, making them incredibly versatile, and suitable for use with a wide variety of tools. Each bar will also take the weight of several tools up to five pounds in weight each, meaning they’re heavy-duty enough to handle the vast majority of hand-held tools. Each magnet strip is 12 inches in length, and suitable for use with any ferrous metal tools.

The kit comes with Philips screws as well as mounting brackets, so you’ll be all set to install the magnetic holders immediately. Finally, this four-pack retails for less than $25 dollars, so is a real steal for how useful it can be.

Key Features
  • Four 12 inch magnetic strips
  • Strips can be connected together to form longer tool holders
  • Easy to install with screws and brackets included
  • Heavy-duty and suitable for use in both households and garages or workshops
  • Brand Vanitek
  • Model 2365
  • Weight 3.77 lbs

At 24 inches in length, Capri Tools’ magnetic tool holder is the longest of our picks, perfect for larger tools. It boasts a magnet strong enough to almost pull tools out of your hand, and its sleek, modern design mean it’s at home anywhere you need it.

 Like the Vanitek tool holder the brackets which come with the magnet strip can be used to link multiple tool holders together, ensuring you have the perfect size for your needs. With the strong magnets embedded in the bar, you’ll be able to store multiple tools weighing up to five pounds each.

Key Features
  • Long, 24 inch tool strip is a great fit for lager tools.
  • 12 inch version also available
  • Bracket mounts allow multiple tool bars to be connected together
  • Sleek, attractive appearance
  • Strong magnet will hold multiple five pound tools, and almost pull them towards
  • Brand Capri Tools
  • Model MT-24
  • Weight 2.15 lbs

Goplus’ magnetic tool holders come in a set of six, each 18 inches in length. The six pack represents extremely good value, especially since each magnetic strip can support around 22 pounds.

The pre-punched mounting holes in these bars make them easy to install, and two or more can be made to overlap for even more storage space. Their flat edges mean you can double up the gripping power by mounting one above the other. This makes these holders incredibly versatile, and good for use with larger tools. If you have a lot of items you want to store, going for this 18 inch set might serve you better than the standard 12 inch holders. The bright red color of these holders makes them easy to see in a workshop, but might not be suitable for use in the home.

Key Features
  • Set contains six 18 inch magnetic holding strips, plus Philips screws for mounting
  • Each bar will hold up to 22 pounds worth of tools
  • Pre-punched mounting holes
  • Can be joined together to support larger tools
  • Brand Goplus
  • Model 11AA
  • Weight 9.55 lbs

Best Magnetic Tool Holders Buying Guide & FAQ

These bars represent what we believe are the best on the market. With their diverse prices and features, we hope there’s something to please everyone. Below we outline some key features to look for when choosing your magnetic tool holder, and answer some common questions about this type of product.

Why Buy a Magnetic Tool Holders

There are plenty of reasons you might choose to purchase one or more grip-on tools magnetic tool holders. They provide a quick and easy way to keep your work space organized, whilst letting you see your tools and access them easily. Here are a few situations in which a magnetic tool holder can be an incredibly useful piece of kit:

  • In the Garage

If you do a lot of work in a garage, a magnetic tool holder can be a hugely convenient way to store tools – especially the ones which you use a lot. Instead of stuffing them away in a drawer, you’ll have easy access, and know exactly where your tools are at all times. You could use one as a magnetic wrench organizer, screwdriver organizer, or general storage for tools. As anyone who works in a garage knows, things can quickly get disorganized if you aren’t careful, but a magnetic strip makes keeping your work space free of clutter a piece of cake.

  • In the Kitchen

Magnetic tool holders are an especially good alternative to knife blocks. Germs can be harbored in the nooks and crannies of a traditional knife block, but a magnetic strip can be easily wiped clean. It’s also safer than keeping knives in a drawer where you might have to fumble around and risk cutting yourself. The magnetic strips can also hold other metal implements, from whisks to ladles, maximizing the space you have available in drawers and cupboards.

  • For Crafts

Magnetic tool strips don’t necessarily have to hold large tools – they’re great for keeping track of smaller metallic items too. If you do a lot of sewing, for instance, a magnetic strip will stop pins, needles, and scissors going astray. This is great for avoiding nicks and cuts as well as knowing exactly where your tools are!

  • In the Van

This method for holding tools is great if you use a van for work, too – holding tools in place easily during bumpy journeys, and making it far easier to find the tools you need when you get where you’re going – just make sure you buy one with a strong enough magnet for your needs and test its gripping power carefully before your maiden voyage.

  • In the Garden Shed

If you’re looking for a convenient place to store your clippers, trowels, and other garden tools, look no further. A magnetic tool holder can easily be mounted inside a garden shed to safely store these items and keep them organized. Since these sheds are often very small, this space saver can really help you to get the most out of its storage capabilities.

These are just a few of the uses you might put a magnetic tool holder to – the possibilities are virtually endless.

