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If you want your motorcycle engine and exhaust system to function normally, then you must ensure you clean your carburetor…

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The Best Motorcycle Carb Cleaners (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Motorcycle Carb Cleaners (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Chevron Techron Plus Fuel System Cleaner Chevron Techron Plus Fuel System Cleaner
Best Value The Best Motorcycle Carb Cleaners (Review) in 2022 Gunk Carburetor Parts Cleaner
Premium Pick The Best Motorcycle Carb Cleaners (Review) in 2022 Red Line Complete Fuel System Cleaner Gas

If you want your motorcycle engine and exhaust system to function normally, then you must ensure you clean your carburetor with the right carb cleaner. There are plenty of carburetor cleaners to choose from. However, finding the best motorcycle carburetor cleaner can be such a challenge if you are buying for the first time. We’re here to help.

In this elaborate product guide, we reviewed some of the best carb cleaners that you can rely on for your motorcycle. We’ll give you the cons, the pros, and some tips to help you pick your best carburetor cleaner.

Best Motorcycle Carb Cleaner

Chevron System Cleaner is one of the best carburetor cleaners on the market due to its unique features. The manufacturer has used a Concentrate Plus technology in this product that enables it to remove carbon particles that may be left in your carburetor and engine system. It weighs one pound and comes in a black plastic container for easy transportation and storage. 

This carb cleaner is made with an ideology to give your motorcycle engine more life and optimize your fuel consumption. It removes all the carbon deposits left in the carburetor, thereby enhancing the efficiency and performance of the engine. It also helps to reduce carbon emissions when used as an additive and works effectively even in higher temperatures to minimize dirt formation in the carb.

Key Features
  • Removes all carbon deposits
  • Will clean the carburetor, fuel injector, and combustion chamber
  • Handles up to 20 ounces of fuel
  • Suitable for maximizing fuel usage
  • Brand Chevron
  • Model 65740
  • Weight 1 pound

Lasts a long time

Removes all carbon deposits in the carb

Can be used as a fuel additive to reduce wastage

Reduces engine surge and plug fouling


No funnel nozzle provided


Not easy to open the bottle seal

This affordable carb cleaner comes with some unique features that make it a must-have for your motorcycle. A bottle of the carb cleaner can treat up to 35 gallons of gasoline. It comes with 5-in-1 technology to boost your engine’s performance while enhancing fuel economy. With this carb cleaner, you can cover up to 4,000 miles before cleaning your carburetor.

This high-quality STP 18410B cleans your entire fuel system, including the fuel injector and the combustion chamber. It will remove all the carbon deposits and dirt in the carb and leave it clean. It also reduces the friction between engine parts, cylinder walls, and piston rings to give your fuel system more life. Also, by cleaning the whole fuel system, it reduces corrosion and prevents ethanol deposits resulting from the use of ethanol-blended fuels.

Key Features
  • Highly compatible with gasoline engines
  • Formulated for enhanced engine performance
  • Comes in a tight seal bottle
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Brand STP
  • Model 18410B
  • Weight 12 ounces

Reduces corrosion between engine parts

Gets rid of problems like stalling and  rough idling

Enhances engine performance and life


Prevents ethanol deposits


Not durable

Can easily spill

Affects smog check if not used correctly

For a fast fuel line and carb clean up, consider the Genuine Ford Fluid PM-2 cleaner from a trusted company: Ford Motor Company. The carb cleaner comes in a larger tight seal can that makes it safe and convenient for use. It measures 18 ounces, so it’ll last longer than other options. It comes with a dip version for convenient use.

The carb cleaner has a powerful solvent that removes all the varnish, sludge, and carbon deposits in your motorcycle’s carburetor. It will cover a higher range of miles and can be used as a fuel additive to maximize fuel consumption. Also, it is useful for cleaning different parts of the fuel system, including the choke, valves, and injectors. It reduces emission and prevents the corrosion of engine parts.

