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A motorcycle is never complete without a radio to keep you entertained on the road. However, finding the best motorcycle…

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The Best Motorcycle Radios (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Motorcycle Radios (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice GoHawk TJ4-R Bluetooth Motorcycle FM Radio GoHawk TJ4-R Bluetooth Motorcycle FM Radio
Best Value INNOGLOW Motorcycle Speakers with Radio Amplifier System INNOGLOW Motorcycle Speakers & Radio System
Premium Pick LEXIN LX-S3 Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio Antenna LEXIN LX-S3 Bluetooth Motorcycle Radio

A motorcycle is never complete without a radio to keep you entertained on the road. However, finding the best motorcycle radio that has admirable features and quality sound is not that easy if you are shopping for the first time. There are numerous brands of motorcycle radios with different specifications, which you must check to find one that suits your bike. In this review, we have selected some of the best motorcycle sound systems to help in your selection. Read through to find the best radio that meets your tastes and preferences.

The Best Motorcycle Radio

This audio system is one of the best devices you can get from GoHawk. It features a 100-watt amplifier and two 4-inch full-range stereo speakers with high-quality bass and treble. With this motorcycle radio, you can listen to your favorite playlist from external devices, thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming capabilities, 3.5mm AUX input, USB support, SD card, and MP3 file support. Additionally, the device comes with all the necessary hardware and wiring to ensure hassle-free installation.

The audio system is highly compatible with other secondary devices like MP3 players and phones. It produces crystal clear sound, making it suitable for listening to music or news while on the road. Also, it features high-quality aluminum construction for enhanced performance and durability. Additionally, its marine-grade IP56 waterproof construction makes it suitable for use in any weather condition.

Key Features
  • 100-watt amplifier
  • 4-inch full-range speakers
  • Material: ABS plastic and aluminum construction
  • Hidden antenna design
  • LCD
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless
  • Color: Black
  • Brand GoHawk
  • Model TJ4-R Black
  • Weight 3.2 pounds

Comes with all the hardware and wiring for easy installation

Produces superb and crystal clear sound

Compatible with a variety of devices

Waterproof design makes it suitable for outdoor use

Comes with hidden antennas for Bluetooth connection and FM radio reception

Made of high-quality ABS material for longevity


Expensive when buying on a fixed budget

A bit heavy

If you are looking for a motorcycle radio that saves you money, then this one has your back. The INNOGLOW Motorcycle Stereo Speaker comes with all the unique features that you will need in your stereo. It is compatible with most devices such as MP3 players, iPods, and smartphones. It conveniently connects with other external devices using the 3.5mm AUX input jack. This motorcycle audio system supports full-band FM, it has automatic memory after power off, and can also be used on ATVs, UTVs, and scooters.

This motorcycle radio comes with a clear display that makes it easier to view on a sunny day. It is also shockproof and waterproof, which means it can be used off-road and in extreme weather conditions. This motorcycle speaker also comes with a function clock for convenient use. It is easy to install and use, thanks to the instruction manual provided.

Key Features
  • Port: 3.5mm AUX jack
  • Color: black
  • Power: 2 watts/ 4 watts
  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Frequency range: 87.5 -108 MHz
  • Brand INNOGLOW
  • Model 5823750392
  • Weight 13.8 pounds

Compatible with a variety of music sources

Visible display

High-quality sound



Waterproof and shockproof

Easy to install


Does not support AM band

Does not support Bluetooth technology

There is more to embrace when you have a LEXIN motorcycle radio on your bike. This motorcycle radio is made to last longer and deliver quality loud sound. These are weatherproof speakers with a signal-to-noise ratio of 70dB, which means you can use them outdoors in any weather conditions. Also, this motorcycle radio comes with a metallic housing with a polished chrome treatment, which makes it pleasing to the eye while still warding off corrosive elements.

