The Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets (Review) in 2022

If you love your full-face motorbike helmet but sometimes feel you need a lid that’s a little more flexible when…

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The Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets (Review) in 2022 ©The Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets (Review) in 2022
Best Choice 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet
Premium Pick Bell Rally Adult Motorcycle Helmet Bell Rally Adult Motorcycle Helmet
Best Value ILM Modular Full Face Helmet ILM Modular Full Face Helmet

If you love your full-face motorbike helmet but sometimes feel you need a lid that’s a little more flexible when it comes to both riding your bike and going about your business, then one of the latest modular motorcycle helmets could be the solution.  You get the core safety spec of a full face, but with a modular design that allows you to lift your visor as well as the full front, to give that open-face helmet look. This means you can chat, eat, go into the store, all without having to take your helmet clean off. They are also a fantastic option for a bike road trip, where regular stops at stunning vistas to take photos are in order!

While one-piece helmets are traditionally chosen for their high-quality full face protection, the current modular models are giving more conventional lids a run for their safety money. However, full face modular motorcycle helmets tend to be a little heavier and some of the cheaper models can have a higher level of unwanted airflow as you ride. But as the perfect compromise between a sturdy full face and a convenient open face, we think the modular variety is the way to go. We take a ride through the current contenders for our best modular motorcycle helmet title to help you decide.

The Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet


Straightforward and stylish, the 1Storm ticks all the wearability boxes, with a good value modular helmet that looks good. Made from an aerodynamic ABS shell, 1Storm use multi-density EPS materials which are lightweight but still offer the full protection expected by Department of Transport standards. This helmet is on a chunky side but that’s no bad thing and available in 18 colorways, the design and livery styling will turn heads.

For the money you also get a nice modular system, with an inner smoked visor and an easy to lift front face panel with a clear shield. You can control the ventilation through two top and two side adjustable switches for the right inner airflow as you ride. Considerintg the price, this is a reliable everyday lid that scores highly in the modular helmet reviews and gives a reassuring level of protection.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and durable thermoplastic alloy shell
  • Flip up and dual lens design
  • UV protective finish
  • Removable, washable inner padding
  • DOT approved
  • Brand 1Storm
  • Model Hb-b89clear_arrowred
  • Weight 4 pounds

Solid mechanics make this helmet easy to use and wear

Awesome build quality for the price


Runs a little on the snug side so be sure to check the correct fit

For a no-frills modular motorcycle helmet that’s safe and solid but won’t break the bank, then check out this dual visor helmet from ILM. Whether it’s for your main lid on the daily commute, or a back-up helmet for your pillion, the ILM knows its job. Ticking the DOT safety standards, it’s a lightweight size and comes in a nice choice of colors. The front face lift-up panel works smoothly, and the front visor is scratch and fog resistant. You also get an inner sunshield which, while on the darker side, is effective in keeping out the glare when you have your front ‘roof’ up. Inside you get removable cheek pads and liner that keep you snug without causing any irritation. This is not the quietest of modular motorcycle helmets in our review but for the price this is a good go-to helmet.

Key Features
  • Aerodynamically shaped exterior shell
  • EPS impact-absorbing inner liner
  • Anti-scratch/fog wide view clear visor
  • Tinted inner sun visor
  • Removable liner and cheek pads
  • Brand ILM
  • Model FBA-808-ECE-MB-M
  • Weight 4 pounds

Great value for an all-round modular motorcycle helmet


The noise levels with the ILM can be on the high side

If you like your lids to be in eye-catching colors but don’t want to spend too much, then the Street Bike Modular Helmet from IStorm is a good choice. Go hot pink if you dare, or calm it down with a range of solid, glossy colors, from pale green to powder blue. But this helmet is more than just a pretty face, as it’s fully DOT approved and comes with the easy to use modular full face helmet functions you would expect. Made with a lightweight thermoplastic alloy, the shell has a lux-look glossy finish that gives effective. UV protection. You also get a clear visor and smoke-tinted inner sun shield. The venting is sufficient to keep you cool and comfortable, and the chin guard flip mechanism is easy to reach and use with gloved hands. Plus, you get removable inner liner and pads so you can keep your ride fresh and cool.

