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You don’t have to perch on gargoyles overlooking your city in the middle of the night to feel like a…

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The Best Motorcycle Batwing Fairings (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Motorcycle Batwing Fairings (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Memphis Shades MEM7031 Batwing Fairing Memphis Shades MEM7031 Batwing Fairing
Best Value Universal Motorcycle Cruiser Batwing Fairing Universal Motorcycle Cruiser Batwing Fairing
Premium Pick Vector Batwing Fairings F5-2 Honda Vector Batwing Fairings F5-2 Honda

You don’t have to perch on gargoyles overlooking your city in the middle of the night to feel like a certain brooding Caped Crusader—the best motorcycle batwing fairing can help do that for you. While you can’t parade around your city cleaning up the streets with your own brand of vigilante justice, you can look awesome while you’re on your bike—no capes and cowls needed.

Before you start embodying an “I am the night” mantra in your head and developing an affinity for bats, check out our guide to the best motorcycle batwing fairings first to help you decide the coolest one for you and your bike.

The Best Motorcycle Batwing Fairing

Whether you’re a long-time biker or a weekend warrior, the Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing is a champion of quality craftsmanship any motorcycle aficionado can appreciate. The motorcycle fairing is compatible with Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, and Victory.

We instantly fell in love with the aerodynamic design that lets you glide through anywhere you want to go with ease. You can install additional wind deflectors that direct the air downwards to reduce drag and increase overall riding comfort.

Key Features
  • Made from high-quality ABS plastic
  • Features an outer shell made from black Lucite
  • Quality finish can be easily painted
  • Brand Memphis Shades
  • Model MEM7031
  • Weight 11.5 pounds

You can install additional wind deflectors with the built-in push-out hole plugs

You can store items with an additional windshield tri-pouch

Has one of the most aerodynamic and cool-looking aesthetics on the market


Has limited compatibility when it comes to audio systems

Installation can be a challenge

This ECOTRIC universal batwing fairing features a well-crafted design that works well for your precious bike without breaking the bank. It provides basic increased comfort as well as fuel efficiency in a budget-friendly package that your wallet will thank you for. It features a tinted windshield.

The best selling points for us are the versatility and the ease of installation—you won’t need any specialized tools to get it up and running. It offers four mounting points.

Key Features
  • Features a mounted windshield for wind protection
  • Made from quality ABS plastic
  • Easy-to-paint finish
  • Brand ECOTRIC
  • Model WSD-05
  • Weight Unknown

Incredibly versatile

Well-crafted design that helps reduce turbulence and fatigue

Wide size of the fairing windshield offers good protection against the elements


Doesn’t come with brackets or mounting kits—an added expense

Doesn’t have an inner fairing

Vector Batwing Fairings has made a name for itself in the community, with the company’s commendable standards of excellence and commitment to high quality. This particular model is best fitted to Honda VTX motorcycles, offering a stunning finish and an aerodynamic design.

We absolutely love the fact that it’s made from fiberglass, making it as durable as can be when it comes to withstanding the toughest scratches and damages. We also like the UV-resistant finish for extra protection from the elements.

Key Features
  • Sleek design reduces drag
  • Durable fiberglass material
  • Brand Vector Batwing Fairings
  • Model F5-2
  • Weight 18 pounds

Has provisions for two 6 x 9 speakers

Installation does not need special equipment

Finish is fortified with UV-resistant properties

Toughened with a smooth gel coat for added resistance


Price tag might be a turn-off for bikers on a budget

May have to do some trimming to get it to fit perfectly

A vivid black coat of paint is always a huge plus, and with this Bagger Brothers model, you get the outer and inner parts of the batwing fairing in a classy sleek silhouette. It’s made from 100 percent ABS plastic for durability over PVC materials, and it’s compatible with most touring models of Harley-Davidson bikes.

For an aftermarket replacement, we love how easily it can be installed similar to OEM parts. This set includes both the touring inner and outer fairings.

Key Features
  • Ideal for touring models of Harley-Davidson
  • ABS material balances affordability and strength
  • Includes both inner and outer parts
  • Brand Bagger Brothers
  • Model BB-HD1584-044
  • Weight 12.8 pounds

Installs as easily as OEM parts

Vivid black paint job adds top-notch aesthetics

Lightweight components make for an easy glide


Design doesn’t stand out as much as other models

No installation instructions included

Compatible with Harley-Davidson Road King as well as with Softail, this outer batwing fairing is in vivid black. It’s made from durable ABS plastic for quality strength. It’s incredibly affordable and visually stunning, with its sleek finish and aerodynamic shape.

