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Have you stumbled across this article out of shame because your motorcycle looks extremely grubby in comparison to the owned…

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The Best Motorcycle Cleaners (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Motorcycle Cleaners (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice best bike cleaner Aero Cosmetics Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit
Premium Pick premium bike cleaner S100 12000C Motorcycle Detailing Kit
Best Value cheap bike cleaner Simple Green Cleaner

Have you stumbled across this article out of shame because your motorcycle looks extremely grubby in comparison to the owned by the guy next door? Or are you simply fed up with damaging the electrical system on your bike due to high-pressure cleaning tools and keep thinking that there must be a better way?

Whatever brings you to this buying guide, you’ve come to the right place. Motorcycle cleaning products are becoming more and more popular within the automotive industry. Each formula is specifically designed to enhance the workings of your motorcycle. To prevent people from being duped into purchasing an overpriced cleaning spray, which is about as beneficial as dosing your bike in plain water, we’ve complied together an unrivaled list to ensure that your bike is the cleanest on the block.

The Best Motorcycle Cleaner

Aero Cosmetics’ 30-year-old aircraft product has withstood the test of time throughout all the snazzy new commodities entering the automotive market – and rightly so. This product is multi-functioning as both an easy-to-use waterless wash wax or wax after wet washing. As well as cleanliness, Aero Cosmetics tries its best to protect the environment as its product is biodegradable, water based, and alcohol and ammonia-free.

This substance will leave motorbikes glowing after only a few minutes, as this simple waterless procedure combined with high-quality towels included with purchase are sure to produce fantastic results. If you want to turn heads on the street, treat your vehicle with this spray.

Top Tip – Fold the towels in half twice to form a square. Use both damp and dry towels.

Key Features
  • Eco-friendly product which is both biodegradable and plant based
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if unsatisfied with your purchase
  • Long lasting formula aircraft quality formula
  • Creates an anti-static UV protective coating
  • Incredibly simple procedure which produces optimal results
  • Brand Aero Cosmetics
  • Model FBA_wcwk
  • Weight 10.6 pounds

Upon first glance, the Meguiar’s product packaging seems a little intimidating with its threatening jet-black design and capital blood-red letters. Yet rightly so – this cleaner means business. Equipped with seven essential cleaning products, including liquid wax and leather cleaner, we’re sure that users would continue to buy this formula in abundance if manufacturers doubled the current price.

Everything is designed to operate at maximum efficiency to ensure the cleanliness of your motorcycle. Even the microfiber towel isn’t your average cleaning device – made with microfiber technology, the towel is edgeless to prevent any swirl marks from occurring. There are simply too many benefits to mention.

Key Features
  • User-friendly packaging which can be placed in small compartments
  • Product includes seven beneficial items which clean and protect your motorcycle
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Doesn't include unpredictable chemicals and instead contains vital conditioning oils and polymers
  • Contains a suitable pH balance
  • Brand Meguiar's
  • Model G55033
  • Weight 1 pounds

Maxima’s three-pack combination of chain cleaner, multi-purpose lube and chain wax will have the average rider purposely riding off-road just so they have the excuse to clean their motorcycle again. First up is the Chain Cleaner, which is devised to cleanse chains to an incredibly high standard without damaging the overall integrity of the bike.

Next, we have the multi-purpose lube which has buyers raving about its thickness and general easiness to apply. What they’re not so keen on is the overall smell of what many describe as sweat but hey, you win some and you lose some!

Finally, the chain wax is easy to apply and unlike others of its kind, won’t ruin your hard work by flinging grease all over your spotless motorcycle. It’s a win-win situation – for yourself and your bike!

Key Features
  • Specifically designed to clean chains whilst protecting rubber O-rings and metal surfaces
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosive formula
  • Long term protection from water and high humidity offered by PARAFILM formula
  • Affordable three-pack combination including chain cleaner, multi-purpose penetrant lube and chain wax
  • Cleaner produces incredible results when tackling daily grime
  • Brand Maxima
  • Model 70-749203-3PK
  • Weight 3.5 pounds

S100 boasts that it released the first spray-on and rinse-off cleaner developed exclusively for motorcycles. And we can confirm that this isn’t a product to be missed. If you’re going on a road trip and want to bring along a cleaning kit when things get really messy, then this compact kit will suit you perfectly.

