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As a biker, new technology allows you to experience the benefits of a modern exhaust system. The choice, however, isn’t…

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The Best Motorcycle Exhaust Systems (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Motorcycle Exhaust Systems (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Yoshimura RS-5 Street Series Slip-On Exhaust Yoshimura RS-5 Street Series Slip-On Exhaust
Premium Pick Vance and Hines Shortshots Staggered Full System Exhaust Vance and Hines Shortshots Staggered Full System Exhaust
Best Value EMGO Chrome Shorty Muffler EMGO Chrome Shorty Muffler

As a biker, new technology allows you to experience the benefits of a modern exhaust system. The choice, however, isn’t straightforward since there are many innovative, feature-packed products available. To help relieve you of the burden, we have a list of recommendations, highlighting the best exhaust systems currently available. Additionally, our buying guide and FAQ section contains further research that will guide you on your hunt for the right unit for your bike.

The Best Motorcycle Exhaust System

The Yoshimura Slip-On Exhaust is a member of the company’s Street Series collection. This is but one of their products, which has been created via the careful selection of new innovative technologies. We recommend this exhaust system as it is effective and durable and comes with all the design features needed for every exhaust system to work efficiently.

As for aesthetics, the Yoshimura exhaust comes in a sleek and well-designed trapezoidal shape that has allowed the manufacturer to provide the user with three different muffler choices, namely carbon fiber, stainless steel, and titanium. The stainless steel muffler is designed from 304L Stainless steel and features a tapered mid-pipe system that is to be attached to your header pipe. And that’s not all. A round outlet has been included to offer more power through an increase in the potency of your muffler. Overall, this exhaust system is unique in many ways; thus, it stands out from all its competitors.

Key Features
  • Cone carbon fibre tip
  • Trapezoidal shape
  • Three muffler options
  • slip-On style
  • Brand Yoshimura
  • Model 960-1384
  • Weight 6 pounds

Eye-appealing design

Includes safety accessories



Requires the wearing of protective ear gear

There’s no turning back with the Suzuki M4 GP Slip-On Exhaust system in your garage. Many bikers are aware of the Suzuki brand and all it offers. This is a well-known company responsible for the mass production of high-quality bikes and accessories. It understands the changing needs of riders. If you wish to invest in affordability and durability, we recommend that you take a look at Suzuki and everything that it stands for.

The Suzuki GP motorcycle exhaust pipes exhibit style and function as a single entity, and using this product with your bike is fun as it doesn’t pose any danger to the environment or your health. Users of this exhaust system experience good sounds and exceptional quality. What’s more, it is an aluminum-clad, stainless steel product, designed as a slip-on exhaust. Considering how user-friendly the system is, there’s no surprise that it is always high in demand. All in all, we will recommend this unit for all those seeking an economical option to the typical exhaust system.

Key Features
  • Does not include an optional heat shield
  • Black color
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Designed as a slip-on exhaust
  • Brand M4
  • Model SU6112-GP
  • Weight 4.25 pounds

Best used during races

Tri-oval design is user-friendly

Sleek design


Operation is very noisy

One of the best maintenance practices you can invest in is to purchase a durable exhaust system. Meet the Kawasaki Motorcycle Exhaust System, which is built with you in mind and provides all the necessary elements required for the perfect flow of efficiency and reliability.

The Kawasaki slip-on exhaust delivers the best quality and a fantastic sound that cannot be imitated by other brands. This system goes through a series of tests in a bid to ensure its safety, functionality, and durability. What’s more, it is a simple product with a straightforward installation process – this process is time-saving and doesn’t involve a lot of complicated instructions. We bet that using the Kawasaki exhaust will yield great results, both as a rider or a passenger.

Key Features
  • Comes with Muffler
  • Fit for Kawasaki ninja 250
  • Material: Aluminum+ Stainless steel
  • Great sounds good quality
  • Brand RANSOTO
  • Model ZH015-A
  • Weight 5.51 pounds


Dual-outlet end-cap

Made from carbon fiber


Raw, savage sound

If bikes could speak, they would ask for the EMGO Chrome Shorty Muffler. There are so many muffler units in the market, and a thousand more to be introduced. Out of all the options, there are special reasons why brands like EMGO are on top. The prinicipal reason is that these brands have established themselves as companies that know what they’re doing. They understand the factors and requirements that go into the creation of such products; thus, it is second nature. Another reason is that these companies are made up of professionals with the zeal to satisfy clients. They know what you want as a customer, so they’re able to offer you a design solution to fit your present needs.

This muffler features a swing arm for easy installation and also uses universal mufflers. As for its construction, this muffler is made with a chrome plate and a fiberglass core for extra durability. There’s no better way to show your bike all the care in the world than through the EMGO Shorty Muffler.

