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These rain jackets and pants will keep you dry in inclement conditions.

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Protect Yourself in Wet Weather With These Motorcycle Rain Gear Sets | Autance © Protect Yourself in Wet Weather With These Motorcycle Rain Gear Sets | Autance
Best Overall Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

This 100-percent waterproof rain suit includes a jacket and pants designed to keep you dry in stormy conditions.

  • Pants easily slip over boots
  • Good fit for a variety of sizes
  • Not too hot in warm temps
  • Some seams may be improperly stitched
  • Sizing may be off
Best Value: BILT Tornado Waterproof Rain Suit BILT Tornado Waterproof Rain Suit

This jacket and pants combo is 100-percent waterproof and made of durable materials with a double layer storm flap.

  • Easy to pack
  • Breathable inner lining
  • Reflective elements for visibility
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Sleeves may slide up when you’re riding
  • Not the best choice in heavy downpours
Honorable Mention J&P Cycles Two-Piece Top Quality Rain Suit J&P Cycles Two-Piece Top Quality Rain Suit

This 100-percent waterproof jacket and pants combo is made of nylon and designed to withstand the rigors of rainy weather.

  • Large orange bar and reflective stripes promote visibility
  • Fold-out storage pouch
  • Three pockets
  • Suspenders and boot straps included
  • Lacks a hood
  • Pants may be a little long

Proper motorcycle rain gear is a must-have when it comes to equipment regardless of where you ride as, at some point, you’re going to get stuck in the rain and a waterproof jacket and pants can make the difference between a tolerable ride and a miserable one. Most rain gear is packable, and some brands even come with storage pouches, so you can easily tuck them away in a saddle bag or tank bag, ready to use when that sudden rainstorm pops up out of nowhere. There are many options available in stores and online, but they’re not all created equally. It’s important to do some research before investing your money in outerwear that may not last more than one season or leak in places that make the ride nearly intolerable. Check out some of the best rain suits, jackets, and pants, in our buying guide below.

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Our Methodology

We took several factors into consideration when choosing the rain gear for this guide. First, we made sure to feature reputable brands that are known for producing high-quality products. We also focused largely on rain suits because they provide the most protection against water intrusion. We considered price and chose products that are sure to accommodate a range of budgets. In addition, we examined user feedback to see how these jackets and pants perform in real-life conditions. While we didn’t have the opportunity to personally test each one of these products, we made sure to pick products that are known to perform well and meet motorcyclist expectations when it comes to high-quality gear.

Best Motorcycle Rain Gear Reviews & Recommendations

Our top pick is the Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit because it keeps your body dry on even the rainiest days. The pants easily slip over boots and jeans and accommodate a wide range of waist sizes, and the jacket’s elasticity makes it easy to wear over a T-shirt and riding jacket. The suit functions well in a downpour and isn’t too hot when temperatures rise in the summer and is also simple to put on and take off, which is critical when you suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself stuck in stormy weather.

The suit is 100 percent waterproof and made of polyester with PVC elements, and the zippered jacket has a self-fastening storm flap, two big pockets, and a hood. The pants have an elastic waist and adjustable cuffs with self-fastening tabs that keep them snugly secured around your ankles, they also feature stirrups for added water protection, and the suit comes with a two-year warranty should you experience any issues. However, some water may penetrate even though it’s a waterproof product, and the sizing may be a little off.

  • Brand: Nelson-Rigg
  • Style: Jacket and pants
  • Material: polyester outer shell with PVC backing

100 percent waterproof

Easy to put on and take off

Not too hot for summer riding


Some water may still leak through despite being 100 percent waterproof

Sizing can be off

Some seams may not be properly stitched

If you’re looking for full rain coverage and want to spend a little less, the BILT Tornado Waterproof Rain Suit is a great option. It does the job and prevents you from getting soaked during a rainy day. One of the best things about this suit is that it doesn’t take up too much space when you pack it, so you can keep it stored on your bike in case of a rain emergency. It’s 100 percent waterproof and features a double layer storm flap on the jacket to keep water from penetrating. The suit also has a breathable inner lining, so you don’t sweat in hotter weather.

Other features include reflective tape on the arms, back, chest, and legs, so motorists and other road users can see you at night, and the waist and cuffs are elastic for comfort, and the suit is lightweight and fits well overall. It’s also easy to put on when you’re in a hurry. One issue is that the sleeves may slide up when you’re riding, and it’s not as protective as some other options in heavy downpours.

  • Brand: BILT
  • Style: Jacket and pants
  • Material: 70 denier durable outer shell material

100-percent waterproof

Lightweight and breathable

Easy to pack


Sleeves can slide up

Less effective in heavy downpours than some rival options

The J&P Cycles Two-Piece Top Quality Rain Suit is a good option if you encounter light-to-moderate rain conditions and want to stay dry. The jacket and pants are made of 100 percent waterproof nylon and feature a large orange stripe on top with two reflecting stripes, which increases visibility during the day and at night. The suit also has three pockets: two on the outside and one on the inside to keep items such as your wallet or smartphone dry.