The speakers are Bluetooth-enabled. You can stream music through the wireless connection and enjoy it while riding. It is compatible with various devices, such as USB drives, MP3 players, and SD cards. It gives you unlimited music, news, and sports, thanks to its AM/FM radio frequency. It uses a USB charging method, which makes it more convenient. Also, it comes with 50-watt power amplifiers, which saves your motorcycle battery’s energy.

Key Features
  • Maximum power input: 25 watts
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology
  • Frequency: Max 1.8 kHz
  • Material: Chrome-plated metal
  • Working voltage: 10-16 V
  • Brand LEXIN
  • Model LX-S3
  • Weight 3.55 pounds

Produces HD clear sound

Highly compatible

Easy to install

High frequency range

Futuristic and elegant look

Saves on energy


Highly durable



Not easy to add other amplifiers to it

This audio system comes with a radio frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz, which enables you to tune to a variety of FM channels. It gives a superb, clear HD sound with a sensitivity of up to 11 dB. Also, the inside is made of aluminum coils that help in maximum sound reproduction. With the 180 watts power rating, you can easily adjust the volume and enjoy listening to music even when riding in a very noisy place.

This is one of the best motorcycle radio systems if you are looking for speakers that last longer and give you value for your money. The audio system is Bluetooth-enabled. It enables you to stream music from your smartphone. The speakers come with built-in amplifiers for loud and clear HD sound.

Key Features
  • Aluminum clamps included
  • Power input: 180 watts (30 watts for each speaker)
  • Material: aluminum
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz- 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 4-8 ohms
  • Warranty: Three-year limited warranty
  • Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Brand GoHawk
  • Model TS3
  • Weight 2.67 pounds

Waterproof, high-definition voice coil speakers

Output of 180 watts, making it a bit louder

Suitable for a variety of applications


Comes with Bluetooth feature for easy music streaming

Easy to use


External amps are not water-resistant

Aluminum clamp only fits on 1-inch handlebars

This is another great Gen 2 motorcycle radio that you can fit on your bike. The motorcycle radio comes with a high-quality mounting clamp that supports 7/8–1 ¼-inch handlebars. The audio system has a 3.5 mm audio jack AUX, which makes it compatible with most external devices like smartphones and MP3 players. It also has a long power cord, which makes it more flexible.

This motorcycle radio system comes with a built-in Bluetooth feature for unlimited music streaming. It comes with an advanced waterproof design that makes it suitable for outdoor use. It is also made of high-quality aluminum material that is highly durable. The manufacturer includes all the wiring and hardware that you need when installing it on the bike. Also, with a wireless transmission range of up to 15 meters, you can enjoy streaming music from other external devices.

Key Features
  • Power: 16 watts
  • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Frequency range: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Impedance: 4-8 ohms
  • Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Sound sensitivity: 37 dB
  • Color: Silver
  • Power Input: 7W x 2
  • Brand Golden Hawk
  • Model B0793NW3YS
  • Weight 1.7 pounds

Generates 360-degree surround sound


Comes with MicroSD card slot

Compatible with most bike brands

Waterproof design

Comes with built-in Bluetooth feature for easy music streaming

Durable construction



Not easy to install

This motorcycle radio system comes with a built-in Bluetooth feature for unlimited music streaming of up to 32 feet. It also has a class D amplifier for maximum sound. It features 18 presets and a digital LCD, which makes it more convenient to use. With a 60-watt power rating, it saves power while riding.

Like most motorcycle radios within its range, it is also weatherproof and waterproof, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. The speakers produce crystal clear sound, which means you can hear music from the speakers even when riding at a higher speed. The amplifiers come with an overvoltage protection feature, which makes it suitable for heavy-duty use.

