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Summer rides under a clear blue sky with the wind providing a cool breeze are the days that bikers live…

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The Best Motorcycle Exhaust Wraps (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Motorcycle Exhaust Wraps (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice SunplusTrade 2" x 50' Black Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap SunplusTrade Black Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap
Premium Pick Design Engineering 010003 Black Titanium Exhaust Wrap Design Engineering 010003 Black Titanium Exhaust Wrap
Best Value Yescom 2" 16.4ft Exhaust Shield Tape Yescom 16.4ft Exhaust Shield Tape

Summer rides under a clear blue sky with the wind providing a cool breeze are the days that bikers live for. Yet one factor stopping these midsummer rides from being completely perfect is the burning heat coming up from your exhaust. Finding a solution to the commonplace ‘exhaust problem’ that doesn’t take up a load of time, money, or warrants a trip to the garage is an age-old problem for bikers everywhere.

Thankfully, motorcycle exhaust wraps are the solution to ensure that your upcoming summer rides will be as perfect as anticipated. We’ve done all the dirty work and compiled a list of the best exhaust wraps, which are backed by several reputable automotive brands. Read on to find out more… your motorcycle’s exhaust and your bank balance will thank you for it!

The Best Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

SunplusTrade’s Black Exhaust Heat Wrap Roll is for heavy-duty riders who believe that their bike deserves only the best. Manufactured from fiberglass, this durable exhaust tape can successfully withstand 1400 degrees of direct heat as well as 2000 degrees of intermittent heat. Resisting abrasions and oil spills is what this product does best, as well as reducing that bothersome heat radiating from under your bike’s hood by up to 50%.

Buyers are more than impressed with this item’s durability, claiming that SunplusTrade’s jet-black wrap is a steal for the price. After looking at this wrap as a stand-alone product, many users are pleasantly surprised at just how aesthetically pleasing this heat wrap looks on their bikes by hiding the various dents that accumulate over years of riding. What’s more, for the price of this wrap you receive six stainless zip ties to make installation a whole lot easier. It’s a product you can trust!

Key Features
  • Exhaust wrap able to withstand abrasions, oil spills, and vibration breakdowns
  • Item designed to ensure up to 140F direct/2000F radiant heat
  • Packaging includes 6 x 12" Stainless Zip Ties as well as the heat wrap
  • Manufactured from durable fiberglass
  • Easy installation for all cars and motorcycle performance parts
  • Brand SunplusTrade
  • Model 1054-HEATWRPBLK
  • Weight 1.95 pounds

ATRT’s Titanium Lava Fiber Exhaust Header Wrap Kit is one of the top automotive kits available, and it’s obvious why. This two-inch and 50-foot long product is created from crushed lava rock, which is ideal for bikes with a high exhaust gas temperature. Wrap this stuff around your exhaust header, and you’ll instantly see a noticeable reduction in temperature and vibration breakdown.

What’s more, ARTR is a company that truly cares about its customers. As well as releasing instructional videos on how to wrap headers and exhaust properly, it also reminds buyers to use gloves during installation to avoid itchy hands. Plus, customer service makes users aware that it’s normal for this stuff to smoke a little amid the first few cycles. Therefore, if you’re sick of your exhaust burning holes in your chaps, we recommend giving ARTR’s high-quality wrap a try.

Key Features
  • Pulverized crushed lava rock material woven into a proprietary weave to enhance durability
  • Superior wrap designed to withstand harsh temperatures up to 1800F direct / 2500F
  • Wrap designed not to shed like other knock-off fiberglass models
  • Burning smell only persists for the first two hours after fitting
  • Brand ARTR
  • Model ARTR-T-2-50
  • Weight 2.05 pounds

The exorbitant cost of Design Engineering’s wrap sends many prospective customers packing as soon as they lay eyes on its price. Yet the Titanium Exhaust Heat Wrap an investment worth making. Able to withstand 1800 degrees of direct heat and 2500 degrees of intermittent heat, this indestructible wrap is also designed to encourage the increased flow of gases within and around the exhaust and reduce vibration breakdown.