We like its good quality as an aftermarket part. It’s easy to install, as there’s no drilling required.

Key Features
  • Visually pleasing vivid black paint
  • Compatible with many models, including Harley-Davidson Road King and Softail
  • Brand XMT-MOTO
  • Model XMT-BJ0744-NEW-01
  • Weight Unavailable

The price alone makes it a steal

No drilling required when setting it up

Made from durable ABS plastic material for extra resistance


Mounting brackets have to be bought separately

Must be careful when customizing so as not to break off any parts

We just can’t complete our list of the best motorcycle batwing fairings without another contender from Memphis Shades. The MEM7011 comes with an innovative mounting system and a black textured ABS material for extra durability and strength on the road.

The clean, aerodynamic design also features a Class A finish that looks great as is. However, you can also paint it to customize as you wish.

Key Features
  • Durable and affordable ABS plastic
  • Opaque black Lucite offers a sleek finish
  • Super lightweight for a smooth ride
  • Brand Memphis Shades
  • Model MEM7011
  • Weight 10.15 pounds

Quality reputation of the brand

Offers a great look for a balanced price

Fairing shape allows for ample air flow


Innovative mount kit is sold separately

Inner wing pouches and wind deflectors are extra

Best Motorcycle Batwing Fairing Buying Guide

Fully functional and undeniably cool, motorcycle batwing fairings are must-haves for any motorcycle aficionado. A high-quality motorcycle fairing can not only elevate your comfort level to whole new heights while you’re cruising around on your beloved bike, but it also makes you look totally badass in itself. The aerodynamic design of these front fairings helps reduce turbulence and fatigue to keep your motorbike stable. Is there a cooler way to reduce vibration from the wind than this?

Harley-Davidson may have popularized this fork-mounted fairing on Electra Glides in 1969. But the fact of the matter is that the batwing fairing is here to stay, and it’s now widely accepted and made by aftermarket manufacturers today. We take a look at choosing the best one for you.

The Advantages of Owning a Motorcycle Batwing Fairing

The best motorcycle batwing fairings protect your hands from harsh winds in inclement weather. Depending on the design of the outer batwing fairing, it can also offer your hands some level of protection from the rain. With its aerodynamic design, a high-quality front fairing can make your fuel consumption more efficient to some degree.

The outer shell of motorcycle batwing fairings protects sensitive motorcycle components apart from the rider’s hands. They enhance the overall style of your motorbike; plus, some models even have extra features like speakers installed for full customization. To top it all off, an outer batwing fairing just looks cool—that’s an added aesthetic right there without the unnecessary weight.

  • Motorcycle batwing fairings increase your riding comfort by reducing vibration.
  • The outer shell keeps your hands and other bike parts well protected from harsh frontal winds and road debris.
  • A motorcycle fairing improves fuel economy and makes you look totally awesome as you cruise along wherever you want to go.

Different Kinds of Motorcycle Batwing Fairings

While there are different kinds of motorcycle fairings (full, half, dustbin, dolphin, handlebar, belly pan, quarter, etc.), a batwing fairing is a type of motorcycle fairing in itself. It’s a front fairing with an iconic shape similar to those of a bat’s wings, and there’s a variety of materials that manufacturers use to mold them.

  • ABS Plastic

Based on the material that the batwing fairing is made of, the outer shell can either be more or less durable, with differences in affordability. ABS plastic tends to be more durable than PVC plastic but has a shorter lifespan than fiberglass. It’s the most commonly used material mainly because it’s usually scratch-resistant and extremely lightweight.

ABS plastics are also pretty affordable and can either come in a glossy or satin finish. The finish can be UV-resistant as well, which will add to the overall price tag of the motorcycle fairing. More companies are also fairly more experienced when it comes to manufacturing ABS plastic.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass material provides the longest lifespan out of all three materials due to how solid it is. Made of woven fibers, it can resist the roughest and toughest of damages and scratches. This reinforcing agent is most commonly used on the race track to withstand damage. Compared to ABS plastic, fiberglass is definitely more durable and can even be lighter than ABS in some cases. It can be found on the more expensive models because of its sturdier properties.

In case your fiberglass material is damaged, you can still have it repaired via sanding and finishing after applying new woven fiberglass layers.