Key Features
  • Comes with compression rings 
  • Only for non-diesel engines 
  • Comes in a large storage can
  • Uses spray method for application
  • Brand Ford
  • Model PM-2
  • Weight 18 ounces

Comes in a spray container making it easy to use

Cleans different parts of the engine including rings and valves

Removes all kinds of deposits in the motorcycle carburetor

Covers a longer mileage range


Not recommended for diesel engines


Red Line 60103 is a complete carb cleaner that comes in a 15-ounce tight seal bottle. It comes with SI-1 technology that helps in the prevention of rust and corrosion in the carb. It acts as a fuel additive to assist in minimizing fuel consumption by the motorcycle engine.

Like most of the best carb cleaners, the Red Line 60103 is also compatible with most gasoline engines. It cleans almost 100 percent of the carbon dirt and particles that may be present in the carb to boost the engine’s performance. Also, it reduces the buildup of varnish and gum formation in the combustion chamber to make fuel burning more efficient. It has also been a trusted product in the industry since 1979 and comes with no compromises on quality and safety.

Key Features
  • Synthetic upper cylinder lubricant
  • Tight seal 15-ounce bottle
  • Non-chlorinated
  • Brand Red Line
  • Model 60103
  • Weight 15 ounces

Cleans a variety of fuel injectors, valves, and carbs

Meets industrial safety and quality standards

Fast-working formula that reduces gum, dirt, and varnish formation

Helps with fuel economy



Not compatible with most engines

Difficult to use

Gunk M4814/6 gives you the right answer if you are looking for a carb cleaner that removes all the carbon deposits and gums in the fuel system and valves. It comes in a 12.5-ounce bottle that will sustain your carb cleaning for a while. The bottle comes with an easy-to-open seal, which makes it hassle-free for beginners to use. 

This is a fast-acting cleaner that ensures the fuel tank, carburetor, and other fuel systems parts are clean without harming your oxygen sensors. It easily removes the carbon deposits, varnish, gum, and sludge deposits in the combustion chamber. This way, it enhances engine performance and helps to reduce fuel wastage and emission.

Key Features
  • Chlorinated
  • Powerful formula solvent
  • Easy to open and use
  • Boiling point of 102 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Brand Gunk
  • Model M4814
  • Weight 12.5 ounces


Removes all dirt, sludge, gum, and varnish in the carb

Fast-acting and saves fuel

Powerful formula that works faster

Cleans different parts of the fuel system including the fuel tank, valves, and choke



Not available in some states

Doesn’t last a long time

Liqui Moly 2007 is a carb cleaner that comes in a 300 ml bottle. The bottle comes with an easy-to-use nozzle funnel to prevent spillage. The carb cleaner can handle up to 11.2 ounces of gasoline. Also, it is highly compatible with most engines. 

You can use this carb cleaner in different brands of motorcycle engines and other machines such as lawnmowers, ATVs, generators, and other small engines. It is durable and removes the gum, sludge, and varnish in the combustion chamber and valves. Also, it is not chlorinated, so it causes less corrosion and damage to the engine pistons.

Key Features
  • Bottle is easy to open and use
  • Comes with a nozzle funnel
  • Covers more than 1,000 miles
  • Leaves no residue behind
  • Compatible with most engines
  • Brand Liqui Moly
  • Model 2007
  • Weight 11.2 ounces

Removes all the carbon deposits, sludge, and gum in the fuel system

Reduces emissions and corrosion of engine parts

Enhances smooth idling

Compliant with many state laws


Better and cheaper alternatives available

Takes a long time to act on residue

Best Motorcycle Carb Cleaner Buying Guide & FAQ

Like most of the cleaning products you shop for, carb cleaners also have peculiarities that distinguish them from others. When buying a quality motorcycle carb cleaner, you want to ensure you make the right decision to save some bucks and assure your machine a longer life. 