This woven lava-rock composite doesn’t even have to be soaked in water before wrapping, thereby making the installation process effortless. Plus, your headers will look pretty damn fantastic afterwards when wrapped in a golden black coating!

Key Features
  • Titanium wrap designed to maintain exceptionally heat dissipation and overall reliability
  • Can easily combat any abrasions, oil spills, and vibration breakdowns
  • Pliable material allows for easy application
  • Pulverized lava rock composite can be wrapped around exhaust headers dry
  • Brand Design Engineering
  • Model 010127
  • Weight 14.4 ounces

Although it’s common for color to quickly fade on an exhaust wrap, it’s still a bummer when it actually happens. That’s why HM&FC promises that its authentic jet-black fiberglass color won’t change when working with temperatures below 1000 degrees. One roll of this luscious, tightly-woven fiberglass will fit snugly around your bike’s medium-sized exhaust, reducing turbo lag while simultaneously increasing horsepower.

As well as being available for a steal, six reliable stainless-steel zip ties are included in the fiberglass purchase to ensure that the wrap fits tightly around the exhaust long term. Remember to wear gloves and long sleeves when installing this wrap, because although HM&FC’s product guarantees to extend your motorcycle’s lifespan, its terms and conditions don’t say anything about protecting its users from insufferable itching!

Key Features
  • Wrap boosts vehicle's horsepower and keep under hood wiring out of harm's way
  • Exhaust wrap promises to reduce under hood heat by up to 70%
  • Packaging includes six stainless steel zip ties
  • A cost-effective solution in comparison to 400$ blanket wrap
  • Brand HM&FC
  • Model FBHC0907CB
  • Weight 2 pounds

Duramake is a US-based company focused on one goal: to provide high-quality automotive goods at affordable prices. And its Titanium Exhaust Wrap isn’t an exception to the rule. It’s constructed from crushed lava rock, which is interlaced into authentic basalt fiber and woven into a durable ribbon. After this integral process takes place, the wrap can tolerate an immense 2550 degrees of intermittent exposure and 1900 degrees of direct exposure.

The manufacturer is immensely proud of its product, claiming that it’s 25-percent stronger than fiberglass and able to reduce radiant motor temps by up to 50 percent. Buyers back them up, affirming that the wrap doesn’t fray like some fiber-based products and doesn’t require any water for fitting. However, make sure to have loads of rubber gloves at the ready when installing the wrap on your exhaust because the fiberglass weave won’t treat your skin kindly! Duramake has even included two nitrile gloves for your convenience, which is another reason why it’s a company worth vouching for.

Key Features
  • Manufactured from crushed lava rock
  • Can handle temperatures up to 2550°F intermittent and 1900°F direct heat
  • Motorcycle kit includes installation instructions, two durable nitrile gloves, and green 'Duramake' sticker
  • Protect created in the USA
  • Wrap is 100% first-rate basalt fiber and contains zero asbestos
  • Brand Duramake
  • Model 250WRAP
  • Weight 2.2 pounds

Design Engineering is back at it again with this Titanium Exhaust Heat Wrap, only this time it’s jet black. It possesses all the good qualities as Design Engineering’s last product on this list: it’s able to withstand 1800 degrees of direct heat and 2500 degrees of intermittent heat and offers high resistance to oil spills and vibration breakdown.

This wrap cuts down radiant heat from the exhaust. Finally, those summer days spent riding will be a little cooler without heat burning your lower body! So, although many of you may wonder why we’re featuring two practically analogous products in our buying guide, it’s because we believe you need to hear about their quality twice!

Key Features
  • Endures up to 1800°F direct heat and 2500°F intermittent heat
  • Pre-wetting roll not needed for wrapping
  • Pliable material assures a tight and secure wrap
  • Made from pulverized lava rock
  • Can resist considerable amounts of damage like abrasions, oil spills, and vibration breakdown
  • Brand Design Engineering
  • Model 010003
  • Weight 1.9 pounds

LEDAUT’s Titanium Wrap is undeniably cheap and an excellent option. This wrap can take 1400 degrees of direct and 2000 degrees of radiant heat as well as reduce heat coming from the under hood by up to 5 percent. And the included stainless ties will facilitate wrapping the product around your bike’s exhaust header as tightly as can be.