Key Features
  • Peak power: 60 watts
  • Digital LCD display
  • 18-preset radio
  • 32-feet range
  • TF memory card included
  • Anti-theft bolt-down design
  • Brand MASO
  • Model Max 7.0
  • Weight 1.35 pounds

Comes with MicroSD card slot

Generates crystal clear sound

Overvoltage control feature for long-time use

Waterproof and waterproof design

Comes with built-in Bluetooth feature for easy music streaming

Durable construction

Comes with mounting brackets


Not compatible with most handlebars

Brackets don’t fit well

No clear installation instructions

Best Motorcycle Radio Buying Guide & FAQs

Since there are different brands of motorcycle radios, you must equip yourself with some hacks to pick the best ones when shopping. Motorcycle radios come in a variety of styles, designs, technology, and material that you must consider when purchasing them. As a first-time shopper, it may be a bit overwhelming to choose a top-quality audio system for your bike.

We drafted this buying guide to help you select the best motorcycle radio. We highlight some tips, benefits, and factors that you should consider when buying a motorcycle radio. Here is your ultimate buying guide for a top-quality motorcycle radio.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Radio

Your motorcycle is not complete if you have not installed a top-quality stereo on it. A quality motorcycle radio can add décor and some beauty to your bike. If you pick an audio system with an elegant and futuristic design, you can be confident it will make your bike more appealing.

A motorcycle radio keeps you entertained when on the road. You can stream your favorite music from your MP3 player or SD card and enjoy it while riding. Also, the stereo comes with high-tech speakers that generate surround sound that keeps you entertained throughout your journey. The radio enables you to listen to your favorite music, news, and sports, thus enhancing focus when riding.

Lastly, a reliable motorcycle radio is essential to keep you updated when riding on the road. You can tune to your favorite radio station and get updates on traffic and weather forecasts. This way, you can easily plan and choose the best routes when riding. Also, modern motorcycle radios come with communication systems that help you converse with other bikers on your riding team.

  • Helps you maintain focus when riding
  • Keeps you updated on weather and traffic
  • Useful for conversing with the riding team
  • A source of entertainment when riding

Types of Motorcycle Radios

There are plenty of motorcycle radios that you can find when shopping in high-end electronic shops. The radios can be grouped based on their brands and other features that distinguish them from the rest. Here are some types of motorcycle radios that you can find and the characteristics that make them unique.

  • Handlebar Speaker Motorcycle Radio

Handlebar speaker motorcycle radios are the most common types of motorcycle radios. They come with easy-to-install speakers that you can easily mount on your motorcycle handlebar. Most of them have complete hardware and wiring for easy installation on the console.

These motorcycle radios have high-power speakers that generate audible and quality surround sound. Since you attach them on the handlebar, the speakers must have a higher decibel rating (above 140 dB) so that they are clearer when riding at a higher speed. Most bikers prefer these types of motorcycle radios because they are a bit cheaper and easy to mount on the motorcycle.

  • Helmet Speaker Motorcycle Radio 

These are the more modern motorcycle radios. Helmet speaker radios come with wireless speakers that you can mount on your helmet so you can listen to music when riding. These motorcycle radios have wireless connectivity and input features such as USB ports, 3.5mm jack, and other features that boost their performance.

These audio systems are highly compatible with most devices. Some of them will include universal intercom technology that enables bikers to converse when riding as a team. The speakers generate HD surround sound. These radios are a bit expensive when buying on a fixed budget.

Compatible vs. Non-Compatible Motorcycle Radios

Compatible motorcycle radios are some of the best you can find when you shop around. They come with more features that enable you to connect them with other external devices like MP3 players and smartphones. Most of the compatible bike audio systems come with high-tech amplifiers for quality sound and music. They have more audible speakers and are a bit expensive.

Non-compatible motorcycle radios are a bit difficult to install because of their complex design. These radios are a bit heavier. They do not come with an LCD screen for easy tuning. Also, they do not connect to other external devices, which make them less popular.

What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Radio

Choosing the best motorcycle radio can be a daunting task sometimes due to the number of brands available. If you want to pick the best motorcycle radio, there are factors that you must consider. In this section, we shed more light on some of these factors that you must look into to ensure you select the best radio for your motorcycle.