Key Features
  • Beautifully chrome plated
  • Comes built with a fiberglass core
  • Mufflers are universal
  • Easy installation
  • Brand Emgo
  • Model TRTD4395
  • Weight 2.1 pounds

Excellent balance-to-price ratio

Able to deliver significant power

Isn’t extremely heavy


Product may sound louder on some bikes

If you wish to invest in an American-produced exhaust system that caters to all your needs, we recommend the Full System Exhaust from Vance and Hines. Not only is it efficient, but it is also incredibly durable and can be considered money saving. However, you can only make use of it if you use the 2014-2018 models of Sportsters. Nonetheless, it is highly versatile in operation, which makes it a favorite.

What’s more, this product is known as the Shortshots staggered exhaust system because its design displays a staggered configuration, which adds to the aesthetic and also the function of the product as a whole. Additionally, this Vance and Hines aftermarket motorcycle exhaust features a matte black finish and also delivers full coverage of all heat shields without an issue. Other features include a slash end treatment, which is their patented design, and the louvered core baffles. And that’s not all. This product comes with the company’s new flat plane design, which consists of a mounting panel and oxygen sensors. Overall, there’s so much to gain from the Vance and Hines full system exhaust.

Key Features
  • Signature twin slash end treatment
  • Full coverage of all heat shields
  • Flat plane 12mm oxygen sensor mounts
  • Staggered configuration
  • Brand Vance & Hines
  • Model 47229
  • Weight 21 pounds

Durable build


Versatile and adjustable use


Size can be an issue

The Akrapovic Muffler Slip is another excellent device. The Akrapovic tops the charts with its great features and durable build. This is a titanium muffler designed for slip-on installment and smooth operation. It features a sporty slip-on system with megaphones, which will allow you to enjoy perfect sound performance. While reducing weight, this unit delivers a torque increase over its RPM range, something that isn’t common among other groups. 

The Akrapovic slip-on motorcycle exhaust pipes also features an oval muffler that is designed from titanium and comes with the perfect balance between price and performance, which makes it ideal for use on the streets and highways. Customers across the globe praise this unit for its reliability and strength. They also comment on its durability and resistance to pressure, which means it can be used for many years without an issue. Purchase a titanium built exhaust system and enjoy the many benefits it comes with.

Key Features
  • Sporty slip-on megaphones
  • Deliver a big power and torque
  • Oval titanium muffler
  • Sporty slip-on megaphones
  • Brand Akrapovic
  • Model SM-Y6SO6T
  • Weight 1.3 pounds

Points for appearance while riding

Made of quality stainless steel

Delivers an amazing sound effect


You might need a professional to fix and install

Want a racing unit? Meet the JFG Racing Slip-on Exhaust system. The JFG slip-on exhaust features many design elements that leave customers thoroughly impressed with every use. This system delivers a more race-inspired sound to your bike and also increases the power.

Additionally, the JFG exhaust racing motorcycle muffler will keep functioning for many years. What’s more, it is available in the standard/ race and GP models; thus, depending on your bike and intended use, you might opt for a different type of exhaust system.

Key Features
  • 1.5-2 Inlet
  • Stainless steel muffler
  • With moveable DB killer
  • Available in the standard/ race and GP models
  • Brand JFG RACING
  • Model UG17130011-A
  • Weight 3.37 pounds

Fits most pipes

adapter offers easy use

Installation is simple


A little too noisy when used

The XMT-MOTO Slip-On Exhaust is a unique product manufactured with cold rolled steel metal for strength and durability. It features brand new parts and includes a single pair of exhaust pipes upon purchase.

Additionally, the XMT Moto slip on exhaust comes with free shipping, and the company has excellent customer service. Installing this system is simple and doesn’t demand a lot of time. The operation of your bike will never be the same after getting this slip-on exhaust.

Key Features
  • Brand new parts
  • Made with cold rolled steel metal
  • Durable unit
  • one pair exhaust pipe

The pipe has an eccentric look

It can easily be installed

Silent operations


Demands a lot of resources

The Radiant Cycles GP motorcycle exhaust features a great design and a superior finish. Radiant Cycles Shorty Exhausts are durable, well-constructed, economical, and classic. This exhaust system is a simple but well thought through design. It is used with all Yamaha models as well as other bikes with similar engines and specifications. The size is adequate for all your exhaust needs, allowing it to fit 45mm chamber pipes with ease, and it also features a muffler for less noise during operations.

Additionally, the system is made with a durable construction method, which ensures it has an extended lifespan; it is also straightforward and quick to install. What’s more, there is also a high flow battle, which increases its productivity.  It is a thin structure found within the hollow exhaust. Overall, you can’t go wrong with this unit.

Key Features
  • Slip-on short muffler pipe
  • For 2006-2019 Yamaha
  • 60-day warranty
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Brand Radiant Cycles
  • Model GP200120083
  • Weight 1.57 pounds

It aids in making any bike feel lighter

It offers your bike a unique look

Quality titanium material


Issues with clearance depend on how low you are

It might be illegal for use in some areas

The final product on our list of favorite exhaust systems is from Two Brothers. We accept that quality can be challenging to come by, especially with a wide array of options. Some brands use price to attract customers, while others use the function and aesthetic of their products to get you hooked. While all these are valid means of attracting customers, none does it better than the efficiency of your product. This is a system that the Two Brothers brand has come to understand; thus, every item it launches is built to be functional and durable. 