  • PVC Plastic

PVC plastic is the least durable of the materials, but it’s definitely easier on the wallet. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, then a PVC plastic motorcycle fairing might be a good choice. They might not last as long as the other two materials, but the affordable price allows you to buy plenty of replacements just in case yours gets damaged.

Different manufacturers will have their own preference when it comes to the materials they use, which in turn affects how much the motorcycle fairing is priced. When you’re picking the right material for you, you should also check to see if the manufacturer specializes in that specific material to guarantee a more long-lasting front fairing.

What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Batwing Fairings

Not all batwing fairings will be compatible with your motorbike model, so it’s a good idea to get a heads-up on what to look for when you’re shopping around. There can be plenty of fancy features from every manufacturer that might distract you, but we’ve got the most important factors to consider to help get you back on track.

  • Shape

In general, the batwing fairing already has a pretty standard shape—but how your front fairing is shaped has a significant effect on how your motorbike is going to behave on the road. You might not want to learn all about the laws of physics, but they’re very much at work when you’re in motion out there.

When you’re picking out the best motorcycle batwing fairing, always think about aerodynamics. The overall shape of the outer shell should properly support the reduction of turbulence. This will not only affect how comfortable your ride will be, but it will also influence your fuel economy in the long run.

  • Quality and Material

The three different types of motorcycle batwing fairing materials will determine both the quality and the price tag of your front fairing. Will your outer shell retain its shape despite adverse weather? Will they stay firmly in place when you’re riding at higher speeds? The quality should dictate how well the product will withstand damages against the elements as well as deformities from regular wear and tear.

You should also consider the brand of your motorcycle fairing. Poor copies of original models will likely be more difficult to mount or will tend to have special adjustments and kits to fit your bike. Pre-drilled holes might not match brackets, either.

  • Personal Preferences

Avid motorcycle fans each have their own quirks when it comes to personal customization, and the features on a batwing fairing are no different. Some riders want their front fairings to fit certain accessories; others want to install speakers for some welcome tunes on the road. Some value ease of installation over price, while some value a steady airflow as a priority.

Some riders have certain preferences when it comes to the windshield as well. It should deflect frontal winds properly and protect your hands while you’re in motion. You should also consider your height and viewing angle when picking out your best choice; others just want their fairing to look cool above all else.

Tips for Buying and Using Motorcycle Batwing Fairings

When you’re choosing an outer batwing fairing, make sure that your purchase comes with a manual on how to install it properly. Most models have pretty easy installation directions. You might also need a mounting kit to complete your whole set-up (this is especially true for adding accessories like an audio system).

Due to the risky nature of motorcycling, most companies will generally not offer warranties for your purchase. The ones that do will only have very limited coverage. That said, you might still want to choose the models that include a limited warranty for your own peace of mind in case the worst does happen.

Still, the best thing you can do is just buy the best motorcycle batwing fairing that will last you a longer time. Make sure that it’s durable enough to withstand some level of physical abuse so that you won’t have to worry about replacements or repairs.

  • Make  sure that the model of your motorcycle matches the fairing.
  • Pay close attention to proper measurements and the materials that your front fairing is composed of.
  • If you can buy one with a manufacturer’s warranty—no matter how limited—go for it.

Best Motorcycle Batwing Fairings FAQ:

Sometimes, you just want a TLDR when you’re already overwhelmed by what’s out there in the market. If you’re still hesitant about grabbing a motorcycle fairing for yourself—and a really cool batwing style at that— we’ve got the lowdown on the most straightforward questions and answers that will help you make an informed decision.

Q: What is a motorcycle batwing fairing?

A motorcycle batwing fairing is a shell that will offer protection from harsh winds and weather elements while you’re riding. Its aerodynamic style enhances fuel economy, and its aesthetically pleasing design is a huge plus for a lot of avid bikers.

Q: How can I install a front fairing?

First, clean your bike thoroughly to avoid trapping dirt where you want to install the fairing. Then simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions on mounting the outer shell using the brackets with the appropriate bolts. Make sure that everything is lined up properly before you give it a go.

Q: How can I remove a motorcycle fairing?

Reversed installation should be as easy as installing the front fairing in the first place. The manufacturer’s instructions should help guide you through the process—it’s important not to throw the manual away after purchase.

Our Top Pick

With the Memphis Shades MEM7031 Batwing Fairing, you get high-quality durability and ultra-cool aesthetics in an affordable package. You can install additional accessories like wind deflectors and storage pouches if you want to. Top that off with a sleek black Lucite finish and durable ABS material—in our opinion, it’s the best motorcycle batwing fairing out there.

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