  • Sound Quality and Power 

Forget about the price of the motorcycle radio, the sound quality and power rating are crucial factors that you must consider when buying your bike stereo system. Motorcycle radios may come with output power ranging from 4 to 1,000 watts. The amplifier power rating will determine the quality of the audio your radio speakers can give. For surround sound, you must opt for radios with a higher power.

Also, you want to check on the loudness of the speakers, which is normally given in decibels. Speakers with higher decibels (above 140 dB) can be heard when traveling at a higher speed or in noisy environments. However, you should ensure that the power input is lower to conserve your bike’s battery energy.

  • Input options 

What input options does the motorcycle radio offer? You must check the input options that enable you to stream or listen to music from different sources. The motorcycle radio should come with a 3.5mm AUX jack, which allows you to connect it to your Android phone, iPhone, and other devices.

You can also opt for units that have USB ports so that you can connect your flash drives and listen to your favorite music. Some radios also come with amplifiers with MicroSD card ports and Bluetooth capabilities. You can plug your SD card into these ports or just pair with your Bluetooth device and enjoy the playlist from your mobile device.

  • Durability 

The durability of the motorcycle radio depends on the material and technology used in its construction. The motorcycle radio should last for many years—even a lifetime, if possible. That means you should look for units with sturdy and tough casings. Audio systems with thermoplastic, ABS, and polycarbonate housings are the best to buy.

Another feature that determines if your radio will last longer is whether it’s weatherproof. The radio should be weather-resistant and should withstand the scorching effect of UV rays because you will be using it outdoors most of the time.

Tips for Buying and Using a Motorcycle Radio

When buying a top-quality motorcycle radio, you must check the critical specifications that distinguish it from the rest of the pack. Check for the loudness of the speakers, the frequency range, and the material used in the casing. These are crucial features that will help you pick the best quality radio for your bike.

Check for warranty information on your preferred radio. The motorcycle radio should come with at least a one-year limited warranty as an indication of quality. The replacement parts should also be easy to find. Check if the seller is genuine, especially when you are buying online. Note that sometimes the manufacturer’s warranty may be void if you are buying from a third-party seller.

Before purchasing a radio, you want to make sure it fits on your bike. You can fit your motorcycle radio on the handlebar or the console. Buy a handlebar bracket if you want to install the radio on the console. This will help you avoid drilling holes on your console.

To avoid damaging your motorcycle radio, you must ensure the brackets are well-positioned and that all the bolts and nuts on the device are tight. If the unit lacks a wireless controller, you must install it somewhere easily accessible.

  • Check if the unit comes with a product warranty.
  • Confirm that the product specs fit your preferences.
  • Get a handlebar bracket to install the unit on the console.
  • Position the unit somewhere you can access it quickly.

Best Motorcycle Radio FAQs

Every motorcycle owner intends to get the best motorcycle radio, and that means asking questions on quality, performance, and durability before choosing a unit. In this section of the review, we provide answers to some of the common questions that most motorcycle radio buyers ask.

Q: Which is the best brand of motorcycle radio?

Choosing a quality motorcycle brand will depend on the features you are looking for in the unit. Some of the best brands you can opt for include GoHawk, Boss Audio Systems, and GoldenHawk.

Q: Can I hear my motorcycle radio when riding at a fast speed?

This will depend on how loud your radio speakers are. Since you will be riding with a helmet on, it may be difficult to hear your radio because of the strong winds that affect the sound waves.

Q: What should I consider before purchasing a motorcycle radio?

The most important factor to consider is the sound quality. The radio speakers should give superb surround sound to make it less straining when listening to music.

Our Top Pick

Our top choice for a high-quality motorcycle radio is the GoHawk TJ4-R Bluetooth Motorcycle FM Radio. The audio system comes with all the unique features that you need in a quality system. It comes with built-in equalizers and a clear display screen for convenient tuning. It is also inexpensive, which makes it suitable for those shopping on a fixed budget.

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