Key Features
  • Choice of 16 glossy colors and colorways
  • Lightweight thermoplastic alloy shell
  • Clear visor with smoke-tint sunshield
  • Easy to release chinguard latch
  • Removable and washable padding
  • Brand 1Storm
  • Weight 4 pounds

Great color choice and an attractive design

Easy to use chinguard release mechanism


It can be a little on the noisy side when riding at higher speeds

This may not be the most elaborately designed helmet in our best modular motorcycle helmet review but for the price you get a decent amount of spec and a lid that works. And for the price, you can’t ask for much more. We like the straightforward styling of the AHR and its ease of use makes this a flexible and effective flip up helmet. DOT approved, it has a sturdy construction and comes in five colorways. The front visor is clear and wear resistant while the inner sunscreen is dark enough to keep off the glare. We also like the side control tab so you can lift and lower the inner visor without flipping your front lid. Add in fully adjustable chin straps and removable/washable helmet liner and cheek pads and you have yourself a decent modular helmet as a backup or for everyday use.

Key Features
  • Lightweight ABS shell
  • Front wide visual field clear visor
  • Adjustable inner dark visor
  • Front air vent design
  • Removable liner and cheek pads
  • Brand AHR
  • Model COMINU053238
  • Weight 4.1 pounds

The external control for the inner sun visor is a neat feature


The inner padding isn’t quite as plush as other more expensive helmets

If the buffeting of having the front panel up is a bugbear when it comes to the modular style of helmets, then check out this dual visor/flip up model from ILM. This lid has one of the shortest shell-to-chin guard distances compared to similar models, which all helps to limit the sail effect with the wind you can get when the chin guard is up and open.

As well as this neat feature, the ILM also has a nice ‘mean’ look to its design, with slick aerodynamics and ample front and top air vents to keep you comfortable and cool as your ride. The outer visor is clear and gives a good field of vision while the inner sunscreen is dark but can be swapped out for clear if you want. Nice inner padding, secure and ‘micro-adjustable’ chin strap as well as a choice of 10 cool colorways and this modular motorcycle helmets from ILM could be one of your best choices if you are on a budget.

Key Features
  • High resistance ABS shell
  • Low profile design limits ‘sail effect’
  • Anti-scratch/fog clear visor
  • Inner smoked sunscreen
  • Removable inner pads and lining
  • Brand ILM
  • Model 902
  • Weight 4.5 pounds

Low shell to chin distance works well at reducing wind buffeting


The inner ride can be noisy on certain roads or at speed

Moving up the best modular helmet budget scale and we come to the HJC IS-Max II, which looks awesome however you choose to wear it! But what else but cool styling do you get for your money?

The build quality of the IS-Max II is noticeable, with its advanced CAD-designed styling giving a super comfortable fit as well as aerodynamic shape. The materials are good too with advanced polycarbonate composite for both the shell and chin bar and overall it’s reasonably lightweight. The main visor has UV protection and the inner smoke-tinted sunshield has three adjustable settings for getting the right angle whatever time of the day.  With just six options, the color choice of the IS-Max II is a little limited but with its effective channeling ventilation system, you’ll be sure of a cool, safe ride.

Key Features
  • Polycarbonate shell and chinbar
  • Single-button/one-hand chin bar release
  • Visor with 95% UV protection
  • Adjustable inner sunshield
  • Advanced Channeling Ventilation system
  • Brand HJC Helmets
  • Model 980-143
  • Weight 5.25 pounds

The IS-Max II has a quality feel with enough features for a cool and comfortable ride

One-touch system makes it really easy to use


Can still be a little noisy at higher speeds

The YEMA is an awesome looking modular motorcycle helmet that gives the vibe of being much more expensive. It’s a mid-priced everyday helmet that has a real quality look and feel.  The outer is made from a quality ABS shell that’s tough enough for on or off-road use and the inner is constructed from impact-absorbing multi-density EPS.

A reinforced chin strap and quick-release buckle just reinforces its safety cred, as does its DOT rating.  Both the main visor and the sunshield are slick to use, and the flip up mechanism for the face panel is pretty easy to reach. And its adjustable intake and exhaust vents, as well as the washable liner and pads all work to keep you fresh and cool. We think this is one of the best modular motorcycle helmets for the price.