This detailing kit is further enhanced by the quality of the products inside. Equipped with a Total Cycle Cleaner, Corrosion Protectant, Finish Restorer, Detail and Wax, a Super Absorbing Drying Towel, and a handy sponge, you get a motorcycle cleaning kit that will make your bike look nearly new.

Key Features
  • First spray-on, rinse-off cleaner produced specifically for motorcycles
  • Removal of dust, spots, and bug residue thanks to S100 Finish Restorer
  • Cleaning products come included with Absorbing Drying Towel and Sponge for further absorption
  • Handy Storage Case provided for easier travel
  • Corrosion Protestant seals areas prone to rusting and corrosion    
  • Brand S100
  • Model 12000C
  • Weight 5.8 pounds

If you’re a simple guy who is searching for a cleaner without all the added baggage, Bike Brite’s Motorcycle Spray Wash is for you. From the wheels to the vinyl, every section of your bike will turn from squalid to sparkling by adding just a drop of this cleaner onto the frame. Containing the correct pH level as well as being biodegradable and non-acidic, the essential mechanisms of your bike will be protected from any potential corroding.

The process is simple. Place the product in a bottle, spray it all over the bike and hose off. To save even more time, we recommend using a microfiber cloth to wipe down your bike. This is sure to produce stunning results. The cleaner above is even suitable for cleaning and degreasing both bearings and O-rings. Therefore, save yourself a lot of hassle and buy this no-nonsense cleaner for a stunning price.

Top Tip – Don’t leave product on any plastic buttons for extended periods.

Key Features
  • Biodegradable, non-acidic and pH controlled
  • Contains anti-corrosion inhibitors to fight against water spots
  • Suitable for usage on O-rings and bearings
  • Vinyl, rubber and tires will be glossed over by even the smallest amount of formula  
  • Half a gallon of cleaner for a killer price
  • Brand Bike Brite
  • Model MC44R
  • Weight 4.8 pounds

This one’s for the hogs ruling the roads. If your bike has seen better days, then give it a makeover with Skidmore’s Leather Cream. This non-toxic and chemical-free product astonishes bikers by revitalizing their motorcycles, leaving them smelling like fresh leather and success.

Some bikers even decide to treat both their bike and their leather jackets. Yup, this product is completely multi-functional. Although many believe it to be pricey, don’t drown out the floods of supporters who declare that this U.S.A. manufactured product is completely worth the money.

Key Features
  • Formula is 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Product warrants a 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Sure-fire results on motorcycle seats, diminishing fatigue
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Each application makes the leather superior to the last
  • Brand Skidmore's
  • Weight 7.2 ounces

Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner is definitely one to watch out for. The process is simple: after a long day out in the saddle, come home and spray this on. Then, you can disappear for a few minutes to relax and, when you return, voila! Your ride will be good as new.

This product, often known to buyers as ‘magic in a bottle’, is biodegradable and free from CFC’s solvents and acids. Unlike so many cleaners, Muc-Off’s product is even compatible with carbon fibre and matte finishes and will not damage seals, cables, brake pads or rotors. Right now, it is available at a steal on the market. Invest before Muc-Off realize how irresistible their product has become.

Top Tip – Allow 3-5 minutes for Formula Activation.

Key Features
  • Breaks down dirt on a microscopic level while protecting paintwork thanks to Nano Tech Formula
  • Protects even carbon fibre and matte finishes
  • Doesn't include CFC's solvents or acids
  • Certified as Biodegradable  
  • Can be applied to all parts and surfaces
  • Brand Muc Off
  • Model Muc-Off
  • Weight 2.42 pounds

There’s no need to use any other product when cleaning your bike than Star brite’s Ultimate Bike Guard. Proudly manufactured in the USA, this waterless cleaner protects your beloved motor from dirt and UV damage, all thanks to the insulating PTEF polymer barrier. Likewise, although using the word ‘bike’ in the product name, this detailer and protectant can be used to clean pretty much any vehicle!

With this Bike Guard, protection from UV rays in summertime has never been so easy. Besides acting as sunscreen for your motorcycle, this Bike Guard also enhances the shine of any painted surface or metal it comes into contact with. By purchasing this protectant, you’ll not only be improving your bike but solving any problems before they have the chance to occur.