What’s more, the manufacturer stands behind its product 100 percent with many customers affirming that replacement rolls are issued without any hassle (some satisfied customers have even received a note containing an apology in the box holding the replacement.) It’s not that often we see a company that truly care about individuals, but it’s certainly refreshing when we find one that does.

Key Features
  • Product reduces under hood temperatures by a whopping 50%
  • Manufacturers stand by their product and willingly provide replacements and high-quality customer service
  • Pack includes two stainless ties
  • 50 feet of wrap enough to wrap around twice for medium sized exhaust headers
  • Brand LEDAUT
  • Model HMHRT25017
  • Weight 2.2 pounds

Not many companies are so bold about the durability of their exhaust wraps that they feature a promotional video of it withstanding the effects of fire. LIBERRWAY impresses customers time and time again with its long-lasting exhaust wrap. Made from pliable, pulverized lava rock, your bike’s horsepower will undoubtedly be improved after draping your bike in this golden-black robe.

What’s more, the versatile durable wrap can be wrapped over exhaust headers, exhaust pipes, gas pipes – the automotive world’s your oyster with this product in tow! And the company isn’t stingy with what they include in the kit box. With a roll of two-inch by 50-foot exhaust wrap, 10 generous stainless-steel zip ties, and a pair of gloves, you won’t be making any convenience trips down to the hardware store anytime soon.

Key Features
  • Premium quality wrap withstands 1400 °F direct heat and 2000 °F intermittent heat
  • Guaranteed to improve horsepower performance
  • Made from pulverized lava rock
  • Easy installation facilitated by pliable material and detailed instructions written by manufacturers
  • Comes with no-hassle one-year free warranty and full refund up to sixty days
  • Model 5864240738
  • Weight 2.45 pounds

Yescom’s Exhaust Shield Tape Header is an elementary product that  performs exactly as promised. Made from durable fiberglass, it resists high temperatures, chemicals, and dangerous spillages and does exactly what it’s designed to do. It can be wrapped around all internal combustion engines and comes equipped with six stainless steel fixed ties to ensure that installation goes as smoothly as possible.

What we love the most about this product is its sustainable nature. Since it’s non-toxic and harmless, you can invest in this product knowing that it won’t have any adverse effects on the environment. Plus, this wrap also promises to reduce engine noise, so riding your bike won’t be as deafening for yourself and those around you.

Key Features
  • Can insulate vehicle up to 1000°F
  • Guarantees a quieter and more controlled riding experience
  • Protects driver from engine burns and thermal shocks
  • Eco-friendly fibreglass material is non-toxic and harmless
  • Kit includes six stainless steel fixed ties
  • Brand Yescom
  • Model 5864281806
  • Weight 12 ounces

Last but by no means least, is HM&FC’s magnificent White Fiberglass Exhaust Header, which promises to turn heads on the street and grant a rider with more years in the saddle. It can extend your engine life, and the higher miles per gallon will save you money on fuel and reduce engine heat by up to a whopping 70 percent.

The manufacturer is so confident in its product’s success that it has a 100-percent, money-back guarantee. Instead of wasting your money on a blanket wrap for your bike that costs an arm and a leg, this wrap will keep your bike young and healthy without breaking the bank.

Key Features
  • 50-foot roll of white fiberglass available for a bargain
  • Wrap will extend the lifespan of your vehicle by reducing turbo lag
  • Reduce under hood heat by up to 70%
  • Aesthetically pleasing wraps able to hide knocks and stains
  • Easy installation thanks to malleable material
  • Brand HM&FC
  • Model 5824068901
  • Weight 2 pounds

Best Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Buying Guide

What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

A top-notch motorcycle exhaust wrap is a wonderful thing. Not only do they grant your motor with the protection they deserve, they will be sure to extend the life of your vehicle substantially. Make sure that you end up with a top-quality exhaust wrap by asking yourself these three pertinent questions before purchase below:

  • What material is your exhaust wrap made out of?