We have formulated an all-inclusive buyer’s guide to help you in choosing the best carb cleaner irrespective of your motorcycle model. We’ll give you some tips to help you pick the best carb cleaner if you are a first-time buyer or you are looking for a better one. Read on to find out what features you should look for in a carb cleaner before placing your order. 

Benefits of a Motorcycle Carb Cleaner 

In most cases, your motorcycle carburetor gets choked by oil, carbon deposits, and sludge that prevent the fuel from smoothly moving to the combustion chamber. This results in waste and the fuel takes more time to burn. A quality carb cleaner removes all the carbon deposits in the carb to enhance the speed of fuel movement and combustion. 

A chlorinated carb cleaner will clean the entire engine, including the valves and injectors, to boost fuel efficiency. When used as a fuel additive, a carb cleaner reduces the boiling point of diesel and LPG to save on fuel.

Motorcycle carb cleaner is a mixture of powerful chemicals that react with the carbon deposits and dirt present in the carb. It breaks the stubborn dirt down to enhance engine performance.

A dirty carburetor stops the engine from functioning optimally or at the required acceleration. The carbon deposits and sludge in the carb will slow down the acceleration of the motorcycle. A quality carb cleaner removes all the dirt in the engine system and enhances the fuel flow, making it easier to start and accelerate.


  • It helps your motorcycle engine save on fuel.
  • It removes all the dirt and carbon deposits in the carb.
  • It prevents hard starts and improves the bike’s acceleration rate.  

Types of Motorcycle Carb Cleaner 

There are plenty of carb cleaners from different manufacturers. When choosing a carb cleaner, you must find out if the brand supports the motorcycle carb because some may not be compatible with your bike. Below are some basic types of carb cleaners you can find for your bike.

Chlorinated vs. Non-Chlorinated Carb Cleaners 

Chlorinated carb cleaners are those that have chlorine in their solvent formula. These types of carb cleaners are only suitable for some brands of carbs and engines. They are very active and can corrode the metal surface of the carburetor if used for too long.

Conversely, non-chlorinated carb cleaners are those that do not contain chlorine in their formulation. They are the most common types of carb cleaners you will find. They do not cause any damage to the smaller parts of the carburetor and motorcycle engine system. You can use the non-chlorinated carb cleaner for the smaller components of the engine system, such as fuel injectors and valves.

Compatible vs. Non-Compatible Carb Cleaners 

Carb cleaners can be compatible or not compatible with your motorcycle carburetor. A compatible carb cleaner is universal, which means you can use it to clean different types of motorcycle carburetors without affecting the engine performance. 

On the other hand, non-compatible carb cleaners are those that are made for specific types of carburetors. You can only use them on a given motorcycle brand. Compatible carb cleaners are easy to find and affordable compared to non-compatible carb cleaners. They are also easy to use and may come with a built-in nozzle for quick and easy application.

Features to Look for in Motorcycle Carb Cleaners 

Carb cleaners come with different characteristics that distinguish them. When buying a quality carb cleaner, you must check for the unique features that make it suitable for your motorcycle brand. The following are some of the key elements that you should look out for when buying your carb cleaner.

  • Construction of Your Carburetor

The material used in making the carburetor should be the essential factor to consider when purchasing a carb cleaner. Some parts of the carburetor can be made of rubber, plastic, and soft metal that will easily corrode if you apply a carb cleaner with a strong solvent. 

If you are not sure about the materials used in the construction of the carburetor, you can go for non-chlorinated cleaners, as well as those that work on multiple types of material. Chlorinated carb cleaners are not suitable for cleaning carburetors with soft rubber and plastics. Therefore, to ensure you don’t damage your carb cleaner, you must ensure you get one that is suitable for your carburetor’s material.

  • Safety 

When buying a carb cleaner, you must ensure it is safe to use. A typical carb cleaner should come with a nozzle funnel that makes it easier to apply. You can also go for carb cleaners with sprayers or dips that will make it safer to use. Also, check the ingredients used to make the carb cleaners if you are allergic to them. Choose a carb cleaner that is safe on your hands.