Its Racing Slip-on exhaust system is very simple to install. It features a cast magnesium end and a retaining ring that allows riders who love to race to explore new routes and trails.

Key Features
  • Black Series M-2
  • Carbon tiber canister
  • Drop weight
  • Made in the USA
  • Brand Two Brothers Racing
  • Model 005-1460407V-B
  • Weight 6.4 pounds

Installation is not difficult

Offers a great sound

It comes with a muffler sleeve


Can be a little difficult to use

Best Motorcycle Exhaust Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Exhaust System

  • Brand

There are many brands and companies on the market, promising to deliver the best exhausts. We have recommended well known and commonly used brands that have been in the industry for quite some time; thus, they have all the design expertise.

  • Budget

As a vehicle owner, you need to be aware of how much you’re willing to spend, such that you don’t run at a loss. Having a budget helps limit your options and guide you along a specific path. This also makes your selection process more comfortable and less time-consuming.

  • Efficiency

How well does the exhaust you wish to invest in work? This is a vital question you need to address before making the final exhaust selection. The efficiency of your exhaust system will determine if you need regular maintenance or not. We advise that you seek the most durable units on the market, and the best way to find them is in the following point.

  • Reviews

When in doubt, fall back onto existing feedback from customers across the world. This is the best way to find out different information about a single product, to influence your final purchase conditions. Customer reviews are found on many online platforms and they are straightforward to access.

Benefits of Replacing Factory System

  • Replacing your factory stem allows your engine to perform better than before. With a better driver, you’re able to move at top speed as often as you like, without wondering about accidents and injuries.
  • Another benefit of replacing your systems is that the change muffles all the noise produced by your bike while you ride. This is because some models have mufflers that keep your bike quieter and more convenient to ride in the neighborhood and the city.
  • The final benefit of the exhaust system is that they keep the rider safe from all harmful gases, which can be detrimental to the health of both passengers and cyclists. Exhaust systems are designed to route all emitted gases away from the riders; thus, the burning process of your engine doesn’t affect anyone on your bike negatively.

Different Types of Exhausts

  • Single Exit Pipe

The first exhaust system type Is the most common type found in trucks and cars. It requires a single pipe for operations, as its name suggests. They’re the cheapest and most user-friendly units.

  • Dual Rear Exit

Unlike the unique exit system, these types of the exhaust are used for sports vehicles. This is because they give off deeper sounds, and they make use of two pipes that are attached under your back bumper. They have higher efficiency and are also more durable.

  • Opposite Dual Exhaust

The third type to be discussed is the Opposite Dual Exhaust, a system that wraps around your wheel. It is used on large vehicles and those designed to tow huge loads. They can be efficient under certain conditions, and they are a variant of dual rear exhaust systems.

Drag Pipes v. Open Exhaust

Brag pipes are systems that, when used, make the turning of your bike very difficult. They are different from the open exhaust systems, which enable engines to release the most exhausts, which increase their overall horsepower, reduced performance on the street, and offers an erratic delivery.

Best Motorcycle Exhaust FAQ:

Q: What is the purpose of the exhaust system?

Exhaust systems are vehicle parts designed for a couple of reasons. The first reason why these products exist is to send all smoke and soot emitted by your bike away from the rider or passenger. This keeps you safe and free from all toxic carbon monoxide substances. Another one of their purposes is that they help your engine in its operations.

Q: How do I clean motorcycle exhaust pipes?

Cleaning and maintaining your exhaust pipe should be a tedious process. It doesn’t demand time, and it is simple to do. To clean your exhaust pipes, you have to clean all ducts using a metal cleaner. This product should be applied for some minutes before being scrubbed off with a pad. The next step is to rinse all pipes with water from a spray bottle. The last step involves using a metal polish and rubbing pad to bring out the sheen of your model.

Q: How can I make motorcycle exhaust sound deeper?

The sounds produced by exhaust systems differ greatly from model to model. Some sounds are unique, and this is made possible via the use of baffles on the pipes. Removing these baffles can change the sound delivered by your model. If you wish to make your exhaust sound deeper, you need to remove the nut at the bottom of your exhaust pipe using a wrench.

Q: Are motorcycle exhausts universal?

Motorcycle exhausts can never be universal, as you already know by now. These units cannot be comprehensive because not all bikes are the same or have been manufactured with the same design elements. Manufacturers of exhaust systems consider the variety of models when making their systems. They consider the year, type of model, as well as the engine displacement of your bike and design accordingly.

Our Top Pick

The Yoshimura exhaust system remains the global favorite in this article. As our best choice product, we review its features and strengths as well as what customers across the globe are saying about its functionality. The Yoshimura exhaust pipe is the best system in today’s market. It is made with three different materials and offers three different models for various purposes. These are the carbon fiber exhaust system, the stainless steel system, and those made from titanium. Durability is assured with this unit as much as strength and efficiency is. We recommend this tool for all drivers in need of a well-designed exhaust system that can be used for different purposes as and when the need arises.

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