One of the best things about this suit is the fold-out storage pouch. You can affix the pouch to your waist, similar to a fanny pack, so you have it on hand if you’re expecting it to rain or don’t want to get wet unexpectedly. The pants also feature suspenders and boot straps to hold them securely on your legs and to prevent road spray from penetrating your legs. One downside is that the jacket doesn’t have a hood, which can be helpful to wear under your helmet. The material may also get caught in the zippers if you’re not careful, and the pants are a little long for shorter individuals.

  • Brand: J&P Cycle
  • Style: Jacket and pants
  • Material: Nylon

Fits well over leathers

100 percent waterproof

Good visibility in day and at night

Convenient storage pouch


No hood

Zippers can get caught

Pants are long for some users

One of the reasons we like the Fly Racing Street Rain Suit is because it’s available in three colors: black, hi-viz/black, and orange/black, so you can choose which one best suits your needs or style preference. All options feature a reflective back logo and reflective stripes on the arms, back, and chest, so other motorists can more easily spot you. Overall, this rain seat is simple to put on and fits well over typical riding gear and prevents rain and wind from penetrating and doesn’t flop around at high speeds.

This suit is made of polyester, and the liner is designed with a slick material that makes it easy to put on. Both the pants and jacket are adjustable, and there are rear vents for airflow. The pants have a high waist to keep water from entering, and they also have removable shoe straps to prevent water from sneaking up your legs. While it includes a bag for storage, it can be a challenge to compact the pants and jackets down enough to fit in the bag after use.

  • Brand: Fly Racing
  • Type: Jacket and pants
  • Material: Polyester


Vents for airflow

Removable shoe straps


Can be tough to put into storage bag

Pants may be a little large for some users

No heat-resistant areas

The Tour Master Sentinel LE Rain Jacket is a great option because in addition to rain protection, you can wear it as a windbreaker during cooler summer weather. It includes a jacket-to-pants zipper, so it’s compatible with the TourMaster Sentinel Rain Pants, which you must purchase separately. In addition, it’s available in black as well as hi-viz yellow with 3M reflective material, making you extremely visible in daytime and at night.

This waterproof jacket also includes an aqua-barrier hood that’s designed to be worn under your helmet, and it features a double-ended zipper, which makes it more comfortable to adjust. Other features include a storage pouch, three bellows pockets, a chest map pocket, and a mesh venting system for airflow. The jacket has an adjustable waist, wind flap, Velcro closure, and elastic cuffs. Unfortunately, it can leak through the back vent, and it’s a little pricey particularly since pants are not a part of the package.

  • Brand: Tour Master
  • Type: Jacket only
  • Material: Ripstop nylon

Waterproof and breathable

Also acts as a windbreaker

Aqua-barrier hood

Storage pouch



Pants not included

Rain may leak through the back vent

The best thing about the Frogg Toggs Hogg Togg Black Rain Suit with Heat Resistant Leg Liners is that the pants are designed to protect your legs from your bike’s hot exhaust, as the inner leg liners are made with heat-resistant material, so they’re less likely to burn compared to some rival options. This suit is also very breathable and is made of thick material; however, it’s not particularly warm in cold weather.

The suit is simple to roll up and pack for storage, and it is fairly easy to put on and off in the rain, whether it’s a light spray or heavy downpour. It also comes with reflective piping for visibility and is designed to be worn on top of insulated clothing. However, it may feel a little warm in hotter weather, and the material feels a little different than a typical rain suit, which may be a put off for some users.

  • Brand: Frogg Toggs
  • Style: Jacket and pants
  • Material: Textile

Heat-resistant liners


Easy to put on and take off

Reflective piping


Warm in hotter temperatures

Material may feel a little strange to some riders

Best for Boot Coverage

If you want to protect your riding boots from rain or plan on traveling long distances in inclement weather, a product like the Oxford Rain Seal Overboots is a must-have. The best feature of these overboots is they have a full-length, non-slip sole, so you can comfortably rest your feet on your pegs and not worry about slippage. They are designed to completely cover your footwear to block water from entering your boots and are easy to walk in. They work best, naturally, when paired with rain pants.

These overboots have a reflective panel on the heels for visibility and feature elastic and adjustable elements on the ankle and calf for a proper fit. The side zipper makes them easy to put on and take off. There is also a reinforced panel on the left boot, so it will hold up well over numerous shifts. The seams are taped internally for maximum waterproof protection. One downside is that you should be careful with the ankle strap because it may break, even if handled carefully.