If you have a standard carburetor, then you do not need a carb cleaner with dangerous chemicals. Some retailers may sell you carb cleaners with more powerful and hazardous chemicals that might put your health at risk.

  • Ease of Use 

This is an essential factor to consider before you can buy a quality carb cleaner. It should be easy to use, even by beginners. The carb cleaner should come with an instruction manual to guide you on how to use it. It should also have an easy-to-open seal for faster application. 

Some carb cleaners come with extra tight seals that make them difficult to open. A standard carb cleaner should be easy to open, lighter, and larger enough to last longer. Also, it should be safe and faster to use. You should be able to pull out the carb cleaner from the shelves and start using it without contacting your mechanic for help.

  • HEST Ratings

HEST is another essential feature that you should look for when buying a carb cleaner. A carb cleaner with a higher HEST rating will enhance the motorcycle’s drivability and fuel efficiency of the engine. HEST is the technology that helps the carb cleaner remove all the deposits and dirt in the carb without affecting its normal operation. Carb cleaners with this feature will support fuel combustion and help your motorcycle engine save on fuel and enhance acceleration.

Tips for Buying and Using Motorcycle Carb Cleaners

Buying a carb cleaner can be a bit challenging if you don’t have some skills and advice to help you in the process. It is vital to know that a quality carb cleaner should be able to dissolve all the dirt, carbon deposits, and sludge inside the carb. That means it should have a higher dissolving capacity to break down the complex deposits and help in their emission from the engine system. 

Most motorists prefer multi-fabric carb cleaners because they are more powerful and useful for removing all the dirt and varnish in the carb. A carb cleaner with multi-fabric content will always ensure your motorcycle’s carburetor is in excellent condition because it will take good care of the entire fuel system. 

Affordability of the carb cleaner is also something you must also check to find out if it fits your budget. A standard carb cleaner for removing carbon deposits in the carb should not be that expensive unless it has some other features that make it unique. For instance, carb cleaners that double as fuel additives can be a bit pricey. On the other hand, non-chlorinated carb cleaners are too expensive. When choosing a carb cleaner, you should go for one that is not very expensive or the cheapest. Always shop for a carb cleaner that guarantees you quality and performance.

  • Check if the carb cleaner is HEST rated.
  • Ensure the price of the carb cleaner is within your budget.
  • Find out the ingredients used to make the carb cleaner.
  • Only buy carb cleaners with quality and safety assurance. 

Best Motorcycle Carb Cleaner FAQ:

If you want a clean carburetor that performs efficiently and conserves fuel, you have to use the best carb cleaner on it. However, buying the best carb cleaner is not like walking into the grocery store to buy some vegetables. There are some questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the best cleaner formulation for your motorcycle’s carburetor. Here are some of the most common questions from first-time buyers.

Q: How often should I use a carb cleaner?

How often you use a carb cleaner will depend on the mileage and state of the motorcycle’s carburetor. In most cases, a mechanic would recommend that you apply an additive carb cleaner as a fuel top-up whenever you fuel. Also, you can form a habit of applying the carb cleaner every three months of using the motorcycle. 

Q: Is it OK to use a fuel injector cleaner for my carburetor?

The reason for using a fuel injector cleaner is to remove the dirt buildup in the injector. You can use the injector cleaner before opting for a carb cleaner. While an injector cleaner will focus on a specific part of the carburetor, a carb cleaner cleans the entire fuel system.

Q: What is the most important factor to consider when buying a carb cleaner?

When purchasing a carb cleaner, always look for one that is affordable and meets the specific needs of your carb. It must have an active formula to remove all the dirt and deposits in the carb that affects the engine and fuel system, without harming you or your fuel system.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best motorcycle carb cleaner is the Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner. The carb cleaner comes with powerful ingredients to help break down even the toughest muck and gum within the carburetor. It cleans the entire carburetor from top to bottom without leaving any carbon deposits behind. It is easy to use and is considerably affordable.

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