Top Tip – If you are using this product to clean any helmets, avoid spraying considerable amounts onto visors.

Key Features
  • Waterless cleaner which takes out any light road grime, bug debris, and greasy fingerprints
  • UV damage and dirt are prevented by bonding of PTEF polymer barrier
  • Enhances appearance of all chrome, stainless, and painted surfaces
  • Can be used with all clearcoats, wraps and metalflake paints on bikes and helmets
  • Brand Star Brite
  • Model 98022
  • Weight 1.75 pounds

This product is green by name and green by nature. Simple Green’s cleaner is safer for the environment in comparison to traditionally harsh chemicals thanks to its biodegradable formula containing no caustic fumes. Likewise, your safety will also be upheld while in the saddle after giving your bike a good scrub as manufacturers promise that this formula is safe for use on chains and derailleurs and is also non-corrosive.

From high performance racing to casual cruising, this product has been specifically fabricated to produce high-class results, whatever the cost of your bike. An exceptional vertical clinging power is maintained by the foam, which makes cleaning hard-to-reach spaces a little bit simpler.

Key Features
  • Penetration of road and trail soils are easily lifted off of smokes, chains and other components
  • Non-corrosive and non-flammable cleaner
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Non-toxic and readily bio-degradable formula containing no added color or scent
  • Product is strong enough for heavy degreasing
  • Brand Simple Green

Last but not least, Chemical Guys’ Protectant for Motorcycles is formulated to keep your bike in top working condition. The corrosion-resistant synthetic wax film protects paint, metal, and plastic from obtaining any scratches as well as preventing rusting and oxidizing. The effectiveness of this protectant does not require any harmful pressure washers; simply use a microfiber towel to wipe off any debris.

To maintain proper bike maintenance. we recommend using this formula once a week. That’s right, there’s now zero excuses for allowing your bike to remain grimy! Formulated for both motorcycles and off-road quads, get yours so your bike too can sparkle and shine.

Warning – This product does not work on Matte or Suede paint. If you want to stick with a product created by this manufacturer, Chemical Bros has a formula specifically designed for these materials.

Key Features
  • No oxidation or rusting due to synthetic wax polymers
  • Protection against scratches maintained by slick lubricants removing dirt from frame
  • Easy to use spray on and wipe off formula
  • Suitable for use on paint, plastic fairings, polished metals, etc.
  • Degreases bike parts to restore gloss and shine
  • Brand Chemical Guys
  • Model MTO10016
  • Weight 1.2 pounds

Best Motorcycle Cleaner Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Cleaner

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to invest in a proper motorcycle cleaner. This is the first important step in providing better health for your motorcycle and subsequently, improving your own safety. Yet it’s pretty easy to become intimidated by the confusing terminology regurgitated over and over again by product descriptions, resulting in stress buying the first product that pops up on Amazon. Here is some key jargon to look out for in any cleaner before making your final decision.

Must be Specifically Designed for Motorcycles or Car Surfaces

This element is crucial when considering buying any detergent. A cleaning product which is not clearly manufactured to be used by bikes or cars could ultimately lead to your motorcycle’s metal, paint, and plastic being destroyed by harsh detergents or chemical solvents.

Use Cleaning Products Recommended by the Bike’s Manufacturer

Every bike is unique in its own special way. This uniqueness separates the superior models out from the pack, yet additionally triggers individual flaws to result in each exclusive model. Several of these defects can be further deteriorated by the wrong cleaning formula. Therefore, do a bit of research before you buy to discover what products suit your bike to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Try to purchase an All-in-One Cleaner

If possible, hunt the internet and search for an all-in-one cleaner, which should incorporate an active degreaser and anti-corrosion additives. Subsequently, this degreaser should also be acid and alkali-free.

Benefits of Using a Motorcycle Cleaner

The amount of people who use a Motorcycle Cleaner once and never to look back demonstrates the countless advantages they offer. Here are a few that should convince you to spend a few extra bucks:

  • Spray Products Prevents ‘Bleaching’

Many of our seasoned bikers will agree that over time, metal components such as engine blocks and frames can become grey and bleached. This is why spray-on-rinse-off’ products, which are gentle towards the delicate mechanisms of your bike are far superior in comparison to the harshness of any pressure washer.