The most resistant materials out there are Titanium interwoven with pulverized lava rock and Fiberglass. Both these wrap materials are malleable and designed to insulate the exhaust system. Don’t settle for anything less!

  • How much heat can your chosen wrap withstand?

What’s the point of owning an exhaust wrap if it doesn’t sufficiently pull heat from the exhaust? We recommend purchasing a wrap that can withstand temperatures far over 1800°F and can additionally combat sporadic temperatures between 2000°F and 2500°F.

  • Do you care much about appearances?

There are two different types of riders: those who take pride in ensuring their gleaming bike is the talk of the town and those who believe that a little wear and tear is what gives their motorbike its personality. For the riders who enjoy turning heads on the street, motorcycle wrap may not be for you as, over time, the wrap could start to look a little ugly. We recommend purchasing HM&FC’s White Fiberglass Wrap for a fashionable finish for your header. Otherwise, investing in long-lasting ceramic coating will also retain and dissipate heat while maintaining your bike’s perfect finish – although it will cost you a little extra.

What is a Header Wrap and Why Do You Need It?

Many people think that bike fanatics that wrap their exhaust headers only do so to keep them spick and span. However, there are actually several compelling reasons to do so. Here’s why each and every kind of biker out there should invest in header wraps for their motorcycle:

  • The Poser

We get it – you’ve had your beloved bike for a while now and it’s not looking as good as it used to. Header wrap covers the ugly bumps and scratches built up over the years. Plus, the coloring and gleam of some exhaust wraps can even look aesthetically pleasing.

  • The Racer

Say hello to a whole lot of horsepower! Wrapping your headers grants your vehicle with an increase in horsepower, as the engine is able to operate at full power for longer periods of time due to a cooler throttle. Some exhaust wraps are even rumored to make your motorcycle sound louder! It’s every racers dream…

  • The Saver

Motorcycles are expensive enough. So, when an unforeseen exhaust problem comes out of nowhere, you can wave your savings goodbye. Wrapping your headers will increase the longevity of your vehicle due to the exhaust wrap reducing heat in the engine through absorption. Plus, it’s a much cheaper alternative than ceramic coating your headers!

Pros and Cons of Using an Exhaust Wrap

There are two camps of bikers: those who only wrap their exhaust headers and those who wrap both the headers and the exhaust itself. Here’s why you should do both… and why you shouldn’t!

[pros_cons id=”20121″ item=”0″]

Best Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap FAQ:

Q: How much motorcycle exhaust wrap do I need?

A two-inch X fifty-foot exhaust wrap roll is more than enough to protect an average exhaust. If you still don’t believe us, then we find that the Heatshield Products Exhaust and Header Wrap Calculator will save you both time and money. If you’re still unsure then it’s always better to purchase more exhaust wrap than less. Let’s face it, you’ll end up using it all eventually.

Q: How long does motorcycle exhaust wrap last?

This is an impossible question to answer unless taking into account a number of factors, including the amount you ride, the trails you ride on, and the quality of exhaust wrap you’re willing to invest in. Although most wraps last a few months at the most, high-quality brands offer a one-year warranty on many of their wraps. Therefore, investing in a brand that offers a hassle-free warranty is the best way forward.

Q: How much does it cost?

The price of your run of the mill exhaust wrap starts from around 7$. Yet be prepared to pay for quality: top of the range exhaust wraps cost around 45$! However, the latter alternative is far superior than paying big bucks to have your exhaust ceramic coated.

Our Top Pick

So, out of the durable and diverse selection of motorcycle exhaust wraps presented to you today, which one would we trust to grant our motorcycle with the protection it deserves? SunplusTrade’s Black Exhaust Heat Wrap Roll outshines the lot in resistance, thermal properties, and versatility. This black wrap is designed to tolerate 1400°F of direct heat and 2000°F of radiant heat. Manufacturers pledge that their fiberglass heat insulator will reduce head under a bike’s hood up to 50%. And we’re inclined to believe them, given that SunplusTrade have never been off the mark so far. It’s not often that a products description is entirely accurate, but this wrap is a product that works like stated on the label.


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