  • Brand: Oxford
  • Style: Overboots
  • Material: unknown

Non-slip sole

Easy to put on and take off

Internally taped seals


Ankle strap may break if not handled carefully

Works best with rain pants, which must be purchased separately

Our Verdict on the Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

Every serious rider gets caught in the rain at some point, and one of the best options is the Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit. The suit is adjustable for comfort and is easy to put on and take off. This 100 percent waterproof suit is designed to keep you dry in a variety of storm conditions and is a dependable option overall. 

What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Rain Gear

Motorcycle rain gear can be purchased as a rain suit (jacket and pants) or as separates (jacket, pants, overboots, gloves). Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Most people would benefit from a complete rain suit; however, you may not want to invest the money or you may already have a piece of rain gear, i.e., a jacket, and simply need a replacement pair of pants. 

Types of Motorcycle Rain Gear

Complete Rain Suit

If you’re going to invest in rain gear, try to choose a set that includes both the pants and a jacket. This provides the best protection possible against the rain. Rain suits cover your entire body, so you will stay dry from your chest down to your ankles. However, complete rain suits tend to be more expensive compared to separates. Even so, it’s worth the investment, particularly if you ride long distances or ride daily regardless of the weather forecast. 


Alternatively, you can purchase a jacket, pants, and even overboots separately. Some separates are designed to work together. For example, some brands are designed so the pants and jacket zip together. The advantage is that you can buy a large jacket and maybe a medium-sized pair of pants, customizing the fit to suit your needs. When you buy a rain suit, you don’t have that option as they tend to run in single sizes. In addition, you can purchase rain protection for your hands and feet, which certainly makes it more comfortable when traveling in rainy weather.

Motorcycle Rain Gear Key Features


This is the most critical feature to consider when purchasing rain gear for riding. Water-resistant material simply won’t cut it when you’re on the road because eventually water will seep through into your leathers, T-shirt, or other riding gear. Make sure the jacket and pants you pick are 100 percent waterproof, so they provide the best protection in both light rain and heavy downpours. Also, check the seams to make sure they’re strong and aren’t susceptible to leaks. Some gear has vents for airflow, but these vents can also let water in, so check user feedback to see if the vents are water tight.

Packability/Storage Bag

You’re not likely to wear rain gear every day, so you need a place to store it when it’s not in use. And by store it, we mean keep it on your bike, not in your closet where it won’t do you any good. Some products come with storage pouches, and others do not. Either way, it’s important that the jacket and/or pants are designed so they’re packable. The last thing you want is a rain suit that takes up a lot of space in your saddle bag. Good gear compacts nicely, so you can tuck it away and only take it out during inclement weather.

Heat-Resistant Material/Heat Protection

Motorcycles have hot pipes, and the last thing you want is to get caught in the rain and start smelling something smoky or feel a burning sensation on your leg because your pants can’t handle the heat. Some of the best motorcycle rain pants are specifically designed with heat-resistant material so they can tolerate the high temperatures generated by your exhaust. It goes without saying that you want to avoid flammable clothing, and gear that’s marketed for motorcyclists should work just fine. However, products with heat protection are even better.


Some motorists don’t see bikers on a clear day, and it can be even more difficult to do so when it’s raining. Plus, drivers might not expect to see motorcycles on the road during a downpour, which can be dangerous if not deadly. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose rain gear with some reflective elements or in highly visible colors. While bright yellow may not be the most stylish option, it’s guaranteed to attract more attention than a black rain suit. 

Motorcycle Rain Gear Pricing 

You can find some jackets and pants for less than $50; however, the pieces will be fairly basic. Often, separates are available in this price range, but they won’t have many features. If you choose to set the bar up to $100, you can find a lot more options. They will be higher quality, and you can often find complete suits between $50 and $100. This is a reasonable amount of money to spend on a suit that performs well in wet conditions. If you are looking for a premium option that’s designed to withstand heavy downpours or cross-country trips, you can spend several hundred dollars. These suits are the best of the best and are designed to be breathable and are overall more effective than other options.


Car Autance answers all your burning questions. 

Q: What is the best motorcycle wet weather gear?

A: There are many different brands that work well for motorcyclists in wet weather, including the various options in this article. We like the Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit because it provides protection to both your upper and lower halves and is easy to put on in a rain event.

Q: How do I choose rain gear for my motorcycle?

A: There are several features to consider, such as price, size, quality, breathability, visibility, and packability. First determine which elements are most important, and shop for the product that best suits your needs.

Q: Where do I store motorcycle rain gear? 

A: It’s a good idea to keep it on your bike, so you have it when it unexpectedly rains. However, make sure it is dry before you store it in a saddlebag because otherwise it may get moldy and mildewy.


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