  • The Lifespan of your Motorcycle is Lengthened

If used properly, the right cleaner can extend the life span of your bike by a few years. This is generated by the protective film it leaves on your bodywork and the corrosion inhibitors included in all quality formulas.

  • Simple and Easy to Use

Unlike simply cleaning your bike with a volatile water jet – a thankless and time-consuming task which ends up soaking you more than the bike – an effective cleaning spray is easy to apply and produces far superior results. If you feel like time is constantly slipping away from you, then each Saturday morning clean no longer has to be a slog. The average time a motorcycle cleaner must be left on the bike for is 3-5 minutes, the perfect amount of time to pop into the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee. This handy gap allows you to take things slowly and relax while on the job.

Best Motorcycle Cleaner FAQ:

Q: How often should I wash my motorcycle?

There isn’t really a correct answer to this. Washing your bike daily – unless your daily route is like zooming through a mud bath – isn’t at all necessary and can even leave your bike looking rough and grey, as several plastic parts react badly with hard water. On the other hand, don’t let your beloved bike remain covered in dirt and grime, leaving it looking neglected. Subsequently, we recommend giving your bike a good clean once a week. Related Post: How to Wash a Motorcycle Like a Pro

Q: Can cleaning damage my bike?

Yes, if a suitable cleaning agent isn’t used. If the pH balance of a detergent isn’t between six and eight, then the paint may be too acidic or alkaline and subsequently damage the paint. Furthermore, if you wash too often, the integrity of your bike itself could be damaged by the displacement of lubricants from cables. Allow yourself to be lazy and stick to the recommended washing periods.

Q: Can I use a pressure washer on a motorcycle?

Using a pressure washer to wash your motorcycle is an extremely risky game to play. If there is serious grime all over your bike, using a pressure washer could be a good idea due to easier displacement of muck. With this being said, never ever consider using a pressure washer on brakes, as this could cause water to slip past the piston seals and cause the leaking of fluid or even worse, water getting into the mechanisms of your bike. This will cause the weakening of the breaks over time, diminishing their overall stopping power. The same can be said for the wheel bearings: if the pressure washer gets into them, it will clean off the lubricant and dry them out, therefore formulating a pretty costly repair bill.

Q: Does WD-40 prevent rust on my motorcycle?

Before we start, what actually is WD-40? WD is short for ‘water displacing’ and is predominantly used as a rust dissolver. What many motorbike lovers aren’t aware of is that WD-40 isn’t actually a proper lubricant – its properties come from dissolving components and not the substance itself. It is considered to be a light lubricant and is suitable for applying onto household items like door hinges which certainly don’t suffer anywhere near the same amount of wear and tear than your average motorcycle. Combined with a drop of adverse weather, this ‘lubricant’ is nowhere near thick enough to withstand the constant movement of a motorcycle. Many people argue that WD-40 is suitable for cleaning motorbike gears or chains, as the cold helps them to stick to the bike during the winter months. This is a highly debatable subject, yet what we can affirm is that there are other products out there which are much more suitable. WD-40 actually encourages dirt to be washed into the bike chain, which subsequently ruins and chain whilst taking out the gears at the same time. What’s important to note is that this formula is not a lubricant but actually, a degreaser. This is why many people argue that WD-40 is rust-proof, as this degreaser is able to displace water which commonly causes rust to form. However, there are so many other products out there which are far better to degrease and prevent rust on our motorcycles. Therefore, we favor opting for a liquid designed for the task at hand!

Our Top Pick

Out of all the five-star products we’ve recommended for purchase, Aero Cosmetic’s Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit takes the crown. It is a shining example of a top-class, high-caliber product by being utilized by companies such as Air Force and both corporate and private airlines. As well as being extremely suitable for bikes, this formula regards itself as being ‘human friendly’, meaning that your skin and eyes won’t become irritated unlike working with other similar products. It’s also incredibly eco-friendly due to its biodegradable nature. Aero Cosmetic’s product really stands out due to its multi-functional design, allowing the user to choose between performing a Waterless Wash or simply for waxing while drying your vehicle. Manufacturers are so confident of its success that this product offers a 100% money back guarantee. That’s right, if you don’t believe this formula to have met your expectations, then simply contact the company and ask for a refund or for them to correct the problem. All in all, it’s simple, efficient, and won’t damage your motorcycle in the long run.

Remember to stay safe out there!


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