Key Features
  • Aerodynamic ABS shell
  • Multi-density EPS inner
  • Reinforced, adjustable chinstrap
  • Removable and washable liner and pads
  • Easy to use/switch visor and sunshield
  • Brand YEMA Helmet
  • Model YEMA-925MBXXL
  • Weight 3.7 pounds

A lot of quality spec and design for the price

The visor and sunshield are really easy to swap out


Sizings run small – you are advised to get a size up with the YEMA

Doesn’t give a total reduction in wind noise

The lightest in our best modular motorcycle helmets review, this is a great choice for long summer road trips where you need to stay comfortable and cool. In a choice of eight colors, the design and styling are smart, with a rounded shape of conventional full face helmets. Made from carbon fiber, the build quality is good for the price, and the lightweight design does help to reduce wind noise and ‘head fatigue’ on longer journeys. With its anti-scratch and fog clear visor, you also get a sleek tinted inner sunshield for total flexibility when wearing and riding, just flip up that chin guard when you want to feel the wind and sun on your face! The inner cheek padding is sufficient and both it and the liner can be quickly removed for washing, ready for your next road trip.

Key Features
  • Lightweight carbon fiber outer shell
  • EPS impact-absorbing inner liner
  • Aerodynamic design reduces wind noise
  • Anti-scratch/fog clear view visor
  • Tinted sunshield
  • Brand ILM
  • Model 115
  • Weight 3.31 pounds

Lightweight design makes it a cool and comfortable lid to wear


Front chin guard release button can be a little cumbersome until you get used to it

With the renowned Bell brand behind it, our Premium Pick is a corker of a modular motorcycle helmet that mixes quality spec with a seriously sharp look. The result is a modular helmet that’s a smart investment.

Made with a polycarbonate alloy shell, this modular lid is a tough dude, in looks and performance. The outer fog-resistant visor is tinted dark, adding to the aggressive look, and the lift mechanism for the chin guard really is slick. Inside you get a sunshield, contoured cheek pads and a chin curtain to prevent cold air from entering the interior. The front and sides ‘Velocity Flow’ venting system is also low-key and effective, giving you a comfortable and relatively noise-free ride. We also like the click release shield system that makes swapping out your visors a total breeze. Plus, the Revolver EVO is comms-ready with its integrated speaker pockets.

Key Features
  • Polycarbonate alloy shell
  • Chin curtain and Velocity Flow venting system
  • Magnefusion Magnetic Strap Keeper
  • Fog-resistant wide view visor/inner sunshield
  • Removable/Washable Interior
  • Brand Bell
  • Model 7069937
  • Weight 5 pounds

Awesome spec and design give a superior ride experience

Effective venting system includes a chin curtain to keep updrafts out


At the top end of our review budget

The slimline fit is snug so check your sizings

You’ll never have to be disconnected when you ride with this smart-looking – in both design and tech spec – modular motorcycle helmet from Torc. The first thing you notice about the Torc is its efficient size – slimline and with minimal bulk, this is a nice looking and fitting modular helmet, especially when you consider the tech it’s packing. Inside you get a Bluetooth-integrated system that allows for A2DP functionality with your phone or audio and gives an impressive quality of connection and sound which is easy to control. Perfect for your playing your personal road trip ‘mix tape’ as you ride!

As a helmet it works well too – the shell and chin guard are made from a lightweight thermoplastic alloy and the clear view visor has an anti-fog and scratch shield plus sunguard. To keep the noise down while you’re listening to your tunes, the Torc also has an effective intake and exhaust venting system while the inner lining and pads are removable so you can keep them fresh and clean. Yes, this may be a little pricey, but this is a top-quality modular helmet to really connect with.

Key Features
  • Provides full Bluetooth integration
  • One button release for chin guard
  • Anti-fog/scratch visor and sunshield
  • Venturi venting system
  • ECE and DOT certified
  • Brand TORC
  • Model T27B1 WT L
  • Weight 5.1 pounds

Stunning looking helmet that packs a safety and comfort punch

The Bluetooth connection and sound are some of the best we’ve seen/heard


Could benefit from a little more wind-blocking around the chin

Our Top Pick

Ticking all the boxes when it comes to design, build and quality, the 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full-Face Helmet scoops our best modular helmet review top pick. This is a smart looking modular lid that’s lightweight, aerodynamic and slick to use, while giving you the protection level you expect. For the price you get a lot of solid, easy-to-wear helmet that’ll give more expensive models a run for their money.

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