Thing to Consider When Buying Magnetic Tool Holders

Which magnetic tool holder is best for you will depend on what you’re thinking of using it for, where you want to install it, and how you want it to look . There are a few main categories to think about when choosing your ideal holder:

  • Application

When choosing a magnetic tool holder, the first ting to consider is what it’s going to be used for. There’s little point in shelling out for the strongest magnet possible when it’s only going to be holding a few kitchen implements and a pair of scissors. Magnetic strips intended for household use will usually be smaller and less powerful than their industrial counterparts, but also less pricey. Where you want to install your tool holder will also influence which one you choose. For instance, if you want to use it in the kitchen, or on the side of a toolbox, it might be worth investing in a holder which is magnetized on both sides so can be easily attached to metallic surfaces.

  • Size

What kind of tools will you store with your new holder? Their size will be your guide when deciding what length of tool holder to buy. If you plan on putting magnetic tool holders to a variety of different uses, it might be a good idea to invest in a set which comes with a variety of lengths. You might want to sort through your tools before choosing a holder, to see how many could actually be stored in this way – it’s probably more than you think.

  • Weight Capacity

It might sound obvious, but it’s worth bearing in mind – if you’re planning on storing especially heavy tools, you’ll need to make sure you buy a tool holder with an especially strong magnet. Each manufacturer will recommend how much weight their tool holders can handle.

  • Price

Your budget is also a factor when choosing the right magnetic tool holder for you. These holders tend to be highly cost-effective, but those containing industrial-strength magnets are a little more expensive. Going for a budget model shouldn’t be an issue for lighter tools, but for weightier items you’ll need to pay a little more for a strong enough magnet.

  • Appearance

If you want to use a magnetic holder in the kitchen, you probably don’t want it to be florescent yellow!

Appearance might be a small factor when choosing a magnetic tool holder, but it’s a factor nonetheless – if you don’t want your whole home to look like a garage. Luckily, many magnetic tool holders are designed with this in mind, and are plain enough to blend in with household or garage surroundings.

When using magnets of any kind, there are a few safety-related tips to bear in mind too:

  • Keep strong magnets away from young children.
  • If a magnet shatters, the shards can be just as dangerous as glass, and should be cleaned up just as carefully.
  • When taking tools off a magnetic holder, or separating two magnets, slide them apart rather than pulling them directly away from each other. This requires five times less effort.
  • Keep any electrical devices at least four inches away from magnets at all times, as they can interfere with the electronics inside. This means magnetic tool holders cannot be used to store anything electronic, such as a laser spirit level.

Magnetic Tool Holder FAQ:

Q:  How much weight can magnetic tool holders hold?

Exactly how much weight a magnetic tool holder can keep up will depend on the make and model you choose. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, and add new tools to your holder cautiously, making sure to not overload it. Most magnetic tool holders will be able to handle several tools weighing up to five pounds each, so are compatible with the vast majority of handheld tools. Some of these holders are made with especially strong magnets, though, and can support up to 30 pounds of weight per inch. Again, weight guidelines will be provided by the manufacturer, and it’s a good idea to follow them if you don’t want your tools to fall and cause damage. This is especially pertinent if you want to install your tool holder in a van, since driving around could dislodge tools if they’re not properly secured.

Q:  What size holder do I need?

This will depend on what you intend to use it for, and where you are planning to install it. If you have limited space available, you’re probably better off with a smaller holder for instance. If you plan to hang larger tools, or simply a lot of them, a longer magnetic holder is probably the way to go. The standard size for magnetic tool holders is 12 inches, but they are also available in eight, 18, and 24 inch varieties. Many holders (including some on our list above) can be easily attached to one another, so you can adjust the length based on your requirements. If you require more than one size, the GRIP set listed at number two here might be your best bet, since it contains three different sizes of holder: eight, 12, and 18 inches. For especially small tools, or craft items such as pins and needles, we recommend an eight inch holder, to save space and keep the items closer together for more convenient access. It’s advisable to sort through your tools before you choose one of these holders. You might only be able to think of a few things you want to hang up like this, but realize how many more you have as soon as your new tool holder arrives! Sorting through your tools beforehand, perhaps lining them up to gauge how many inches of holding space you’ll need, can help you make the most efficient use of these holders.

Our Top Pick for Best Magnetic Tool Holder

The Master Magnetics Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tool Holder is our pick for the best magnetic tool holder. It’s strong, capable, and convenient — and what more could you want from an organized wall mount option? Built with strength and long-term durability in mind, this magnetic tool holder provides two feet of tool storage space and holds up to 20 pounds per inch. That means it’ll hold up to 480 pounds, giving you a vast amount of flexibility. Whether you need to hang tools large or small, it’s up for the job. With extra-strong magnets and backed by scientific pull testing, you can trust that this magnetic tool holder will work wonders.

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